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                                 f o l i o 55           a g uide to
                                                                    the ar
                                         l arts
                         multi   cultura

 – Nadia Elbana – Listings

  P.3 Dance – The Light in the
  Shadow – CHIKA
   – at Dancehouse

   P.4 Word         – Lella Cariddi
    – World Poetry

    P.5 Visual Arts
    – Joe Maselwa Malatji
    – Belonging – What’s On

   P.6-7    What else – Grants

  P.8   Editorial

                                                                                                      Sutueal – Page 5

                                                                                              MAV folio
                                                                                       February – March 2005
                                                                                                                                                           Etienne Dinanga of
                                                                                                                                                           Vox Congo

                                                                                                      Black Harmony                     Koori Youth Will Shake Spears"

        Prayer Bells - PENTEKOSTARION

        Presented by MAV in partnership with the Antipodes Festival
        The Union House Theatre, Wed 23 Mar, 7pm                                      Black Harmony, Fairfield Park Amphitheatre, Heidelberg Rd Fairfield Sun 20
        IHOS Opera; Composer - Constantine Koukias; Conductor - Peter Taplin,         Mar 2-6pm Free concert of Indigenous, African and Islander musicians including
        with the voices of Cantores Sumus, prepared by Stephen Grant and John         Nadia Elbana, Kutcha Edwards, Vox Congo, Richard Frankland and more. Info: MAV
        Stinson. A choral work for 3 solo cantors: Hebrew, Greek and Latin; a         9417 6777
        chorus of 8 male voices with digital delay and a quarter tone set of 61       Prayer Bells, IHOS Opera Union House Theatre, Melbourne University, Wed 23
        specially crafted handbells. The 61 bells were specially commissioned         Mar, 7pm. Tickets: $15/22 Pre sale $20. Bookings: MAV 9417 6777
        and cast for the Centenary of Federation and were used in the premiere
        of the piece during the Federation Festival in Melbourne in 2001.             Afro Beats Festival, Federation Square, Melbourne Sat 5 Feb 10am-10pm
                                                                                      Free concerts of music from sub Saharan Africa.
        Pentekostarion is divided into 21 prayers, some of which are performed        See
        by bells alone. The work is based on heterophony, as opposed to
        polyphony or harmony. This means that the melody or chant is used to          ANZ Seniors Week Multicultural Concerts: featuring Ileana Posas &
        create a harmonic accompaniment and structure to the chant. Produced          Andy Price, Marcello & Paulina D'Amico, Kavisha Mazzella & Irini Vela, Kutcha
        by IHOS Opera (Tas) and touring nationally as part of the Australia                                                                                Square Council
                                                                                      Edwards, the Stiletto Sisters and more. Presented by the Ethnic Community Beats– Azucar
        Council's kultour program.                                                    of Victoria.
                                                                                      Geelong Thur 17 Mar, 12pm-1.30pm Geelong Performing Arts Centre $2 Booking
        Info: Multicultural Arts Victoria 9417 6777
                                                                                      5225 1200
                                                                                      Frankston Tue 15 Mar, 11.30am-1pm Frankston Arts Centre $2 Bookings 9784
                                                                                      1060 Co-presented by Frankston City Council.
                                                                                      Darebin Wed 16 Mar, 2.30pm-4pm Darebin Arts Centre $2 Bookings 9416 8933
        Nadia Elbana
                                                                                      Alpha Blondy and the Solar System, Metro Nightclub, 20 Bourke St
        Nadia Elbana is a singer, musician and writer from Sudan. In Khartoum,
                                                                                      Melbourne. Wed 9 Mar 8pm. Bookings: 136 100 Ticketmaster7
        she wrote regular monthly columns for the Sudan Culture Magazine and
        the magazine of the National Council for Arts and Letters; she worked as      Womadelaide, Botanic Park, Adelaide, Mar 4-6. Featuring Daara J, Kronos
        a cultural researcher and oral folklore literature collector; and she         Quartet, Lo'Jo, Silvia Entcheva, George Rrurrambu & much more. Tickets 1300 30
        prepared radio programs for community education. She has also worked          40 72
        and studied extensively in Khartoum, Cairo, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and India
        in family planning and social work. In particular, she has developed          Port Fairy Folk Festival, 11-14 Mar, Port Fairy, Victoria. Featuring Draoicht,
        programs of skills development for rural women, education, training and       Janis Ian, Jali Buba Kuyateh, Raga Bliss & more. Tickets 03 55682227
        recreational programs, writing, and conducting symposiums. In Australia,      World Music at the Amphitheatre, Fairfield Park, Heidelberg Rd Fairfield.
        she is highly regarded as a performer and community leader. She               Free concert series Sundays in Feb 5-7:30pm. Enquiries: the Boite 9417 1983 or
        performed at the 2004 Refugee                                       
        & Asylum Seekers Festival, and
        will be performing at Black                                                   Global Sounds At Sunset, Melbourne Museum Nicholson St Carlton.
        Harmony Day on March 20,                                                      Saturdays in February 5:30pm. Enquiries Tickets: 13 11 02
        along with Koori Youth Will Shake
        Spears, Kutcha Edwards, Richard                                               Brunswick Music Festival, 3-20 Mar. Various venues in City of Moreland.
        Frankland, Vox Congo, Asiko, the                                              Artists including Adel Salameh, Tony McManus, Jackie Orszaczky Trio, Lisa Miller,
        Dambai Dancers and more: at                                                   Kevin Welch & more. Info: 9387 3376 or
        Fairfield Amphitheatre,                                                       Cultural Diversity Week Gala Dinner for Parliamentarians. Melbourne
        Heidelberg Rd (see listings)                                                  Exhibition & Convention Centre, Southbank Fri 18 Mar 6pm. Featuring Chollo
                                                                                      Dance Group, Los Romanticos, Jasna Dolic, Radio Rhythm Orchestra, Chinese Youth
                                                                                      Society. Info: MAV 9417 6777

