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          PsySSA is the only representative
    professional body of psychology
    nationally. It is committed to the          2009
    development of the profession,              issue 2
    ensuring quality of service to the
    community, safeguarding ethical
    standards, building professional
    relationships in South Africa and
    abroad, collective marketing,
    bargaining for new work opportunities,
    and, better remuneration and
    conditions of service for Psychologists.

                                                                             PsySSA Psychological Society of South Africa

                                                                                                                                     June 2009

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                                                                                                              By dr. Saths cooper

                                                                                                                Motsoaledi, is Minister of Health. These
                                                                                                                latter two ministries, amongst others,
                                                                                                                deal with psychology.
                                                                                                                    Higher Education and Training deals
                                                                                                                with psychology from undergraduate
PRELIMINARY CONGRESS                                                                                            through to post-graduate levels in
PRE-CONGRESS WORKSHOP                                                                                           terms of meeting course requirements
PROGRAMME ATTACHED                                                                                              for completion of university
                                                                                                                studies as a Mental Health Worker,
                                                                                                                Psychometrist, Registered Counsellor
                                                                                                                and eventually Psychologist. The
                                                                                                                Health Department deals with these
                                                                                                                categories of registration through
                                                                                                                the Health Professions Council of
                                                                                                                South Africa (HPCSA), the statutory
           cONtAct US:                                                                                          registration and licensing authority
                                                                                                                for all health professionals, including
 PsySSA HeAd OffIce:                                                                                            industrial/organisational and research
 Killarney Mall, Office No. 110, First Floor,                                                                   psychologists who often have very

 Killarney Office Towers, 60 Riveria Road,                                                                     little to do in terms of serving the
 Killarney, 2193                                          sySSA was formed in January 1994.            South African public as health providers! This
                                                          Three months later, the world witnessed      bifurcated (many may say schizophrenic)
 POStAl AddreSS:                                          the remarkable spectacle of long lines       model is a throwback to the apartheid SAMDC
 PO Box 989, Houghton, 2041                         of South Africans waiting to vote in the first     and Minister Nzimande may be open to the
                                                    democratic elections that this country saw. Last   argument of not having persons registered
 tel:       011 486 3322                            month, another hotly contested general election    as health professionals when they aren’t and
 fax:       011 486 3266/77                         was held amidst various speculations about         having a larger understanding of the uses of
 e-mail:                       the future. Now we have a new and enlarged         psychology way beyond its narrow conscription
 Web:                          cabinet and it may seem that it’s business as      into health. Minister Nzimande may raise the
                                                    usual. But is it?                                  argument that it is state funds that enable
                                                               President Zuma has gone on record       training in the various categories of psychology
                                                    to declare that there will be delivery on the      but that within the public service as a whole
                                                    ANC Polokwane Conference plank, that laziness      there is a dearth of psychologists. Basic
                                                    will not be tolerated and that there will be       Education Minister Angie Motshekga may be
                                                    performance evaluation of his cabinet and, by      open to the argument that there needs to be
                                                    implication, of himself. The popular wave that     a serious revisioning of counselling within the
                                                    swept Zuma to power requires meaningful            schools especially against the high violence and
                                                    responsiveness and delivery not seen before,       failure rates.
                                                    lest …
                                                                                                       National Social Health
                                                    New Ministries                                     An area that has been getting much credence is
                                                    Significantly, within the presidency, President    the birth of a national social health system that
                                                    Zuma has appointed Mr Trevor Manuel to head        is accessible to all in our country. This issue of
                                                    up National Planning and Mr Collins Chabane        social rights is one that our Constitutional Court
                                                    to be responsible for Performance, Monitoring      has expressed itself on and which will definitely
                                                    and Evaluation. A psychologist, Dr Blade
                                                    Nzimande, is Minister of Higher Education and                            continues on page 2
                                                    Training (another new portfolio), and Dr Aaron
                                                    w w w. p s y s s a . c o m
             PsySSA council 2008 - 2009                                                                                 a
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clinical:                                 Mr elias Makwe         All rAteS eXclUde VAt
clinical Hypnosis:                        dr Ian Opperman
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educational:                              Mr William Nel         2009 Issue 3 – 23/09/09
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Psytalk:                                  dr Brett Bowman
Publications committee:                   Ms Shahnaaz Suffla
                                                                    KwaZulu/Natal                 Ms thirusha Naidu                       •              South African clinical Neuropsychology Association
Public Service Issues:                    dr lorinda Bergh          limpopo                       Mr Vincent cloete                       •              the Milton H erickson Institute of South Africa
tariffs & Private Practice Issues:        dr Ian Opperman           Western cape                  Mr rashid Ahmed                         •              the South African Wilderness therapy Institute
                                                                                                                                                         (A division of the National Peace Accord trust)
                                                                                                                                          •              UNISA centre for Applied Psychology

                                                                                                                       continued from page 1
                                                                                                                       find favour amongst the political leadership. Remember that
                                                                                                                       the ruling party in its election manifesto indicated that this is a
                                                                                                                       priority that will become part of the country within a couple of
                                                                                                                       years after returning to power.
                                                                                                                                   What does this mean for psychologists? A cursory
                                                                                                                       look at the UK model where clinical, counselling and school
                                                                                                                       psychological services are accessed by anyone desiring it
                                                                                                                       through the NHS, may have been useful if South Africa was
                                                                                                                       close to the development of a national health service akin
                                                                                                                       to that in the UK, but it is unlikely that this model will be
                                                                                                                       immediately utilised.
                                                                                                                                   The very recent advent of psychologists in Australia
                                                                                                                       billing their national Medicare for psychological services is
                                                                                                                       restricted to 85% of the billing and is limited to not more than
                                                                                                                       five sessions amongst ALL allied health professions! There aren’t
                                                                                                                       a myriad of medical schemes or similar healthcare funders in
                                                                                                                       most of the western world like we have in the RSA that pay for
                                                                                                                       psychological services. Indeed, we have more medical schemes
                                                                                                                       in this country than the entire western world combined, and
                                                                                                                       this has been systematically targeted by PsySSA’ s lobbying
                                                                                                                       efforts. So it is that psychologists who bill for health services
                                                                                                                       under current South African health legislation and using ICD
                                                                                                                       codes receive some amount of compensation. But some of
                                                                                                                       the more than120 medical schemes put limits on what they
                                                                                                                       will pay for, especially where health status is not impacted. All
                                                                                                                       medical schemes claim that they are there for medically related
                                                                                                                                   It seems that this issue of national social health,
                                                                                                                       amongst other policy imperatives, is likely to bedevil psychology
                                                                                                                       in South Africa over the next couple of years and we would
                                                                                                                       do well to keep breast of the changes wrought by a Zuma
                                                                                                                       administration. But we can only do that through a powerful
                                                                                                                       lobbying effort that uses reasoned argument, avoiding narrow
                                                                                                                       territoriality and ensuring that PsySSA’ s voice is one that can
                                                                                                                       be reckoned with.

                                                                                                                       ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF PsySSA
                                                                                                                       Notice is hereby given that the 15th Annual General Meeting of the
                                                                                                                       Psychological Society of South Africa will be held at the Cape Town
                                                                                                                       International Convention Centre at 09h00, 12 August 2009, for the
                                                                                                                       following business:

                                                                                                                       1. To receive and consider the annual report, including financial
                                                                                                                          statements, of the Society for the year end 31 December 2008;
                                                                                                                       2. Election of Office Bearers;
                                                                                                                       3. Transacting any other business as may be transacted at an
                                                                                                                          Annual General Meeting.

