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  Volume38, No2                            Unity and Strength                      December 2010

                                                        to “help” our elected politicos, news and print
                                                        media, and the general public with a better
                                                        understanding of what we do and what it will
                                                        take to educate the future leaders of society.
                                                        During this time of economic downturn the
               Mel’s Thoughts                           state-and nation-should be investing in public
                                                        schools and higher education systems instead
With four months of the school year almost
                                                        of blaming and destroying them. We-Half
completed I know you’re all ready for a well
                                                        Hollow Hills T.A. and NYSUT- will continue to
deserved vacation. I hope that you have had a
                                                        do everything possible to curtail these cuts and
good beginning, although as we all know, a
                                                        preserve our programs and positions. Our
career in education today is increasingly
                                                        District has also been supportive of all of us
challenging and certainly exhausting. The
                                                        and it is because of this continued cooperation
rewards certainly outweigh the trials and
                                                        that I remain cautiously optimistic that we will
tribulations that we face on a daily basis
                                                        be able to, at the very least, minimize the
however there are more and more obstacles
                                                        damage. Our Vote/Cope dollars continue to be
constantly thrown at us to make our
                                                        put to good use as we try and protect and
professional lives more complex. The media
                                                        preserve the excellence in education that we
brands us as the enemy and it gets wearisome
                                                        are noted for. Our children and parents-as well
after awhile. Everyone seems to be an “expert”
                                                        as us- demand quality education and I strongly
at what we do-except us- and it is a constant
                                                        believe that somehow we will prevail.
source of frustration. We will survive but at
what cost? When we see the New York City
                                                        Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season,
public school system being led by a non-
                                                        and, as always, if there is anything the Union
educator we have to conclude that educating
                                                        can do for you please don’t hesitate to ask.
the students is not really the top priority of our
                                                                              by Mel A. Stern, President
elected officials. Albany remains as
dysfunctional as ever as they continually
reward the richest in our society with tax
breaks, estate loopholes and corporate rebates
while the middle class try to survive by paying
more than their fair share but receiving less!
Governor-elect Cuomo hasn’t even begun his
term, yet he speaks of decimating school
budgets with tax caps, diminishment of state
aid for education and the ruination of our
pension system. Enough! Our schools should
be the top priority in this country and we need

