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									foundation partners                        Welcome to the 2008 SeriouS Women’S BuSineSS
                                           thank you for your active participation in thiS year’S
                                           over the next three dayS, We encourage you to learn,
                                           to challenge, to inSpire and to Be inSpired.
                                           We hope you have the chance to meet and Share
                                           experienceS With the many outStanding Women
                                           Who are Both in attendance, and Speaking, at thiS
2008 Serious Women’s Business Conference   extraordinary event.
benefiting Unifem Australia
                                           on Behalf of the 2008 foundation partnerS and
                                           champion eventS We WiSh you an exceptional

                                           Megan Dalla-Camina
                                           2008 SWB chairperson
                                           director of Strategy & executive for advancement of Women, iBm australia and
                                           new Zealand
Dress for Session and associated functions - Business Attire
                                                                             8:30am – 8:35am - Welcome
Registration Desk Hours:     Tuesday 28th October, 7:00am - 5:00pm
                                                                             Megan Dalla-Camina, 2008 SWB Chairperson
                             Wednesday 29th October, 7:00am - 3:00pm
                                                                             8:35am - 8:45am - Welcome to Country
MONDAY OCTOBER 27                                                            Aunty Doreen Garvy Wandin

Optional Workshops                                                           8:45am – 8:47am - Intro
2:00pm - 3:30pm Session One                                                  Megan Dalla-Camina, 2008 SWB Chairperson
3:30pm - 3:50pm Coffee & Tea Break                                           8:47am - 8:55am - Formal Opening
3:50pm - 5:20pm Session Two                                                  HE Quentin Bryce AC - Governor General
Wellbeing Workshop - Sherry Strong, Chef - Nutritionist - Food Coach         8:55am - 9.15am - Thank You & Setting the Scene
Financial Mastery Workshop - Jacqueline Phillips, ANZ Financial Planning &   Dr Anne Summers AO, Conference Facilitator
Katrina Pulbrook, ANZ Financial Planning
                                                                             9:15am – 10:15am Session 2) Domestic Keynote
Personal Mastery Workshop - Maria Galati and Catherine Mudford - Hewitt
                                                                             Dawn Casey, Director, Powerhouse Museum
Designing a Life Workshop - Charlie Scudamore, John Hendry, Debbie
Clingeleffer-Woodford and Mark Linkins, Positive Education Curriculum        10:15am – 10:45am - Coffee & Tea Break
Specialists, Geelong Grammer School                                          10:45am – 12.00pm Session 3) 2020 & Beyond
6.00pm - 7.30pm - Cocktail Party                                             Snap Shot Briefings followed by a Panel
Drinks & Canapes                                                             Dr Julianne Schultz, Professor at the Centre for Public Culture and Ideas at
6.25pm - 6.30pm - Welcome                                                    Griffith University; Editor Griffith Review
Megan Dalla - Camina, 2008 SWB Chairperson                                   Megan Davis, Director, Indigenous Law Centre
                                                                             Robyn McLeod, Director, Sustainability Advisory Services,
6.30pm - 6.50pm - Guest Speaker
                                                                             Risk Advisory Services, KPMG
Avril Henry - Managing Director, AH Revelations
                                                                             Anne Trimmer, CEO, Medical Technology Association of Aust.
                                                                             12.00pm – 1:00pm Session 4) Political Alliances
6:40am – 7:20am - Morning Body Mind Awakening Sessions                       Alliances that sustain you both in and out of politics
Rhythmic Stretch - Sharon Kolkka, Gwinganna                                  Catherine King MP, Federal Member for Ballarat, ALP
Guided City Walk - Evelyn Douglas                                            Senator Christine Milne, The Greens
8:15am – Delegates Seated                                                    The Hon Judi Moylan MP, Federal Member for Pearce
                                                                             1:00pm – 2:00pm - Networking Lunch

2:00pm – 3:00pm Session 5) Diversity within the Female Environment       9:20am – 10:35am Session 9) Power & Influence
Barbara Livesey, CEO, Reconciliation Australia                           The Hon Carmen Lawrence, former Premier of Western Australia, and former
Dr Helen Szoke - CEO, Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission      federal Minister for Health
Shelley Reys, Managing Director, Arrilla                                 Avril Henry, Managing Director, AH Revelations
Joy Murphy APM, Detective Senior Sergeant, VIC Police                    Anne Hatton, Managing Director, Hatton Neale
                                                                         Pamela Catty, Deputy Chairman of Tourism VIC, a Director of Racing Victoria
3:00pm – 3:30pm - Coffee & Tea Break
                                                                         Limited and Circus Oz
3:30pm - 4:30pm Session 6) View from the Top                             Jan Smith, Founder, Janesce
Thuy Dam, Country CEO for Vietnam, ANZ.
                                                                         10:35am – 11:00am - Coffee & Tea Break
Lesley Alway, Managing Director, Sotheby’s
Rebecca Davies, Senior Partner, Freehills                                11:00am – 12:00pm Session 10) Unique Connections

Major-General Elizabeth Cosson, CSC, Head National Operations, Defence   Angela Clark, CEO, Macquarie Radio
Support Group                                                            Anna Rose, Climate Campaigner, www.getup.og
                                                                         Katherine Keating, Political Consultant & fund-raising advisor
4:30pm – 5:00pm - Closing Remarks
                                                                         Amanda Johnston, Executive Director of the Brands & Marketing
Dr Anne Summers AO, Conference Facilitator
                                                                         Communications Group - Telstra Corporation
6:30pm – 7:30pm - VIP Cocktail Function
                                                                         12:15pm – 2:30pm - CEO Lunch
By Invitation Only
                                                                         Dress - Business Attire
7:00pm – 7:30pm - Pre Dinner Drinks
                                                                         12:15pm – 12:45pm - Networking Pre Luncheon Drinks & Entrée Canapé's
7:30pm – 10:00pm - 2008 SWB Gala Dinner
                                                                         12:45pm - 2:30pm - Sit Down Luncheon
Dress - After Five (Business attire also suitable)
                                                                         1:00pm – 2:15pm Session 12) The CEO Connection
                                                                         Sue Morphet, CEO Pacific Brands
6:40am – 7:20am - Morning Body Mind Awakening Sessions (optional)        Geoff Wilson, CEO KPMG
Choose from a Rhythmic Stretch or a Guided City Walk                     Gavin Bell, CEO Freehills
8:15am – 8:20am - Welcome                                                Alan Cransberg, CEO Alcoa
Dr Anne Summers AO, Conference Facilitator                               2:15pm – 2:25pm - Close
8:20am - 9:20am Session 8) International Key Note Address                Dr Anne Summers AO, Conference Facilitator
Zarine Aziz, President First Women Bank Ltd, Pakistan                    2:25pm – 2:30pm - Thank You
                                                                         Megan Dalla-Camina, 2008 SWB Chairperson
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

LESLEY ALWAY                                                                             ZARINE AZIZ
Lesley Alway is a CEO with special expertise in cultural organisations in government,    Ms. Zarine Aziz, President/ CEO/ Chairperson Board of Directors, First Women Bank
non-profit and private sectors. Lesley was appointed the Managing Director of            Ltd. (FWBL), Fellow Member of the Institute of Bankers Pakistan (IBP), is a banker
Sotheby’s Australia in March 2008 and had previously been Director of Heide              par excellence and a mission driven leader for the socio-economic development of
Museum of Modern Art in Melbourne since 2003 where she oversaw the major                 women of Pakistan.
redevelopment of the Museum which re-opened in July 2006. Between 1997 and
                                                                                         Masters in Public Administration from the University of
2000, Lesley was the Director of Arts Victoria where she
                                                                                         Punjab, Pakistan, Ms. Aziz started her career in the year
managed the introduction of many new policy initiatives
                                                                                         1979, as Officer Grade III in United Bank Limited and set a
including projects for the major collecting institutions
                                                                                         new precedence by becoming the ‘First Lady Manager’, and
such as Museum Victoria, the National Gallery of Victoria
                                                                                         was elevated to manage a General Banking Branch. During
and the State Library, new professional and artistic
                                                                                         her tenure at the United Bank Limited (UBL) she converted
development opportunities for contemporary artists and
                                                                                         two of its loss bearing branches into profit making
arts organisations as well as a range of marketing initiatives
                                                                                         branches. At UBL She had the honour of being the first lady
directed at expanding local, international and tourism
                                                                                         banker elevated to the status of Assistant Vice President
                                                                                         Cadre. In 1989, after 10 years experience in banking
Prior to joining Arts Victoria in 1995 as Manager, Industry                              industry she became the founding member of First Women
Development, Research and Information, Alway was Director and CEO of Artbank             Bank Ltd. At FWBL she established a formidable reputation within the institution, and
for four years. She had also previously worked for Sotheby’s Melbourne, in local         establishment of 11 branches contributing 50% towards profitability of the Bank.
government cultural management, arts education and has also been a consultant
                                                                                         Widely travelled Ms. Aziz has the privilege of being the Keynote speaker at many
in business planning, and cultural policy to various interstate and federal arts based
                                                                                         international and national conferences and workshops, and she is the proud recipient
organisations. She has lectured in post-graduate cultural policy and management at
                                                                                         of numerous awards.
the Victorian College of the Arts and the University of Melbourne.
                                                                                         She has rightly been described as Humbert Wolfe’s woman who, standing alone,
Her academic qualifications include a BA (Hons) in Fine Arts and B.Ed from the
                                                                                         looking fearlessly at life, not hoping to lure or smooth or frighten her, but gravely
University of Melbourne, and an MBA from Monash University. She has also
                                                                                         holding out a steady hand, as to another woman like yourself, having no tricks, save
undertaken further research towards a PhD in cultural policy and governance at
                                                                                         the one trick of courage.
Melbourne Business School.
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