                                                                                                                       PROF NORMAN DUNCAN                                         JOHANNESBURG
                                                                                                                       PRESIDENT                                                  11 MAY 2009

  w w w. p s y s s a . c o m

T     he Psychological Society of South Africa
      appears to be well on track towards
      meeting the key objectives that it had set
itself for 2009.
            Firstly, the PsySSA office reports
                                                    of an extremely rigorous reviewing process the
                                                    scientific programme appears not only inspiring
                                                    but also unfaultable. Besides listing a record
                                                    number of podium presentations, symposia and
                                                    interactive poster presentations, the scientific
                                                                                                          Manganyi comes not a moment too soon.
                                                                                                          Widely considered as one of the giants of
                                                                                                          South African Psychology, Professor Manganyi
                                                                                                          has had a truly illustrious scholarly career,
                                                                                                          not only in Psychology, but also beyond the
that our membership is up by approximately          programme also contains the names of several          discipline. After completing a clinical psychology
30 per cent in relation to the same period last     eminent scholars and practitioners in the             internship at Baragwanath Hospital in 1969,
year. Encouragingly, a significant number of        field of Psychology internationally, including        Professor Manganyi worked in the academy in
this year’s membership registrations are for        Cheryl de la Rey (South Africa), Oliver Turnbull      South Africa and abroad, both as a lecturer and
first-time members. Of course, we hope that         (United Kingdom), Isaac Prilleltensky (United         researcher in Psychology and in various senior
that this increase in new members is indicative     States of America) (see the box below), Rainer        administrative capacities. He has published a
of an increasing confidence on the part of South    Silbereisen (Germany), Janak Pandey (India),          range of seminal works, including Being-black-
African psychologists in PsySSA’s capacity to       Pierre Ritchie (Canada), Laura Hernández-             in-the-world (1973), Alienation and the body
represent their interests.                          Guzmán (Mexico), Bruce Overmeier (United              in Racist Society (1977), Mashangu’s Reverie
            Secondly, as promised at the end of     States of America), Pam Maras (United                 (1977), Looking through the Keyhole (1981),
2008, in March this year the PsySSA Executive       Kingdom), Barbara Tversky (United States              and Treachery and Innocence: Psychology and
Committee embarked on a strategic planning          of America), Merry Bullock (United States of          Racial Difference (1991). In view of his singular
process aimed at further strengthening the          America), Gonça Soygüt (Turkey) and Helio             achievements as a scholar and his contributions
Society and consolidating the gains it has made     Capintero (Spain).                                    to South African Psychology more specifically,
since it was formally established 15 years                      The first three of the abovementioned     it is only fitting that PsySSA is awarding
ago. Facilitated by QC Business Consultants,        psychologists will be presenting the three            Professor Manganyi its most prestigious award
the Executive Committee identified, inter           keynote addresses at this milestone Congress          in recognition of service to South African
alia, the following strategic objectives as         which will be held in Cape Town in August.            Psychology.
key to the further development and growth           The other colleagues listed above will all                         In pursuit of its objective of forging
of the Society: (a) increasing the Society’s        participate in various roundtable presentations       stronger links with psychology internationally,
membership; (b) enhancing its membership            and discussions. Given the rich array of inputs       the Society has just signed a Memorandum of
profile, (c) increasing members’ participation      that will be made at the Congress and the hard        Agreement with the Canadian Psychological
in the Society’s structures and activities, (d)     work of the Congress Scientific Committee,            Association (CPA). This memorandum in effect
enhancing good governance, and (e) ensuring         I hope that registering for the Congress will         formalises a long-standing and very fruitful
service excellence.                                 feature prominently on the ‘must-do’ items in         relationship between the CPA and South African
            The Executive Committee is              all members’ diaries.                                 Psychology. Consistent with its vision of building
currently in the process of developing a plan to                                                          stronger links with psychology elsewhere on
operationalise the abovementioned objectives.                                                             the African continent, the Society will also
The plan will be tabled at the next PsySSA          Isaac Prilleltensky                                   be signing a Memorandum of Understanding
Council meeting for ratification. Thereafter, it    The Dean of the School of Education at the            with the Kenyan Psychological Association in
will be sent to all the Society’s structures for    University of Miami, Isaac Prilleltensky is           August this year. This will in effect bring to 13
implementation. Of course, we are confident         one of the leading international figures in           the number of memoranda of understanding/
that with the implementation of this strategic      Community Psychology. He is the recipient of          agreement that PsySSA has entered into with
plan the Society will be able to improve services   several prestigious awards and the author of          other national Psychology associations or
to its members and facilitate the further growth    countless journal articles and numerous books,        societies elsewhere in the world.
of Psychology as a discipline and profession in     the majority of which are considered seminal by
South Africa and further afield.                    scholars in the fields of Community Psychology        Based on the above, it is clear that the Society
            Thirdly, as you will recall, at the     and Critical Psychology.                              remains well on track in its endeavours to
end of last year, PsySSA made a commitment                                                                offering South African Psychology a forum
to ensuring that the Congress that coincides        For a more detailed biography visit: http://          which not only serves it effectively but also
with its 15th year of existence ranks not only                 of which South African psychologists can be
as a prestigious commemorative event, but           Faculty_Bio.asp?ID=163#                               proud.
also as one of the more scientifically robust
Congresses held thus far. Chaired by Professor                                                            Best wishes
Kopano Ratele, it is evident that the Scientific    Also worth noting here is that Professor Noel
Committee of the 15th PsySSA Congress has           Chabani Manganyi will be offered a PsySSA             N. Duncan
worked extremely hard to ensure that the            Fellowship at the 15th PsySSA Congress.               President: Psychological Society of South Africa
Society meets this stated commitment. Because       Bestowing this prestigious award on Professor

Scientific quality
                                                                                                         By Prof. Kopano ratele, chair of the Scientific committee
                                                                                                         15th South African Psychology congress

                                                    and the 15th Annual congress
T    he 15th South African Psychology Congress
     is nearly upon us. For this August 2009
     Congress, the Executive Committee of the
Society decided to resuscitate the universal
                                                    Stevens, Wits University, Professor Vera Roos
                                                    of North West University, and I, Kopano Ratele,
                                                    being affiliated to the Institute for Social and
                                                    Health Sciences at the University of South
                                                                                                          some of the abstracts, future calls for abstracts
                                                                                                          should encourage the submission of symposia.
                                                                                                          I suspect that the development of new areas of
                                                                                                          interest for psychologists and trans-disciplinary
tradition of having a Scientific Committee to       Africa. Our work was ably supported by Mrs            work, which is coupled to our stated objective
oversee the scientific aspects of the Congress.     Fatima Seedat, manager of the office and Mr           of growing our Society, will give future Scientific
For the last number of years it had become          Floyd Oupa Mosehla, Ms Nosipho Thathi and Ms          Committees even more trouble with regards
standard practice for the office of PsySSA to       Jacky Mendes, the staff of the office of PsySSA.      to allocating some abstracts to streams. While
organise all aspects of the Congress, including                 I found the general quality of the        it is encouraging to read abstracts about
the Scientific Programme. I accepted the role of    abstracts to be satisfactory, with very few           the representation of witches, the impact of
organising and chairing the Scientific Committee    abstracts rejected. Abstracts were reviewed           philophonetics and a critical analysis of Tsitsi
because I believe overall scientific oversight      by members of the Scientific Committee, the           Dangarembga’s writing, it may not always
of the scientific programme is a tradition that     Executive Committee and the Council Members           be easy to find a good fit for these topics in
would be sad to leave behind.                       of the Society. I wish then to thank each of          the Programme, unless they are part of a
           The Scientific Committee for the 15th    the members of the Scientific Committee for           symposium. We do hope that all our members
Congress was made up of Professor Norman            all their efforts, large and small in this regard.    and delegates at the Congress will appreciate
Duncan of Wits University, current president        May I also be presumptuous to thank on their          if some of the streams are a little jagged, and
of the Society, Professor Basil Pillay of the       behalf, members of the Executive Committee            indeed enjoy the presentations.
University of Kwazulu Natal, past president of      and Council for reviewing the abstracts and for                  On behalf of the Scientific Committee
PsySSA, Professor Andrew Thatcher of Wits           going over the preliminary Programme.                 and the Society I wan to end by proudly
University, Dr Brett Bowman of the same,                        I have proposed to the Executive of       acknowledging the efforts of Professors Vera
Professor Kate Cockcroft also of Wits, Dr Ann       the Society that, in view of the lack of neat fit     Roos, Norman Duncan, Andrew Thatcher in
Watts, treasurer of PsySSA, Professor Garth         in traditional sub-disciplines of Psychology of
                                                                                                                                  continues on page 4

