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1368 N. ARIZONA AVE. SUITE 110            ONESMALLSTEPONLINE.ORG                                            FALL 2010

 We clothe the body
      of Jesus.                                                                                We do a common
                                                                                              thing uncommonly
“I needed clothes and you
clothed me...I tell you the
truth, whatever you did for one                                                             Our work is the most
of the least of these brothers of
mine, you did it for Me.”
                                                                                              noble on earth.
Matthew 25: 36, 40 (NIV).
                                                                                              We clothe the body
WE NEED YOU -- NOW!!!                                                                              of Jesus.
It happens every year.
Everybody has a heart at
Christmas and most groups
take on one charitable project
just before the holidays. We                                                      We're Moving!!!
get a good supply of socks and
then comes the new year,
spring break, end of school, a
                                                                             As of October 1, we will be
hot summer, and no one is                                                    in new, larger space at
thinking of socks. We have                                                   1100 N. Alma School Rd.
only a few children’s and                                                    Suite 9, Chandler 85224
women’s socks, and no men’s
socks, left to process. We need
whatever you can give us now,
new or used. We have barely
been able to serve our own
                                    built its reputation on. Holding a sock       friends to dump their extras in a bag for
clients for two months; we have
                                    drive is so simple. Email us and we’ll even   you. Just remember, lots of working men
not been able to share socks
                                    provide sample signs and flyers. Or just       and students can’t get by without them.
with other area non-profits,
                                    keep it simple and ask your family and
something that One Small Step

       Chandler Business Alliance                                 State Farm Insurance - 4980 S Alma School Rd Ste A6
                                                                  Foothills Sports Medicine – 3200 S. Alma School Rd Ste 101
The Clothes Cabin and One Small Step was chosen as the
                                                                  Sun Lakes Pest Control – 24053 S. Arizona Ave
charity of the month in July. Several members of the
Chandler Business Alliance have partnered with us by placing      Fish Window Cleaning - 3738 W Commonwealth #12
a clothing collection box at their place of business.             Alpha & Omega Financial Group - 1490 S Price Rd Ste 306

Please bring!your new or gently used children's and adult
                                                                  Coldwell Banker – 1811 S. Alma School Rd #150
clothing to any of the locations listed below.

American Family Insurance - 4905 S Alma School Rd Ste 3
First Bank - 2020 S Alma School Rd
      FROM THE

We’ve had an exciting few months
where awesome donations of
clothing and help have come from
several directions! For example –

Adrienne Walcott heard that we
were out of boys’ underwear and
she said, “I can take care of that! I
don’t ask my friends for much, but
I’m going to send out an email and
ask for underwear or the money to
buy some.” Her goal was to get 400
pairs, and she did it! Some of her
friends sent money and we bought
the sizes we needed on sale, and        We know we’re being blessed every          A caseworker
some sent packages of underwear.        day and we’re having such a great          brought in her client, a
Awesome!                                time helping those who need our            special needs person who was going
                                        help, but it’s just awfully nice to have   for a job interview. She found just
Three women from Chandler/Tempe         so many friends and supporters out         the right outfit.
Women’s Circle Network are in a         there who help US do what we do.
heated competition to bring in the      Thank you all for your gifts, small        Gabriel K. is a very special person
most bras after learning that           and large.                                 who, on several occasions, has
brassieres are nearly always in short                                              brought in homeless friends, to get
supply. Carly Fortin approached                                                    the clothes they need. He seldom
another women’s group she belongs       Here’s a glimpse of a few recent           takes anything for himself and he
to, had a BYOB (Bring Your Old Bras)    clients:                                   usually leaves whatever change he
event and brought in 67 bras! Karen                                                has in his pockets, saying “We have to
                                        A woman in her 50s is caring for five       keep the doors open.”
Kay told her friends and got 57, plus
                                        small grandchildren. One daughter
10 pairs of underwear! and Susan
                                        and son-in-law have been deported,         A female client: “I moved here a year
Wehrle picked up 41 bras from her
                                        another daughter left a long time ago.     ago and still don’t have a job. My
friends, so in all, Clothes Cabin got
                                        She looks tired when she comes to          children need clothes. I need
165 bras of all sizes and colors.
                                        get clothing and yet seems happy to        clothes.”
                                        get the little ones some new clothes.
                                                                                   Several clients have said, “I used to
Seven young women from University       She forgets to look for clothing for
                                                                                   shop at Savers and Goodwill. Now I
Presbyterian and Mission del Sol        herself.
                                                                                   can’t afford that. They’re too
Presbyterian churches came with
                                        A young Native American woman              expensive.”
two adult coordinators for a morning
                                        came with a social worker to get
of community service in their Urban
                                        clothes for an exciting new job she
Mission program. They sorted socks,
                                        was beginning the next week. She
sized and bagged bras, and ironed
                                        found three job-appropriate outfits.
clothes. Great!