PETA BAVERSTOCK                                                                            GAVIN BELL
Peta Baverstock has been an integral member of the Constellation Wines Australia           Gavin is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of Freehills.
Sparkling team for five years. Born, raised and educated in South Australia, Peta gained
                                                                                           Gavin joined Freehills in 1982 and has been a partner since 1988. He has served on the
a Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Oenology), graduating in 2000 and has spent the
                                                                                           firm’s Board of management and, immediately prior to his current position, he was the
last seven years focusing on Sparkling winemaking.
                                                                                           firm’s Chief Operating Officer.
Peta’s foray into sparkling winemaking that ignited this
                                                                                           Gavin completed his law degree at the University of
passion began in 2000 when, as part of the Vasse Felix
                                                                                           Sydney and undertook a Master of Business Administration
winemaking team, she liqueured her first sparkling wine.
                                                                                           (Executive) at the Australian Graduate School of
Following her time at Vasse Felix, Peta joined the                                         Management.
winemaking team at the renowned Domaine Chandon in
                                                                                           He is currently a member of the UNSW School of Business
the Yarra Valley under chief winemaker Neville Rowe for
                                                                                           Advisory Council and Freehills’ representative on the
two years.
                                                                                           Business Council of Australia.
Internationally, Peta’s experience includes such prestigious
wineries as La Crema in Sonoma County, California; Rippon
in Central Otago, NZ and the home of sparkling wine, at
Bollinger in Champagne.
In 2005 Peta was the deserving recipient of the Graham Thorpe Memorial Scholarship
for the Best Sparkling Wine at the Royal Sydney Wine Show, enabling her to complete
her vintage with Bollinger in Champagne, France. Peta was also one of five finalists,
and the only state finalist, from South Australia in the Professional section of the
2006 Vin de Champagne Award, awarded by the Comité Interprofessionnel du vin de
Peta’s aspirations are to further learn about the art form which is Champagne making,
as well as other sparkling winemaking techniques from both New and Old World
countries, and continue to master Sparkling winemaking with Australian cool climate
In her spare time, Peta has a great interest in European cultures, having recently
travelled to the Piemonte wine region in the north of Italy and enjoys exploring new
places and trying new cuisines. At any opportunity she enjoys conversing about the
finer points of fizz making and the intrigue of wine in general.
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

HER EXCELLENCY MS QUENTIN BRYCE AC                                                         DR DAWN CASEY PSM FAHA
Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia                                          Director, Powerhouse Museum
Ms Quentin Bryce has enjoyed a rich and dynamic career as a talented lawyer,               Dr Dawn Casey was the Chief Executive Officer of the Western Australian Museum
academic, and senior public officer, and as a prolific and dedicated contributor to a      from 2005-2007. Dr Casey is widely known nationally and internationally for her work
range of community organisations.                                                          as the Director of the National Museum of Australia. She was responsible for the
                                                                                           construction and development of the museum that opened
She has made choices throughout her professional and
                                                                                           as a Centenary of Federation project in 2001.
community life that reflect her strong sense of responsibility
to the community; her commitment to advancing human                                        In a world first for the building construction industry Dr
rights and equality, the rights of women and children, and                                 Casey used Alliancing, a new form of project delivery
the welfare of the family; and her willingness to share her                                developed by BP for North Sea oil and gas projects. The
skills and experiences to improve the lives of many. As a                                  Alliance contract promoted a ‘no dispute’ culture prohibiting
mother of five children, and now as a grandmother, these                                   litigation and avoided the traditional adversarial approaches.
things rest close and dear to her heart.                                                   The museum was completed on time and on budget – a
                                                                                           rare achievement for a major public sector building project.
Ms Bryce’s achievements and participation in professional
and community service are immense and outstanding, and                                     In addition Dr Casey managed the transition of the
have been recognised in her appointment as a Companion of the Order of Australia.          museum from an organisation of some 40 staff with an annual budget of $4million to
                                                                                           a fully operational museum with 210 paid staff, 200 volunteers, an annual budget of
Her former roles include: inaugural Director of the Queensland Women’s Information
                                                                                           $43million and approx 2 million visitors within the first 2 and half years of opening.
Service, Office of the Status of Women; Queensland Director of the Human Rights and
Equal Opportunity Commission; Federal Sex Discrimination Commissioner; founding            Dr Casey’s other experience includes her major contribution to Indigenous policies
Chair and Chief Executive of the National Childcare Accreditation Council; and Principal   and programs and Australia’s Cultural Heritage nationally. Her career includes the
and Chief Executive Officer of The Women’s College, University of Sydney, Member           establishment of the Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation and she initiated the joint
of Australian Delegation to the United Nations Human Rights Commission, Lecturer in        Commonwealth/State response to the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in
Law School, University of Queensland.                                                      Custody as a senior executive in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.
Ms Bryce served as Governor of Queensland from 29 July 2003 – 29 July 2008.                As Assistant Director General, AusAID, Dr Casey’s responsibilities included; Multilateral
                                                                                           Development Banks, United Nation, World Health Organisation and other International
On 5 September 2008 she was sworn in as the twenty-fifth Governor-General of the
                                                                                           programs. Dr Casey has represented Australia internationally including: on the
Commonwealth of Australia.
                                                                                           Development Board for Commonwealth Countries and the Global Environment Facility
                                                                                           and on various United Nation Delegations.
                                                                                           Dr Casey is currently an Adjunct Professor to the University of Queensland, Griffith
                                                                                           University and Murdoch University and serves on a number of boards and committees.
                                                                                           These include the University of Western Australia, three advisory bodies at the
                                                                                           Australian National University and Chairs the Advisory Board for the Centre for Cultural
                                                                                           Materials Conservation at the University of Melbourne.
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

PAMELA CATTY                                                                               ANGELA CLARK
Pamela has recently retired as a full-time Corporate Affairs executive to begin the next   Angela has been Chief Executive Officer of Macquarie Radio Network since May 2004,
stage of her career as a non-executive director and executive mentor and coach.            and is currently a member of the Compliance Committee. Prior to joining Macquarie
                                                                                           Radio Network Limited, Angela was Managing Director of JCDecaux Australia Pty
After beginning her career as a journalist in the UK and Bermuda, Pamela came to
                                                                                           Limited for over six years. She is also a director of Commercial Radio Australia Limited,
Australia in 1980 and began work as a political adviser to State and Federal Labor
                                                                                           Digital Radio Broadcasting Australia Pty Limited, JCDecaux Australia Pty Limited and
Ministers, including Federal Minister for Community
                                                                                           Biennale of Sydney Limited.
Services and Health, Neal Blewett, and Federal Minister for
Communications, Michael Lee.                                                               Angela holds an honours degree in Politics, Philosophy and
                                                                                           Economics from Oxford University.
She began the corporate phase of her career as Executive
General Manager of Corporate Affairs at Ansett Australia
(1996-2000), and subsequently held executive leadership
roles at the National Australia Bank (2000-01) and Coles
Myer Ltd.
As Group General Manager of Corporate Affairs at Coles
Myer, Pamela was responsible for Investor Relations,
Media Relations, Government and Regulatory Relations, Internal Communications and
Corporate Social Responsibility.
Pamela is now Deputy Chairman of Tourism Victoria and a Director of Racing Victoria
Limited and Circus Oz.
She also mentors individuals and teams to help them achieve their full potential
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