w w w. p s y s s a . c o m
continued from page 3
working to attract and finding resources at           also go to all who worked to make it possible        into our Congresses. An efficient office such
their universities and from colleagues in other       for the office bearers of the International Union    as we have for our Society is something that
universities to bring to South Africa and the         of Psychological Science – viz., H Carpintero,       we can depend on, but PsySSA’s originating
15th Congress the following distinguished             J Georgas, P Maras, G, Soygüt, B Tversky, L          aim, its most noble one, is to bring academics,
keynote speakers:                                     Hernández-Guzmán, J Pandey, R Sibereisen, M          researchers, therapists, counsellors, other
           Professor Isaac Prilleltensky of the       Bullock M, and P Ritchie – to hold symposia at       professionals and students of human behaviour
University of Miami, Dean of the School of            the Congress during their site inspection visit to   into a voluntary, learned society to serve us;
Education, United States of America, Professor        South Africa.                                        and for us to serve each other’s professional
Cheryl de la Rey, Chief Executive Officer of                      In ending, I should now also say         needs. This is an aim which each one of us who
the Council on Higher Education and former            that it may not immediately feel like it, but        willingly becomes a member of PsySSA can be
deputy vice-chancellor at the University of           this year’s work should be regarded as the           proud to uphold and pursue. We hope Congress
Cape Town, and Professor Oliver Turnbull of           beginning of reintroducing the sharpest science,     2009 enables our Society in some small way to
the University of Wales, Bangor. Thanks should        critical thought and conscious activity back         live up to this aim.

S     ACNA is a peer-credentialed Association of
      psychologists that has been in existence
for nearly 25 years aimed at promoting and
                                                       South Africa through:
                                                       • Encouraging training and CPD activities
                                                       • Maintaining regular meetings at regional
                                                                                                           Full members of SACNA are all psychologists
                                                                                                           who have been registered with the Health
                                                                                                           Professions Council of South Africa for
stimulating interest in neuropsychology, and at          levels attended by psychologists from across      a minimum of 2 years and who have
maintaining standards in neuropsychological              the various categories and related                demonstrated minimum levels of competence
practice through ensuring that its membership            professionals                                     in the field of neuropsychology, via successful
has demonstrated knowledge and competence              • Hosting a national bi-annual conference           completion of an entrance examination and
in the field.                                          • Liaising and consulting with the Professional     submission of several practical clinical reports
            The intention of the Association             Board for Psychology, the Division of             for evaluation by the Credentialing Committee.
is further, to promote the professional                  Neuropsychology, and other bodies pertinent
development of clinical neuropsychology in               to neuropsychology in this country.

the executive of SAcNA for the period 2008/2009 is as follows:
 PRESIDENT                                        Dr Menachem Mazabow

 PAST PRESIDENT                                   Mr Trevor Reynolds

 PRESIDENT ELECT                                  Mr Digby Ormond-Brown

 MINUTES SECRETARY                                Mrs Barbara Donaldson

 MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY/ TREASURER                  Mr Digby Ormond-Brown

 ADDITIONAL MEMBERS                               Dr Joachim Mureriwa
                                                  Mr Brian Mallinson
                                                  Dr Frances Hemp
                                                  Dr Kevin Thomas
 COOPTED MEMBERS                                  Mrs Annelies Cramer
                                                  Ms Elizabeth Wallis
                                                  Mr Douglas Mansfield
                                                  Mr Vernon Sack

                                                                                                           CONSULTING ROOMS

                                                                                                              Sessional and/or full-time
                                                                                                              consulting rooms available
  n the latest newsletter of the Professional         This change takes cognisance of the fact that
                                                                                                              to let for registered psy-
  Board for Psychology, which is not on the           education and learning are lifelong endeavors           chologists in a multidisci-
HPCSA website but available here, the following       and they are not restricted to the schools.
announcement appears under the heading:                                                                       plinary facility in Edenvale,
New Scopes of Practice for Psychology,                This represents the explicit acknowledgement
                                                      (that we have been working towards for                  Jhb. Prospective tenants
The Board has also made a significant
amendment to the scope of practice for
                                                      some time) by the Board that confirms
                                                      our competence to work with adults and
                                                                                                              please contact Makkie
Educational Psychology. Educational                   to work outside of school settings. In this             @ 082 566 4747 or 011
Psychologists are no longer restricted to             issue of PsyTalk there is an article, penned
working only with children and are not bound          by a Divisional member that builds on this              4531332/3 or 011 4543410
to the school setting. Educational Psychologists
will be able to work with children and adults
                                                                                                              for further details.
within the context of learning and development.       Chair: Mr Willy Nel

