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  Issue 31 April 2001

                    The magazine of the Department of Land Administration

Aerial photography
SkyView puts WA
in the picture

New industry hatches
along coast

Taking WA maps to
the world
                                                  COVER STORY – Putting WA in the picture
                                                    DOLA launches SkyView WA .........................................3
                                                  New industry hatches along coastline
    Message from the                                Planning for more aquaculture sites ............................5
     Chief Executive                              Getaway guide to south coast
Recently I attended a function                      New touring map hits the stands..................................7
where it was refreshing to hear a
company executive openly admit to                 Making the most of aerial photography
living on the “edge of chaos”
                                                   The best places to mow .................................................8
She said that after having read a
book about managing business,                     Tackling Kimberley fire management
and life generally, on the edge of
                                                    Satellite expert called in...............................................10
chaos, she felt reassured that it is
possible not just to survive – but
                                                  DOLA’s Business Activity Profile
                                                   The third quarter of 2000-2001 .............................. 11/12
As long as you have a goal it
shouldn’t matter if you spend most
of the journey to get there slightly
off course. The main thing is to
arrive at your destination.                                Access the key to
As the speaker has an immensely
successful ecommerce business,
there’s no doubt she is tracking
                                           Efficient land administration is an essential   New products are
It makes one consider the business         tool for a thriving economy.                    progressively
of the future, with a workforce                                                            being added to
driven by a new set of values.             In Western Australia we sometimes               the Department’s virtual shopfront
Certainly the old paradigm of              take our land administration system for and this month it will
remaining in one organisation for          granted.                                        launch SkyView WA, making its vast mosaic
                                                                                           of aerial photography available over the
life has long gone.
                                           However, it is a system that has been           Internet.
At DOLA we are soon to commence            one of the best in the world since last
                                                                                           Our aim is for most of WA’s land information
on a leadership program to find our        century.
                                                                                           to be created, stored, updated, distributed
leaders of tomorrow. Successful                                                            and paid for entirely online.
employees of tomorrow will be              We can proudly say we have not rested on
                                           our laurels but have continued to develop       With modern security systems in place to
focussed, flexible, responsive,
                                           our system so that in many areas we con-        protect the integrity of the data, anyone at
resilient, balanced and full of vitality   tinue to set international benchmarks.          any time, will be able to use our information
and they need leadership to suit.                                                          if they have access to the Internet.
For organisations like ours which          The Department of Land Administration
                                           (DOLA) leads this charge and has now            Community access to land information will
are managing business in the new                                                           continue to be the key to DOLA’s service
millennium, the rapid rate of change       embraced the challenges of new technol-
                                           ogy to emerge as a key player for the           provision in the future.
in technology alone is quite a
                                           Government in the field of ecommerce.           The professionalism, commitment and
                                                                                           creativity of the staff of DOLA is an asset to
The land information industry with         While land administration is still pivotal      our community and a real demonstration
its reliance on new technologies           to its day to day business, increasingly        of the value of public service.
is typical of a constantly evolving        DOLA’s future lies in providing informa-
                                           tion about land, particularly through the       Alannah MacTiernan
business environment.                                                                      Minister for Planning and Infrastructure
The challenge for us today is to
embrace the notion of change.
                                             Landmarks is available in alternative formats.
We have to find that edge between
structure and chaos that allows us           Landmarks is published quarterly by the Department of Land Administration
to be innovative and creative while          (DOLA), Western Australia, Midland Square, Midland, Western Australia. PO Box
maintaining the discipline to focus          2222 Midland, 6936. Telephone (08) 9273 7373.
on daily delivery of our services to
the public.
                                             Editorial enquiries: (08) 9273 7561
GRAHAME SEARLE                               Subscription and advertising enquiries: 9273 7566