SUE CONDE AM                                                                              MAJOR GENERAL ELIZABETH COSSON
Sue has held various Executive leadership positions at State and National level of Girl   MAJGEN Elizabeth (Liz) Cosson joined the Australian Army in 1979 and graduated as a
Guides Australia, serving as Deputy Chief Commissioner from 1998-2002. International      Second Lieutenant into the Royal Australian Army Ordnance Corps.
experiences include attending the UN General Assembly Special Session on Women
                                                                                          During her service, Brigadier Cosson has served in a variety of supply, administrative
in New York in 2000, and as a member of the Australian Government delegations,
                                                                                          and logistics appointments in Australia and on operations.
she has attended the UN Special Session on Children in 2002 and Commission for the
Status of Women meeting in 2006.                                                          Brigadier Cosson was awarded a Conspicuous Service Cross
                                                                                          in 2001 for her service in planning the logistics support to
Sue joined the UNIFEM Australia National Committee
                                                                                          operations in East Timor and for her time as the Chief of
in 2002 and was elected Vice-President in 2005. From
                                                                                          Staff of the Peace Monitoring Group in Bougainville.
2003-2007 she was actively engaged as a member of the
National Leadership Group in UNIFEM Australia’s launch                                    She was promoted to Brigadier in December 2005 and
of the new Australian initiative - the White Ribbon Day                                   posted to the position of Director General Regions and
Campaign.                                                                                 Bases, Defence Support Group, responsible for the
                                                                                          management of integrated service delivery to Defence
Building on her strong engagement in the women’s NGO
                                                                                          bases across Australia.
sector over the past ten years, Sue represents UNIFEM
Australia on the Australian Women’s Coalition, one of the four national secretariats      After assuming the appointment as Acting Head National Operations, Defence
funded by the Australian Government, to provide policy advice to the Minister assisting   Support Group, in March 2007, she was confirmed in the role and appointed on
the Prime Minister for Women’s Issues. Sue served as President of AWC for three years     promotion to Major General in November 2007.
from 2003-2006.
In January 2005 Sue was appointed a Member in the Order of Australia for service to
the community through organisations and advisory bodies that promote the interests
of women, to youth through the Guiding movement, and to the Uniting Church in
Australia. She is also a member of the Council of Knox Grammar School.
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

ALAN CRANSBERG                                                                              THUY DUM
Alan Cransberg was appointed Managing Director, Alcoa of Australia on February              Country CEO, ANZ Vietnam
1, 2008. He is accountable for Alcoa’s interests in the Australian region. He has
                                                                                            After graduating university in Hanoi, to establish a private foreign investment
responsibility for the bauxite mines, alumina refineries and aluminium smelters in
                                                                                            consultancy firm with four colleagues. It was the first privately owned company in
Australia. These include: Huntly and Willowdale bauxite mines, and Kwinana, Pinjarra,
                                                                                            Vietnam facilitating foreign investment and developed clients such as ANZ, Phillip
and Wagerup alumina refineries in Western Australia; Anglesea Power Station, and the
                                                                                            Morris, Coca Cola, IBM and Citibank.
Point Henry and Portland smelters in Victoria. Additionally,
he is responsible for best practice knowledge sharing and                                   After graduating with her MBA, joined ANZ Investment
equipment/technology development for Alcoa’s global                                         Bank in 1996 in Singapore to help set up the investment
refining and mining system. Alan is also a Vice President of                                bank business in Asia for 10 years. To be in charge of
Alcoa Inc.                                                                                  various functions including director of project finance for
                                                                                            oil and gas, and subsequently managed the resources
From December, 2004, Alan was President, Global
                                                                                            business for the whole of Asia.
Manufacturing for Alcoa’s Global Primary Products group
based in New York. In this role, he was responsible for                                     In November 2005, to be appointed Country CEO of ANZ
Manufacturing in Alcoa’s Global Primary Products. This                                      Vietnam, is now managing the full banking operations
included mining, smelting and refining operations in the                                    for Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City branches and the
U.S., Canada, Brazil, Australia, Surinam, Europe and Jamaica. He also served as chair of    representative office in Can Tho city with 160 staff country-wide.
Alcoa’s Employee Relations Council in the US.
Alan began his Alcoa career in Western Australia after graduating in 1980 from the
University of Western Australia with an honours degree in Civil Engineering. He worked
in the Alcoa Bauxite Mining Group and the Western Australian alumina refining system
in various engineering, business analysis, planning and managerial positions from
1981-1997. He was appointed Pinjarra Alumina Refinery location manager in 1998.
In 2001, Alan moved to the US to become location manager of Alcoa’s Point Comfort,
Texas, alumina and chemicals complex. In 2003, he moved to Knoxville, Tennessee, as
President of Primary Metals, USA. His job was expanded to President Primary Metals
North America in 2004, with direct responsibility for locations in the U.S. and Canada as
well as the coordination of Alcoa’s worldwide smelting facilities.
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

REBECCA DAVIES                                                                            MEGAN DAVIS
In 25 years as a partner of Freehills Rebecca Davies has led large and small teams in     Director of the Indigenous Law Centre and Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of
running major litigation and corporate transactions.                                      New South Wales.
She was the first elected female member of the Freehills national board and has line      Megan’s area of teaching and research is public law, Indigenous peoples and
management responsibilities for the firm’s commercial litigation groups in Sydney and     constitutional law and Indigenous peoples in international law.
                                                                                          Megan is an Indigenous Fellow of the United Nations
She is committed to increasing the roles and profile of                                   Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and is
women in business, both at Freehills as chair of the Women                                an admitted solicitor of the Supreme Court of A.C.T.
@ Freehills steering committee and more widely by active
                                                                                          Megan is completing her PhD thesis on Aboriginal women
engagement in the debates about the continuing low
                                                                                          in Australian democracy at RegNet at the ANU.
representation of women in senior roles in business and
the professions.
Rebecca is a part time partner at Freehills. She chaired the
trustee for MLC/NAB public offer superannuation funds for
many years, is currently a member of PHIAC - the prudential
regulator for private health insurance and has been actively involved in a range of not
for profit organisations, as a board member and volunteer.
She is married with two teenage children.
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

EVELYN DOUGLAS                                                                               MARIA GALATI
Evelyn currently works as a contractor to Exxon Mobil, assisting with the development        Maria is a senior team member of the Hewitt Leadership Consulting Practice in the
and implementation of a major engineering project. With a partially completed                Australia and New Zealand market, based in Melbourne. She demonstrates a breadth
Arts degree, Evelyn commenced her working life as a programmer in Information                of consulting experience with Hewitt in Australia and South East Asia, previously
Technology, progressing from what is now Telstra to a number of small boutique               based in Malaysia. Maria consults in a diverse range of consulting areas including
software houses where she held various Account Management positions. Using                   leadership strategy, assessment and development, competency development,
competitive badminton as her fitness program, at that time                                   communication, employee Engagement, change and
she also commenced a lifelong passion and interest in                                        transition management, employer branding, performance
yoga. This culminated with the completion of yoga teacher                                    measurement/management and culture transformation.
training in 2006.                                                                            She has experience coaching in leadership style,
                                                                                             performance and bandwidth
Her interest in business had been piqued by her account
management experience, and she completed a Melbourne                                         Maria has lead large scale integrated assignments from
Business School MBA, only to then commit to raising a son                                    design to implementation with clients in Australia, Malaysia
and a daughter. During this time she held various part time                                  and Thailand in the finance and banking, oil and gas,
roles in sales, marketing and general management, as well                                    automobile, telecommunications, insurance, tobacco and
as a number of voluntary positions in the community. In                                      government industries. Maria’s recent clients have included
preparation for returning to full time work, she gained a Graduate Diploma in Internet       Insurance Australia Group, Imperial Tobacco Australia, Optus, Sanofi-Aventis, Pioneer
Software Development from Swinburne University.                                              Australia, Aristocrat, Blackmores and WorleyParsons.
When return to the fulltime workforce was again possible, connections forged through         A psychology graduate with a Bachelor of Behavioral Sciences, post graduate
the Melbourne Business School assisted her to take a position in Human Resources             qualifications in HR Management and Masters in Business Administration, Maria
with Qantas, followed by a short contract at Telstra in an IT Transformation project role.   possesses sound consulting experience across a range of content areas and industries,
The current role at ExxonMobil, supporting one of the largest Oil and Gas projects           with cross cultural experiences in Asia. She is accredited in the use of a number of
being conducted in the Bass Strait for many years, combines a number of functions.           leadership assessment and development tools including Life Styles Inventory, Facet5
Initially contracted to align engineering professionals from diverse backgrounds into        and Hogan Development Survey
functional teams, she is now also managing project issues.
A balanced life has always been an objective. Initially badminton provided the fitness
and exercise component, but it is now more practical to program walking into the
daily routine, as well as the regular practice and teaching of yoga. Unfortunately time
constraints make it difficult to program another Cradle Mountain walking experience,
but Southbank location provides opportunities for a variety of pleasant daytime walks
in the surrounding gardens and along the Yarra.
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