w w w. p s y s s a . c o m
        divisional Updates

SASCH 2nd National Congress
T    he 2nd National SASCH Congress held on
     18 and 19 April 2009 was a huge success
     with over 40 delegates attending and 22
speakers presenting on various topics. This
was a tremendous achievement for SASCH,
                                                                 Dr Ian Opperman, Clinical
                                                      Psychologist, presented on “EMDR and clinical
                                                      hypnosis with traumatized children.”
                                                      Dr Opperman’s presentation looked at both
                                                      EMDR and hypnotherapy with children.
                                                                                                            to successful resolution of the problems
                                                                                                                        Dr Cecile Gericke, Educational
                                                                                                            Psychologist, presented “The contribution
                                                                                                            of hypnotherapy in overcoming dreaded
both educationally and financially. I will discuss    The advantages and disadvantages were                 diseases.” Research shows that people with
a few speakers from the list of very exciting         highlighted, and the compatibility between the        a passion for life have a greater chance to
presenters at the Congress:                           two different modalities explored. A case study       overcome dreaded diseases. This presentation
            SASCH was most privileged to have         with a ten year old boy that was held hostage         gave guidelines to what extent hypnotherapy
Prof Mark Savickas, Chair Behavioural Sciences        at gun point during an armed robbery was used         can enhance personal power (choice +
Department, Northeastern Ohio University’s            as a case study. Other case studies of EMDR           responsibilities) in overcoming a dreaded
College of Medicine, present his talk titled          with children, some as young as three years of        disease. The presenter acknowledged other
“Utilising early anecdotes in counselling             age, were also discussed.                             factors like God’s will, medical assistance
in the 21st century.” He used wonderful case                     Ms Melinda Coetzee, an Educational         and support systems. Taking these factors
presentations, in which the earliest memories         Psychologist, presented her talk titled “The          in consideration, one’s passion to live can be
of well known people were on the overhead, the        use of craft-based activities in therapy              enhanced by hypnotherapy techniques. The
words analysed, and then the audience could           with young children” which discussed that             presenter spoke from a personal point of view,
guess who the person was. The idea is that our        while using art during psychological therapy is       where hypnotherapy techniques were used in
early lives provide us with the building blocks       both popular and widely accepted, the use of          overcoming her own cancer.
that our life destiny will take us on. Professor      craft-based activities is traditionally reserved                  Ms Anne-Marie Rencken-Wentzel,
Savickas is an engaging speaker and he had            for use by occupational therapists. “Craft-           Counselling and Educational Psychologist, spoke
the audience eating out of his hand with his          based activities” refer to activities during which    about “The difference between mediation
thoughtful presentation.                              something is made. It is the experience of            as a tool and a process.” The South African
            Dr Christa Kruger, Psychiatrist and       the presenter that the process of ‘making’            Law Commission is preparing a discussion
acting Head at Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital,       can be therapeutically beneficial to young            paper on the question whether mediation
presented a talk titled “Dissociative mental          clients. The focus is therefore not on the end        should be compulsory in all family matters.
states as expressions of a conflictual                product, but on the creative process. The             The question however will also be asked is who
social context: a medieval case study.” The           de-stressing properties of craft activities are       should be the mediator. The presenter posed
paper focused on a link between the broader           well documented, and the presenter has also           the question in this seminar as to whether the
social context and altered states of individual       witnessed positive therapeutic outcomes in            psychologist as mediator engages in mediation
consciousness.                                        the form of improved self-esteem, establishing        as a process or uses mediation as a tool.
            Dr Saths Cooper, Clinical Psychologist    rapport, and providing non-threatening                            Mr Pierre Brouard, Clinical
and Past President of PsySSA presented on             opportunities for communication.                      Psychologist, O.U.T. Gay & Lesbian
“Scope of Practice” which covered the                            Ms Julie Nel, a Business Coach,            Organization, spoke about “Coming-out
“creeping” of different categories into the scope     titled her presentation “Soul contracts.”             issues for teenagers & young adults.”This
of practice of others, for instance Educational       The talk was based on the principle that all          presentation contextualised the diversity
Psychologists doing clinical work. Dr Cooper          human beings are on individual spirals of             of same sex identity and practice in a post-
expressed that he is in favour of a general           growth and development. This process has              apartheid South Africa. It expanded on
psychologist category, at Masters level, which        been empirically measured by a team of                the terms gender, sex and orientation as
will address this issue.                              researchers and is graphically represented in a       overlapping but distinct concepts. It described
            Advocate Ettienne Labuschagne,            multicoloured spiral which displays the levels        the “coming out” process as well as the
specialising in the defence of practitioners          of development. Each level of development             “coming in” process – the challenges in entering
charged with offences by the HPCSA, presented         has its own characteristics and is reflected in       various gay “scenes”, for young people.
his talk titled “A legal perspective on ethical       recognisable patterns human behaviour. Linked         Homophobia (both internalised and overt) was
issues.” He spoke on the things psychologists         to each level is an agenda for a person’s life        reviewed as a critical construct, especially in
do that get them into trouble, often out of the       – goals to achieve and lessons to be learnt.          relation to mental health in the LGBT (lesbian,
kindness of their hearts, for instance, you do        Each person has also selected a package of            gay, bisexual and transgender) worlds. It also
therapeutic work with a client, and then write a      personality traits to assist him/her in this life’s   touched on the role of the psychologist or
court report for that client in his or her custody    assignments and the lessons that need to be           mental health practitioner and reviewed the
case.                                                 learnt.                                               APA guidelines on working with LGBT clients.
            Dr Louise Olivier, Clinical &                        Ms Teresa Wolfaard, an Educational                     Marita Rademeyer, Clinical
Counselling Psychologist, spoke about “A              Psychologist, spoke on “Attention Deficit             Psychologist at the Child Trauma Clinic,
practitioners perspective on ethical                  Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and                     discussed “The use of play therapy in
issues,” which linked with Advocate                   Executive Functions (EF),” and pointed out            treating traumatized children.” Aspects
Labuschagne’s talk. Dr Olivier gave a wide            that ADHD is not only a neurobiological disorder      discussed included the neurobiology of trauma
range of examples of cases she was involved in        but also a complex cognitive disorder with            in children, critical fundamentals of the play
and pitfalls psychologists fall in. For instance, a   similar manifestations to that of developmental       therapy relationship, critical fundamentals of
psychologist is not allowed to withhold a report      impairment of EF. ADHD needs to be                    working with traumatized children, and play
if the client does not pay.                           redefined to include a wide range of executive        therapy techniques and process.
            Prof Marie Poggenpoel from the            dysfunctions. The ability to inhibit behaviour                    The Congress was held at Weskoppies
Department of Psychiatric Nursing at University       (putting on brakes before you act or talk) is         Psychiatric Hospital in Pretoria and proved to be
of Johannesburg and Prof Chris Myburgh from           central to effective Executive Functioning.. The      a huge success. We had attendees from every
the Department of Education: Psychology               lack of inhibition in individuals with ADHD can       corner of South Africa, as well as Namibia, and
at University of Johannesburg, presented              be seen as a coin with two sides.                     a speaker from America!
their talk titled “Adolescents’ experience                       Dr Trevor Modlin, a General                            I would like to extend my gratitude to
of aggression in Youth Centres in South               Practitioner, discussed “Sexual dysfunction:          the Congress Committee consisting of Mrs Elise
Africa.” A lively discussion ensued on the            A case history - Promiscuity resulting                Fourie, Mr Kevin Fourie, Dr Ian Opperman and
underlying reasons for manifestations of              from an event at age 6 years.” An outline             Mrs Angela Rodrigo (SASCH receptionist), as
aggression in youth.                                  of sexual dysfunction was provided from the           well as all the others who made this Congress
            Mr Henk Swanepoel, a Clinical             perspective of Medical Hypnoanalysis. A full          possible.
Psychologist, discussed “Self mutilating              case study of a mixed Personality Disorder was
behaviour in adolescents.” The history and            discussed illustrating its origins and progression    Dr M C (Ian) Opperman
prevalence of this phenomena was highlighted          in a young anorexic mother. The development           Chair: SASCH
during his talk.                                      of promiscuity was followed and the treatment

w w w. p s y s s a . c o m                                                                                                                           five
                                          15 tH SOUtH AfrIcAN
             PSYcHOlOGY cONGreSS
                                                           12 - 14 AUG 09 & 11 AUG 09 (Pre-cONGreSS WOrKSHOPS),
                                                               INterNAtIONAl cONVeNtION ceNtre, cAPe tOWN

                                           reGIStrAtION fOrM
  tO Be cOMPleted BY All PArtIcIPANtS (INclUdING PreSeNterS, MedIA, GUeStS ANd trAde deleGAteS)

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        dIrect dePOSIt:
        ABSA rosebank (code: 630-805)
        current Account No: 40-4940-7045 (fax deposit slip)

        PLEASE DEBIT MY:                                         Visa Card                                 Master Card
        credIt cArd NUMBer:
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        cArdHOlder’S NAMe:                                                                                 cArdHOlder’S SIGNAtUre:

  Bank and administration charges incurred (e.g. returned cheque, card authorization refusal) are for the participant’s account. A fully completed and signed registration form guarantees registration, confirms
  participant’s attendance and acceptance of registration conditions. Only the above-mentioned methods of payment will be accepted. Written applications for cancellation received before 1 March 2009 will be
  entitled to a 50% refund; thereafter no refunds shall be made. All conference venues will be on a first come first serve bases. Kindly attend alternate sessions if a venue is fully occupied.

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  7.            Student applying for Membership                                                                                                                                       r1500
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                                                                           Killarney Mall, Office No. 110, First Floor,                        January to December. Please be advised that
                                                                           Killarney Office Towers, 60 Riveria Road,                           membership in arrears at the end of March will
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                                                                                               Get Active!
T    he daily grind of practicing psychology in
     the private and public sector can easily
     be overwhelming. As practitioners we
need to find respite from ongoing stressors
in the interest of our own mental health and
                                                      more effective and confident practitioner are:

                                                      • Arrange to have supervision individually or
                                                        with groups of colleagues. This will ensure
                                                        that you have designated time to be
                                                                                                          Remember psychology is still very much a
                                                                                                          developing profession and growing area of
                                                                                                          health practice in Africa and it is incumbent
                                                                                                          on us as current practitioners to determine
                                                                                                          the direction that psychological research and
that of our clients, colleagues and students.           reflective about your practice and will           practice will take in the future. This can only be
Often we don’t realise how much we have                 improve the quality of your service.              achieved through interaction, participation and
been overburdened by general workloads and            • Attend local PsySSA Branch meetings or            collaboration. Mahatma Gandhi once said “Be
emotional issues until it all becomes too difficult     other professional development activities and     the change you want.” No effort is too small. A
to manage.                                              participate actively. Keeping current with the    good place to start rejuvenating your interest
                                                        most recent developments in your profession       and enthusiasm is at PsySSA’s 15th National
Psychologist heal thyself!                              promotes confidence in your practice.             Congress running from the 11th to the 14th
                                                      • Be active about arranging CPD activities in       of August 2009 in Cape Town. The Congress
The key is of course to constantly be ahead of          your area if there are none. The opportunity      theme is aptly titled “Psychology in South Africa
our game when it comes to paying attention to           to engage with psychologists from different       Past Present and Future.” See you there!!!
our own needs and taking care of ourselves.             scopes of practice and various practice
We are after all our most important and                 environments enhances your perspective of         “Mindfully” yours
effective tools. Stay Sharp! Some suggestions           psychology and illuminate new ways of             Thirusha Naidu
for staying on top of things and becoming a             thinking.