    Internet revolutionises
    distribution of spatial
    imagery      Cover story
                                                                                    “SkyView joins
I t is no secret that the Internet has
  irreversibly changed the face of
information delivery.
                                            can be purchased and down-
                                            loaded immediately.
                                                                                    thousands of
                                                                                    individually rectified
                                            Larger images will be written to        aerial photographs in
Recognising that technology is revolu-      CD then sent to the customer,           seamless mosaics
tionising the way we do business, the       while those over 600 megabytes
Department of Land Administration has                                               covering large areas of
                                            will be priced on availability.
moved quickly to employ the Internet                                                Western Australia.  ”
as an alternative method of distributing    Mr Campbell said DOLA was one
spatial imagery to both the general         of four worldwide organisations to
public and its own employees.               be approached by Earth Resource
                                            Mapping in late 1999 to pilot the
In May it will launch SkyView WA,           revolutionary Image Web Server.       cision-scanned the imagery and
enabling images previously too large                                              then, using ER Mapper, mosaiced,
for viewing over the Internet to be         “Like most other organisations,
                                                                                  colour-balanced and orthorectified
downloaded from its ecommerce site          DOLA had traditionally served
                                                                                  the files.
Land Online.                                imagery to its clients via
                                            CD-ROM,  ”    Mr     Campbell         Using ECW compression, the
Land Database Manager Ian Campbell          explained.                            imagery was reduced to two images
said SkyView joined thousands of                                                  with 0.4 metre resolution.Each
individually rectified aerial photographs   “However, this method was inef-
                                                                                  image was around 15GBs, making
in seamless mosaics covering large                                    ”
                                            ficient and time-consuming.
                                                                                  them more manageable.
areas of the State.
                                            DOLA collaborated with Earth
                                                                                  The same process was applied to
Clients will be able to pan and zoom        Resource Mapping’s technical
                                                                                  seven 1.2m resolution grey-scale
over the imagery to view, select and        team to incorporate the Image
                                                                                  mosaics of the South West and
purchase any portion of the image.          Web Server into its existing sys-
                                                                                  satellite images covering the entire
                                            tems and launch a new product
The cost of the image will be displayed                                           2.5 million square kilometres of WA
                                            called SkyView WA.
and, if under the three megabyte limit,                                           at a resolution of 100m.
                                            Initially, DOLA vigorously tested
                                                                                  Mr Campbell said SkyView was a
                                            the pilot site by serving imagery
                                                                                  user-friendly website. It grouped
                                            internally. The Department also
                                                                                  imagery in three categories:
                                            served imagery from computers
                                            at its front desk, giving customers    • High Resolution – 0.4/0.5m pixel
                                            access via these workstations.           colour metropolitan and country
                                                                                     town mosaics
                                            To expand the website for full
                                            public use, DOLA initially focused     • Low Resolution – 1.0/1.2 m
                                            on the Perth metropolitan area,          colour and greyscale imagery of
                                            capturing 3300 high-resolution           the State’s agricultural areas
                                            frames. Uncompressed, this
                                            imagery totalled 650GB.                • Satellite Imagery –100-metre
Land Database Manager Ian Campbell and                                               pixel colour statewide mosaic
DOLA Web Administrator Lori Polkinghorn     DOLA designed a batch process
prepare for the launch of SkyView WA.       to handle the large blocks of         For more information telephone Mr
                                            image, DEM and control. It pre-       Campbell on 9273 7162.

Resources pooled for
aquaculture projects

         Commercial aquaculture sites have been
         established at Bremer Bay and Wyndham
         and others are planned for Albany and the
         Dampier Peninsula.

                                                                                 Expressions of Interest were called
                                                                                 for the Albany proposal and submis-
                                                                                 sions sought from interested par-
           “Potential to boost the State’s                                       ties.

           export earnings as well as                                            Mr Raven said DOLA had responded
                                                                                 to the increased interest in aqua-
           regional employment and                                               culture by streamlining its proc-
                                                                                 esses within its Land Administration
           development.  ”                                                       Services branch.

                                                                                 Regional teams worked in consulta-
                                                                                 tion with all major Government
                                                                                 agencies on each proposal.

                                                                                 They also received widespread sup-
                                                                                 port from local government, which

A  n exciting new industry
   is hatching along Western
Australia’s coastline.
                                      Not only will the production of fish
                                      through aquaculture reduce pres-
                                      sure on WA’s wild stocks, it also has
                                                                                 saw many benefits from this kind
                                                                                 of industry, particularly in relation
                                                                                 to local employment and develop-
                                      significant potential to boost the         ment.
Commercial aquaculture sites have     State’s export earnings as well as
already been established through-     regional employment and develop-           Mr Raven said DOLA was part of
out the State, including Bremer Bay   ment.                                      a working group now working on
and Wyndham, and plans for several                                               plans for several aquaculture farms
more are nearing fruition.            The latest site to be finalised is near    in the State’s north.
                                      Albany, where approximately 9ha
As administrator of the State’s       next to the old whaling station on         This group is investigating areas
Crown land, the Department of         King George Sound will be used to          of Crown land, along the Dampier
Land Administration is working        farm abalone for overseas export.          Peninsula north of Broome, which
in conjunction with Fisheries WA                                                 could be used for black tiger prawn
to lay the foundations for several    Land Administration Services               and barramundi farming.
aquaculture sites across the State.   Project Officer Murray Raven said
                                                                                 He said Aboriginal communities
                                                                                 were using most of this land, and
                                                                                 many of them had expressed inter-
                                                                                 est in being involved in aquaculture

                                                                                 “With private sector backing, we
                                                                                 hope to establish several joint
                                                                                 ventures with Aboriginal communi-
                                                                                 ties that will lead to a sustainable
                                                                                 local industry, Mr Raven said.