Name: Anastasia Albert

Info: Our volunteer of the quarter is
                                                 AZGiveCamp is a project that lets computer geeks “give back”
Anastasia Albert. Young, vivacious, energetic,
                                                 during an intensive weekend of programming or web design for
and compassionate, Anastasia is appropriately
named for a princess. She moved here from        non-profit organizations. Ours was one of eight non-profit projects
California and began volunteering in May.        selected for Arizona’s first AZGiveCamp. Six programmers
Already she has contributed more than 200        worked around the clock to design a computerized client database
hours of service, and is highly capable in all   that will allow us to serve our clients with less paperwork, and
areas of the operation. She also works as a
                                                 eventually compile and report the data. Three programmers
bartender at Buffalo Wild Wings. Anastasia,
husband Josh, and their beautiful 16 month       worked to complete the program after AZGiveCamp weekend. We
old daughter Riley live in Gilbert.              could not have afforded a proprietary program otherwise.

                                                                        Members of the Chandler Rotary Club
                                                                        purchased, washed, bagged, and donated
                                                                        300 sets of fluffy white towels and
                                                                        washcloths for our clients. Towels have
                                                                        always been in short supply, but sets of
                                                                        towels? Those are rare. Tremendous!
                                                                                  How you can help the
                                                                                     Clothes Cabin
                                                                               While we can always use more help at the
                                                                               Clothes Cabin, there are some very special
                                                                               needs that don’t require a standing
                                                                               commitment of time each week. Maybe you
                                                                               could help with these needs:

                                                                               •Washing clothes and/or socks – about 2
                                                                                loads a week.
                                                                               •Picking up donated items at stores.
                                                                               •Calling on businesses like hotels, stores, and
                                                                                schools to donate their Lost and Found
                                                                               •Soliciting and selling non-clothing items
                                                                                through at yard sales, Craigslist, or eBay.
     Volunteers enjoy a lunch to celebrate the largest donation of the year.   •Having a “fun-raising” event with your
    Joy Garcia, Harvey and Fran Clack, Rhoda Jeune,Yolie Mieras, Anastasia      church, neighbors, or friends: a tea party, a
      Albert, Kay Pratt, Rebecca Rejano, Kathryn Schroeder, Sabrina Neal-       fashion show, a silent auction.
                Johnson, Caryn Shoemaker, and Griselda Rosales
                                                                               •Organizing a “fun-raising” event like a golf
                                                                                tournament or banquet.
We received a large donation, $2,400 from Jon and Alexis
Shoemaker including a match from his employer, Dell Computers.                 Call or email us to offer your help!

Jon and Alexis asked that we use $100 to treat our loyal, hard-
                                                                               We are well stocked with women’s wear. I
working volunteers, so we celebrated with lunch and drinks for                 guess that indicates that ladies like to shop
everyone. Very exciting!                                                       more often and have to clean the closets
                                                                               more frequently. Since we don’t have
                                                                               storage room, most of the women’s items
                      Urgent Needs                                             donated now are being passed on to other
        Children's clothing,                                                   charitable organizations and ministries.
                             size 6 and larger
       Socks, all types, color
                               ed or white                                     Every aspect of One Small Step is
       New underwear                                                           accomplished by unpaid volunteers. Even
       Men’s and children’s                                                    young people can help with the processing.
                                    shoes in good cond                         The main criteria for volunteers are the
       Men’s clothing, parti                                                   ability and willingness to maintain high quality
                                   cularly jeans
      Large shopping bags                                                      standards for the work, being very thorough
                           , paper or plastic
      Bottled water for th                                                     and careful in the processing. Call or email
                           e volunteers                                        for more information.
      Personal hygiene ite
      Sheets, queen and kin                                                    PHONE"480-285-4111
                             g size
                   SUNDT FOUNDATION
The Sundt Corporation
Foundation just awarded
One Small Step $4,700 for
purchasing clothing and
necessary equipment.  This
photo shows Cathie Gabriel
handing over the check. 
She said they were
favorably impressed that we
are operating this ministry
without any administrative
salaries and that she lobbied
hard for us because we're
providing a critical, basic
human need.

                    Phoenix Suns Charities
                                                                      Our first application for a grant to fund
                                                                      the Jeans and Jammies program was
                                                                      accepted by the Phoenix Suns Charities
                                                                      Foundation! The grant is expected to
                                                                      purchase about 650 pairs of jeans for
                                                                      school aged children.