          International Relations
A       t its meeting on 9 May 2009, Council
        noted that PsySSA was developing
        a professional organisational
infrastructure in its preparations for the
                                                      have signed Memoranda of Understanding with
                                                      numerous similar national psychology bodies.
                                                      These include the Norwegian Psychological
                                                      Association, American Psychological
                                                                                                          Societies and most recently the Canadian
                                                                                                          Psychological Association, Similar agreements
                                                                                                          will be signed this year with the Kenyan
                                                                                                          Psychological Association and the Russian
30th Cape Town International Congress of              Association, the British Psychological Society,     Psychological Association. Council resolved
Psychology and beyond. Council also noted             the Australian Psychological Society, the           to reinstate the International Relations
that a decade ago PsySSA had an International         Swedish Psychological Association, the Chinese      Committee that would subsume the SANC. This
Relations Committee, which was subsumed               Psychological Association, the Psychological        International Relations Standing Committee
under other activities and that there was             Association of Namibia, the Zimbabwean              will be the vehicle to promote PsySSA abroad.
an accelerated interest and involvement in            Psychological Society, the National Academy of      As such it will develop strategies for greater
international psychological activities that went      Psychology - India, the Jordanian Psychological     international visibility and report regularly to
beyond the SA National Committee for IUPsyS           Association, the Psychological Association          Council.
(SANC). PsySSA is the only national society to        of Ireland, the Union of Czech Psychological

                                                                                                                                       (Second edition)

                                                        Editors:                                  J Watts, K Cockcroft, N Duncan
                                                        ISBN:                                     978 1 91989 515 4
                                                        Size:                                     245 x 168mm
                                                        Extent:                                   640 pages
                                                        Format:                                   Soft cover
                                                        Pub date:                                 April 2009
                                                        Rights:                                   World
                                                        Recommended Retail Price:                 R350.00 (incl. VAT)

                                                        Developmental Psychology Second Edition provides a theory-driven approach to understanding
                                                        human development from two perspectives – the psychoanalytic and the cognitive. These two
                                                        perspectives, which form the first sections of the book, complement one another. The third
                                                        section of the book brings together thoughts on the South African context and the impact it has
                                                        on development. Developmental Psychology is a broad and integrated introduction to the subject
                                                        for undergraduates, postgraduates and health professionals.

                                                        Recommended for
                                                        This text is suitable for undergraduate psychology students, postgraduates and health

                                                        About the editors
                                                        Dr Jacki Watts is a clinical psychologist in private practice. She was a senior lecturer in the
                                                        psychology department at the University of the Witwatersrand, where she ran the Clinical
                                                        Psychology Professional Training programme for six years.
                                                        Prof Kate Cockcroft is an associate professor at the University of the Witwatersrand, where she
                                                        works as an academic and psychologist.
                                                        Prof Norman Duncan holds a professorship in psychology at the University of the Witwatersrand,
                                                        where he currently also serves as head of the School of Human and Community Development.

w w w. p s y s s a . c o m
        Branch Updates

T     he Western Cape branch of PSYSSA holds
      a monthly seminar series and the current
      theme is “Breaking the frame: Multiple
ways of seeing and doing”. There have been
two presentations on this theme by Elron
                                                    able to move beyond a simple critique
                                                    and demonstrated how psychological
                                                    skills could be utilized for systemic
                                                    work. Drawing from her own work
                                                    with schooling systems she suggested
Fouten and Nadeen Moola. Elron’s presentation       that ‘psychological work’ could help
titled, ‘It’s just not cricket: A good catch, but   shift these to
is it inside or outside the boundary?’ raised       more adaptive
critical questions about what we define as          functioning that
psychological problems. His presentation            was responsive
emphasized that many of the major social            to learner and
problems of the day like poverty and violence       community needs.
seem to be ignored by many psychologists.           In order to this
Drawing from his own work in communities            she emphasised
he emphasized that these social problems            the need to
were part of the everyday experience of the         redefine professional
majority of South Africans. He argued that          boundaries and a
even when psychologists tackle these problems       long-term commitment
they are confined to ‘non-mainstream’               to systemic work.
fields like community psychology. Nadeen            Community work was
Moola’s presentation titled, ‘Systems thinking      presented like long-
and professional practice: Constraining or          term psychotherapy,
liberating?’ echoed similar themes. She             as the development of a
raised concern that there appears to be less        relationship to achieve mutual
engagement with the ‘relevance’ debate in the       goals over a period of years. Both
post-apartheid period than in the apartheid         presentations stimulated fruitful exchanges
period. She questioned why institutions, like       clearly indicating the need to foreground these
universities as well as civic and professional      debates again.

“ ”
organizations, were not responding adequately                              Mr Rashid Ahmed
to the challenges facing the discipline. She was                           Western Cape


                              Practice Related Issues
                                      around the Child Care Act
                                and the Sexual Offenses Act
The PsySSA KZN Branch held its first workshop
on 23 May 2009. The full-day workshop titled
“Practice Related Issues around the Child
Care Act and the Sexual Offenses Act” was
a resounding success with an unexpectedly           also on how individuals can become involved in    University of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Prof Collings
high turnout of over 35 delegates including         Forensic work, and the types of Forensic cases    who is a well respected researcher in the area
psychologists, social workers and other             in which one can expect to become involved. .     of sexual and abuse gave two presentations.
professionals involved in child care and                       Research issues and recent             His first presentation took a PowerPoint format
treatment. PsySSA members comprised the             developments and thinking in the field were       where the focus was on the changes in the
majority of those attending. The workshop           ably presented by the reputed Prof Steve          Sexual Offences Act and how these changes
was held at the Psychology department at King       Collings, Clinical Psychologist and current
George V Hospital, and included in its scope        head of the Department of Psychology at the                             continues on page 9
both theoretical and practice related issues and

                                                               SuSAN SMITH
was well supported with practical exercises and
opportunities for networking, discussion and
relationship-building for professionals working
in the area of child care and sexual offences.
           We were privileged to have a
group of eminent, knowledgeable and
experienced presenters contributing to the
day’s proceedings. At the start of the day our
                                                                Is a Psychometrist specialising in career guidance, report-
own Vice-Chair Rita Suliman provided some                       writing and selections. She has an Independent Practice
insight into working in the Forensic arena as                   in Somerset West. PMT 0078921
a private practitioner as well constructive tips
for interaction with colleagues in the legal and                Pr no:         085 000 0319759
other professions. Ms Suliman engages in                        Cell:          084 551 1758
the area extensively in her successful private
practice and was able to provide the delegates
with an overview of administration and ethics
with regards to Forensic cases. Her focus was

w w w. p s y s s a . c o m
PSYSSA DURBAN BRANCH WORKSHOP                                                                                            continued from page 8