AUNTY DOREEN GARVY WANDIN                                                            ANNE HATTON
Aunty Doreen Garvey Wandin - Wurundjeri Wandoon Senior Elder.                        Anne Hatton is Managing Director of Hattonneale, an Executive Talent consultancy that
                                                                                     bridges the gap between traditional executive Search and Business Consulting.
Director, Wandoon Estate Aboriginal Corporation. Ancestor of Wurundjeri Ulabul.
                                                                                     Prior to establishing Hattonneale earlier this year with Jane Neale, former Managing
Great great great grand daughter of Wurundjeri Gunung-william-balluk Poers-roen-gy
                                                                                     Director of George Patterson, Anne spent 14 years in the recruitment and HR industry,
& Barla.
                                                                                     the last 5 years as CEO for Hudson, Australia and NZ.
Great great great grand daughter of Wurundjeri balluk Bebjan (d. 1835) & Tootoorie
                                                                                     Anne’s experience in leading change processes resulted in
(d. 1850s).
                                                                                     4 successive years of record profit growth at Hudson.
Great grand daughter of Wurundjeri balluk Ann Borate (d. 1870) & Kurnai Andrew
                                                                                     Anne has significant client acquisition and development
Pondy Yaweet (Coranderrk Aboriginal Reserve)
                                                                                     experience with national blue chip companies, government
Grand daughter of Wurundjeri Robert (d. 1908) & Jeminma (d. 1944) Wandoon            and small/medium growth organizations.
(Wandin) (Coranderrk Aboriginal Reserve)
                                                                                     Anne commenced her career in the banking sector,
Daughter of James Henry (d. 1956) & Olive (d.2006) Waldin.                           specialising in corporate and international banking.
Sister to Jim Wandin Jnr (d. 2006), Bill Wandin (d. 1963), Edward Wandin (d. 2008)
Isobel Wandin (d. 1942), John Wandin (d. 1943), Joy Murphy Wandin, (Doreen), Allan
Wandin, Norman Wandin.
Mother to five sons, George, Tony, Jason, Shannon and Wade.
First nations family; Native Title claimants.
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

AVRIL HENRY                                                                               AMANDA JOHNSTON
Managing Director, AH Revelations.                                                        Amanda Johnston is the Executive Director of the Brands and Marketing
                                                                                          Communications Group - Telstra Corporation - a $24.7 Billion company. Amanda’s role
Avril graduated from the University of Cape Town in Accounting and Economics,
                                                                                          oversees all of the Telstra Corporations Brands advertising and media investments,
migrating to Australia in 1980, with two suitcases, $500 and a dream to live freely and
                                                                                          along with agency relationships, sponsorship, brand reputation, events, marketing
make a difference.
                                                                                          operations and marketing strategy. Prior to that Amanda was the Executive Director for
Avril’s career has spanned senior roles in Finance, IT,                                   Sales & Marketing of BigPond - Telstra’s $2 Billion Internet/
Project Management, Change Management and HR. In                                          Mediacomms business.
2003, she set up her own business, focusing on Public
                                                                                          Previously she held senior management positions in
Speaking, Consulting and Executive Coaching in the areas
                                                                                          Australia and North America and consulted on projects
of Leadership, People and Performance strategies.
                                                                                          in Europe and Asia across business strategy, marketing
In 2006, Avril won the Lifetime Achievement in HR Award at                                management and Olympic strategy. Recently she was
the Australian Human Resources Awards, and in 2002, was                                   chosen to participate in the Australia 2020 Summit in the
a finalist for Best HR Director. In 2005 Avril was a finalist in                          stream “Future of the Australian Economy” . She has been
the Sydney Business Review Business Woman of the Year.                                    a regular participant of the Australian American Leadership
                                                                                          Dialogue and Co Chair of the Young Leadership Dialogue.
In 2006, Avril completed a Ministerial Review into recruitment and retention practices
                                                                                          Recognised in Ad News Magazine “Australia’s Top Marketers” and in the 2008 AdNews
in the Australian Army, Navy and Air Force. Following the review, she was appointed to
                                                                                          Power 50 (Advertising, Media and Marketing) ranked No 10. Amanda is a regular
the Navy Workforce Planning Committee.
                                                                                          industry speaker on brand development, new media and broadband.
Avril is the author of “Leadership Revelations: An Australian Perspective”, “The Who
                                                                                          Amanda holds a Masters of Science - Management (University of Massachusetts,
What When and Y of Generation whY?”, and has written a chapter on Generational
                                                                                          Amherst, USA), Bachelor Human Movement Studies Education (University of
Leadership in the book “Ideas, Original Perspectives from Leading Thinkers”. She is
                                                                                          Queensland), and Post Graduate Diploma Olympic Studies (International Olympic
featured in the newly released book “Secrets Exposed of Inspiring Leaders”. Her latest
                                                                                          Academy, Greece).
book, due for release in October 2007, is titled “Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders Today:
Breaking Down Generational Barriers At Work”.                                             Recently married to Matthew Pell, Amanda lives in Bondi.
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

KATHERINE KEATING                                                                           CATHERINE KING MP
Katherine previously worked as a Policy Advisor and Research Officer in the Office of       Catherine is a member of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) and was elected to represent
the NSW Minister for Planning, Infrastructure and Natural Resources and the Office of       the electorate of Ballarat in 2001.
the NSW Premier for four years.
                                                                                            Catherine is the first woman to represent the electorate of Ballarat.
Katherine has wide experience in the not-for-profit sector, having been a board and
                                                                                            Catherine studied at RMIT in Melbourne, graduating with a degree in social work
committee member of several Sydney-based charities.
                                                                                            in 1987. Catherine worked in the Ballarat region after
In this capacity, Katherine helped to establish the Young
                                                                                            university. Her passion for making life better for young
Garvan Committee to raise funds and awareness of the
                                                                                            people and their families motivated her to get involved in
Garvan Institute for Medical Research. She currently sits on
                                                                                            politics. Catherine’s strong belief is that everyone should
the Foundation Board of NIDA, the NIDA Gala Committee,
                                                                                            have an equal chance in life, no matter where they come
the SAD Kids Charity and is an ambassador for MOVE for
                                                                                            from or how much money their parents have - this belief
                                                                                            led her to join the ALP when she was in her early twenties.
Katherine was recently awarded a Churchill Fellowship in
                                                                                            After gaining experience in the public sector as an assistant
recognition of her work in the area of philanthropy. She has
                                                                                            director for the Commonwealth Department of Health and
published a paper titled “The National Governance of the
                                                                                            Aged and then as a director respectively, Catherine entered
Non-Profit Sector.”
                                                                                            the private sector as a senior manager at KPMG Consulting.
Katherine currently runs a Government relations and investment consultancy in
                                                                                            While working for the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care,
Sydney, consulting to a number of major ASX listed companies, industry associations
                                                                                            Catherine completed further study at the Australian National University in 1999 and
and non-for-profit organisations. She is a director of Keating Consulting Pty Ltd. She is
                                                                                            after working in Canberra and Melbourne she returned to Ballarat and has been active
also a director of GoFundraise, an online organisation that raises funds for Australian
                                                                                            in our local community ever since. Catherine has a strong commitment to education
based charities.
                                                                                            for all Australians, equality and access to health care services, a high quality of aged
Katherine holds an honours degree in Philosophy and Politics from the University of         care, affordable childcare, regional development and the creation of job opportunities
New South Wales.                                                                            for local people and assisting families.
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

