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Piano Moving Tips And Guidelines


									What equipment is used to move pianos?
A piano mover is a moving expert that specializes in transportation of pianos and
other particularly heavy and cumbersome objects (photocopiers, machines, marble,
artwork). Because of their volume, weight, mass distribution and fragility, pianos are
very difficult objects to carry and should be handled by professional Vancouver piano
movers. Effectively, they can sometimes tip suddenly and also cause damage to
surrounding walls and objects if not handled properly. If no piano movers are
available for your move make sure to research and and find reputable company to
handle this type of relocation. If you are moving a piano across the country better to
call specialized long distance moving companies are they will be better equipped for
this kind of move.
?Piano Moving Methods:
- one-story building with stairs are narrow or rotating
- distance between the street and housing
- piano value
- concert grand piano or baby grand, concert piano
- building containing more than one floor, without elevator
- passage through the window needed
?Transport is usually done by a truck equipped with a power tailgate. The piano gets
covered in moving blankets and then strapped to the piano skip or dollies where
access is possible. Grand pianos need to have their cover removed to make them
lighter and easier to move, then the front leg is removed and the piano can be tipped
on it's side. The remaining other 2 feet can then also be removed. The piano will then
also be strapped and tied to the walls of the moving truck. A well executed piano from
professional Vancouver movers doesn't usually require retuning unless the instrument
passes through changes of temperature or humidity.
?Piano Moving Equipment:
The tools used are similar to normal moving tools but sometimes need to be modified
to fit the needs. Dollies are reinforced and thicker blankets are used, the truck must be
equipped with a power tailgate (ramp is not very safe).
Resource: Canada Wide Moving Services: Vancouver Moving Companies - Long
Distance Movers
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