could be interpreted. In addition, he pointed      Courts in an easy to understand manner.            many efficient people who contributed to the
out shortcomings in the Act and areas that                     Advocate Singh provided insights       success of this one. We are especially grateful
could prove to be problems in practice. There      into various aspects of The Children’s Act         to the presenters who gave precious personal
was tremendous interest and discussion around      which have been amended and are currently          and family time on a Saturday to graciously
these issues, and Magistrate de Jager, who         in use. She provided delegates with various        teach and engage and guide and challenge
spent the entire day with us, also provided        packs of information to refer to, with regards     delegates. The PsySSA Durban Branch
feedback from a legal perspective.                 to the amendments and their uses. There was        Executive Rita Suliman, Nishola Rawatlall
           The second presentation by Prof         particularly lively discussion on the change of    and Marlene Wells who worked tirelessly and
Collings began with an understanding of the        terminology in the Children’s Act with a focus     enthusiastically in addition to their full time
various ethical considerations one needed to       on children in divorce contexts.                   jobs to make the workshop a success. Fatima
be aware of in the practice of psychology and                  The end of the workshop was            Seedat, Nosipho Thathi and the team at PsySSA
more so in the area of forensics. The session      especially useful to delegates, in that all        National office who managed the administration
then took the format of group work, with           presenters made themselves available as a          seamlessly as usual – Thank you for your
Prof Collings providing the delegates with         panel, so that delegates could ask questions       patience and efficiency!
case studies. Delegates formed break away          and address issues for clarity on the entire                  In addition, we would like to
groups and discussed the cases and thereafter,     days presentations and thus ensure that the        acknowledge the contribution of other
each group reported their views to the entire      workshop was closed in a manner that did not       individuals and organisations and formally
delegation.                                        leave delegates with any unanswered questions      thank them for their contribution to the success
           The workshop delegates were also        or with confusion in any area.                     of the workshop. Thank you to Fiona Suliman
fortunate enough to enjoy the expertise of                     In addition to providing an            and Zaakirah Khan for their assistance during
two legal professionals Magistrate Melanie         opportunity for practitioners to interact with     registration and throughout the course of
de Jager and Advocate Sandhya Singh.               each other on a current and relevant issue in      the workshop. Thank you too, to Ohlanga
Magistrate de Jager provided a consultative        practice, the workshop provided an opportunity     Wholesalers in Durban for their sponsorship of
role in the workshop engaging with delegates       for practitioners to engage around academic        bottled water for all the delegates, and to Jopie
during discussions and breakaway sessions          and legal issues with some of the most active      Van Rooyen for their contribution of folders,
and offering information on legal issues           and distinguished minds in the field in KZN.       pens and the specially formatted information
and questions raised in relation to the two        It was gratifying to note that the categorical     package on information relevant to the field of
acts under discussion. Delegates found             support of KZN practitioners, and most             Forensic psychology.
this contribution to be especially useful and      especially PsySSA members, to the workshop                    Finally, the PsySSA Durban Branch
informative in relation to practical issues that   bodes well for the professional as a whole.        is planning one more workshop later in 2009
they were dealing with in the application and      Certainly the enthusiasm and professionalism       and we would like to invite members to suggest
interpretation of the Acts. Magistrate de Jager    evident at the workshop is indicative of           topics or issues that they would like to hear
also made a presentation titled “Practical         practitioner’s commitment the highest              more about for the next workshop. We are also
Expectations of an Experts Evidence in Court”.     standards of professional and ethical conduct in   happy to help host speakers visiting KZN who
The presentation was practical and highly          their practice.                                    are prominent in their respective fields either at
interactive. This provided the attendees with a                Of course such a workshop is never     our monthly meetings or an especially arranged
practical perspective of the functioning of our    the work of one person and there are certainly     event.

w w w. p s y s s a . c o m
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ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEES:               Full Members: R770;  Associate: R770;          Affiliate: R770;
                                      Psychometrists/Registered Counsellors: R440;  Students: R180;  1st Yr. Interns: R260;
                                      2nd Yr. Interns: R390;          Foreign: US$160

I AM A: (please tick one):            Full Member;  Associate;  Affiliate;  Psychometrists/Registered Counsellors;
                                      Student Member;  1st Year Intern;  2nd Year Intern;  Foreign

   CLINICAL:                        Full   Member:   R150;            Associate:    R150;              Student:   R45;    Affiliate:   R150
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TOTAL AMOUNT DUE TO PsySSA:                                                                               (membership fee, division fees)

Payment received            c/Q       cASH d/d               Membership ratified                          Membership Number Allocated

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                                                       PO Box 989, Houghton, 2041

                                                       tel:       011 486 3322
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w w w. p s y s s a . c o m
         council Standing committees


T   here is an interesting article entitled “On
    the need to secure psychological test
    materials” written by Jacques Grégoire and
Thomas Oakland that can be accessed on the
                                                       results in test use by unqualified persons, and
                                                       thus harms the public...

                                                       In contrast to the need to maintain test
                                                                                                            encourage national psychological associations
                                                                                                            to inform their members of this problem and
                                                                                                            to take preventative measures, including the
                                                                                                            revision of their ethics codes to help prevent
website of the International Test Commission           security, some psychologists are selling tests       this and similar unauthorised releases of tests
(                through unauthorised sources to the general          to others. National Psychological Associations
php). An extract is provided below:                    public. For example, the International Test          are also encouraged to develop standards that
                                                       Commission learned recently that tests are           promote the safe disposal of outdated tests.
Psychologists play a leading role in developing        being sold on eBay. Such sales jeopardize test                  Are PsySSA members aware of
and using psychological tests that serve the           integrity, harm the public, and violate accepted     whether the unauthorized sale of psychological
public and professions. Psychologists are also         practice.                                            tests is problematic in South Africa? Also, how
committed to maintaining the integrity and                         The International Test Commission        do psychologists and psychometrists dispose of
security of test materials and other assessment        urges psychologists to become aware of this          outdated/old tests in a safe way? If you have
methods, knowing that their unauthorized               possible practice in their countries and to take     any views on these matters please email Cheryl
release to the public jeopardizes test integrity,      steps to stop such unauthorised sales. We            at

SAJP: Issue 39(2): Brief update

      SOUtH AfrIcAN
              JOUrNAl Of                                      PSYcHOlOGY (SAJP)
O          ur offices opening on the 2nd of
           January feels like just the other day.
           It is hard to believe half of the year is
behind us already!
                                                       finalised. We urge those colleagues who have
                                                       been requested to rework and re-submit their
                                                       amended articles at their earliest convenience
                                                       so as to improve their chance of getting these
                                                                                                              dynamic assessment technique of
                                                                                                              questioning (Ms L Matthews and Prof C
                                                                                                            • The use of a board game as gestalt
             The past few months have been a           articles accepted.                                     assessment instrument for children in the
demanding, yet productive period: Issue 39(2)          	           Allow	me	to	repeat	myself:	                middle childhood (Ms E Botha and Dr M
is at the printers already. Our core editorial         preference	is	always	given	to	articles	                Dunn).
staff, including our PsySSA President, Norman          that	contain	information	that	is	‘new’	and	
Duncan, our President Elect, Kopano Ratele, our        innovative.	                                         Judging by your feedback, we believe that
Consulting Editor, Anthony Pillay, our Consulting                  In the second issue of SAJP for          you are satisfied with the changes to the SAJP
Editor: Statistics, Prof Tyrone Pretorius, our         2009, the interested reader will, as usual,          layout and that you like our new cover page.
Copy Editors, Willy Nel and Martin Strous,             encounter a fascinating compilation of               Please be advised that our editorial guidelines
and our Publishing Editor, Erna Kinsey, meet           national, international, transdisciplinary           are a. regularly updated to reflect current
regularly (be it electronically or in person) to       and interdisciplinary contributions. This            publication practice and to keep readers
discuss issues related to the smooth running of        collection provides an impressive collection         informed about such developments and b.
the journal to ensure that potential challenges        of perspectives on 21st century psychological        immediately put on the PsySSA website. (We
are addressed timeously.                               reality that help us understand and appreciate       wish to thank Ms Fatima Seedat and her staff
             We are delighted to announce              (post-) modern psychological processes.              sincerely for making this possible.)
that Prof Mark Savickas, Editor: Journal of            Readers will e.g. find in this issue articles that   In conclusion: I wish to thank everybody
Vocational Behaviour (voted top journal in the         deal with the following topics:                      involved in the editorial and publishing process
Elsevier group from a total of 1 700 titles!!)         • South African Psychologists’ judgment              for her or his sterling work. Our two Associate
visited the University of Pretoria from 18 to             of widely held beliefs about psychological        Editors, Willy Nel and Martin Strous, deserve
24 April, during which time he received an                phenomena (Prof A Kagee).                         a special word of thanks for their willingness
honourary doctorate from the University of             • Sexual harassment within the South African         to double as Copy Editors. Their selfless help
Pretoria. While in South Africa, Prof Savickas            Navy (Profs C van Wijk and G Finchilescu).        and dedication are greatly appreciated. I also
offered invaluable advice on possible ways             • The biographical profile of women who kill         wish to thank all colleagues who have reviewed
by which to improve our Impact Factor. He                 their biographical partners (Dr S Botha and       manuscripts over the past few months. We are
confirmed e.g. that articles in which carry               Prof G Pretorius).                                aware that this is a selfless task undertaken by
meta-analyses of previous research/ theoretical        • African parents’ beliefs about their own and       those who have the interests of colleagues, the
considerations as well as articles in which the           their children’s intelligence (Prof A Furnham).   journal and the scholarly community at large at
standardisation of new assessment instruments          • A Systems Theory response to career                heart. Your support is greatly appreciated. (We
is described are highly sought-after (such                psychology research challenges (Profs Mark        wish to remind all colleagues that reviewers will
contributions will therefore be fast-tracked              Watson and Mary McMahon).                         receive three CPD points per article reviewed,
in the future). SAJP should begin to reap the          • The reframing of empathy based on an               one of which is for ethics.)
benefits from implementing his invaluable                 individualistic perspective into inclusive
insights within the next 12-18 months.                    cultural empathy (Prof P Pedersen).               Enjoy reading the SAJP,
Issue three of SAJP is currently at our copy           • Ways in which to enhance adolescents’              Kobus Maree
editors and issue four is on the verge of being           responses to projection plates by utilising a