                                                                                 Fisheries WA Pearling and Aquacul-
                                                                                 ture Acting Program Manager Tina
                                                                                 Thorne said aquaculture was seen
                                                                                 as the only way to increase WA’s
                                                                                 production of fish, as wild stocks
                                      The production of abalone (above and       were already being harvested at a
                                      centre) and prawns (below) through         sustainable level.
                                      aquaculture will reduce pressure on WA’s
                                      wild stocks and boost the State’s export   She said aquaculture projects were
                                      earnings.                                  already operating throughout WA
                                                                                 and included a diverse range of
                                                                                 enterprises operating in both tropi-
                                                                                 cal and temperate regions.

                                                                                 Principal land-based activities
                                                                                 included the production of freshwa-
                                                                                 ter crayfish, freshwater and marine
                                                                                 finfish and algae for the production
                                                                                 of beta-carotene.

Leading the way in geospatial
W     estern Australia is leading
      the country when it comes
to sharing geospatial information
                                         Its new SmartPlan system makes
                                         it easier to access cadastral infor-
                                         mation and enables agencies to
                                                                                    and Australia Post. There is also a
                                                                                    lot of interest from national rural
                                                                                    groups. ”
with utility providers.                  retrieve electronic data directly from
                                         DOLA’s system.                             Through the WA Land Information
Department of Land Administration                                                   System, DOLA is working towards
Land Information Services Director       “Because the cadastre is dynamic           common data models to allow
Henry Houghton says while other          and changes all the time, agencies         geospatial data to be easily
states are struggling to establish       like Western Power, Alinta Gas             shared.
coherent procedures, WA’s system         and the Valuer General’s office use
meets all the criteria identified at     this system to regularly update            With open standards, DOLA
recent Geospatial Information and                                                   believes it will be much more flex-
Technology Association (gita) work-                                                 ible.
shops in Sydney and Melbourne.
                                            “DOLA works hard                        Mr Houghton says the sale of public
                                                                                    utilities often results in a dissemina-
These include:                              to ensure up-to-                        tion of land information which may
 • Providing utilities with a               date information is                     be used for commercial gain.
   common and timely source of                       ”
                                            available.                              He is working with regulatory
   digital cadastre and address
                                                                                    bodies to ensure that, if this occurs
                                                                                    in WA, public information remains
 • A common method of sharing            their own databases,” says Mr              freely available.
   geospatial data for the industry      Houghton.
                                                                                     “We want to avoid these utilities
 • Securing public data from             “This saves them having to conduct         being able to charge for information
   private ownership prior to the        their own research. Some of them           that was formerly available at no
   sale of utilities                     are now starting to build specific             ”
                                                                                    cost, says Mr Houghton.
                                         systems that will easily link with
 • Guaranteed security and liability                                                “It is also important to ensure that
   of data sharing                                                                  people’s privacy is not invaded, and
                                         Mr Houghton says DOLA has up-              the data is not abused or on-sold.”
Mr Houghton says the workshops           to-date property street address
examined the need for spatial infor-     information, maintained with direct
mation sharing in the utilities indus-   input from local government.
try, with participants from many
NSW and Victorian agencies.              It also led a national team to
                                         develop an Australian stand-
The feedback from gita’s confer-         ard for geocoded property
ences clearly demonstrated that          street address data.
the requirements of the user com-
munity in the eastern states, par-       This is currently being con-
ticularly utilities, were not being      sidered by Standards Aus-
considered in the development of         tralia to be adopted as a
major Government policies.               national standard.

However, Mr Houghton says WA             “The aim is to build a
is well-positioned in comparison to      national property street
the other states.                                        ”
                                         address database, says Mr
DOLA works hard to avoid unneces-                                         Land Information Services Director Henry
                                         “We have support from            Houghton says DOLA provides up-to-date
sary duplication and ensure up-to-
                                         agencies such as Telstra         information to WA’s utilities and works tirelessly to
date information is available.
                                                                          avoid duplication.

Getaway guide to WA’s
south coast
O    nce in a while we all need to       parks, picnic spots, lookouts, boat     lists the features in each town, from
     escape the hustle and bustle        ramps, scenic drives and historical     public telephones to hotels.  ”
of everyday life.                        features.
                                                                                 For the first time, the map also fea-
Western Australia’s Lower Great          “It includes relevant warning notes     tures useful website addresses for
Southern region is the perfect place     such as swimming and fishing            local tourist information centres, the
for a peaceful getaway.                  restrictions and a facilities guide     WA Tourism Commission, CALM
                                                                                 and DOLA.
Stretching from Walpole in the west
to Waychinicup National Park in
the east, it features national parks,
steep mountain ranges, majestic
native forests, spectacular coastal
scenery and enchanting networks
of streams, rivers and inlets.