                                                                      At the awards ceremony, Adrienne and
                                                                      Caryn learned about another “fun-
                                                                      raising” event and Adrienne is working on
                                                                      that, arranging an evening for One Small
                                                                      Step friends and volunteers to attend a
                                                                      game next spring.
    Caryn Shoemaker and Adrienne Walcott receive a $2,000 grant
   from Phoenix Suns Charities for the “Jeans and Jammies” project.   Go Suns!
       With Caryn and Adrienne (center) are The Gorilla, Martha
      Moyer Wagoner, the 2009-2010 PSC Grants Chair, and Brad
                  Gould, PSC 2009-2010 President.
        We’re on Facebook!
           We can Tweet!
       We have a new Website!

Thanks to Michon Javelosa, we have a
Facebook page, we’re on Twitter, and we’ll
have some videos on YouTube. If you have
a Facebook page, come visit us and LIKE

Michon recorded several videos at the
Clothes Cabin so supporters can visit the
shop over the Internet and those will be
posted serially on YouTube.

And thanks to Judy Auvil, Clothes Cabin
has a new website: One
Small Step will keep its original site,
                                                                Judy Auvil has designed a new website for The Clothes Cabin and, which
                                                                 is paying for the domain name and web-hosting as an ongoing
provides more information about the                                                donation to the organization.
parent organization and the sock part of
our business.

                     Brochures                                       and come out for Sunday breakfast. Some of the surplus
                                                                     clothing is sent to needy families in the Philippine Islands
Martha Knight learned that we didn’t have a brochure for             (shipping paid by six of our Filipino volunteers), some are
the Clothes Cabin and she went right to work, designing              sent to the Indian reservations near Holbrook, and some
AND printing two brochures, one for the clothing bank and            are donated to Sojourner House, a domestic violence
another for One Small Step, emphasizing the sock part of             shelter in Phoenix. We’re looking for people who can take
our business. Her friend Larry Schendelman at A&J                    items to Mexico for the many people in need there. If you
Graphics and Promotions gave her a very favorable price              can help with that, please let us know by emailing us at
and Martha donated the entire cost for 2,000 color          or calling 480-285-4111.
brochures. They are gorgeous, very professionally done, and
just perfect for giving to potential donors.                                         Online Donations
              Partner Ministries                                     One of our donors reported getting a “Fatal Failure”
                                                                     message when trying to donate on our website. Doesn’t
We can truthfully say that nothing goes to waste. When we            that sound deadly?! Investigating further, we found that
receive clothing donations that are not needed are not up            others have no problem. The problem seems to be with
to our high quality standards (that is, no stains, buttons           the internet browser. Explorer does not work well with
missing, broken zippers, tears, etc.), we can send them on to        PayPal. Switch to browsers Firefox or Safari and you’ll get
several partnering ministries that need them and do not sell         right through. There’s nothing else we can do…the
them. Surplus men’s items are given out through The                  problem is not with our website. And, hey, thanks for
Bridge Ministry to the homeless men who live in Phoenix              donating!
               One Small Step and The Clothes Cabin
            Gratefully Acknowledge our 2010 Supporters
Platinum Level - $1000 or more          Significant Donors of Services & Materials

Dell Direct Giving Program (match)      Anastasia Albert - volunteer
Christine Ellis - The Bridge Ministry   Patty Ammerman - volunteer
Larry Langer and Caryn Shoemaker        Judy Auvil - website design and hosting
Phoenix Suns Charities                  AZGiveCamp - computer program
Jonathan and Alexis Shoemaker           Marie Bammesberger
Glenda Squire and Ellen Tryon           Asenath Barker - volunteer
Sun Lakes Rotary Club                   Jo Benrubi - website design and hosting
Sundt Foundation                        The Bridge Ministry - distribution
                                        Homer and Martha Buck
Gold Level - $500 to $999               Chandler Business Alliance
                                        Chandler Christian Church
John and Marcie Goodyear                Chandler Rotary Club
                                        Child Crisis Center Thrift Store
Silver Level - $100 to $499             Lavonne Cirigliano/Mi Casa Designs
                                        Harvey and Fran Clack - volunteers
Marie Bammesberger                      Janet Duvall
Brian Buell                             Diane Foster - volunteer
Chandler Seventh-day Adventist Church   Joy Garcia- volunteer
David Charlesworth                      Gracie’s Thrift Store
Ann Grim                                Hidden Treasures Thrift Store
Fred Johnson                            Nancy Houston - professional services
Wylie Johnson                           Jan Jacobs - volunteer
Kare Bears - Sun Lakes                  Michon Javelosa - social networking media
Ted and Sue Lindley                     Mona Jensen - volunteer
Carolyn McGee                           Rhoda Jeune - volunteer
Joanne McGuire                          Martha Knight - brochures and design
Phil and Yolie Mieras                   Larry Langer - labor
Lloyd and Marilyn Orlob                 Carolyn McGee
Susan Rudolph                           Yolie Mieras - volunteer
Robert and Nerissa Schoop               Edith Miller/Pine Ward LDS
John and Leanne Seli                    Mission del Sol Presbyterian Church
                                        My Sister’s Place - donor referrals
Bronze Level - $10 to $99               Sabrina Neal-Johnson - volunteer
                                        Once Upon a Child
David Frizzar and Norma Raygoza         Pajama Program - pajamas
Dora Greek                              Haydn Piper and Liz Gudwer
Jacqueline Londo                        Kay Pratt - volunteer
Carol Maas                              Rebecca Rejano - volunteer
Laurel Ness                             Ty and Jody Roberts - phone service
Nancy Robinson                          Karen Robinson
Margie Rosenfield                        Nancy Robinson
Julie Rystad                            Griselda Rosales - volunteer
Show Low Stake LDS                      Nerissa Schoop - volunteer
Carmen Vega                             Kathryn Schroeder - volunteer
Adrienne Walcott                        Scottsdale Plaza employees
Sandra Weeks                            Nancy Tucholski
                                        Venture Out
                                        Gliceria Wheat - volunteer
                                        Pam Woolley - accounting
  The Next Small Step...
                                              to bring a pack of children’s