                                                                                      The JB Seed - New grants program for musicians
                                                                                      Australian musician John Butler has established a new annual grants program, with
                                                                                      specific categories for TPV holders and social activists, as well as professional
  MAV folio                                                                           development and marketing. Info:

                                                                          The Light in the Shadow

        The Light in the Shadow
        A Dance Collaboration between Malaysian RiverGrass Dance Theatre and
        Australian “-” Butoh Company towards a performance for the 1st Malaysian
        Dance Festival 2005.
        Mew Chang Tsing (artistic director, RiverGrass) and Tony Yap and his artistic
        team have been in dialogue for the past 12 months on the idea of Light in
        the Shadow. As a result Tony and his artistic team have been invited to
        collaborate with Mew’s RiverGrass Dance Company.
        The Australian artists include musicians Madeleine Flynn, Tim Humphrey, and
        dancers Ben Rogan and Simon Ellis, and from Malaysia, two dancers and an
        The Light in the Shadow is a dance installation inspired by the greater and
        lesser signs of decay of the angel as described in a Buddhist text. Looking at
        the metaphoric meanings and translating them into movements and into an                     at Dancehouse
        architectural installation, The Light in the Shadow will be a journey of how                - 150 Princes St, North Carlton VIC 3054 Ph: 03 9347 2860
        one sees dying and the ideals of dying. The dance will be drawn from Butoh
        and contemporary western styles - including Butoh and Malaysian                             Dancehouse will launch its 2005 dance calendar, major programs and new
        shamanistic trance practce.                                                                 brand on Wednesday 16 February at 11am.
        This collaboration hopes to bring the dancers/performers and musicians from                 Delivering a program that draws upon the talent of local and international
        both countries into an exchange of skills and ideas to create a performance                 artists the program offers a range of artists the opportunity to develop and
        that challenges boundaries of the present dance practice.                                   showcase new works.
        Melbourne audiences will most probably be able to see The Light in the                      'In delivering this program, says Dianne Reid, Artistic Director, I have
        Shadow later in the year.                                                                   sought to bring an innovative and exciting mix of performance that will
                                                                                                    engage, entertain and challenge.'
                                                                                                    The program for 2005 includes:
        CHIKA                                                                                       The Dance Card - A live mix of dance, sound and light.
        A Documentary Performance - by Mayu Kanamori
                                                                                                    Ten solo artists over ten nights, each evening presents a different mix of
        In association with ABC Radio National
                                                                                                    local, interstate and international soloists. Five artists per performance.
        Directed by Malcolm Blaylock                                                                Five dancers sit as a part of the audience to wait their turn to perform. The
        Lighting Design by Keith Tucker                                                             first dancer takes to the floor, performing in conversation with the live
        Musical Direction & Composition by Tom Fitzgerald                                           accompaniment and the close proximity of the audience. Each offers a
        With Yumi Umiumare, Satsuki Odamura, Anne Norman, Toshinori Sakamoto                        glimpse of a particular character, a physical and emotional trace, before
        At The C.U.B. Malthouse, 113 Sturt St, Southbank                                            leaving the floor for the next soloist to enter. For an audience, the intimacy
        23 – 26 February 8pm (Sat mat 2pm)                                                          of watching at close hand combined with being able to see others
        Bookings: 9685 5111, Tics: $25/$15                                                          experiencing the same thing is a unique and exciting dance experience.
        CHIKA is a multi layered production utilising documentary images and                        10-minute dance solos, performed with an overlay of improvised, live,
        interviews, archival video, original music and choreography. It is                          sound and light, by Bob Eisen (New York), Helena Yuk (Korea), Vicky Kapo
        contemporary story telling, crossing the disciplines of journalism, visual and              (New Zealand), Alice Cummins, (NSW), Kimberley McIntyre (NSW), Tim
        performing arts, incorporating live music, dance, and narration, projected                  Harvey (Vic), Sheridan Lang (Vic), Bronwyn Ritchie (Vic), Luke Hockley (Vic),
        images and recorded voices. It is a documentary performance telling the                     Sela Kiek (Vic).
        story of a Japanese woman who spent a decade in Australian jails for a                      The Dance Card from 9 - 20 Mar, Wed - Sat, 8.00pm, Sun 5pm. Tics:
        crime she has always insisted she did not commit.                                           $15.00/$10.00 Bookings: 9347 2860