To ensure you don’t miss any of
the best sites on your next trip, the
Department of Land Administra-
tion this month released a new
StreetSmart touring map highlight-
ing the best spots in this wonderful
                                          Holiday maps online
Geographic Information Manager
Ron Vincent said the colourful new
map replaces two publications
                                         W    estern Australia’s acclaimed
                                              series of touring maps is
                                         now available online.
                                                                                 “Overseas travellers can pre-plan
                                                                                 their journey to ensure they don’t
                                                                                 miss any of the best sites.
covering the South and Rainbow
coasts.                                  Produced by the Department of           DOLA’s best-selling map features
                                         Land Administration, the maps           WA’s South West corner, covering
Compiled in conjunction with the                                                 the winery region of Augusta, Mar-
                                         cover all of WA’s popular holiday
Department of Conservation and                                                   garet River, Dunsborough and Bus-
                                         regions, from as far north as the
Land Management, it includes lots                                                selton.
                                         Kimberley and south to Esperance.
of interesting historical facts to
whet the traveller’s appetite.           DOLA Chief Executive Allan Skinner      Other regions covered by the maps
                                         says the maps are available for         include the Kimberley, Pilbara, Gas-
Major towns such as Albany, Den-                                                 coyne Coast, Mid-West, Southern
                                         instant download for a small fee
mark, Mt Barker and Walpole are                                                  Forests, Batavia Coast, Greater
                                         from –
enlarged to ensure you don’t miss                                                South West, Goldfields-Esperance
                                         DOLA’s virtual shopfront.
any of the popular attractions,                                                  and the South West Corner.
such as the Scotsdale tourist drive,     “Not only does this make the maps
Denmark Timber Heritage Trail and        cheaper and more accessible to          Mr Skinner says in line with its com-
Bibbulman Track.                         tourists, it also boosts WA’s profile   prehensive ecommerce strategy,
                                         in the global marketplace, says Mr
                                                                   ”             DOLA plans to offer more digital
Colourful pictures of Bluff Knoll,                                               land products over the Internet.
the Treetop Walk, The Gap and
the blowholes highlight the kind
of impressive scenery the Lower
Great Southern is famous for.

“This map directs you to some of
WA’s most beautiful landscapes,”
Mr Vincent said.

“It displays all the information tour-
ists might need such as caravan

Customer solutions: A new way
of mowing
T  he list of possible uses
   for aerial photography is
                                       the images were compiled using
                                       existing high-resolution imagery
                                       extracted from DOLA’s existing
                                                                              The new images, which will form
                                                                              part of the contract documents,
                                                                              will allow exact calculations of the
                                       Perth metropolitan mosaic.             areas to be mown.
It provides key data for town and
infrastructure planning and is used    This mosaic was produced from          “The mowing contractors will be
by farmers, pastoralists, miners and   1:20,000 colour aerial photography     able to look at the different areas
local authorities.                     acquired in January 2000.              and determine what method of
                                                                              mowing is required, Mr Ioppolo
It is also used in construction, to    “We overlaid cadastral boundaries
monitor coastal erosion and even by    to accurately define the extent of
police when conducting searches        the school sites and contours to       “By using the colour guide they will
and other similar operations.          indicate the nature of the terrain     know where they need to pick up
                                       and help the contractors decide        the clippings and where they can
Aerial imagery also forms the basis    what type of equipment to use,   ”     be dropped. Areas shaded orange
of much of our mapping.                Mr Abbott said.                        are semi-cultivated and only need
But there are many other ways                                                                             ”
                                                                              attention a few times a year.
                                       “We then mapped the position and
this valuable information can be       calculated the area of the different   Mr Ioppolo said EDWA also hoped
applied.                               zones to be mowed.                     to use the images for other pur-
The Department of Land Administra-                                            poses, such as general planning
                                       “These images are high-resolution
tion recently produced customised                                             and asset management.
                                       and have accurate geographical
digital maps of about 400 schools      coordinates. In GIS format, they       It may also use them to manage the
in Perth’s metropolitan area for the   also have several layers, so you can   use of its transportable buildings.
Education Department.                  choose to see only one or two sets
                                       of information at a time or view the   DOLA’s aerial photography library
Provided on CD-ROM in PDF
                                       whole image. ”                         dates back to the early 1950s.
format, these images will be used
to streamline EDWA’s lawnmow-          EDWA Property Services Officer         All regions are continually updated
ing program and its tender proce-      Tony Ioppolo said the Department       every one to 10 years at different
dures.                                 used to provide prospective tender-    rates of scale, based on a schedule
                                       ers with not-to-scale sketches of      prepared by the Western Australian
DOLA Land Database Mainte-
                                       each school illustrating the areas     Land Information System (WALIS)
nance Supervisor Garry Abbott said
                                       requiring maintenance.                 council.

                                                                              The metropolitan area is revised
                                                                              annually, so EDWA has the option
                                                                              to regularly update this imagery.

                                                                              DOLA produced customised digital maps
                                                                              of about 400 Perth schools for EDWA,
                                                                              highlighting the different lawn
                                                                              maintenance zones.

