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									                                  Somerset College
                                                      Preparatory Newsletter
                                                      Thursday, 17 May 2007
                                                      Term Theme: “ Making the Right Choice”

Dear Parents and Pupils

I often wonder at the ‘abundance’ that surrounds us in our daily lives; the
abundance of spirit, feeling and generosity which is so prevalent in our society.
This ‘abundance’ forms part of the character of each individual and what a joy it
is to recognize these qualities in children.   It is something that is grown and
developed within the family. If this be a parent’s philosophy, then the children will
be close behind or perhaps even leading the way. It is that consistent approach
to all that happens within the home that is so often reflected in the children. It is
not something that can be created in a few quick lessons, or by spending an extra
hour here and there. It is something that develops and becomes intrinsic to the
family. I had such a wonderful experience of ‘feelings of abundance’ this past
week that I would like to share it with you.

Last week, the netball teams, which are now entered into area League matches,
played at a school in the community. This school is situated in a lower socio-
economic area with minimal facilities and huge numbers of children that need to
be educated. Although playing in these unusual conditions raised a number of
eyebrows and concerns surrounding the safety of our children, the abundance of
spirit that has come through from this sporting event has been astounding.

A number of parents, who attended the matches, noticed the inadequate
clothing and the little girls playing on the rough tarred surfaces without shoes or
trainers. These parents have come forward and offered to organise a drive to
collect clothing, footwear and sports kit for these children. If you would like to
support this initiative, please place whatever it is you are donating in a secured
plastic bag in the wheelie bins provided. These bins will be placed next to the
Notice Boards. Thank you to the parents involved in this project. What an
abundance of generosity, spirit and love!

I would like to draw your attention to the re-opening of the Sports Pavilion at 11:00
on Saturday, the Reddam Derby Day. If you are at school on Saturday supporting
your children, you are most welcome to attend the ceremony in recognition of
the generous contribution made by the Taberer family. This promises to be a
weekend of abundant sport, including football!

Yours sincerely

Alan Wyborn

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        From the Physical Education and Sports

The First boys’ and girls’ hockey teams played in the 3rd annual Waltons tournament on
Saturday. It was an invitational tournament in which we competed against Bridge House,
Somerset House, Rhenish and Kenridge.

Boys’ Captain’s report - Dean Stephen
The tournament was an extraordinary one with lots of excitement involved from all the
teams. The U13a boys had an extremely impressive day. We had some brilliant matches
which showed our passion and character. There were also one or two disappointing
games in which we missed opportunities to score.

We had played with one man short for one game against Somerset House. This was due
to players participating in the Helderberg Eisteddfod and one player who was injured. We
lost this game 2-0 but there were lots of opportunities created by our forwards and links.
We did very well considering the shortage of one player.

The pick of the games for me and I’m sure for the team and our supporters was the
match that we played for third and fourth position. This was the most exciting and thrilling
match of the day. There was no score in the standard 20 minute game. After the 20
minutes, we shifted over to the A field in front of the pavilion, scorers and many tense
supporters. We were then told that we had to play a “golden goal” for 10 minutes. This
means that the first team to score in the allocated ten minutes would be awarded third
place. There was a fierce battle between us and our rivals with no one wanting to
concede a goal. Our defence was awesome but the moment was always too big when
we had an opportunity to score and still no team scored in these ten minutes. The nail
biting game went to penalty shootouts.

A couple of us missed the flicks but so did some of the Somerset House players. This was
due to some awesome saves by our brave goalkeeper, Sven Kirschner. Well done to
Herman who put one in the net.         In the end, Somerset House won in the penalty
shootouts. It was an extraordinary game and all played in good spirit and teamwork.

The end results for the day were as follows:

We drew to Kenridge 0-0
We beat Rhenish 2-0
We lost to Somerset House 0-2
We beat Bridge House 4-1
We lost to Kenridge in the semi-finals 0-1
We lost to Somerset House in the penalty shootouts

Rhenish won the tournament, Kenridge came second, Somerset House finished third, we
ended fourth and Bridge House finished in fifth position.

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Age group               A                     B
U/9                   4–13     Lost          0–5      Lost
U/10                 2–5       Lost          4–3      Win
U/11                 2–9       Lost          1–2      Lost
U/12                11 – 14    Lost          0–7      Lost
U/13                 2–6       Lost          0–7      Lost

The Physical Education and Sports Department strives to make sure pupils and parents are
aware of upcoming sports events. Information is communicated in the following way:

    •   Weekly sports matches are placed on the Sports Line at the beginning of the week.
        Parents are encouraged to use this form of communication instead of phoning Mrs
    •   ‘The Sporting Weeks Ahead’ is placed in the newsletter ever week.
    •   Team lists are placed up on the various notice boards (Netball below Miss Barry’s
        classroom; hockey and rugby next to the Science Lab) around the school. It is the
        pupils’ responsibility to check these team lists and write down the information in
        their homework books.

The programme for Saturday is inserted in the newsletter; it details all the teams that are
playing and the times of the different matches.