                                                                                                                                          MAV folio
                                                                             2005 Melbourne Emerging Writers' Festival
                                                                             Fri - Sun, 6-8 May, Victoria Hotel, Melbourne
                                                                             The 2nd annual Emerging Writers' Festival, presented by Express
                                                                             Media in conjunction with the Victorian Writers' Centre, in the art
                                                                             deco splendour of Melbourne's centrally located Victoria Hotel.
                                                                             Writers from 16 to 60 talk about their work. Panels, readings,
                                                                             workshops, forums and trade fairs covering everything from poetry to
                                                                             prose, screenplays to weblogs, and journalism to zines. Share your
                                                                             experiences with editors, publishers, agents, and your fellow writers.
   Lella Cariddi                                                             Contact/Bookings: Express Media, Richard Watts, Artistic Director,
   Lella Cariddi is a freelance writer, literary editor, screenwriter, and
   community development practitioner. She has undertaken                    (03) 9326 8367 or email
   extensive ethnographic research on the life of immigrant women in
   Australia since the early seventies. The profile of the life of
   immigrant women, frequently inform her prose, poetry, and                 World Poetry
   screenwriting. She has pioneered a number of creative arts
                                                                             This is the name under which the former Australian Association for
   projects and community writing projects, and three of her projects
                                                                             the Promotion of Poetry in Translation now operates.
   have received grants from the Australia Council for the Arts. Her
   creative and ethnographic writings have been published in many            Our survey of translators and of poets writing in languages other than
   publications and anthologies including, The Australian Womens'            English is progressing well. To date we have had over 50 poets and
   Book review 1994, The Health of Immigrant Women 1995,                     translators registering with us. The languages represented are:
   Swyntex 1999 and Across the Margin 2000. She has edited                   indigenous Australian languages, Arabic, Assyrian, Chinese, Dutch,
   and/or co-edited several professional and literary publications, and      French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Kurdish,
   the vast body of her creative work has been profiled in several
                                                                             Malay, Polish, Slovak, Spanish, Russian, Tamil and Vietnamese. There
   mainstream publications, including Beyond The Glass Ceiling
                                                                             is a lot happening out there! The deadline for answering the survey is
   Collins Dove, 1993 and in Healthy Women Choice Books, 2001.
   Since 2004, together with Janna Hilbrink, under the auspices of           28 February, so if there are any readers still interested in registering
   MAV, Lella has been undertaking the pioneering work needed to             (or know of someone who might be), please ring (03) 9486 8483 for
   establish the Festival of Poetry in Translation to be held at the         a survey form to be sent.
   Centre for Ideas in Melbourne, on 12, 13, 14 Aug 2005.                    The preparations for our inaugural festival In Other Words, to be held
   Pomegranate Lips                                                          the weekend of 12, 13 and 14 Aug 2005, are well under way. The
                                                                             themes of the festival are Language, Place and Identity.
   Mother's heaving breast-bone
   is a dome roofing corroded arteries.                                      Funding for the survey and for community consultations was received
   With each fillet of pain she draws a long cough,                          from the Victorian Multicultural Commission. We also received a grant
   a ball of phlegm loosens from its moorings.                               from the City of Melbourne for promotion and publicity and are in the
   The ward manager, a vulture in flight
                                                                             throes of preparing submissions to go to other funding bodies. We
   with a mobile in each hand, exits the lift,                               are very pleased to announce that we are working in close
   kinks an eyelid, draws me to her and demands:                             partnership with the Centre for Ideas at the Victorian College of the
   “Has your mother had the last rites?” Then                                Arts and we greatly appreciate the continued support from our
   turns, fixes an angry stare on a subordinate,                             auspice body, Multicultural Arts Victoria.
   and declares: “I'm desperate to free-up a bed tonight.”
                                                                             Authors: Janna Hilbrink and Lella Cariddi
   At dusk, swathed in gardenia scented sheets,
   the woman who crossed the ocean to preserve
   her marriage, moistens her pomegranate lips
   and holds court with inconsolable grand-children.
   Go home darlin
   Have nice sleep
   Me get better, you see.