Focusing on WA townsites
T   he Department of Land              Mr Wharton said the 2001-2002           “For example, this financial year the
    Administration’s     aerial        program would also focus on WA’s        Water Corporation asked for new
photography program will turn          marine areas, as WALIS was keen to                           ”
                                                                               imagery of Broome, he said.
its attention to WA’s townsites        capture the whole coast from Wyn-
                                                                               “What they didn’t realise was we
next financial year.                   dham in the north to the South Aus-
                                                                               had covered this area the year
                                       tralian border in colour at 1:50,000.
As part of an ongoing commitment                                               before and this was sufficient for
to update its aerial photography       Five areas had been given priority      their needs. This probably saved
database, DOLA will launch a revi-     - Kalbarri to Lancelin, Margaret                                    ”
                                                                               them in the order of $22,000.
sion of all townsites with popula-     River to Albany, Lancelin to Two
tions exceeding 2000.                  Rocks, Bunbury to Margaret River
                                       and Dampier to Onslow.
Each town will be captured from
both overhead and oblique angles.      “Initially we will just be looking to
                                       create a basic set of images, Mr”
Air Survey Coordinator Alan Whar-      Wharton said.
ton says this is the first time DOLA
has implemented an ongoing revi-       “From this we hope to go a bit
sion program of the State’s town-      further by looking at features such
sites.                                 as islands and reefs which will help
                                       us identify things like seagrasses,
“Until recently they have been         marine parks and areas of high
captured haphazardly at different      erosion.”
rates of scale, he said.
                                       Mr Wharton said as coordinator of
“The new images will be photo-         the aerial photography program,
graphed at 1:10,000 and in full        DOLA carefully checked all requests
colour.                                to avoid duplication.
“Those with a population of 2000       Not only did this save clients thou-
to 10,000 will be revised every five   sands of dollars, it also made better
years or so, while those more than     use of existing imagery.                An oblique view of Busselton from
10,000 will be flown every three                                               DOLA’s extensive collection of aerial
years.                                                                         imagery.
                                                                               Inset: Operations inside the aircraft.
“Our aim is to create orthophotos
from these images which we can
sell and make available via our

“We also hope to make the oblique
shots available in digital format on
CD-ROM.  ”

Mr Wharton said aerial photography
was used for a wide range of pur-
poses, including town planning,
conversation, road management
and tourism.

DOLA’s annual program cost
$960,000. The majority of this was
spent on the general revision sched-
ule while the remainder was allo-
cated to special projects for mem-
bers of the Western Australian
Land Information System (WALIS)

Experts tackle Kimberley fire
                                                                              projects in other states and from
A  n increasing number of fires
   in the Kimberley over recent
years has prompted united
                                      The group is charged with assess-
                                      ing the accuracy of the fire affected
                                      area data mapped from satellite
                                                                              the land itself.

                                                                              Ms Raisbeck-Brown’s job involves
community action.                     imagery. It also assesses biomass       verifying and improving the Fire
                                      fuel accumulation for different         Affected Area (FAA) maps produced
With funding from the Natural         vegetation types.                       by SRSS using satellite imagery.
Heritage Trust, representatives
from several organisations have       Natalie Raisbeck-Brown from the         She said as these maps were used
joined forces to form the Kimber-     Department of Land Administra-          extensively as management tools,
ley Regional Fire Management          tion’s Satellite Remote Sensing         it was important to validate the
Project.                              Services is one of the people           data.
                                      employed to work on the project.
The aim of this project is to docu-                                           Ms Raisbeck-Brown is also work-
ment and demonstrate good fire        A Geographic Information Systems        ing to make satellite products
management practices, work with       analyst with a background in biol-      more accessible to the general
Aboriginal landowners to record       ogy, satellite image processing and     community.
traditional knowledge about fire      computer mapping, Ms Raisbeck-
management, document the conse-       Brown said the number of fires          A management committee com-
quences of the current fire regime    in the Kimberley had increased dra-     prising major local stakeholders
and develop a fire history for the    matically over the past 10 years.       oversees the KRFMP  .
                                           “This change in the fire regime    DOLA is a member of the project’s
                                           is potentially changing the        technical advisory committee,
                                           landscape, she said.
                                                     ”                        which comprises people from
                                                                              both Government and non-Govern-
                                           “It is important to get on the     ment organisations with knowledge
                                           ground and find out what the       about fire, people, plants, animals,
                                           situation really is. There is      satellite imagery and land in the
                                           a wealth of information out        Kimberley.
                                           there for us to collect, from
                                           the Aboriginal land owners,        More information on the KRFMP
                                           related Government depart-         can be found at:
                                           ments, similar savanna fire