H       ealthMan, the independent research
        group appointed by PsySSA to prepare
        the PsySSA National Reference Price List
research submission, required 170 financials
from independent practices to be able to
                                                       maintained. Other Psychologists refused to take
                                                       part in the tariffs Research because they argue
                                                       that in spite of tariffs increasing on a yearly
                                                       basis, the ceilings that Medical Schemes place
                                                       on what patients can claim for Psychological
                                                                                                            to all the practitioners who took time out of
                                                                                                            their busy schedules to submit their financials
                                                                                                            to HealthMan for the Tariffs Research.
                                                                                                                        Furthermore, I would like to thank
                                                                                                            the PsySSA office, specifically Mrs Fatima
comply with the Department of Health’s (DoH)           Services do not. This is a valid point which         Seedat, Ms Nosipho Thathi and Mr Oupa
sample size stipulation. After multiple requests       PsySSA aims to address, but boycotting the           Masehla, who phoned, emailed, begged and
to all PsySSA members, 160 financials were             Tariffs Research for that reason is short sighted.   pleaded to get that number of practitioners to
submitted, which HealthMan believes will be            The sad part is that even the practices that         respond.
acceptable.                                            refuse to cooperate with our research, benefit
            Some Psychologists responded               from the increased tariffs. We all benefit.          Thank you
extremely rudely, often refusing to make their         HealthMan has submitted the PsySSA Tariffs
financials available in spite of undertakings          Research 2009 – 2010 to the DoH and we are           Dr M C (Ian) Opperman
that the information would only be used for            eagerly awaiting their response.                     Chair: Tariffs Division
professional purposes and confidentially will be                  I would like to express our gratitude
w w w. p s y s s a . c o m
Educational psychologists, learning, development and adult psychotherapy

                                                                                                                                        by dr Martin Strous
           any educational psychologists              cognitive-behaviour therapies, Rational Emotive       his or her role in empathic failures and tries
           in South Africa are trained in             Behaviour Therapy (previously Rational Emotive        to get the relationship back on track. The idea
           psychotherapy with both children and       Therapy), overtly employs educational methods         is to re-establish a good-enough therapeutic
adults, but the role of educational psychologists     to teach clients how to identify, dispute and         environment and to interrupt developmental
in working with adults unfortunately became a         replace irrational ideas.                             arrests due to early object deprivation.
contested issue. In this regard, the Educational                                                                       There are additional analogies
Psychology Task Team, set up to liaise with the       Psychotherapy as development                          to parenting in psychotherapy with adults.
Professional Board for Psychology about the           Personal development occurs throughout the            According to Haim Ginott, effective
scope of practice of educational psychologists,       life cycle. Originally concerned primarily with       communication requires when a child is
noted a need to redress a skills shortage in          infants and children, Developmental Psychology        emotionally distressed, (a) that messages
the country rather than to narrowly restrict          now includes adolescence, adult development,          preserve the child’s self-respect and, (b)
areas of practice. The Health Professions             aging, and the entire life span. Developmental        that statements of understanding precede
Council of South Africa’s Professional Board for      Psychology recognises that later life events are      statements of advice or instruction. By
Psychology has now released a new Practice            often affected by earlier ones.                       serving as a mirror to the child’s emotions
Framework for Psychology (HPCSA, 2007).                           A goal of psychodynamic therapy           parents provide clarity of image and provide
The document stipulates that educational              is to help clients see connections between            opportunities for self-initiated grooming and
psychologists “are involved in assessment,            their present problems and early childhood            change. Ginott suggests that when a child
diagnosis and intervention in order to optimise       experiences so that they are better able              talks about an event, parents should respond
functioning in the broad context of learning          to exert control over their present adult             to feelings around the event and to the
and development.” The Professional Board              functioning. The focus is to explore a client’s       relationships implied with details that convey to
for Psychology has explicitly recognised on           past so as to make the unconscious conscious          the child an understanding beyond expectation.
a website that educational psychologists are          and provide increased insight for clients as to       The applicability to adult psychotherapy of
able to work with children and adults, and            the dynamics of their behaviour. Psychodynamic        such a communication style is apparent.
that education and learning are lifelong and          therapy recognises that under certain stressful       Having a grasp of the client’s inner psyche and
not restricted to schools and other educational       situations there may be partial fixation at           clarifying what is bewildering and confusing
institutions.                                         various stages or regression to previous              is a technique reminiscent of an idealised
            The purpose of this article is to         stages of psychosocial development. Non-              maternal holding environment. Establishing
consider the specific question of whether             psychodynamic psychotherapies do not require          a holding environment often takes the form
psychotherapy with adults falls within the scope      a focus on fixated defence mechanisms,                of conveying at the appropriate moment
of practice for educational psychologists. It         regressions, unresolved childhood traumas             something that shows that the therapist knows
does so with reference to the terms learning          and parental regressions. Non-psychodynamic           and understands the deepest anxiety that
and development, which are recognised by the          psychotherapies may focus on adult life               is being experienced or that is waiting to be
Professional Board for Psychology as areas of         crises, transitions, existential experiences          experienced.
activity for educational psychologists.               and other developmental tasks. Nevertheless,                     Where clients act out aggressively
                                                      the psychodynamic perspective is employed             or self-destructively, therapists may set limits
Learning in Psychotherapy                             here to demonstrate a developmental                   that are protective of both the client and the
Learning may occur as a result of habituation,        tradition in psychotherapy. In particular, the        therapy. Firm yet empathic limit setting is an
sensitisation, operant conditioning, classical        conceptualisation of a Developmentally Needed         act of protective containment which for clients
conditioning, imprinting, observation,                Relationship is useful.                               with backgrounds of neglect or deprivation is
play, enculturation, education or personal                        The Reparative or Developmentally         conducive to the development of self-command.
development. Personal development, in turn,           Needed Relationship is the intentional provision      The development of self-discipline may also be
includes such processes as developing self-           by the psychotherapist of a corrective/               regarded as a learnt activity or education.
knowledge, identity and talents.                      reparative or replenishing parental relationship
            Learning and personal development         where original parenting was deficient, abusive       Conclusion
are clearly characteristic of psychotherapy.          or over-protective (Clarkson, 1990). Within                       This brief discussion of psychotherapy
For instance, humanistic schools attempt to           the object-relations school of psychotherapy          as involving both learning and development
create a relational environment conducive             there is general agreement that healthy               indicates an obvious role for educational
to experiential learning, self-awareness and          emotional development is promoted by a warm,          psychologists in adult psychotherapy. Learning
clients` confidence in their own natural process.     intimate and continuous relationship to the           and development, which characterise many
            All schools of psychotherapy either       mother or mother substitutes in which both            aspects of psychotherapy, are familiar provinces
implicitly or explicitly recognise a learning         the infant and mother find satisfaction and           for educational psychologists. Psychotherapists
component. More explicit articulations of             enjoyment. In therapy, the therapist’s task           will be able to demonstrate learning and
psychotherapy as learning are made by the             is to help clients who manifest with arrested         development as central to their work in many
behaviouristic and cognitive-behavioural              object-relations development to gradually             examples beyond the ambit of this paper. There
schools. Behaviour therapy is based on the            internalise good-enough maternal functions            is therefore no reason, in the opinion of the
principles of learning theory, including operant      such as recognition, validation, soothing and         writer, for educational psychologists with the
and respondent conditioning. Cognitive-               empathy, so that they may later self-confirm          requisite training and experience not to engage
behaviour therapies also have roots in social         and comfort. When therapy becomes ruptured,           in psychotherapy with adults.
learning theory. One of the most influential          the therapist takes responsibility to consider

