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									Pest Control The pesky pest can do a lot of damage. But what exactly do you
understand by pest? Well, pest is any insect or organism that may be harmful to us in
some way or the other. One of the things that is severely affected by pest is our crops.
Pests can really destroy our crops and plants. Apart from pests, weeds may also harm
our crop. Weeds are plants themselves and can wreak havoc on the crop by 鈥渟
ticking on to 鈥?our crops and 鈥渟 queezing out 鈥?their nutrition. But they can
never replicate the harm that pest may have on the plants and crops. The worst part is,
weeds may be easy to spot, and pests are not. Pest can produce devastatingly bad
effects on the productivity of any farm. This has been a known truth to the human
beings, perhaps ever since the mankind started farming. Though the people in the
olden times didn 鈥檛 have access to the methods of pest control that we have today,
there were many techniques that were adopted people in those times. Weeds were
pulled out, often burnt, and crop rotation was also considered an effective way to
counter this issue. Planting pest resistant cultivators also seemed to be a pragmatic
solution to people in those times.
  A variety of pest controlling measures are adopted by both farmers and warehouses.
You may be surprised to learn that airgun is used in many parts of the world to get rid
of rats, shrews and other rodents, rabbits and squirrel. Things like erecting scare
crows in the fields, ensuring proper storage facilities, disposal of food waste are used
to make sure that pests are controlled efficiently. Post agriculture revolution doctors
started using highly effective measures to control pest. This includes the use of
Pyrethrum and Derris. DDT and herbicides started to be used which helped people
control pest in better manner. There are many ways to control the population of the
pests and avoid their growth. Nurturing their natural predators would be one of the
most practical solutions on them. These predators would prey on them and hence
reduce the number of these pests. Making sure that favourable places for their growth
like garbage and open drains are reduced, we could be able to contain them. Laying of
traps and sterilization of the species of pests is also a great way to fight pests. There
are many companies that deal in pest control, make sure you get the products from the
most trusted company if you really want to see the results.

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