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					Copycat Restaurant Recipes - How To Make Your
Favorite Restaurant Dishes at Home

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant and thought, wow what a great meal? Well, how
would you like to be able to make that same food in the comfort of your own home?
Many of the popular things people eat at the most popular restuarants are surprisingly
easy to make. You just need the copycat restaurant recipes.

When you know how to make your favorite restaurant food, you can not only save the
expense from buying it all the time, but also you can eat it whenever you want without
rushing out to the restaurant. Of course, you can also amaze your friends and family
when you whip up dishes they all though you could only get by eating out.

Whether you enjoy Mexican food, Italian food, Chinese food, or even traditional
American cuisine, you can get your hands on your favorite copycat restaurant recipes
and start making them tonight.

Imagine having the secret recipes for such crowd pleasers as Applebee's Santa Fe
Chicken Salad or Cheesecake Factory's Chicken Madeira, or even Olive Garden's
Capellini Pomodoro.

And it's not just main entrees you can make.

You can also fire up sauces, desserts, and even the most famous drinks and cocktails.
From winners like Emeril's Southwest Seasoning and Outback's Steak Marinade to Red
Lobster's Chocolate Lava Cakes and Ruby Tuesday's Apple Pie. And for drinks you can
make Sonic's Cranberry Limeade, Tony Roma's Chocolate Martini, and even McDonald's
Iced Coffee.

Okay, so it sounds great to be able to make these awesome copycat restaurant recipes
in your own home, but how and where do you find them?

It's actually quite easy thanks to Chef Tom. He is a master at breaking down and
decoding everyone's favorite restaurant dishes, and creating easy to follow recipes to
recreate them in your own home.

In fact, he's actually put an entire book together with all those favorites (over 300 of
them) from the top restaurants and restaurant chains.

To get all the recipes for yourself, get the FREE Guide: Copycat Restaurant - Discover
How To Make Your Favorite Restaurant Recipes at Home! Visit

Tom J. Brady

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