Pastoralists encouraged to diversify
T   he Pastoral Lands Board and
    Agriculture WA have joined
forces to raise awareness of
                                       • Sowing non-indigenous pasture
                                         which may include sale of
                                                                              “It has become increasingly dif-
                                                                              ficult to manage pastoral leases as
                                                                              ecologically sustainable and eco-
business diversification among         • Agricultural       production        nomically viable businesses purely
the State’s pastoralists.                reasonably related to the                                          ”
                                                                              through the grazing of stock, Mr
They have developed an information       pastoral use of the land;            Baulch said.
kit outlining the types of permit      • Pastoral-based tourism such          “Business diversification provides
activities available and including       as station-stay accommodation        the opportunity to increase busi-
the necessary application forms,         and tours; and                       ness viability and reduce the pres-
clearance requirements and contact                                            sure on natural resources.”
details.                               • Keeping     and/or  selling
                                         prohibited stock such as             The application package will be sent
Permit options include:                  domesticated goats.                  to all pastoralists in the next few
 • Clearing land to promote the       PLB Manager Russell Baulch said         weeks. It will also be available in
   growth of indigenous pasture;      there were 494 pastoral stations in     hard copy and via DOLA’s website
                                      WA covered by 543 leases.               at

Business              DOLA’s complete Business
                      Activity Profile is available at
profile   March and the Third
          Quarter of the
          2000/2001 Financial

          March 2001
          There were several substantial rises and falls across business
          levels during the month. The average daily document
          lodgement figure (1,273) was more than 5 per cent higher
          than the previous month (1,205). There were 7,174 transfer
          documents lodged, which was more than 26 per cent higher
          than February (5,677). Average daily title searches for March
          (3,318) decreased by nearly 6 per cent from February (3,523).
          There was a substantial 47 per cent decrease in the number of
          subdivisional lots created in March (561) compared to February
          (1,066). The number of strata lots created (743) was more than
          68 per cent higher than the previous month (441).

          Third Quarter of the 2000/2001 Financial Year (compared
          to the same period in 1999/2000)
           • Average daily document lodgements totalled 3,570 – 10 per
             cent lower than last year (3,960).

           • A total of 18,473 transfer documents were lodged - 12 per
             cent lower than last year (20,938).

           • Average daily title searches totalled 15,027 – similar to last
             year (15,616)

           • A total of 4,055 new lots were created - 16 per cent less
             than last year (4,819).
Average daily document lodgements (Including                                                                                                                      1600
Transfers, Mortgages, and Discharge of Mortgages)                                                                                                                 1400
The average daily document lodgement for March 2001 was 1,273 documents                                                                                           1000
per day, an increase of 5.6 per cent from February (1,205), but 8 per cent                                                                                         800
lower than March 2000 (1,386).                                                                                                                                     600

  9900                                                                                                                       Monthly transfer
  8800                                                                                                                       lodgements
  6600                                                                                                                       The number of transfers lodged
  5500                                                                                                                       for March 2001 totalled 7174. This was a 26.4 per cent increase on the previous
  4400                                                                                                                       month (5,677), but an 11.8 per cent decrease from March 2000 (8,138). There
                                                                                                                             were 1,969 transfer documents lodged in the $0 - $85,000 consideration price
  1100                                                                                                                       range, with the majority of transfers (2,185) in the $120,001 - $200,000
     0                                                                                                                       range. The total transfer consideration for the month was $1.3 billion. The

                                                                                                                             number of mortgages lodged for March totalled 7     ,949 and amounted to $1.9
                                                                                                                             billion. For detailed table of monthly transfer lodgements see DOLA website
                                                                                                                   , under Products and Services/Publications.


Average daily searches (Finding and obtaining a copy                                                                                                               4200
of a statutory document                                                                                                                                            3000
Average daily searches (all types) for March 2001 (5,153) decreased                                                                                                1800
by 3.2% from the previous month (5,325) and 2.3% from March 2000                                                                                                   1200
(5,274). Average daily title searches (3,318) decreased by 5.8% from                                                                                                600
February (3,523) but was similar to March 2000 (3336).
1800                                                                                                                         Number of subdivision lots
                                                                                                                             There were 256 Freehold Survey Deposited Plans lodged during
1200                                                                                                                         March 2001, creating 561 subdivisional lots. This was a 47.4 per
1000                                                                                                                         cent decrease from February (1,066) and 58.7 per cent from March
 800                                                                                                                         2000 (1,325).      It was the lowest figure since February 1992 (559).
                                                                                                                             The title ‘Freehold Survey Deposited Plans’ has replaced the previous wording
                                                                                                                             of ‘plans and diagrams’.

Number of strata title lots
During March, 173 strata plans were lodged, creating 743 strata lots. This                                                                                       1200
was an increase of 68.5 per cent from the previous month (441) and 19.8 per
cent from March 2000 (620). It was the highest number of strata title lots                                                                                        840
created since June 2000 (1,003).                                                                                                                                  720
Number of new lots (New lots created by
Freehold Survey Deposited Plans or by Strata                                                                        3000
Plan. Includes existing lots that are extinguished                                                                  2400
but not subtracted)                                                                                                 2100
A total of 1,304 new lots were created during March, which represented                                              1500
a 13.5 per cent decrease from the previous month (1,507) and 33 per                                                 1200
cent from March 2000 (1,945).                                                                                        900
 10                                                                                                                    0

                                                                                    Time to register a
  6                                                                                 transaction against
  5                                                                                 a certificate of title
                                                                                    (Target – 75 per cent of documents within 5.2 days)
  2                                                                                 During March 2001, the number of days to register a transaction against
  1                                                                                 a Certificate of Title was 6.5 days. The year-to-date average is currently
  0                                                                                 5.52 days.