SHARON KOLKKA                                                                               THE HON CARMEN LAWRENCE
Based in Queensland most of her life, Sharon Kolkka is a lifestyle specialist and a         After training as a research psychologist at the University of Western Australia and
highly skilled and experienced facilitator for both individuals and groups. For the past    lecturing in a number of Australian universities, Dr Lawrence entered politics in 1986,
ten years she has worked in the heath retreat industry in a variety of key roles and has    serving at both State and Federal levels for 21 years.
seen the concept of a health holiday dramatically increase in popularity during this
                                                                                            She was at various times W.A Minister for Education and Aboriginal affairs and was the
time. “More often now people are seeking lifestyle solutions and a place to restore
                                                                                            first woman Premier and Treasurer of a State government.
their energy and refocus their priorities” said Ms Kolkka.
                                                                                            She shifted to Federal politics in 1994 when she was elected
As General Manager of Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat, located
                                                                                            as the Member for Fremantle and was appointed Minister
in Queensland’s Gold Coast hinterland, Sharon is fulfilling
                                                                                            for Health and Human Services and Minister assisting the
her goal of creating a new and unique lifestyle retreat.
                                                                                            Prime Minister on the Status of Women.
Gwinganna opened in March 2006 and offers nine different
program options for 2007.                                                                    She has held various portfolios in Opposition, including
                                                                                            Indigenous Affairs, Environment, Industry and Innovation
Sharon has over 25 years experience in the fitness industry
                                                                                            and was elected national President of the Labor Party in
and has presented workshops and seminars across
                                                                                            2004. She retired from politics in 2007.
Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe and Asia at conferences
and conventions. Her sessions are regarded as informative, inspiring and fun and            She is now a Professorial Fellow at the University of Western Australia where she is
range from practical activity sessions such as visualization, tribal dance and stretch to   working to establish a centre to undertake research and to facilitate discussion on
theory based seminars on lifestyle balance, stress management and womens health.            the processes of persuasion and indoctrination and the factors contributing to the
                                                                                            development of fanatical ideas and extreme, including violent, behaviour.
Sharon’s previous roles have included Program Director, Spa Manager, Personal Trainer
and Health Club Manager. These positions have centred around teaching and advising
both staff and guests how to achieve a better lifestyle.
Sharon’s focus is in the key areas of Women’s Health, and Lifestyle and Stress
Management. Her role at Gwinganna incorporates development of the various
programs on offer, key activities and seminars for guests, overall management of the
retreat, business development and presenting at special events. Sharon is the recipient
of many awards, author of countless articles and is regularly quoted in the media as an
authority on health and wellness. Advising thousands of people from all walks of life,
her inspirational yet practical words are highly sought after and are both motivating
and informative.
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

BARBARA LIVESEY                                                                    ROBYN MCLEOD
Barbara joined Reconciliation Australia (RA) in November 2004 as Chief Operating   Robyn McLeod is Director of the Climate, Sustainability and Water Practice for KPMG.
Officer and was appointed Chief Executive in December 2005.
                                                                                   Robyn has nearly 20 years experience in water, energy, sustainability and public policy
Before joining RA, Barbara was a consultant providing training in public policy    with the Victorian Government.
development; strategic planning, corporate social responsibility and issues
                                                                                   Most recently with KPMG, Robyn supports a number of State Governments in their
management for government and non-government
                                                                                   water reform agenda and infrastructure projects.
                                                                                   Robyn was recently selected as one of the 2020 Australia
Barbara has held senior management positions across state
                                                                                   Summit participants on the Population, Climate Change,
and federal governments and has been a senior adviser to
                                                                                   Sustainability and Water Panel.
former Federal Ministers and the Treasurer.
Barbara also brings corporate experience as a senior public
affairs manager for the peak credit union industry body
(CUSCAL) and through her work as a consultant within the
banking industry.
She has a strong interest in social justice, Indigenous affairs and community-
government relations.
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

SENATOR CHRISTINE MILNE                                                                     SUE MORPHET
Senator Christine Milne, Australian Greens spokesperson on climate change, was              Sue Morphet is Chief Executive of Pacific Brands, Australia’s leading marketer of
elected to represent Tasmania in the federal parliament at the 2004 election after a        everyday essential brands. An ASX-150 company, Pacific Brands is best known for
distinguished career in the Tasmanian state parliament where she served as Leader of        some of its leading brands which include Berlei, Bonds, Clark’s, Hard Yakka, Hush
the Greens from 1993-1998.                                                                  Puppies, Holeproof, Sheridan and Tontine. It has a workforce of over 9,000 people and
                                                                                            generates close to $2 billion in sales annually.
Christine is a leader in the environment movement in
Australia and overseas. She was appointed to the United                                     Prior to her appointment as CEO in 2008, Sue was Group
Nations Environment Programme’s Global 500 Roll of                                          General Manager for Underwear & Hosiery at Pacific
Honour in 1990 and was elected at the World Conservation                                    Brands, the largest operating group within the business.
Congress in Amman, Jordan, to the Global Council of the
                                                                                            She joined Pacific Brands in 1996 as General Manager of
World Conservation Union (IUCN) and is currently one of
                                                                                            Tontine – the first female GM within the business – before
four global vice presidents.
                                                                                            taking on the role of General Manager of Bonds in 1999.
She represented the IUCN at the Conference of the Parties                                   Her strengths are in marketing and brands, and under her
to the Climate Change Convention at Montreal, Canada, in                                    leadership, the team at Bonds relaunched the icon brand,
December 2005 and at Bali in November 2007.                                                 more than doubling sales. Bonds is now one of the Top 10
                                                                                            most recognised brands in Australia.
Christine initiated the Senate Inquiry into Australia’s future oil supply and alternative
transport fuels which was completed in February 2007. During the June 2008 sitting          Sue’s working life commenced in school teaching before moving to run a number of
of Parliament she introduced a Private Members Bill; Renewable Energy (Electricity)         family businesses. From there she worked in marketing roles within a number of large
Amendment (Feed-in-Tariff) Bill 2008, a bill to amend the Renewable Energy (Electricity)    food and fashion companies.
Act 2000 to establish a national feed-in-tariff scheme which will provide greater
                                                                                            As well as managing her professional career, with the help of her husband Barry of 30
financial support for the commercialisation of a broad range of prospective renewable
                                                                                            years, she also enjoys time spent with her family, Rachael, Melissa and Jack.
energy technologies.
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

THE HON JUDI MOYLAN MP                                                                  JOY MURPHY
In 1993, the Hon Judi Moylan MP was the first woman to be elected to a House of         Senior Sergeant Joy Murphy commenced her career with Victoria Police in 1973. She
Representatives Seat for the Conservative parties in Western Australia. Mrs. Moylan     joined the organisation at a time when women in policing were considered a novelty.
has held the seat of Pearce since 1993, maintaining her strong majority through six
                                                                                        Joy is currently the longest serving woman in Victoria Police Force, this being her 36th
successive elections.
                                                                                        year of service. Determined to be taken seriously and to make a real contribution,
Prior to entering Federal Parliament she owned her                                      Joy challenged assumptions about what women can do
own Real Estate Company and took a keen interest in                                     by forging a successful career as a detective and later
community affairs. Mrs Moylan was President of the                                      specialising in the areas of sexual assault, child abuse and
Midland & Districts Chamber of Commerce and awarded                                     family violence investigations.
Business Person of the Year by the Chamber in 1991, she
                                                                                        Joy has throughout her career been visionary and
was a Board Member of Whiteman Park, a Member of the
                                                                                        continually challenged culture and practices which she saw
Eastern Region Economic Development Committee and
                                                                                        as being out of step with the rest of society and what was
Board Member of the Midland Business Incubator. In 1996
                                                                                        fundamentally wrong in policing.
Mrs. Moylan was awarded the prestigious Kevin Sullivan
Memorial Prize by the Real Estate Institute of Western                                   Joy has been and remains an activist and agent for reform
Australia, for individual excellence and achievement.                                   regarding policing responses to family and intimate partner
                                                                                        violence. Joy has also been an active supporter of men and women in policing who
Since her election to Parliament Mrs. Moylan has been Shadow Minister for Small
                                                                                        do not conform to stereotypes.
Business and Women, Minister for Family Services and Minister for Women.
                                                                                        In addition to informal mentoring throughout her career, Joy has played a leading
For over 9 years Mrs Moylan was Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Public
                                                                                        role in establishing formal support mechanisms and fighting discrimination in the
Works, a Member of the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee and Chair
of the Australia/China Parliamentary Friendship Group (leading of many Delegations
to China). In addition Mrs. Moylan was Permanent Delegate to the International
Parliamentary Union in the last Parliament and in 2000 she established and continues
to Chair the Parliamentary Diabetes Support Group. Mrs Moylan is currently the Deputy
Chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Family, Community, Housing and Youth and
member of the Coalition Backbench Economics Committee.
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

