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									                                      Anglican News
                                                                                                                                                               Vol 27Page 1
      July 2010
                                                                             Anglican News                                                                      No 6
                                     The Newspaper of the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn
 3800 copies every month                                                                                                                                            FREE

Renewal, refreshment at Spirit ‘10
from Batemans Bay par-
    “They came to be renewed,
enthused and refreshed at the
Spirit ‘10 Conference, and we un-
derstand all were well satisfied,”
reported Archdeacon Ian Lambert
and Reverend Colin Walters, the
convenors of the conference in
Batemans Bay.
    Batemans Bay Anglican
Church held its Spirit 10 Confer-
ence on Friday 21 and Saturday
22 May 2010, and concluded the
weekend with a church service
at 10am on Pentecost Sunday
23 May 2010 which was led by
Bishop Stuart Robinson.
    Almost 200 people attended
the conference and took advan-
tage of the great teaching, the
abundant ministry time, the dy-
namic worship and workshops
on prayer, healing and leadership.
    People attending the confer-
ence came from Canberra, Mer-
imbula, Harden-Murrumburah,
Narooma, Temora, Holbrook,
Goulburn, Taralga, Sydney, as
well as local churches in Bate-
mans Bay.
    Feedback from conference
delegates included: “I have been
to many conferences but this
one was the best, because of the      TEACHING: The auditorium at Batemans Bay High School
worship, prayer, and fullness of      provided a great venue for the Spirit ‘10 Conference, which
God’s love and presence, and          included strong teaching on the nature and work of the Holy
what a wonderful experience           Spirit as well as some powerful experiences of healing.
to pray and be prayed for – for
personal need and strength to do
things for God.”                      Canberra commented ‘Most con-        tions for ministry in the Holy
    Other comments pointed to         ferences I go are full of young      Spirit and the Faith Key, John
the amazing presence of God –         people – it was so good to see the   Saddington who heads up Alpha
‘an amazing weekend of healing        old people having an experience      Ministries spoke on the Love Key
and empowering’; ‘a wonderful         of God too!’                         and Ali Mileto a Youth and Chil-
experience from an 82 year old’;          Speakers for the conference      dren’s Minister from St Aiden’s
‘a brilliant God-led and inspired     included; Tim Giovanelli from        Longueville, (Sydney) spoke on
conference, great, awesome,           the Northside PM Baptist Church      the Grace Key.                     CLOSURE: Bishop Stuart Robinson opened the conference
fantastic, inspiring, wonderful,      at Crows Nest in Sydney who                                             on Friday evening and led the closing worship session in the
WOW!’. One 20 year old from           spoke on the biblical founda-          (continued on page 2)            Batemans Bays Anglican Church of the Ascension.

also in this
                                                                                                                                                Preparing for
     Closer Tri-Dio                                                            General Synod                                                   Back to Church
  Anglicare links ... page 3                                                   preview ... page 5                                              Sunday ... page 6
Page 2
                                                                            Anglican News                                                                                    July 2010