MAV folio
                                                                    Joe Maselwa Malatji

              Joe Maselwa Malatji                                                                                                   Sutueal Althe
              Many people may know Joe as a professional musician with his band,
              Thula Sana. He is talented not only in music, but also in visual art.
                                                                                           What’s on
              Joe Maselwa Malatji was born in Mahlabatse near Thabazimbi in South          Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art
Visual Arts

              African 1952. In 1975 Joe went to Botswana as a refugee. When he
              received a scholarship to study motor mechanics in Nigeria from 1977
                                                                                           Feb 05, Mon - Fri: 11am - 5pm, Sat: 2 - 5pm
              for three years, he also shared his time with art studies. In this period,
                                                                                           RMIT Gallery RMIT Storey Hall, 344 Swanston st Ph: 9925 1717
              his talent began to manifest itself. Since 1979 Joe has exhibited his
                                                                                           The triennial tour includes work with reference to traditions such as bark painting
              works in Germany, Sweden, Holland and in the National Museum and
                                                                                           and fibrework as well as avant-garde painting and sculpture.
              Art Gallery of Gaborone.
              Joe uses many different materials and techniques in his art to               Anglo Indian Stories - A Passage From India
              communicate with his fellow beings. But his paintings are surely his         13 Feb Immigration Museum, 400 Flinders Street, Melbourne
              very personal way of doing African art.                                      10am -5pm daily Ph. 03 9927 2700
              Since his arrival in Australia in 1985, he has concentrated on his music     While this exhibition celebrates the more famous aspects of Anglo-Indian life - such
              as a new opportunity to express his cultural roots. He has recently taken    as curry and hockey - it also examines the complex issues faced by Anglo-Indians
              painting back into his life as it has always stayed close to his artistic    in Australia. Drawing on cultural artefacts, images and interactive audio-visual
              spirit. In 2003, he designed the concert program and the T-shirt for         material, the exhibition depicts a vivid portrait of the Anglo-Indian community in
              “Nongoma - The Melbourne Millennium Chorus” at Melbourne Concert             Australia.
              Hall organised by the Boite. He has been invited to exhibit his work at
              the State Museum of Pretoria in South Africa in September 2005. Joe          Printemps ÈTÈ - Akira Isogawa
              Malatji's powerful and warm paintings are expected to be exhibited           27 Mar, National Gallery of Victoria, Federation Square, corner of Russel and
              here in Australia in the near future.                                        Flinders streets, Mon - Sun: 10am - 5pm
                                                                                           Akira Isogawa is one of Australia's most distinctive and respected contemporary
              Belonging - Recent works by Sam Neves Kitoko                                 designers. This exhibition focused on the creative process that Isogawa embarked
                                                                                           upon over a five month period in the lead up to the presentation of his
              1 - 12 Feb 05, Tues - Fri: 11am -                                            spring/summer collection in Paris in October 2004.
              5pm, Sat: 12 - 4pm
              45 Downstairs, 45 Flinders Lane,
                                                                                           SILENT VOICES
                                                                                           An exhibition of works by Sutueal Bekele Althe and Joe Malatji
              Opening Tuesday 1 Feb 5 - 7pm
              Performance by Carlos Panguana                                               Presented by Multicultural Arts Victoria and the City of Manningham
              (Mozambique).                                                                At Manningham Gallery, Manningham Council Municipal Offices
                                                                                           699 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster, Victoria.
              We all have the desire to belong to a
                                                                                           15 Mar – 9 April 2005, Opening Wed 16 Mar 2005
              particular culture, religion, family, or
                                                                                           Gallery hours: Tues-Fri 11am-5pm, Sat 2pm-5pm
              to a certain region of the world. A
              sense of belonging enhances our                                              Featuring two internationally recognised artists never before exhibited in Australia,
              self-esteem, and allows us to feel                                           Joe Malatji, from South Africa, and Sutueal Althe, from Ethiopia, highlighting Cultural
