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                                          Marg Rappolt
                                         Deputy Minister

                        Ministry of Community and Social Services
                                Government of Ontario

Marg Rappolt became Deputy Minister of Community and Social Services on July
27, 2009.

Right from the start, Marg’s commitment has been to public service. After
graduating from Queen’s University, where she earned an Honours BA in Political
Science and a Masters in Public Administration, she joined the Government of
Saskatchewan in the Ministries of Health and Labour.

On her return to Ontario, she began her long career with the Ontario Public Service
— a period spanning more than 20 years — with the Ministry of Labour. Through
increasingly responsible positions in several government ministries, Marg has
contributed to the health, cultural, economic and social well-being of Ontarians.
Here are the highlights of her achievements:

      As Assistant Deputy Attorney General, Business Policy and Planning from
      1998 to 2002, she was in charge of justice policy and corporate strategic
      services for the Ministry of the Attorney General.

      From January 2003 to August 2005, Marg was Associate Deputy Minister and
      Acting Deputy Minister of Health and Long-Term Care. She led many cross-
      ministry initiatives and oversaw federal and provincial health issues.

      In August 2005, Marg became Deputy Minister of the government’s first ever
      Ministry of Health Promotion to champion a diverse health and active living
      agenda in Ontario. Under her leadership, the ministry:

            o   implemented the pioneering Smoke-Free Ontario Act

            o   released the first ever Action Plan for Ontario regarding Healthy Eating
                and Active Living, and

          o   advanced Ontario’s sport, injury prevention and wellness agendas.

      Marg then moved to the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs. As Deputy Minister of
      Ontario’s first free-standing ministry responsible for Aboriginal matters, Marg
      developed strong working relationships among Aboriginal leaders,
      government ministries and organizations to promote the overall social and
      economic well-being of Aboriginal communities across Ontario.

      From January 2008 to July 2009, Marg was Deputy Minister of Culture and
      Deputy Minister Responsible for Seniors where she:

      o   strengthened the province’s arts and cultural industries through increased
          investments and funding

      o   took action to better protect the Ontario’s heritage assets, and

      o   developed ways to improve safety and care standards for Ontario’s
          seniors, both now and into the future.

Now, as Deputy Minister of Community and Social Services, Marg is pleased to lead
a ministry whose programs and services help make Ontario a place where people of
all abilities and circumstances have opportunities to reach their potential.