Clarkson, P. (1990). A multiplicity of psychotherapeutic relationships. British	Journal	of	Psychotherapy, 7 (2), 148-163

                   British Institute for Learning Development Dubai
Applications are invited for a qualified, experienced and self motivated Educational Psychologist to help children with learning difficulties.
Location:            Dubai, UAE.
Qualifications:      Degrees in Education and Psychology (Ireland, UK, Aust., NZ, S.A. Canada)
                     Registration with a Psychological Society, eligible for British Psychological Society membership
Salary:              US $ 36-46,000 per an. (tax free)
Package:             US $ 51-61,000 per an. (incl. accommodation, travel, visa, gratuity)

The British Institute seeks to address children’s learning difficulties through a team of occupational therapists specialising in neuro-developmental
therapy and sensory integration techniques, speech therapists, psychologists and teachers. The British Institute offers a school programme (British
curriculum) as well as an afternoon Learning Development Programme. The successful applicants will be involved with the assessment of children,
interviews with parents and children, and working with the therapy programme of children in the school and afternoons.

The position offered is for a single person expatriate status on 2-3 year contract. The annual remuneration package is tax-free and includes salary,
contractual gratuities, visa and immigration fees (US$3,000) and accommodation.

Please send Resume to:                    
For more information please visit the website:

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Unisa Centre for Applied Psychology
T    his article provides an overview of the
     Unisa Centre for Applied Psychology’s
     aims, non-formal tuition offerings,
research, latest direct service offerings, and
PsySSA representation with INET.
                                                     Crime (UNODC) baseline study for the Victim
                                                     Empowerment Programme (VEP). The proposal
                                                     was accepted.
                                                                This baseline study will provide
                                                     UNODC and Department of Social Development
                                                                                                                          International Network on Sexual Orientation-
                                                                                                                          related Matters and Gender Identity Concerns
                                                                                                                          in Psychology (INET), housed at the American
                                                                                                                          Psychological Association (APA) since 2009.
                                                                                                                          Plans are underway to co-host related seminars
           Firstly, the Unisa Centre for Applied     (DSD) information on the VEP’s current                               at the upcoming PsySSA congress in August
Psychology’s (UCAP) aim is to promote the            state and assess performance to date. The                            2009, and similarly at the International
application of psychological knowledge in            baseline study will also provide knowledge and                       Congress of Psychology (ICP) 2012, both of
the solution of human problems and in the            understanding of VEP issues across the country.                      which will be held in Cape Town.
development of human potential.                                 The latest development is UCAP’s                                      UCAP has additionally called for
           In 2009, the Centre is offering a         involvement in direct services. Unisa has                            proposed short learning programmes (short
number of workshops including a workshop             embarked on a new project of offering a service                      courses) aimed at psychology professionals
series in Emotional Intelligence and Advanced        to the Sunnyside community (Unisa, students                          and other mental health professionals (social
Therapeutic Techniques for Depression and            and the community as a whole). The name                              workers, psychiatric nurses, psychiatrists)
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. The following        of the project is the Unisa Bright Site Project                      and educators, in particular psychotherapeutic
short courses are also on offer:                     which is being steered by the Department                             and/or psychological counselling interventions,
• Care for the Caregiver                             of Social Work at Unisa and will be focusing                         psychological evaluation, etc in a variety of
• Developing and Applying Interpersonal Skills       on the establishment of a counselling and                            fields of specialisation, including sexuality,
• Developing Capacity                                referral service for the Sunnyside community.                        gender and trauma. Presenters/ facilitators are
• HIV / Aids Care and Counselling                    UCAP, the Department of Psychology and                               themselves required to be registered mental
• Victim Empowerment and Support                     other departments and stakeholders are                               health professionals and proven specialists in
• Logotherapy Meaning-centred Living                 collaborating on this project, sharing skills and                    their field. If you are interested in offering a
• Counselling and Psychotherapy                      invaluable resources. The Centre views this                          short course, please contact the Centre.
                                                     as an opportunity to provide its students with
Secondly, although the Centre is an accredited       practical placements within trauma and HIV and                       For more information on the above and our
service provider for continual professional          Aids Care and Counselling, thereby creating                          offerings, please contact us:
development (CPD) with the Health Professions        further skills development and enhancing the                         Tel: (012) 429 8544
Council of South Africa (HPCSA), 2009 has            curriculum.                                                          Fax: (012) 429 6853
brought further difficulties to an already fraught              Finally, UCAP Director, Prof Juan                         Email:
process with an extensive increase in the fees       Nel, has been representing PsySSA on the                             Visit our website:
that need to be paid to offer CPD. Therefore
we are presently suspending our applications
for CPD accreditation of our offerings with
the HPCSA until these problems are dealt
with. Ironically, we are a service provider with
the SACSSP (South African Council of Social
Service Profession) for continued professional
development for 2009 and all our short courses
and majority of workshops have been approved
without any of the complications associated
with the Professional Board of Psychology at the
HPCSA. Psychology professionals still enroll for
our offerings despite not obtaining CPD points,
desiring rather to equip themselves for practice.
            Not only does UCAP offer non-
formal tuition and CPD but it is also involved
in research which primarily focuses on the
fields of trauma intervention and management,
with special focus areas being hate crime
and the health and well-being of sexual
minorities, as well as contributing to the
National Victim Empowerment Programme.
Presently, UCAP is conducting a study funded
by the South Africa Netherlands Research
Programme on Alternatives in Development
(SANPAD) under the title Empowerment of
Emerging South African LGBT Communities:
The North-West Province as Case Study. In            UcAP Staff 2009: Back row: Prof Juan Nel (director), Gladys thembani (centre Manager), Nkateko lowane (MA Psychology research
addition, the Centre submitted a proposal to         placement), cheryl easterbrook (programme co-ordinator) and Sihle dludla (administrative assistant). front row: Mandisa Magwaza
conduct a United Nations Office on Drugs and         (research intern), daniel Knobel (research intern) and Sanele Mdanda (research assistant).

If any of your personal details have changed, please provide us with your new details in the form below and
return these via attachment to, or fax to 011 486 3266/77.

                                                     detAIlS reQUIred:
                                                     reSIdeNtIAl AddreSS:

                                                     POStAl AddreSS:

                                                     tel NO:
                                                     fAX NO:
                                                     eMAIl AddreSS:

w w w. p s y s s a . c o m

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