              loved or attached to a certain group                                         Diversity Week (Mar 17 – 23). For information, call MAV 9417 6777.
              where we feel valued. Sam draws
              inspiration from the artefacts of the                                        Artholes Gallery presents Displacement
              ancient Kongo kingdom, dating back to the fourteenth century. His work       a group show of photography by four artists:
              is underpinned by a theme of reciprocity: the discovery of a new way of      ANNIE LYNCH, CONSTANCE LIAPIS, ROB YOUNG and CASSIE DUCKWORTH.
              life in a new society and the sharing that ensues.                           Opening Fri 4 Feb until Wed 16 Feb 2005.
              Sam Neves Kitoko was born in Mbanza Kongo in the northern tip of             Artholes gallery 114 Gertrude St. Fitzroy
              Angola, the youngest of four children of Pedro & Ana Diya Kitoko. He         Gallery hours Tuesday to Saturday 10-5
              spent his formative years in Kimpese, in southern Congo, where he was        Tel 9419 8727
              educated first by his brother, then at a Belgian Mission School. In 1984
              Sam was awarded a UN scholarship to complete tertiary studies in
              Australia. He has previously exhibited at Overlaps group exhibition at
              Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre, Preston, Melbourne, 2003; Solola
              at Barbukka, Fitzroy, Melbourne, 2003; Multiculturalism group show,
              Perth, WA 2000; Reconciliation day group show, University of Western
              Australia, 1999; and others.

                                                                                                                                            MAV folio
What else?
Professional artists recognised
The Australian Taxation Office has formally recognised professional artists,           South 2: The Journey
meaning they can claim tax deductions for materials. Tamara Winikoff, the              Residencies and Networks - Laying foundations for cultural exchange
executive director of the National Association for the Visual Arts, which              In 2005 the South Project is focused on developing residencies and collaborative
spearheaded the campaign, said the ruling affected artists, writers, performers,       exchange opportunities for the extensive network of artists and cultural workers
composers and choreographers.                                                          that has developed since the initiation of this project. The residencies are open to
                                                                                       arts and crafts practitioners from through out the southern hemisphere. For
"It's very important for artists across all mediums because for the first time they    details     see     the      residency        outlines      on     the      website:
have a leg to stand on with the tax office that they make the claims they do for a
very good reason," she said.
The ruling, which could affect at least 80,000 professional artists, would have        Saraswati arts Program
implications for insurance and benefits such as social security, she said.             The Australia Indonesia Institute, the Government's council for supporting people-
"Previously, claims were very much dependent on the interpretation of an               to-people links between the two countries, has teamed with Australia Council for
individual tax assessor or commissioner."                                              the first time to launch a new program to support more collaborative ventures for
                                                                                       artists in both countries. It provides up to $20,000 for up to 10 projects per
                                                                                       annum to organisations and individuals.
                                                                                       Enquiries: Bill Richardson, Director Australia Indonesia Institute on (02) 6261
What Are Melbourne's True Colours?                                                     3827
At Craft Victoria, we're thinking ahead to winter and the third annual Melbourne
Scarf Festival, which is set to colour Melbourne's Flinders Lane precinct from 30      Australian Photographic Portrait Prize 2005
June to 3 July, 2005.                                                                  The Art Gallery of New South Wales invites photographers to submit works in
The theme of this year's Festival is True Colours. Master classes, demonstrations      competition for the Citigroup Private Bank. Australian Photographic Portrait Prize,
and in-gallery forum discussions will focus on tribalism and the different ways in     to be awarded to the best photographic portrait as determined by the judges. The
which colours can be worn to proclaim allegiances. Festival favourite, the Scarf       Prize winner will be announced at the same time as the Archibald, Wynne and
Lane Market and exhibition, will offer the usual visual and tactile feast of diverse   Sulman prizes on Friday 29 April 2005 and the exhibition held in conjunction with
textures and techniques, as well as the opportunity to explore the relationship        the Archibald Prize.
between colour and personality. What are the tribes of Melbourne? How are they         Info:
represented through colour?                                                            email or call: (02) 9225 1700