          Know Your Benefits                                Individual                            $505.76
          By Dick Lee, Trust Fund Administrator             Employee w/one dependent              $854.09
                                                            Employee w/multiple dependents        $1,385.24
For those members who participate in the Flex
Plan its time to get your receipts together for          Each Enrollee’s maximum is $2,000 worth of
reimbursement. Although you have ninety days             general dentistry services and an extra $600 for
(90) after January 1st to submit your receipts for       orthodontic or periodontal work. The
2010, it’s better to do it earlier than waiting for      participants total yearly cost for this benefit is:
the last minute. If there’s an error in your
paperwork it can be corrected before the final              Individual                            $126.44
deadline for filing arrives. Remember, if you               Employee w/one dependent              $213.52
don’t file in a timely manner you risk losing the           Employee w/multiple dependents        $346.31
money you put aside for medical and/or child
care services.                                                            REMI DER!!!
A new 403b Field Guide will be available in
                                                         To be sure your union benefit information
January from NYSUT Member Benefits Trust.
                                                         and coverage’s are correct you MUST notify
It covers all of the different types of 403(b)
                                                         OUR office (631) 499-4240 if you have a
plans available to you, including the various
                                                         name change, and address change, and added
features, fees and benefits of each. Your free
                                                         dependent, a deleted dependent or a change
copy will be available in January from the
                                                         in beneficiary. Just notifying the District of
website or you
                                                         these changes is OT sufficient to make the
can request a copy directly from Member
                                                         proper adjustments to your union benefits
Benefits at 800-626-8101.
                                                         and coverage’s ie: Dental, Life Insurance,
NYSUT is also hosting a free Financial                   and Excess Major Medical/Vision coverage’s.
Planning Workshop on Wednesday, January 12th
from 4 to 6 p.m. at the NYSUT Suffolk
Regional office, 150 Vanderbilt Motor Parkway,
Suite #306, Hauppague, NY 11788. This two
hour workshop outlines the process from                 KNOW YOUR CONTRACT (Teachers)
beginning to end, covering the five key areas of
financial planning; cash management, and risk         Article 16
management, savings, retirement and estate            Leaves: Sick Leave/Personal leave (with
planning. For reservations to this free workshop      compensation) p.14-15
contact Deb Conerty at (800) 626-8101 ext
1233 or by e-mail at          A. 2 Tenured teachers shall be granted 13 sick
                                                      leave days per year….non-tenured teachers shall
As of January 1, 2011, the per participant            be granted 12 sick days per year…
maximum for General Dentistry will increase
from $1,850 to $2,000 per year. The
                                                      B.1 Tenured teachers shall be granted three
H.H.H.T.A. administers the Dental Plan for
                                                      days of personal leave per year without financial
District teachers, administrators, and
                                                      loss…..non-tenured teachers shall be granted two
management confidential personnel. Eighty
                                                      personal leave days per year without financial
percent (80%) of the premiums for the Dental
                                                      loss…….(see section B1 a,b,c,d and C 1 and 2 for
Plan are subsidized by the District. Unlike the
                                                      conditions that must be met)
Health Insurance, there is no waiver payment for
non participants in the Dental Plan. Therefore,
                                                      D. Additional leave shall be granted,
if you are not part of our program you are giving
                                                      noncumulative, for a maximum of five days per
back to the District the following amounts:
                                                      year in the event of death of spouse, child, parent,
                                                      parent in law, sibling, grandchild, or grandparent
                     SRP Day                                          DID YOU K OW?
November 16th was SRP Day and each school in our         NYSUT Social Services helps NYSUT members
district celebrated. Some had breakfast, some served     and their families struggling with such issues as
lunch and one served cake. Dr Karnilow posted a          physical illness, financial and mental health
letter to say, “Thank You for all you do.” Whatever      problems. They spend time with callers, sorting
your school did to celebrate the SRP Day, we             through the problems and providing referrals when
appreciate it. On behalf of all of the                   needed. As social workers, they know how to listen
paraprofessionals we would like to say, “Thank           and provide support. They have a broad scope of
You.”                                                    knowledge and extensive referral resources. All
                                                         services provided are strictly confidential.
Half Hollow Hills Paraprofessional Unit received a
Recognition of Dedicated Services Certificate from       NYSUT Social Services can be contacted by calling
NYSUT.                                                   800-342-9810, ext. 6206 or e-mailing
                                                Also, visit
As you are reading this article, the holidays are upon   and click on “Social Services” under “Resources”
us and that means that the year 2010 is almost over,     for information.
and 2011 is only a few weeks away. As you all
know our contract ends in June of 2011.
Remember that we are facing a difficult and critical
time for everyone. This is a time to stand together
and to support each other. If you have any
suggestions or comments regarding our negotiations
please send them to Shirley Cooke, in writing, to the
TA Office. I welcome your input.
                                                                        Union Happy Hour
            Happy Holidays to All!                          Hold the date: Friday, January 28th at Kodiaks
             By Shirley Cooke,Paraprofessional Rep          on 110. Details after the Holiday’s.

                                                                       H.H.H.T.A. Website
                Congratulations To
                                                            We have updated our website with valuable
                                                            information such as forms to download,
                                                            discounts, credits to “exchange” etc. Please
                                                            check it frequently:

   William Ulrich from Candlewood on the
   birth of Riley Katherine – born 11/24
   weight 7 pounds 9 ounces.
                                                                     H.H.H.T.A. Communicator
   Lynn Berke from Candlewood on the                            6268 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 10
   birth of Lilly Ariana – born in November                        Commack, NY 11725-2810
                                                                   499-4240 / 499-1676 FAX
                                                              Mel A. Stern/Gordon Hodgson, Editors
                                                               Cathy Rossello / Karen Fulep, Staff

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