Time to register a certificate of title for large                                                                           7
subdivisions (Target - 5 days)                                                                                              6
The time to register a Certificate of Title over large subdivisions averaged 6.5
days, which exceeds the performance target of 5 days.









Government land sales overview
In March, DOLA sold 21 lots in country areas for $722,622. Four lots were
sold in Nangeenan for storage and seven in Onslow for residential. Other sales
occurred in Swan, Leake, Harvey, Esperance, Bremer Bay, Ledge Point, Wyalkatchem, Neridup and Kukerin. A further
11 residential lots in Green Head were under offer. Details of re-released lots are available from DOLA’s website.
Customers can obtain details of lots for sale by contacting the following regional teams: Kimberley 9168 0255, South
East 9273 7419, Pilbara 9273 7234, South West 9791 0834 or Midwest 9273 7290. For detailed table of Crown land
sales see the DOLA website.

Customer solution: vegetation growth
W     hen Agriculture WA needed
      to illustrate the effects of
three poor seasons on the State’s
                                                                                   used to support AgWA’s application
                                                                                   to the Federal Government for
                                                                                                                                 record low temperatures in 1998,
                                                                                                                                 when the mercury dipped to below
                                                                                   Exceptional Circumstances fund-               freezing for more than 10 hours.
farmers, the Department of Land                                                    ing.                                          Temperature drops like this were
Administration was top of its
                                                                                                                                 previously unheard of.
contact list.                                                                      This submission secured more than
                                                                                   $30 million to assist farmers from            “While the average crop loss was
DOLA’s Satellite Remote Sensing                                                    the southeast Wheatbelt through to            approximately 30 per cent, some of
Services produced satellite maps                                                   WA’s central south coast.                     the worst affected farmers reported
for the Department showing land
                                                                                                                                 losing up to 90 per cent, he said.
surface temperatures in 1998 and                                                   AGWEST’s James Hamersley said
1999.                                                                              DOLA’s frost maps confirmed

It also supplied images comparing
vegetation growth in 1999 and
2000, illustrating the effects of last
year’s severe drought.

Along with information from the
Australian Wheat Board, Bureau
of Meteorology and Cooperative
Bulk Handling, these products were

NT tracks their flood
damage                                  “It enabled objective documenta-
                                        tion of what was happening.

                                        Mr Dance said the NT Department

T  he Northern Territory is still
   mopping up after a record
wet season.
                                        was a regular client of DOLA.

                                         This image of the Northern Territory’s
As unprecedented levels of rainfall
                                         Brunette Downs was compiled using
pelted the “top end” from Decem-
                                         satellite imagery taken on January 7. The
ber to February, a state of emer-
                                         light blue areas indicate where flooding
gency was declared in parts of the
Victoria River district and mass
evacuations were organised.

The Royal Australian Air Force was
called in to fly food and power
generation equipment to flooded
                                        New titles system
towns. Lakes overflowed and live-
stock were stranded.

Getting out to the flood sites was
                                        better for business
impossible by vehicle, but keeping
tabs on the damage was made pos-
                                        A    s the Department of Land
                                             A d m i n i s t r a t i o n’s
                                        SmartRegister project picks up
                                                                                     which endorsements were still
sible with data from the Department                                                  Mr Copeland also applauded DOLA
                                        speed, it appears those affected
of Land Administration’s Satellite                                                   for establishing Internet access
                                        by the move to a digital land titles
Remote Sensing Services.                                                             to its Customer Remote Search
                                        system are taking it all in their
                                        stride.                                      system.
DOLA provided the NT’s Depart-
ment of Primary Industry and Fisher-    Registration Ser vices Manager               “Under the old system we had to
ies with regular images from the        Ian Hyde said the feedback from              make a long distance call every
NOAA-AVHRR satellite.                   professionals in the survey and                                              ”
                                                                                     time we needed to order a search,
                                        conveyancing industries had been             he said.
This information was used to moni-
tor water movement and keep pas-        extremely encouraging.
                                                                                     “Using the Internet will make it
toralists advised of possible trouble   “As part of the SmartRegister rollout                                   ”
                                                                                     cheaper, easier and quicker.
spots. It was particularly useful       we have been holding industr y
for city-based pastoral company                                                      SmartRegister involves capturing
                                        briefing sessions in both the met-
offices.                                                                             860,000 of the State’s land titles in
                                        ropolitan and regional areas, Mr
                                                                                     electronic format.
                                        Hyde said.
NT Rangeland manager Rik Dance
says the rainfall in many places was    “Almost everybody has been very              The project was launched in Decem-
the highest recorded in over 100        positive about the move to a digital         ber 2000 and is on target to be
years.                                  land titles system.                          completed by mid-2002.