CATHERINE MUDFORD                                                                         DESIGNING A LIFE WORKSHOP TEAM
Catherine joined Hewitt in 1999 and during her time at Hewitt has held practice           Charlie Scudamore, Debbie Clingeleffer-Woodford, and John Hendry, under the
leader and business leader roles in Hewitt’s Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore           direction of Principal Stephen Meek, have initiated and coordinated the Positive
offices, where in her most recent role she was responsible for launching the Hewitt       Education programme at Geelong Grammar School.
Academy for Strategic HR in Southeast Asia. Catherine has recently returned to Hewitt’s
                                                                                          This team established the partnership between Geelong Grammar and Marty Seligman
Melbourne office and leads the Talent Consulting practice for Australia.
                                                                                          at the University of Pennsylvania. 2008
Prior to joining Hewitt, Catherine spent a number of years                                marked the initial phase for implementing
in senior HR roles in Europe and Australasia. Her corporate                               Positive Education at Geelong Grammar.
experience includes roles with American Express, Fonterra,
                                                                                          In January 2008, more than 100 Geelong
and Colonial.
                                                                                          Grammar teachers participated in training
Catherine’s has worked with clients in a broad range                                      facilitated by Martin Seligman, Karen
of industry sectors including the financial, technology,                                  Reivich, and the University of Pennsylvania
FMCG and pharmaceutical industries and public sector                                      team. During the 2008 school year,
organisations with a primary focus on developing integrated                               teachers and heads of house have
talent management solutions that build organization                                       developed and piloted a number of Positive Education initiatives which are infused
alignment and capability. Her recent client list includes: Allianz, Cerebos, Deutsche     across the academic, co-curricular, and pastoral domains.
Bank, Eli Lilly, Group M, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Singapore), SAP and SingTel.
                                                                                          Charlie Scudamore is the Vice Principal of Geelong Grammar School and Head of Corio
Catherine is a professional facilitator who is certified to deliver a broad range of      Campus. Charlie has also served as Head of Timbertop Campus.
leadership, change, operations and customer–focus programs and is an accredited
                                                                                          Debbie Clingeleffer-Woodford serves as Geelong Grammar School’s Director of
user of a range of psychometric assessment tools including Life Styles Inventory, Myers
Briggs and Facet5.
                                                                                          John Hendry serves as Director of Student Welfare.
Catherine gained her Master of Human Resources Strategies from London Guildhall
University and Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Politics from Victoria University of    Mark Linkins, Geelong Grammar’s current curriculum specialist-in-residence, has served
Wellington.                                                                               as Co-Project Director for a United States Department of Education-funded study of the
                                                                                          effects of teaching Positive Psychology in secondary schools. In his role at Geelong
                                                                                          Grammar, Mark has assisted with the development of Positive Education curriculum,
                                                                                          facilitated professional development efforts, and worked directly with students.
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

JACQUELINE PHILLIPS                                                                       KATRINA PULBROOK Dip FP CFP
National Marketing Manager, Brand & Campaigns, ANZ Financial Planning                     Katrina is one of only 10 women in Australia, working as a Relationship Financial
                                                                                          Planner in the highly specialised ‘Prime Access’ fee for service area at ANZ.
Jac has been involved in the marketing of people, products and services across Asia
Pacific for over 15 years.                                                                In this position, Katrina manages the strategic planning for the finances of more than
                                                                                          80 high net worth individuals. These individuals range from top football players to
During her four years based in Singapore, Jac worked in a senior regional marketing
                                                                                          very busy executives (cash flow rich, time poor) to people
communications role for IBM as well as Client Services
                                                                                          winding down their small businesses to retire and to the
Director for a global advertising agency.
                                                                                          widow who has just inherited a substantial amount of
Returning to Australia in 2005, Jac joined ANZ as National                                money from her past husband’s will.
Marketing Manager for the Financial Planning area of the
                                                                                          Katrina’s background is in money market broking and
business – promoting the benefits of seeking professional
                                                                                          foreign exchange and she has ten years experience as a
financial planning advice from the large network of
                                                                                          qualified financial planner.
qualified ANZ Financial Planners. It is in this role Jac can
indulge her passion for helping customers – especially                                    Katrina is regularly quoted by the media in such
women, improve their financial wellbeing and achieve their                                publications as The Age, Herald Sun, Vive, Women’s Health,
long term goals.                                                                          Notebook and The Australian Womans Weekly.
Jac is a Certified Practising Marketer (CPM), fellow member and State Councillor with
the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) and late last year launched her own lingerie
brand, Cheekwear.
Jac’s two greatest achievements are her children Madeleine and Louis – both who
keep their Mother fit, firing on all fours and far from ever being able to take herself
too seriously!
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

SHELLEY REYS                                                                               ANNA ROSE
Shelley Reys, an Indigenous woman of the Djiribul people, is known as an Indigenous        Anna, 24, founded the Australian Youth Climate Coalition in November 2006. The
specialist and strategist with a reputation for collaboration.                             coalition unites a diversity of youth organisations to mobilise a generation of young
                                                                                           people to solve the climate crisis. The coalition runs a ‘Switched On Schools’ program
Managing Director of Arrilla - Indigenous Consultants and Services, an Indigenous
                                                                                           as well as undertaking advocacy campaigns such as last year’s ‘Adopt a Politician’.
owned and managed private firm in its 19th year. It provides services and products
                                                                                           Anna has been involved in youth environment and social justice organising since she
that help create change, by enabling sound partnerships
                                                                                           was 14.
between Indigenous Australians and the wider community
by providing more effective ways of working together,                                      Anna was elected National Environment Officer for the
incorporating Indigenous practices into mainstream                                         National Union of Students in 2005 and is past National
business and government environs.                                                          Convenor of the Australian Student Environment Network.
                                                                                           In this role she designed and launched a nation-wide
Director of Reconciliation Australia, the national
                                                                                           ‘Campus Clean Energy’ campaign across all 37 Australian
reconciliation foundation whose core objective is to remove
                                                                                           Universities, based on work she had done as University of
the 17-year life expectancy gap between an Indigenous
                                                                                           Sydney Student Representative Council (SRC) Environment
child and a non-indigenous child.
                                                                                           Officer in 2003. So far, the campaign has achieved
Vice-Chairman and Director of The National Australia Day                                   significant victories in energy reduction targets and
Council which appoints the national Australian of the Year, Young Australian of the        renewable energy across Australian Universities.).
Year, Senior Australian of the Year and Local Hero of the Year. The organisation is also
                                                                                           Anna is a former editor of the Sydney University student paper Honi Soit, member of
responsible for a national launch designed to offer meaning and focus for Australia
                                                                                           the United Nations Pacific Youth Environment Network, and Sustainability Team Leader
Day celebrations across the nation.
                                                                                           for Project Australia. She frequently speaks and write on climate and energy issues at
Managing Director of Indigenous Film Services, a film, video and multimedia resource       forums.
and production service. While offering Indigenous presenters and crew, the content
                                                                                           Anna was a participant in Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s ‘2020 Summit’ in April this year.
ranges from mainstream to Indigenous specific.
                                                                                           In 2005 she was a youth representative to the Kyoto Protocol negotiations in Montreal
Professional Adviser to a range of organisations and identities. This includes several     and in 2007 was a youth delegate to the UN Secretary General’s Meeting on Climate
state/commonwealth government agencies, the private sector and individuals such as         Change in New York.
entertainment entrepreneur, Harry M Miller.
                                                                                           Anna’s most recent project is establishing a green-collar jobs project in the Hunter
Director 2005 – 2008 (Vice-Chairman 2005 – 2007) of The Fred Hollows Foundation, the       Valley for low-income young people. She is passionate about building a new, clean
world health organisation leading the agenda in unnecessary blindness.                     energy economy for Australia that rests on good, well-paid jobs in the green economy
                                                                                           providing pathways out of poverty for hundreds of thousands of low-income,
                                                                                           marginalised and Indigenous Australian youth.
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

DR JULIANNE SCHULTZ                                                                     JANICE SARRE SMITH
Dr Julianne Schultz is the founding editor of Griffith REVIEW, the highly regarded      Janesce believes that nature provides all we need to enjoy good health and a radiant
thematic quarterly of essays, memoir, reportage and fiction, published by Griffith      skin. Our skin is a reflection of our inner health and the understanding of how this
University in conjunction with ABC Books (                      relationship works, is the focus of the Janesce point of difference.
She is a professor in the Centre for Public Culture and Ideas at Griffith University.   Janice Sarre Smiths’ lifetime of work as a consulting Naturopath is the foundation of
                                                                                        the JANESCE valued knowledge on skin health and nutrition.
She has had a distinguished career in both the media
                                                                                        Her unwavering belief in the healing and balancing power
and academia and is the author and editor of numerous
                                                                                        of plants has not changed since she began consulting in
books including Reviving the Fourth Estate (Cambridge)
and librettos for the award-winning operas Black River and
Going into Shadows.                                                                     The Janesce belief is that to feed your skin with good
                                                                                        nutrition from the outside is as important as feeding your
She co-chaired the Creative Stream at the 2020 Summit in
                                                                                        body with good nutrition from the inside. This has been
April 2008.
                                                                                        proven many times at Janesce as clients see amazing
                                                                                        results with their skin health after following simple
                                                                                        programs to support internal health, while soothing and
                                                                                        healing with beautiful Janesce skin care from the outside.
                                                                                        At Janesce we believe in the power of plants in their purest form to heal, nurture, and
                                                                                        support our whole being and through this celebrate the good that it brings to all.
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

