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									Pit Bull Jewelry is not hard to make in fact Pit Bull Jewelry is often very easy to
  There are a number of steps and procedures that go into making PitBull Jewelry and
this one blog post is nowhere near big enough to contain it all so I have decided to
split it all up into individual posts that way you can come back at different points at
your leisure.
  Since I was a young boy I had always wanted a PitBull I think it was always the
thing where I thought I would be cooler if I had a Pit Bull.
  It never occurred to me at the time that people may of been into them and kept Pit
Bulls because they are and always will be in my mind the best breed of dog on the
  Several years later as well as several Pit Bulls later I now understand why and what
it is about Pit Bulls that people enjoy and love so much.
  It's nothing out of the ordinary or extra special It's just pain old unconditional Love!
  My three Pit Bulls love my wife and children just as much as they love me and they
show it every day with no falter or delay.
  I wanted to expand on the whole me showing my dogs love and create something
that can make a difference and that will last for a very long time.
  I want people to know how thankful I am to have such great companionship with my
three Pit Bulls.
  So I created a Jewelry and accessories line called Project Bully.
  It is my hope that one day Project Bully will be able to help many dogs as well as
communities from falling into the often times fatal hands of Breed Specific
Legislation or BSL Or Bull S%^& Legislation as I like to call it!
  So back to the question " How is it made?"
  As I was saying above this will not all fit in one single blog post so ill have to break
it up into a series of posts.
  It all starts with an idea and piece of artwork
  In my case it was a PitBull head with Project Bully written under it in a font that I
found to be readable but also has that urban street edge to it.
  Ill take you to my design in just a sec. I also wanted to tell you how you can help in
the fight against Breed Specific legislation
  Just      Follow      this    link    and     fill     out     the    short    form    at
  Click here to view my Project Bully Logo Article Source:

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