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					                                       Somerset College
                                                     Preparatory Newsletter
                                                     Thursday, 3 May 2007
                                                     Term Theme: “Making the Right Choice”

Dear Parents and Pupils

Over the years I have come into contact with many thousands of children through our most
rewarding profession. As we all know the monetary rewards are not worth a mention, but the
emotional rewards are unquantifiable. Teaching is all about the relationships that are formed
between learner and educator. It is difficult to think of any other profession where a relationship
is established over a period of nine years other than in the Preparatory School!

This weekend I had two delightful experiences. One was from a lad whom I had taught from 1981
to 1989. He phoned to see how the family was and to tell me his news. He expanded by
saying, “I will always remember how you emphasized the importance of not laughing at
somebody who was trying to answer a question”. What a reward 20 years down the track! The
second experience that really brought this topic to mind was at a well-known restaurant this long
weekend. Upon entering the restaurant, I was almost bowled over by a Grade 1 pupil running up
to give me a hug. The telephone call and the Grade 1 hug left within me such a strong feel of
community. Am I getting too old for this tear jerking job?

Is it true to say that an educator has an influence in the community? In days gone by, the
teacher, the magistrate and the church minister were the pillars of the community. Was this a
small town syndrome or was it the level of education in the community? Is it an indication of the
changes that have occurred in our community? Have the churches and their associated religions
been rejected? What are the feelings surrounding laws and justice? Is education now something
that is paid for and not appreciated for what it is? Has the community role of education been

Such a sense of community is not easily achieved in today’s world, given all that divides us. Yet,
I believe it is possible when we as educators, learners and parents share the passion behind the
art of teaching and learning. Through learning in community, we will do away with fear, distrust
and alienation. Learning together is the thing for all of us.

Yesterday I was proudly greeted in Grade 0 with two lovely pictures of Thomas Gregg’s baby
sister. Congratulations to the Gregg family on the birth of their daughter, Ellie May.

The long weekends are behind us and a busy term lies ahead.            Let us all take leaning in
community to the fore.

Yours sincerely

Alan Wyborn

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   From the Physical Education and Sports Department

Please check the sports notice boards for details concerning sports matches.

 WEEK 4: 7 May - 13 May
        DATE                SPORT                    TEAMS                 OPPONENTS                TIME             VENUE
                             Netball       U9 - U13                  Rusthof                        14:30            Rusthof
        9 May
                            Hockey         U9 - U13                  SWPS                           14:30            SWPS
       10 May
                             Netball       U12 and U13               SH Netball Festival            14:00              SH
       11 May
      Saturday               Netball       U10 and U11               SH Netball Festival            09:00              SH
       12 May               Hockey         U13 A Boys and Girls      SH Hockey Festival             08:00              SH

 WEEK 5: 14 May - 20 May
        DATE                SPORT                    TEAMS                OPPONENTS                 TIME             VENUE
                             Netball       U9 - U13                 De Hoop                         14:30            De Hoop
      16 May
                            Hockey         No matches
       17 May
                                           All teams – FURTHER DETAILS WILL BE
                        Reddam Derby       POSTED ON THE NOTICE BOARDS.                                              College
       19 May

                                             TERM DATES 2008

                                                        TERM 1
             Thursday                                   17 January                            Start of Term
             Thursday                                    20 March                             Close of Term
              Friday                                  21 to 24 March                             Easter
              Friday                                     21 March                           Human Rights Day

                                                        TERM 2
             Tuesday                                     15 April                             Start of Term
              Sunday                                     27 April                             Freedom Day
              Monday                                     28 April                             Pubic Holiday
             Thursday                                     1 May                               Workers’ Day
              Monday                                     16 June                               Youth Day
             Tuesday                                     24 June                              Close of Term

                                                        TERM 3
             Tuesday                                      22 July                               Start of Term
             Saturday                                    9 August                          National Women’s Day
             Tuesday                                   23 September                            Close of Term
            Wednesday                                  24 September                             Heritage Day

                                                        Term 4
              Tuesday                                   7 October                             Start of Term
               Friday                                  5 December                             Close of Term

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                                    CHOIR CAMP 2007
On the weekend of 20/21 April, the senior choir went camping at ‘Mountain Breeze’, a camp site
situated along the R44. Upon arrival we began to try to figure out where the houses, chalets and
rooms were situated. This, of course, took a while as Mrs Viljoen is not the best map reader
around. The first thing the children did was to go swimming, even though the water in the
swimming pool was freezing cold! It was great fun! Once the ‘hockey children’ arrived, it was
time to start practising. The choir camp is always renown for its good food and this year was no
exception. Thank you to all the choir children for all the fun and hard work. We are proud of

                          Music Dinner Concert
                      Friday, 15 June 2007 at 18:30
Please diarise Friday, 15 June for our big music concert. This concert will be held on the last
Friday of the term. Both junior and senior choirs will be performing, as well as the Hip-Hop girls.
All individual music pupils will be performing. The following practices are compulsory for all
music pupils. We are only practicing after school because we can not practice during academic
time with such a vast amount of pupils. If the pupils are unable to attend any of these practices,
they will not be able to perform in the concert. For pupils with other extra mural activities, a
compromise between these activities and the music practices will be implemented. The practices
will be as follows:

Monday 13:45 – 14:15 Grade 2s
Monday 14:15 – 15:00 Grade 3s
Monday 15:00 – 16:00 Grade 4s – 7s

The dates for these practices will be on Monday, 7 May; 14 May; 21 May; 28 May; 4 June and 11
June. There will also be a compulsory sound rehearsal on the afternoon of 14 June. More
information will be sent to you closer to the time.

We appeal to parents to be aware of the congestion they are causing to other parents by
dropping or picking up Preparatory School pupils around the circle or by using the area in
front of the new administration block. Please use the circular route as before to ensure
the smooth flow of traffic.       The teachers are now parking in front of the new
administration block to free up more parking for parents along the driveway behind the
school. A Prep pupil was driven into while being picked up in the middle of the road.
Consideration and good manners are essential at all times. The development of the
roads and parking area is imminent!


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