One of the worst affected areas         “Everyone is very supportive of the          Strata titles were the first to be
was the Barkly Tableland, which         direction we are taking and there            converted to electronic format but
comprises heavy clay soils and          are no fundamental objections to             DOLA is now also targeting green
drains internally into a series of      the reforms being implemented to             freehold titles.
lakes.                                                   ”
                                        achieve our goals.
                                                                                     “This project will also take DOLA
“To keep ahead of the situation we      Busselton Conveyancing Services              one step closer to electronic con-
needed real-time overhead views         Licensee/Director Tony Copeland,                       ”
                                                                                     veyancing, Mr Hyde said.
of the land, says Mr Dance.
           ”                            who has been in the business for
                                        20 years, said the digitisation of           “Our aim is to replace the current
“SRSS provided this information         land titles was definitely a step in         multi-step paper process with a
in less than 24 hours, enabling us      the right direction.                                              ”
                                                                                     single online process.
to not only visualise the damage,
but also to measure the flooding in     Creating one single current docu-
terms of square kilometres.             ment made it much easier to see

Green light for west Midland name
T   he    Geographic     Names
    Committee has approved a
new locality of Woodbridge in the
City of Swan.
Although officially called Midland,
the area affected by the change
was known as west Midland for
many years.
It is bounded to the east by Mor-
rison and Amherst Roads and
includes the land on which Guild-
ford Grammar Preparatory School              The existing Woodbridge homestead was built for Charles Harper in 1885.
GNC Secretary and Department of
Land Administration names expert
Brian Goodchild said the name
Woodbridge was historically linked      Title searching on the Net
to the area.
“In 1829, Governor Stirling took up
country stretching from Guildford
                                        C  ustomers are switching to
                                           the Department of Land
                                        Administration’s new Internet
                                                                                  “The Internet system is also more
                                                                                  user-friendly than the existing dial-up
                                                                                  option. Its clearer colour screen
townsite in the west to Blackboy        search facility.                          and easier keystroke programming
Hill in the east, and from Swan                                                   greatly improves ease of opera-
River in the north to Helena River      Previously   DOLA’s    Customer               ”
in the south in 1829, Mr Goodchild
                    ”                   Remote Search facility was only
                                        available electronically using a          Mr Glasson said CRS customers
                                        direct modem connection with the          could search and order copies of
“He named this area Woodbridge                                                    titles, surveys and documents such
after his wife’s family property near                                             as transfers, mortgages and cave-
Guildford in Surrey, England. ”         However, with a PC, a DOLA Cus-           ats.
Mr Goodchild said Governor Stir-        tomer Accounting System (CAS)             They could also access free DOLA
ling’s original cottage was replaced    account and an Internet connection,       information such as the Power of
by the existing Woodbridge home-        customers from around the world           Attorney Index, Dealing Progress,
stead in the late 1800s.                can now get the latest land tenure        Issuing and Duplicate Title Produc-
                                        information from the Department’s         tion information, avoiding the need
This building still remains and is
                                        mainframe network.                        to call the Department’s Progress
owned by the National Trust of
Australia.                                                                        Section.
                                        Customer Services Manager Dave
Mr Goodchild said the name change       Glasson said DOLA’s Customer              CRS access is available between
was clearly supported by residents      Remote Search was used to                 7am and 6pm weekdays and all
of the 124ha area, who compiled a       remotely access land title, survey        transactions are automatically deb-
comprehensive submission outlin-        and other land information.               ited to customers’ CAS accounts.
ing the history of the estate. Swan                                               For more information on how to set
City Council also backed the move.      “The Internet ser vice provides
                                                                                  up a DOLA account, become a new
                                        increased flexibility to both new and
“The local authority has already                                                  CRS customer or switch to the
                                        current users as they can remain
recognised the significance of the                                                new Internet access option, phone
                                        connected to their Internet Service
area, Mr Goodchild said.
    ”                                                                             the Land Enquiry Centre on 9273
                                        Provider and visit other sites at the
“In conjunction with local residents,                                             7341.
                                        same time, he said.
it has developed a conservation                                                   Alternatively, you can download
policy to ensure its historical char-   “It will save them a substantial          CAS and CRS application forms from
acter is retained.
                 ”                      amount of money in dial-up costs, (go to Prod-
Mr Goodchild said Woodbridge            particularly when accessing the           ucts & Services/Title Search and
would feature in this year’s Street-    system from regional, interstate or       Registration/Land Title Searches/
Smart directory.                        overseas locations.                       Customer Remote Search).

         ve i
   n g Li 1!
Goi y 200

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