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The Shee


									                                                International, Innovative, Inspiring

                                                   The Shee
                                                         Stage Plan

                                         Shona                                 SM58- Vocals
                                         XLR- Fiddle                           and Viola
                                                                               Tall boom
                                                                               XLR- Fiddle
                 Lillias                                                                                   Two XLR
                 SM58- Flute                                                                               –
                 Tall boom                                                                                 Accordion
                                                                                                           R hand
                                                                                                           and L hand

                                            Mix                                      Mix 3

  Laura                                                                                                                 Rachel
  SM58- Vocals                                                                                                          SM58- Vocals
  Tall boom                                                                                                             Tall boom
  XLR -                                                Space for clog dancer.                                           2 DI - Harp
  Mandolin                     Mix 1                   Must be:
                                                       1x1m space minimum                          Mix 4
                                                       In front of the monitors.
                                                       Free from wires.
                                                       Suitable to dance on.

                                                       A microphone will be need
                                                       for all outdoor venues and
                                                       some larger indoor stages.


                                                       Channel List
Channel           Instrument            Line/Mic                    FX etc             Stands
    1                Vocals               SM58                        -                Tall Boom   With regards to the sound, The Shee
    2               Mandolin              XLR                 48 volts/phantom              -      would like an equal level between all
    3                 Flute               SM58                        -                Tall Boom   of the instruments and vocals i.e.
    4                Fiddle               XLR                 48 volts/phantom              -      everyone has an equal role.
    5            Vocals and viola         SM58                        -                Tall Boom
    6                Fiddle               XLR                 48 volts/phantom              -      The bass end of the band is shared
    7             Accordion RH            XLR                         -                     -      between the harp and the accordion.
    8             Accordion LH            XLR                 48 volts/phantom              -
                                                                                                   There is often some feed-back on the
    9                Vocals               SM58                        -                Tall Boom
                                                                                                   fiddles and is usually around
   10                 Harp                2 DIs                       -                     -
   11                Clogs          Any appropriate mic               -                     -

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