                                              underwear. Her generosity gave
                                              many children a new pair of undies
                                              for Christmas.                                            (Jan-July)

                                              For the friend who has everything, or         Individuals served
                                              lives far away? Give the gift of a                   2,146
                                              donation in their honor. We will
                                              gladly send a letter of recognition and          Families served
                                              thanks to the recipients. A bonus to                   570
      One Small Step Founders                 you … your donation provides a tax
      Caryn Shoemaker and Kay Pratt           deduction if you live outside of             Articles of clothing
  It May be Fall, but Christmas is
                                              Arizona and a tax credit if you pay              & bedding
                                              income taxes in Arizona.
  Coming and we have some                                                                        18,575
  suggestions for you. Do you belong to       If you pay Arizona income tax, you
  a group that is planning a charitable
                                                                                                 Pairs of socks
                                              can make a donation that costs you
  activity for the holidays? Please,          nothing because One Small Step
  remember us! We would love to be            qualifies for the Charitable                     Volunteer Hours
  the recipient of a sock drive, an           Organization Tax Credit for the
  “under” drive, a pajama collection, a       Working Poor. Just like the school
  jeans collection, a project to make         tax credits, you can donate a limited                Number of
  personal hygiene packs for our              amount ($400 for couples filing
  homeless friends, a BYOB party              jointly, $200 for individuals) and it
  (bring your old bras).                      will be credited dollar for dollar                       56
                                              toward your tax liability. Arizona
  Last year, Julie Clark asked her
                                              Tax Form 321 explains how it works,
                                                                                          Articles of clothing
  friends to bring pajamas to the
                                              and you can get more information                donated to
  neighborhood party, instead of an
                                              from your tax advisor. Your donation       partnering ministries
  exchange gift, and through her
  thoughtfulness, 127 children got new
                                              must be made before Dec. 31 to get                30,514
                                              the credit for 2010. Send your check
  pajamas for Christmas. (The prior
                                              to One Small Step, Inc., 1131 S.
  year, Julie had a Socks with Santa
                                              Paradise Dr., Gilbert AZ 85233, or go
  party and collected hundreds of socks
                                              online to      tax-credit donations. Thank you so
  for us.) And hairdresser Liz Gudwer,
                                              and follow the links marked “Donate       much for helping in this way!
  who normally gets lots of lotions and
                                              Now.” You will receive a receipt
  candles from her clients, asked her
                                              immediately. Well more than 50% of        Caryn R. Shoemaker
  clients who wanted to give something
                                              our funding for 2009 came through         Executive Director

                                                                                    BOARD OF              President - Caryn R. Shoemaker
  ONE SMALL                  THE CLOTHES                ONE SMALL                                          Secretary - Adrienne Walcott
    STEP                        CABIN                     STEP                       Larry L. Langer
                                                                                                              Treasurer - Judith Auvil

  c/o Caryn Shoemaker        1368 N. Arizona Avenue       Glendale Affiliate          Carolyn McGee
                                                                                      M. Kay Pratt        ADVISORY BOARD
   1131 S. Paradise Dr.            Suite 110             c/o Carolyn McGee                                           Brian Buell
                                                                                   Karen G. Robinson
    Gilbert, AZ 85233           Chandler 85225          5831 W. Grovers Ave.       Caryn R. Shoemaker             P. David Evans
    (480) 285-4111              (480) 285-4111          Glendale, AZ 85308                                       John Goodyear                                                                                         Lynn Gustke
                                                          (602) 843-2061
                                                                                                              Sabrina Neal-Johnson
                                                                                  De’Anne L. Rasmussen
                                                                                                                   Pam Woolley