SHERRY STRONG                                                                                 DR ANNE SUMMERS AO
Sherry Strong is a food philosopher and nutritional strategist, former chef, and              Dr Anne Summers AO is a best-selling author and journalist who has had a long
nutritionist predominantly engaged as a workplace wellbeing consultant. She is the            career in politics, the media and the non-government sector in Australia, Europe and
former Victorian chair of Nutrition Australia and Melbourne head of Slow Food. She            the United States. She is author of several books, including the now classic Australian
has worked in some of the worlds best restaurants, presented Master classes and               book, Damned Whores and God’s Police, first published in 1975, Ducks on the Pond,
spoken internationally, presented on television. She is currently working on a book           her autobiography in 1999, The End of Equality, (2003) and On Luck, her most recent
titled Nature’s Principle - what’s good for the planet is good                                book published in October 2008 by Melbourne University
for the body and making a documentary film called the                                         Press. Her political background includes her time as a
Lethal Recipe – the truth about food.                                                         political adviser to Prime Minister Paul Keating prior to the
                                                                                              1993 federal elections and she ran the Office of the Status
Sherry works with individuals, corporations, government
                                                                                              of Women for Prime Minister Bob Hawke from 1983 to
and community groups to create people who perform
                                                                                              1986. She worked in New York from 1986 to 1992, as United
at a higher level that then turns workplaces into higher
                                                                                              States editor for the Australian Financial Review and later
functioning environments.
                                                                                              as editor-in-chief of Ms. magazines and co-owner of Ms.
Sherry has international clients who hire her to do lifestyle                                 and Sassy magazines. From 2000 to 2006 she was chair of
makeovers on top executives and management teams. Her                                         the board of Greenpeace International. Since 2001 she has
programs focus not only on dietary changes, but changes in thinking which covers              facilitated the annual Serious Women’s Business Conference, is on the board of the
areas such as stress, energy, improving quality of life through beliefs and self-talk, and    newly established Institute for Cultural Diversity and she is also Deputy President of
energizing relationships.                                                                     Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum.
Sherry has studied many streams of human nutrition health & behavioural science
and food for over 20 years developing unique perspective on why eating and thinking
well is so vital to our productivity and happiness. Her programs see an average of 26%
increase in energy levels after just 8 weeks largely due to a refreshing approach that
is designed to demystify the health and wellness maze and inspire people to take
control of their own health.
“As a chef I want to make sure my food nourishes the body as well as pleasing the
palate and as a nutritionist I insure that the vital food I serve tastes delicious. It is a
myth you can’t have both.”
Sherry Strong
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

DR HELEN SZOKE                                                ANNE TRIMMER
BA (University of Tasmania)                                   Anne Trimmer was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Medical Technology
                                                              Association of Australia in September 2006 following an extensive career in the legal
M A Preliminary (Deakin University)
                                                              profession. Prior to joining MTAA Ms Trimmer practised as a commercial partner of a
Graduate Diploma in Public Policy (University of Melbourne)   major Australian law firm.
PhD (University of Melbourne)                                 During her legal career Ms Trimmer held leadership
                                                              roles with the Law Council of Australia (the peak body
Helen Szoke is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief
                                                              representing lawyers where she was President from 2000-
Conciliator of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human
                                                              2001), and the Licensing Executives Society of ANZ, the
Rights Commission and has held this position since
                                                              body representing interests in technology licensing and
December 2004.
Helen is currently a member of the National Health and
                                                              Ms Trimmer is currently Chairman of the Australian
Medical Research Licensing Committee, Director of the
                                                              Government’s Advisory Council on Intellectual Property and
Adult Migrant Education Services and Director of the
                                                              Chair of the Advisory Board for the Centre of Excellence in
Melbourne High School Foundation.
                                                              Vision Sciences at the Australian National University. Until
                                                              June 2008 Ms Trimmer was Deputy Chancellor of the University of Canberra.
                                                              Ms Trimmer was recently a participant in the Health Stream at the 2020 Summit. In
                                                              2003 she was awarded a Centenary Medal for Services to Law and Society.
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

KIRRILY WALDHORN                                                                            GEOFF WILSON
Kirrily Waldhorn, aka Beer Diva, is a girl who really knows beer. She believes              Chief Executive Officer, KPMG in Australia
passionately that beer truly deserves its place back on the dining table; that beer is
                                                                                            Prior to being appointed as KPMG’s CEO in January 2008, Geoff was the National
not just for blokes and that more people should know about the exceptional quality
                                                                                            Managing Partner of Audit and Risk Advisory Services for the Australian practice. In
and range of great beers available in Australia. She brings a unique (and female)
                                                                                            this capacity he also served as Chief Operating Officer for the Asia-Pacific Audit and
perspective to the beer world. Her beer career began 9 years ago at Lion Nathan and it
                                                                                            Advisory practice and was a member of KPMG’s Global
was here that her passion for the brew was first ignited.
                                                                                            Audit Leadership Group.
Whilst at LNA, Kirrily immersed herself in beer education,
                                                                                            A partner since 1990, Geoff has extensive experience
through a combination of hands on experience and study,
                                                                                            in dealing with accounting and auditing matters under
completing a number of sensory certificate courses and
                                                                                            Australian and United States regulatory regimes.
the Brewing and Malting course at Ballarat University. She
has always had an enormous passion for the category and                                     Geoff holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from UNSW, is
industry.                                                                                   a Governor of the American Chamber of Commerce, holds
                                                                                            Fellowships with ICAA and CPA Australia, a member of the
Today, Kirrily as The Beer Diva is dedicated to bringing great
                                                                                            Australian Institute of Company Directors and a (US) CPA.
beers to modern dining through private, corporate and
public events. She also facilitates beer masterclasses, provides staff training and works
with chefs who share in her passion! Kirrily has been invited as a guest beer judge for
the Australian Beer Festival and will be appearing at ‘meet-the-brewer’ sessions for a
number of upcoming beer festivals.
All combine good times and great fun with beer sophistication designed to heighten
the enjoyment of this wonderful beverage and awaken a thirst for more!
2008 SERIOUS WOMEN'S BUSINESS                                                            COMMITTEE MEMBERS
Speaker and gueSt BiographieS

Best known as host of the SBS hit TV program ROCKWIZ, Julia’s corporate hosting and
MC work is in constant demand. Julia is a regular MC and debater in the corporate
arena, a role she adores.
Companies who have ‘enjoyed her charm and wit‘ include Australian Breast Cancer
Foundation, Women In Business, Aust Directors Guild,
Australia Day Council, Compaq, E-women Enterprises,
Media Entertainment Arts Alliance NSW and VIC, IF Awards,
National Gallery of Victoria, Siemens, STA, The Royal
Women’s Hospital, Women for Challenge VIC and ORYGEN
Youth Health.
In the past, Julia has been a regular panellist and debater
for Good News Week (ABC TV) and was as a performer/
writer on the sketch comedy show Totally Full Frontal,
playing over 30 characters during 2 seasons.                  Photo: Kim Tonelli

Recent comedy work includes the Bosnian host, Bronya in Eurobeat - The Eurovision
Musical, and Sally-Anne De Finklestein in Spontaneous Broadway (Burberry
Productions). Other TV credits include Ten’s hit show Thank God You’re Here, It Takes
2 and co-hosting What a Year with Bert Newton. Earlier this year, Julia made her debut
with the MTC as Joan in LOVE SONG. On Radio, she can be heard on The Jonathan
Coleman Experience with Julia Zemiro daily between 5pm and 7pm.
committee memBerS

MEGAN DALLA-CAMINA                                                                       TAREN HOCKING
Megan has had a wide spanning business career across Australia, Asia and the US,         Taren Hocking is a Director of Champion Event Management Pty Ltd and co-founder of
working in business strategy, marketing, business development and management             the Serious Women’s Business Conference.
roles. In her current role, Megan is the Director of Strategy for IBM, where she is
                                                                                         Champion Events was established 1999 as an offshoot to Champion Travel.
responsible for developing both the short and long term IBM business strategies,
including competitive strategy, growth projects and operational excellence.              Over the last few years the business has become an emerging force in the MICE
Megan is a direct report to IBM’s CEO and is a member of
IBM Australia & New Zealand’s Senior Leadership Team.                                     The directors have since expanded the organisation to
She is an active member of the Diversity Council with a                                  encompass Champion Sports a national distributor &
focus on the advancement of women, workforce flexibility                                 agency for a range of international golfing brands.
and wellness initiatives. Prior to IBM, Megan held business
                                                                                         Taren has over 10 years experience in the event industry,
and marketing leadership roles at PricewaterhouseCoopers
                                                                                         has served as a board member of Unifem Australia and is a
and GE in Australia, Asia and the US. She has over 20 years
                                                                                         member of the International Entrepreneurs’ Association.
experience in the professional services and information
technology industries as well as numerous consumer and
SME businesses.
Megan is a regular conference speaker and media commentator on business,
innovation, strategy, marketing and diversity issues. She was awarded the B&T
Marketing Employer of the Year for the two years she was Director of Marketing for
IBM. Megan has been featured in the Crown Contents 2007 and 2008 editions of
Who’s Who of Australian Women and in the Who’s Who of Australian Business to be
published in 2008; in the book Leadership Revelations, Perspectives from Australian
leaders, by Avril Henry, and in numerous press articles including being quoted by Neil
Shoebridge in The Australian Financial Review as “one of Australia’s most powerful
Additionally, Megan is an accredited Executive coach and a qualified, practicing yoga
teacher. She has deep passion and commitment in the areas of wellness and positive
psychology and she brings this focus and passion into everything she does.
committee memBerS