As we program the 2005 Melbourne Scarf Festival, we'd love to hear your                Spark - mentoring program
suggestions. The call for expressions of interest for makers wishing to submit
                                                                                       Spark is a national program that supports young and emerging artists to develop
scarves for the Scarf Lane Market will be circulated at the beginning of March,
                                                                                       a mentoring partnership with a professional artist of their choice. Through support
                                                                                       from Australia Council's Theatre and Dance Boards, Spark is open to young
The Melbourne Scarf Festival is a “knowledge at hand” event which is part of           theatre artists and young community dance artists and artsworkers from
Craft Victoria's package of tangible programs.                                         anywhere in Australia.
Please direct all enquiries and suggestions to Anna MacDonald at                       Application close: 28 Feb, Info: (07) 3252 5115, or (03) 9650 7775. Visit                email: web: www.

                                                        PENTEKOSTARION - Prayer Bells
                                                                                         well as appropriate consultation with project partners in the development process.

Funding Rounds due:                                                                      1. Project Grants for organisations and individuals, up to $15,000 is available for
                                                                                         projects involving professional artists in a project that has a public outcome in the
Arts Victoria                                                                            community in which it is based.
Arts Innovation program Applications close 1 April 2005                                  2. Assisted Grants for organisations only, up to $5,000 and the assistance of a RAV
Creative Companies for companies operating on a financial year calendar                  staff member for organisations that have not had any previous success in applying
Applications close 15 Mar 2005                                                           to the regional arts fund.
Creative Enterprises for companies operating on a financial year calendar                3. Regional Cultural Partnerships for organisations only, up to $30,000 is available
Applications close 15 Mar 2005                                                           for the development of long term partnerships between RAV, Arts Victoria and the
Artists in Community Applications close 15 Feb 2005                                      Applicant. Details of this fund will be available from 1 December 2004.
Community Liaison Officers and Professionals in Residence Applications close             4. Quick Response for individuals and organisations, up to $1,500 for small-scale
15 Mar 2005                                                                              cultural development and arts initiatives, and up to $1,000 for professional
Creative Community Partnerships Applications close 15 Feb 2005                           development in regional Victoria. Applications may be lodged at anytime. Decisions
Local Festivals Applications close 15 Feb 2005                                           will be made within 48 hours and notified within 5 working days of receipt of
Public Art Galleries Applications close 11 April 2005                                    applications.
International program Applications close 15 Mar 2005 for projects commencing             See
from 1 June '05
Music For The Future Contemporary Music Sector Development and
                                                                                         Emerge Yarra Cultural Network is for cultural groups and artists from
Contemporary Music Recording Application close 15 Mar 2005
                                                                                         emerging communities from all over Melbourne to find out about opportunities and
                                                                                         to continue their cultural heritage in Melbourne's wider multicultural community. The
Australia Council                                                                        next meeting is on Tues 15 Feb 6.30pm-9.30pm at Yarra Community Youth Centre,
It has just been determined that the Community Cultural Development Board                156 Napier St Fitzroy.                    Enquiries: Anita 9417 6777 or
will offer part of the normal grants program for the first half of 2005. The following
categories will be available for community cultural development projects:
Closing Date: 1 April 2005
> Ros Bower Award
                                                                                         “not just for art's sake”
> Young Leaders Award                                                                    Community Arts Working and Thinking Conference Fri 4 Mar, St Kilda Town
> Partners Award                                                                         Hall 9am-5pm. A conference to explore and develop community art as a conduit to
Closing Date: 15 April 2005                                                              creating ownership for all members of our community. Including discussions on
> Skills and Arts Development                                                            different media and performances, exhibitions and special guest Arnold Zable. For
> New Work                                                                               more info call Kate Daddo 9534 0777/0424 102 592.
> Fellowships
At this stage, information about how the applications will be assessed and by            Mentor Program:
whom is not available. Information about grants and grant categories. In the             SPARK is a national program that supports young and emerging artists to develop
second half of the year is also not available at this stage. The Australia Council       a mentoring partnership with a professional artist of their choice. Through SPARK,
will be releasing a 6 month handbook covering information on grants from all             young artists will get money to work on their own creative projects, as well as
Boards. This will be available on-line by mid-end of February and in hard copy by        support, training and advice to fast-track an emerging career in the arts. In 2005,
March. It has also been decided that the CCDB staff will continue with advocacy          through support from Australia Council's Theatre Board and Dance Board, SPARK is
travel in early 2005. In summary, CCDB staff will be hosting information sessions        open to young theatre artists and young community dance artists and artsworkers
and conducting meetings in the following locations around Australia:                     from anywhere in Australia. For more information and application form go to
Victoria                                                                        or call YAQ on 07 3252 5115 or email
> 21 February -Bairnsdale                                                                Application closed: 28 Feb 2005
> 22 February -Melbourne                                                                 SPARK is the Australia Council's national mentoring program for young artists in
> 24 February -Warrnambool                                                               theatre and community dance. It is managed by Youth Arts Qld and is a part of the
Full details, including times and venues will be available from CCDB Staff within        Australian Government's Young and Emerging Artists' Initiative.
10 days and on the Australia Council website This information
does not supercede the proposed dissolution of the Community Cultural
Development Board, the formation of a Key Organisations unit and other recently
slated changes which remain part of the restructure plans. There is information
about the proposed restructure available on the Ozco website.

