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  Most people don't think too much about the Pirate Gun. Maybe that's because they've
never been looking down the barrel of one. The real reason is probably that films and
stories about those pirates depicted them as talented sword wielders not gunsmiths.
The reality is that Pirate Weapons, http://www.replica-blankguns.com/pirate-weapons/,
including Pirate Guns, were very important pieces in the puzzle explaining why
pirates were so successful. They had to be used carefully, of course, because of the
tight spaces, but they could definitely make the difference between loss and victory.

 Besides the potential hazards of shooting off Pirate Pistols, they were one of the
major weapons used by these swashbucklers during the Golden Age of Piracy. The
guns                 and              the              Pirate              Swords,
http://www.replica-blankguns.com/pirate-weapons/pirate-swords helped them keep
the four big European nations of the time - England, Spain, the Netherlands, and
France - scared. Now customers can choose their own pirate sword weaponry from
the large selection available online.

 Interesting Pirate Gun History

 Sadly for the pirates, they weren't dealing with the best equipment possible when
they were reigning over the seas during Colonial times. Most of the Pirate Guns,
http://www.replica-blankguns.com/pirate-weapons/pirate-guns were pretty lackluster
in terms of technology when compared to what modern weapons can do. For example,
most of the guns could only shoot one round before they had to be reloaded. That took
a lot of time especially with some models that were hard to load anyway. In many gun
battles at close range, time was critical and reloading speed could be the difference
between shooting and dying.

 With all of these drawbacks, Pirates with Guns were still common. The Pirate Sword
may have had a lot of advantages but they simply didn't have the stopping power. In a
second, the already loaded gun could be fired and could stop an enemy in mid-sword
swing. Maybe that's why customers are so drawn to the replica Pirate Weapon.

 Popularity of Replica Pirate Guns

 One of the most common questions people ask when it comes to Pirates Gun is what
was the most frequently used. Of course, pirates had quite a few guns at their disposal
thanks to the looting of ships from a number of nations. However, the award for most
popular would probably go to the flintlock pistol.

 These guns of pirates from the 17th century were lightweight so pirates could
actually wear them tied to their belts. Blackbeard reportedly wore six at one time. Of
course, the Pirates Guns still had their fair share of problems. This particular style of
Pirate Gun, http://www.replica-blankguns.com was actually harder to reload than the
alternative firearms, yet they were still the weapon of choice among many pirates.
Now they are available as reproductions and can make incredible conversation pieces
in any home or collection.

 Customers who love pirates are going to love shopping online for an amazing
selection of the affordable Pirate Gun.

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