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					              Why TAFE?

          TAFE Queensland has an extensive range of education
          and training programs available to people from just about
          every walk of life—all ages, backgrounds and vocations.

          Our programs range from areas as diverse as arts, fashion,
          business and community services to automotive,
          engineering, building and construction.

          With over 125 years of history, a network of institutes,
          over 80 campuses and 800 programs, TAFE Queensland
          is the largest, most experienced training provider
          delivering world-class vocational education,
          training and adult learning in Queensland.

          Whether you’re studying or training for your first job,
          seeking a promotion, aiming to improve your career options
          or just have a desire to broaden your knowledge, talk to
          TAFE about how we can help you explore the possibilities.
                                                                       One of TAFE Queensland’s major advantages is its
          Learn from industry professionals                            flexibility. We can tailor a combination of delivery modes
          TAFE teachers are commercially experienced which means       (often referred to as ‘blended learning’). TAFE can customise
          you learn practical skills from industry professionals.      programs and timetables to suit you, your lifestyle or
                                                                       your business.

                                                                       Careers and outcomes
                   Off-campus options to suit your                     TAFE Queensland graduates can also look forward to
                   lifestyle                                           working in a range of professions. Our programs are
                                                                       developed with those in the industry, meaning that you
                   TAFE Queensland offers a range of open
                                                                       will be ‘job ready’ when you graduate from TAFE.
                   learning programs to suit your lifestyle.

                   These allow you to:                                 Value for money
                   • enrol at any time of the year and study           Committed to ongoing excellence and modernisation,
                       off campus                                      TAFE Queensland provides value for money in
                                                                       education and training. The cost of our programs is
                   • learn at your own pace and complete
                                                                       often considerably less than those programs offered
                       assessment when you are ready
                                                                       by universities or private training providers due to
                   • access a wide variety of learning                 government subsidies.
                       materials, which may include books,
                                                                       Concessions are also available in some instances and
                       videos, CDs, DVDs or other materials
                                                                       fee-for-service programs are competitively priced by the
                       delivered by post or via the Internet
                                                                       institute offering a particular program.
                   • enjoy the support of tutors and
                                                                       Financial assistance may be available to you through
                       teachers (either face to face or via
                                                                       Austudy and Youth Allowance (Tel 13 24 90), Abstudy
                       phone/computer) who take your
                                                                       (Tel 13 23 17) or Newstart Allowance (Tel 13 28 50).
                       learning style into account.
                                                                       You can discuss payment options with your local
                                                                       TAFE institute.

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              Get the qualification

          TAFE Queensland offers a wide range of nationally
          recognised qualifications, many of which are formally
          accredited within the Australian Qualifications                 Apprenticeships and traineeships
          Framework (AQF):                                               Apprenticeships and traineeships provide a
                                                                         combination of employment and structured
          Vocational graduate diplomas                                   training (e.g. through TAFE).
          and vocational graduate certificates                            They can be:
          • Similar level to a higher education graduate certificate      • full-time or part-time
              or graduate diploma.                                       • adult and mature age
          • Provide high-level employment related skills and             • school-based (Years 10 — 12).
              knowledge with a focus on competency in a workplace        Apprenticeships are available in trades such
              environment.                                               as auto mechanics, aircraft maintenance,
                                                                         engineering, plumbing, carpentry, hospitality,
          • Usually take the equivalent of six months to 12 months
                                                                         jewellery, hairdressing or electrotechnology.
              full-time.                                                 Traineeships are available in a range of areas
                                                                         such as office administration, animal health,
          Advanced diplomas and diplomas
                                                                         meat processing, information technology
          • Widely respected by employers, providing high-level,         and hospitality.
              practical managerial employment skills.                    TAFE Queensland will work with you
          • May allow you to articulate or gain credit towards           and your employer throughout your
                                                                         apprenticeship or traineeship to develop
              further study at university.
                                                                         a training plan, deliver training, assess
          • Can assist with upgrading skills or re-entry to the          your achievement of skills and issue your
              workforce at a more qualified level.                        qualification upon successful completion.