Regional Arts Victoria Fund Grants
Applications Close: Mon 7 Mar
The Regional Arts Fund (RAF) is an initiative of the Australian Government,
supporting the arts in regional, rural and remote Australia. The Regional Arts Fund
is designed to support arts and cultural projects that offer long-term impact,
sustainability and skills development opportunities. The Fund has been created to
support arts projects that demonstrate partnerships between professional artists,
arts & cultural groups, businesses, local government and the wider community.
Projects must demonstrate how they contribute to the development of the arts as
                                                                                                                                                                             Folio Editorial Team
In 2005 Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) will continue to produce                            will be showcasing two visual artists in a                                     Editor and Chief Jill Morgan
and support high quality, well-profiled artistic practice and advocate                        joint exhibition Silent Voices at the City of                                  Sub-Editors
for systemic change to ensure the development of increased                                    Manningham gallery. The exhibition will                                        Music Jill Morgan
multicultural arts content and infrastructure.                                                show the works of South African born Joe                                       Dance Tony Yap
                                                                                              Malatji and Ethiopian born Sutueal Bekele                                      Visual Arts Naomi Ota
Our 2005 program follows on from a remarkable December program
                                                                                              Althe, who have never exhibited in                                             Word Angela Costi
which included the successful, Unidos Human Rights Concert at
                                                                                              Australia. The work of both artists is
BMW Edge and Unidos Exhibition at Space 39 and Eureka 150
                                                                                              dynamic and the exhibition will run from
workshops program in Ballarat, Emerge project, CALD consultations                                                                                                            Multicultural Arts Victoria Staff
                                                                                              March 15th - April 9th.
and Round Table held at the Arts Centre.
                                                                                                                                                                             Executive Officer Jill Morgan
                                                                                              On March 23, MAV will be working in partnership with Antipodes
The Round Table was part of a state wide needs analysis undertaken                                                                                                           Finance Officer Anna Luzza
                                                                                              Festival to present Pentekostarion (Prayer Bells) produced by Ihos
by MAV in close partnership with the Victorian Multicultural                                                                                                                 Admin Officer Elda Koro/Miriam Abud
                                                                                              Opera Theatre. Pentekostarion was first commissioned by Jonathon
Commission (VMC). Nine consultations were held across                                                                                                                        Project Officer Anita Larkin
                                                                                              Mills as part of the Federation Festival in 2001 and is now touring
metropolitan and regional Victoria in 2004. All consultations                                                                                                                kultour SW/C Jane Carew-Reid
                                                                                              as part of kultour, the national touring program dedicated to touring
stimulated lively and constructive discussion and were well attended                                                                                                         Graphic Design Tony Yap
                                                                                              quality multicultural arts.
by a broad cross section of the multicultural arts and wider
community. The final stage of the analysis was a Round Table held                             Emerge the Yarra Cultural Network project is continuing in 2005.               Multicultural Arts Victoria
at the Arts Centre held on December 14th on Arts in a Multicultural                           This is a significant project that is bringing together artists from new       Fitzroy Town Hall
Victoria.                                                                                     and emerging communities to create a framework to ensure new                   201 Napier St Fitzroy