ELISE MORRIS                                                                       AMANDA MOSTYN
Group People & Performance Manager - Pacific Brands                                Amanda Mostyn is the General Manager, People & Development at ASX Limited
                                                                                   reporting to the Managing Director, appointed in December 2006 following the merger
Elise is an experienced HR professional currently in the role of Group People &
                                                                                   of the Australian Stock Exchange and Sydney Futures Exchange.
Performance Manager, Home Comfort for Pacific Brands, one of Australia’s largest
consumer goods companies.                                                          In this role, Amanda is responsible for ASX’s HR Business Services, Remuneration
                                                                                   & Benefits, Learning & Development and ASX in the
Pacific Brands employs over 9,000 people globally and
                                                                                   Community functions. Amanda is responsible for the
6,000 in Australia and New Zealand. The company has sales
                                                                                   diversity agenda at ASX and actively supports leadership,
of over $2.2 billion across apparel, underwear, footwear,
                                                                                   talent development and network programs for women at
leisure goods, and homewares. Key brands include Bonds,
Sheridan, Holeproof, Yakka, Dunlop, Mossimo, Everlast,
Grosby, Clarks and Hush Puppies.                                                   Prior to her appointment at ASX, Amanda was General
                                                                                   Manager Human Resources at SFE Limited since 1991
Prior to joining Pacific Brands in 2003, Elise spent time
                                                                                   responsible for the human resources and administration
working across a number of different industries including,
                                                                                   functions. Amanda has more than more than 20 years
retail, manufacturing, and emergency services in roles
                                                                                   experience as a human resources practitioner.
within HR, Sales, Business Management and Marketing.
                                                                                   Amanda is a member of the ASX Group Executive Committee and is a Director of
Elise has a particular interest in behavioural change, team alignment, talent
                                                                                   the ASX/Reuters Charity Foundation. She holds a Diploma of the Australian Institute
development and cultural diversity.
                                                                                   of Company Directors (AICD), has been admitted as a Certified Professional of the
                                                                                   Australian Institute of Human Resources (AHRI) and has held various Committee
                                                                                   positions in the finance industry.
committee memBerS

GABRIELLE OSTROGNAY PH.D.                                                                       HOLLY PARRY
Gabrielle Ostrognay joined Hewitt in June this year and leads Hewitt’s Culture and              Holly Parry is an experienced change management and communications consultant
Analytics team in Melbourne. Gabrielle previously worked with Telstra and Coles                 and is currently working as part of Freehills’ People and Development team on cultural
Group (now part of Wesfarmers) to develop talent management strategies and assist               change initiatives including our Women at Freehills program.
both organisations to build executive capability. At the Coles Group, Gabrielle was
responsible for managing succession for roles that reported to the CEO, supporting              Freehills is one of Australia’s leading commercial law firms with around 1,000 lawyers,
the development of his direct reports and high potential                                        including over 200 partners, throughout Australia and
members of the Senior Executive Team. Gabrielle                                                 South-East Asia.
was responsible for managing Telstra’s CEO Executive
                                                                                                Holly develops and implements strategies and programs
Leadership Program, working with individual executives
                                                                                                to support the retention and development of talented
regarding their development. Gabrielle also advised the
                                                                                                women, organisational design and development solutions
CEO and his team to develop and implement Telstra’s
employee engagement strategy. For both Coles and Telstra,                                       to support and extend Freehills’ high performance culture,
Gabrielle developed a company-wide view of top talent                                           and initiatives to increase the retention and engagement of
for the CEO and their executive team to use for succession                                      all of our people.
purposes and in preparation for review with the Board.
Gabrielle holds a B.Sc. (Honours) in Psychology and Statistics and a Ph.D. from the
University of Melbourne. The focus of her PhD research was on understanding
the influence of transformational leadership on organisational climate, employee
engagement and performance. Her research found that leaders motivate employees
by providing clarity of vision and direction, a sense that their people are part of a viable,
thriving business and ensuring that they are treated with respect. Her research showed
the importance of a leader’s mood, rather than their underlying personality, impacted
employees views of their leader. Her Ph.D. research was presented at the Society for
Industrial and Organisational Psychology conference in Santa Monica, United States and
at the European Health Psychology conference in Florence, Italy. She regularly presents
her work at peer reviewed international conferences.
Prior to working at the Coles Group, Gabrielle worked for Towers Perrin ISR, a consulting
firm specialising in employee research. She consulted with CEO’s providing insight and
feedback on areas such as engagement, leadership, confidence in strategy, and the
quality of relationships amongst the senior team. Her clients included Coles Group,
Westpac, Macquarie Bank, Australia Post, CSIRO, GM Holden, TAC and the Victorian
Department of Education.
During her time with Towers Perrin ISR, Gabrielle led a global research team, furthering
our understanding of organisational leadership assessment and development in
organisations around the world.
committee memBerS

SANDRA PIGDON                                                                         JO REED
My name is Sandra Pigdon, and I have been employed with Alcoa for 20 years. I         Group General Manager HR Transformation & Operations, ANZ
am married and have two boys. I am located in the Peel Regional Office in Pinjarra,
                                                                                      Jo has extensive experience as a HR professional with a career spanning a variety of
Western Australia.
                                                                                      industries including retail, agribusiness, telecommunications and professional services.
I hold a Bachelor of Business degree from Swinburne Institute of Technology
                                                                                      She is Group General Manager HR Transformation & Operations for ANZ where she is
(Melbourne), a Masters of Business Administration from
                                                                                      responsible for HR operations, strategy co-ordination and
Curtin University and a CPA status with the Australian
                                                                                      transforming the Human Resource function and processes
Society of CPAs.
                                                                                      across the bank.
I have had a number of positions in Finance in Alcoa over
                                                                                      Jo has made a significant contribution towards flexibility and
the 20 years, which has enabled me to work at most of our
                                                                                      career progression for women in the workplace as part of
locations in Victoria and Western Australia. In July 2007 I was
                                                                                      the Diversity Council in Personal Division.
appointed to the position of Controller – Projects (Wagerup
3), a major expansion of our Wagerup Alumina Refinery.
committee memBerS

TROY RODERICK                                                                            WILMA STEVENS
Head of Diversity, Telstra Corporation Limited                                           Most of Wilma’s lengthy career has been within Human Resources, particularly
                                                                                         Employee Relations and Diversity. For many years Wilma was the Commonwealth
Troy Roderick has worked for more than 15 years in corporate and organisation
                                                                                         Bank’s National Diversity Manager before taking up an Executive role at the Equal
development – leading whole-systems approaches to change. Chiefly through his
                                                                                         Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency, (EOWA). Then moving on to a role
involvement in equity and diversity programs in the public sector, Troy has assisted
                                                                                         with an EAP provider as its Global Work/Life Manager, Wilma now proudly works for
organisations to realise the business benefits of effectively
                                                                                         KPMG as its Manager People and Culture.
managing diversity.
                                                                                         Wilma is a long time member of the NSW EEO Practitioners
Some of Troy’s key achievements include the introduction
                                                                                         Association, has had many years on the executive
of EEO management planning, implementation and
                                                                                         committee and is a founding member of the Australian
evaluation in the Qld local government system, successful
                                                                                         National Diversity Think Tank. She is passionate and
programs to improve Aboriginal employment in the
                                                                                         energetic around the issues of diversity and work/life
NSW public sector and initiation of programs to prevent
workplace bullying and harassment. In addition, Troy has a
background which encompasses corporate planning, public                                  Wilma was honoured to receive EOWA’s National Diversity
sector ethics, learning and development in the retail sector                             Leader for The Advancement of Women award at the 2002
and annual reporting. Between 1998 and 2006, Troy was a divisional adjudicator and       Business Achievement awards.
coordinator with the Australasian Reporting Awards. Previously, he has worked with the
Qld Department of Communication, Information, Local Government and Planning; Rail
Access Corporation; many local governments throughout Queensland; David Jones
Ltd; NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service; NSW Department of Environment and
Conservation and the NSW Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care.
Troy’s current responsibilities with Telstra include the leadership of their Diversity
and Inclusion program, with the principal objective of embedding effective diversity
management into everyday business – realising improved value for Telstra’s
shareholders, customers and employees.
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