          • Usually take the equivalent of 12 months to two years        More information about
              full-time.                                                 apprenticeships and traineeships:
                                                                         Telephone 1800 210 210
          • Certificate levels range from I to IV.
                                                                         Pre-trade, pre-vocational or
          • Help develop skills in specific career fields, enhance         pre-apprenticeship programs
              your employment skills or provide a stepping stone if
                                                                         TAFE Queensland also offers pre-trade
              you are seeking to re-enter the workforce or change        programs that give you practical skills
              career path.                                               including basic literacy and numeracy
                                                                         training, bridging courses or training in
          • Provide articulation to the next level of qualification.
                                                                         general work skills and habits.
          • Usually take the equivalent of six to 18 months full-time.
          Statements of attainment                                       If you are already trade-qualified, TAFE
          • Awarded to students who successfully complete                Queensland can assist you to expand your
                                                                         existing skills in technical and supervisory
              components of certificates, diplomas or advanced
                                                                         capacities through its range of post-trade
                                                                         (sometimes called advanced trade) programs.
          • Awarded to students who successfully complete a
              nationally accredited short course.

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              Get the support you need

          TAFE Queensland is committed to helping its students
          achieve their goals.

          We offer:

          • career assistance and guidance

          • support and advice to learners with a disability. Early
              contact with the disability services officer can assist
              us to negotiate reasonable adjustments to meet
              students’ specific support requirements                   Resources and facilities
          • support for people from non-English-speaking               Our library system includes thousands of books,
              backgrounds                                              databases, electronic journals and resources. Many
                                                                       institutes have electronic learning centres where
          • learning support including assistance with language,
                                                                       students can also access the latest computers and
              literacy and numeracy
                                                                       computer programs, including Internet and email, for
          • employment services including e2enet. This ‘education
                                                                       research or preparing assignments.
              to employment’ service helps match skilled students
                                                                       Online learning resource management systems such
              and recent graduates with potential employers. In an
                                                                       as my.TAFE supports the delivery of online training to
              easy-to-use online network.
                                                                       students in their own environments in their own time.
          • Indigenous Student Support Officers to assist
                                                                       We have a range of training facilities that function as
              Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with a
                                                                       commercial businesses to provide practical experience.
              range of study-related enquiries
                                                                       Bookshops, canteens, coffee shops, restaurants, childcare
          • scholarships and bursaries.
                                                                       facilities, sporting facilities and games areas are also
                                                                       available, depending on the size and location of campuses.

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              Get started

          Enrolment information
          For most TAFE programs, you can enrol directly at the relevant TAFE institute.

          Some diploma and advanced diploma programs are offered through the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC).
          For these programs, TAFE institutes give preference to eligible QTAC applicants. Institutes may make further offers at the
          completion of the QTAC offers process, if places are available. Details of programs offered through QTAC are published in
          the QTAC Guide (distributed to Year 12 school students and via newsagents).

          For more information on QTAC, visit www.qtac.edu.au

          How to use this guide
          A comprehensive list of programs is offered in the following pages. The programs are sorted by industry area.
          You can determine which institute offers the program by the institute code indicated in the institute column.

          Institute code descriptions are as follows:

                BRIT                  Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE         SBIT          Southbank Institute of Technology

                BNIT                  Brisbane North Institute of TAFE       SQIT          Southern Queensland Institute of TAFE

                CQIT                  Central Queensland Institute of TAFE   SCIT          Sunshine Coast Institute of TAFE

                GCIT                  Gold Coast Institute of TAFE           TBIT          The Bremer Institute of TAFE

                MSIT                  Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE   TNQIT         Tropical North Queensland Institute of TAFE

                MIIT                  Mt Isa Institute of TAFE               WBIT          Wide Bay Institute of TAFE

                STA                   SkillsTech Australia

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