                                                                                              pathways for artists from these communities. We have held one                  PO Box 2179 Fitzroy DC 3065
The Round Table was attended by 45 prominent Victorians including
                                                                                              consultation in December and the next consultation is on Feb. 15th.
representatives from the Arts industry, Arts Victoria, education,                                                                                                            P 9417 6777
                                                                                              Ring Anita at MAV for more details.
business and corporate sectors, representatives from Senator Rod                                                                                                             F 9416 3342
Kemp's, Mary Delahunty's, John Pandazopoulos', Murray                                         This year MAV again will be assisting the Ethnic Communities'                  E
Thompson's office, Bruce Mildenhall and Hong Lim from the                                     Council of Victoria to present three concerts for the Victorian Seniors        W
Victorian Parliament, Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria,                                 Festival held on March 15, 16 & 17. These concerts are funded by
Victorian Office of Multicultural Affairs, DIMIA, ABAF, Victorian Major                       ANZ and the Department of Human Services. The ANZ Concerts are
Events, Department of Victorian Communities, AMES, Australian                                 a great opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge the contribution
Multicultural Foundation, Commonwealth Games, VicHealth, MAV                                  made by the mentors in our community.
Board members and the Australia Council.
                                                                                              On Sunday March 20 (Harmony Day) MAV has been funded by the
There was recognition through the Round Table and the community                               City of Yarra and the Victorian Multicultural Commission to present
consultation process that barriers do exist for our culturally and                            Black Harmony on the banks of the Yarra at Fairfield Park. Black
linguistically diverse (CALD) artists and communities. This currently                         Harmony will uniquely bring together indigenous and non-indigenous
influences both the level of participation of CALD Victorians in the                          black cultures. Artists and elders from the Aboriginal and emerging
arts as well as the ability of cultural institutions, companies and                           African communities will work in partnership to present a
organisations to distribute resources and offer opportunities to CALD                         professional concert program which will include the young in their
communities and artists.                                                                      communities to promote on Harmony Day to the local and wider
                                                                                              community, that racism in any form is unacceptable.
This community research and needs analysis will help to facilitate
participation for culturally and linguistically diverse artists,                              The harmony concert will be free, so pack a picnic and join us at
communities and audiences and it demonstrates that MAV in                                     Fairfield Park to say No to Racism!
partnership with the VMC are key leaders in improving access to the
                                                                                              MAV would like to congratulate Tony Yap and his artistic team
Arts for all Victorians.
                                                                                              (Maddie, Tim Ben and Simon) who are currently in Malaysia
MAV strongly supports diversity in the arts and works in partnership                          collaborating with RiverGrass Dance Theatre through the support of
with many artists and communities in realising their dreams; Sam                              Arts Victoria. RiverGrass Dance Theatre is a progressive dance
Neves Kitoko will be holding his first solo exhibition in Melbourne at                        company that ventures to the roots of cultures to seek its
45 downstairs at 45 Flinders Lane in the City. The exhibition titled                          contributions to contemporary Asian arts. MAV looks forward to the
Belonging will be opened by Hass Dellal on Feb 1 so if you are in                             artistic outcome of this collaboration which will be performed at the
the City, please drop in to the gallery to see some fine work from                            My Dance Festival in Malaysia later in the year.
one of MAV's up and coming artists.

In March, Victoria will celebrate DIVERSITY WEEK (17-23 March). As                                                                                          Jill Morgan
part of Diversity Week in March, MAV with the support of the VMC,                                                                                      Executive Officer
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