Rugby Matches: Rugby will go ahead unless the fields are unplayable. If they are
unplayable on Saturday, this will be communicated through the Sports Line by 07:00.

Hockey matches: A decision regarding hockey matches will be made on Saturday.
Information will be on the Sports Line by 07:00.

Netball matches: If the courts are unplayable, the matches will take place indoors in the
hall, BUT only A teams will play. This information will be on the Sports Line by 07:00.

We have struggled to find accommodation in Hermanus that can host a large number of
pupils! It is a case of ‘biting off more than we could chew’. As a result it has been
decided that only the U11 A and B boys’ and girls’ teams will sleep over and the rest of
the teams will meet in Hermanus on Saturday morning, 9 June. Mr Nock, along with Mr
Baxter, is putting together a programme for the U11 mini-tour and details will follow.

Please check the sports notice boards for details concerning sports matches.

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 WEEK 5: 14 May - 20 May
 DATE                 SPORT            TEAMS                OPPONENTS                 TIME      VENUE

 Wed 16 May           Netball          U9 - U13             De Hoop                   14:00     De Hoop

 Thurs 17 May         Hockey           No matches (Ascension Day)
 Sat 19 May                            Details in this week’s newsletter                        College

 WEEK 6: 21 May - 27 May
 DATE              SPORT               TEAMS                OPPONENTS                 TIME      VENUE
                                                            Lochnerhof (This fixture has been postponed to
 Wed 23 May           Netball          U9 - U13             Tuesday 29 May due to the school’s
                                                            involvement in the Choir Eisteddfod.)
                      Hockey           U9 - U11             Hendrik Louw              14:00
 Thurs 24 May
                      Hockey           U13 Boys/Girls       U13 Zonal Hockey Trials   14:00
 Fri 25 May           Hockey           U13 Boys/Girls       U13 Zonal Hockey Trials   14:00
                                                            Somerset College Mini-
 Sat 26 May           Hockey           U8 - U13                                       08:00     College
                                                            Hockey Festival
 WEEK 7: 28 May - 3 June
 DATE              SPORT               TEAMS                OPPONENTS                 TIME      VENUE

 Tues 29 May          Netball          U9 - U13             Lochnerhof                14:00     Lochnerhof

 Wed 30 May           Netball          Bye

                                                            Somerset House and                  Somerset
 Thurs 31 May         Hockey           U9 - U13                                       14:00
                                                            Macassar                            House
                                       U13 A Boys and
 Sat 2 June           Hockey                                BH Hockey Festival        08:00     BH

Gerhard Strydom, a professional cricketer (Boland, WP and Cape Cobras), is offering
cricket training during the winter months. Pupils who are interested can collect a
brochure from Mrs Kietzmann at the school office or they can contact him on 083 2857

Join the Maties Institute and Adventure Rocks for the following:
    • hockey coaching sessions
    • hockey matches
    • adventure style orientation hikes
    • Teamwork and activities and obstacle courses and much more.
Interested pupils can collect a brochure from Mrs Kietzmann at the office.

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        The Grade 6 Parents will be selling pancakes on Friday at Second Break.

                            WORD ART
Grade Three Poetry                                     Grade Five Prepared Reading
Tamsin Mehmel                           Gold Plus      Emma Silvester-Davies         Cum
(Sorry, this result should have been included last     Laude
week)                                                  Shawnee Hiten                 Gold Plus
                                                       Roosmaryn Moens               Cum
                                                       Jonathan Mostert              Gold Plus
                                                       Jessica Strong                Gold Plus
                                                       Sasha Tinelli                 Gold Plus
                                                       Carlotta Wright-Mc Mahon      Gold Plus

Grade Six Poetry                                       Grade Six Prose
Justin Davies                            Gold Plus     Savannah Burns                Silver Plus
Antony Read                              Cum           Matthew Carruthers            Gold
Laude                                                  Daniel Davies                 Gold Plus
Natasha Rootenberg                       Gold Plus     Helena Lategan                Silver Plus
Nina Strong                              Gold Plus     Natasha Rootenberg            Gold
Kristov Trollip                          Gold Plus     Jocelyn Solomons              Gold Plus
Oliver Zimmerman                         Gold Plus

Grade Six Prepared Reading                             Grade Seven Poetry
Savannah Burns                           Gold Plus     Tayla Fagan                   Silver Plus
Matthew Carruthers                       Gold Plus     Jacob Martin                  Silver Plus
Justin Davies                            Cum           Margot Paxton                 Gold Plus
Laude                                                  Kimberley Smith               Gold Plus
Jocelyn Solomons                         Gold          Michaela Williams             Gold
Nina Strong                              Gold Plus
Kristov Trollip                          Cum
David van der Berg                       Gold Plus

Grade Seven Prose
Bella Human                              Silver Plus
Kimberley Smith                          Gold Plus
Minette Steyn                            Gold

Another week of excellent results. Well done, everyone. What stars you all are!

Mrs Kim Zimmerman


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