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                    TO:                              Manufacturers

                    CC:                              Neil Dalrymple – Chief Executive Officer, Mark Cowan – National
                                                     Officiating Director, Des Ryan – Commercial Operations Manager,
                                                     Shaun Doyle – Events Manager, Rachael Haynes – Commercial
                                                     Operations Coordinator, STA Executive Officers; Retailers; BA

                    FROM:                            Tony Sherwill – Development Manager

                    DATE:                            Monday, March 1, 2010

                    RE:                              INTRODUCTION OF COLOURED SPRAY CHALK

      The introduction of white bowls (and speckled colours including white) has rendered the existing
      white spray chalk (‘toucha spray’) problematic. The solution is to alter the spray to a colour which
      by design conflicts with all current bowls in production. The selected colour (lilac) does exactly
      that – ensuring it is visible on all bowls at a distance of 1.5 metres.

      The Bowls Australia National Officiating Committee (NOC) has approved the introduction of the
      lilac spray chalk (PMS 5165) as the colour to be used in the future (once all current stock of white
      spray in clubs/retailers has been exhausted).

      Manufacturers are therefore advised to only produce the lilac spray chalk from this point forward.
      Additionally, Bowls Australia also requests that all manufacturers take into consideration the lilac
      spray chalk when manufacturing any new colour of bowl in the future.

      This colour (lilac) will replace white spray chalk at all levels of the game in time (stick chalk may
      still be used at the appropriate levels of competition). The NOC firmly recommends the use of the
      spray chalk at higher levels of competition. At events where BA is the controlling body, only lilac
      spray chalk will be used – effective immediately (stick chalk will not be permitted).

      This positive action will ensure that all bowls to be marked as a toucher will be able to be clearly
      identified regardless of the colour of the bowl. Bowls Australia have also sent a submission to
      World Bowls to request that the lilac colour be applied worldwide.

      This advice should not be viewed as opportunity for an inappropriate price rise of spray chalk. In
      our constant efforts to attract new participants to our sport, affordability is a key factor in
      increasing both participation and membership.

      If you have any questions, please call 9480 7100 or email

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