                                                                          THE DEAN’S COLUMN

To the Father, through the Son and in the Spirit
     Is the Trinity a doctrine to be     of God, week by week and at           worship and mission. The more           the world and make disciples of
swallowed whole without ques-            times of celebration.                 our community reflects the              all nations, baptising them in the    Dean
tion if one wishes to be a proper            And this is why we baptise        community of the Trinity, the           name of the Father and of the Son
Christian?                               in the name of the Trinity. As a      more fruitful the response will be.     and of the Holy Spirit...             Phillip
     Is it an early                                      baptising com-           Peter speaks of this, we are             We are baptised into that
church concept                                           munity we bring       being built into a holy temple for      Trinity. Martin Luther says that      Saunders
which is no long-                                        others by God’s       God to dwell in, and it is to this      when he was struggling with evil
er relevant?                                             grace into that       mission of creating community to        the only thing which helped was
     Is it a com-                                        community. Not        which Jesus calls us in the Great       to cry out, I have been baptised!
plex hypoth-                                             just “joining the     Commission.                                 He understood that baptism in        To the Father, through the
esis drawing on                                          club” but partic-        The very nature of our in-           the threefold name is at the very     Son, in the Spirit. Thanks be
Greek philosoph-                                         ipating together      volvement with the Trinity is           heart of our identity as disciples    to God.
ical forms?                                              in the Spirit -       missional.                              of Christ.
     Well, yes and                                       like sharing the                                                  As we reflect on our practice         Phillip Saunders
no.                                                      wedding cake,                                                 of baptism, and on our life as a         Dean of Canberra and Goul-
     For example,                                        this experience                                               Community of the baptised, we         burn.
God as Trinity is                                        reflects our hu-        The community of                       need to be communicating to the
essential to our                                         man desire for                                                world around us what the Father       1.
                                                                                                                                                                  Sydney Morning Herald, June
understanding of                                         c o m m u n i t y.       the Trinity is an                    has spoken to us through the Son           17, A question of faith.
who Jesus is. In                                         Even modern           overwhelming love                       and in the Spirit.
our creeds, the early church re-         evolutionary biologists and psy-      which we can mere-                      What has all this to do
sponded to the issues that people        chologists are seeing religion as       ly glimpse in our
                                                                                                                       with us?
raised about Jesus, who he is and        the binding force in community1.      best relationships.                      Do you know the date of your
what he is.
                                         The Trinity is community                                                        baptism? Do you celebrate
     But I think it is better to start       The longing all human beings                                                that momentous event in your
in a different place.                    have for connection with others                                                 Christian life? Do you regu-
     The concept of the Trinity          is a reflection of the community                                                 larly look at how you are living      The newspaper of the
actually comes out of the experi-        without barriers which is part of                                               out your baptism promises?             Anglican Diocese of
ence of the apostles and the early       the nature of God. In that com-                                                Is the nurturing of Christian        Canberra and Goulburn
church, particularly in prayer.          munity we are known completely        The Trinity is mission.
                                                                                  The Father sends, the Son is           community at the centre of your
They knew God as one; they               and loved unconditionally with                                                  call to mission?                     Editor: Lewis Hitchick
met Jesus and in him saw God;            an intensity that we cannot bear      sent, the Spirit is sent,. This send-                                          Address: PO Box 23
                                                                               ing is mirrored in the Great Com-        Is your experience of the life of
they experienced the Spirit and          in this life, but which is part of                                              prayer embedded in the Holy          Bathurst
understood the Spirit in terms of        the very character of God.            mission at the end of Matthew’s
                                                                                                                         Trinity?                             NSW 2795
Jesus’ promise.                               It is an overwhelming love       Gospel. This calls us to go into all
     Paul reminded the Galatians         which we can merely glimpse in                                                                                       Phone: (02) 6331 1722
... because you are (God’s) chil-        our best relationships. This is the                                                                                  0427 373 446
dren, God has sent the Spirit of         community at the heart of God                                                                                        Email:
his Son into your hearts, crying,
‘Abba! Father!’
                                         and revealed in Jesus’ love for us.
                                         So building Christian community               Clergy moves and                                                       a n g l i c a n . n e w s
     Our very life as followers of       is not an add-on - it brings us to
Christ is an experience of the           the centre of God’s life.                                                                                            Advertising:
Trinity.                                     How will the world know that                                                                                     enquiries to the editor
     Like the early church, we ex-       we are Christ’s disciples?
perience the Trinity in a relational         Jesus tells us in John’s Gos-       The Reverend Michael Armstrong, currently Associate                         Deadlines:
way. So, our prayer lives need to        pel: By this everyone will know          Priest at St Paul’s, Manuka, has been appointed as Rector                   Editorial & advertising
be grounded in the experience            that you are my disciples, if you        of Wagga Wagga and will be Inducted into that role on 13                    12th of the month prior to
of the Trinity; in our personal          have love for one another.’              September 2010.                                                             publication.
prayer, in our faith sharing groups          This is key to effective
in all our gathering as the People                                                                                                                            Anglican News is print-
                                         evangelism, Christian education,        The Reverend Michael Farragher, currently Rector of the                     ed by Regional Printers
                                                                                   parish of Temora, has been appointed as Rector of the
                                                                                                                                                              of Dubbo, NSW. Post
                                                                                   parish of Ainslie.
                                                                                                                                                              Print Publication No.

Spirit ‘10 conference                                                            The Reverend Lisa Williamson has been appointed                             299436/00093
                                                                                  Priest-In-Charge (for first year and then Rector), Nambucca
                                                                                  Heads, Diocese of Grafton. Lisa will leave the Diocese                          Diocesan Offices
(continued from page 1)                      One musician told Glenn that         in early July and her Commissioning Service will be held                    Central Operations:
    Conference sessions were             God had been speaking to him             at Nambucca Heads on 13 July 2010 at 7.00pm. ALL                            Diocesan Registry
recorded and can be purchased            throughout the conference, while         WELCOME.                                                                    Jamieson House
through the Batemans Bay An-             another was convinced that God                                                                                       43 Constitution Ave, Reid,
glican Church for $20. (02 4472          had meant for him to be at this         The Church Missionary Society (CMS) have appointed                          ACT 2612
5822).                                   conference.                              the Reverend Dr Graham Simpson as their Canberra &
    “Pastors and representatives             A delegate from a small ru-          Goulburn representative.                                                    Postal Address:
from the other Christian churches        ral parish commented: “I have                                                                                        GPO Box 1981
in Batemans Bay were part of the         never experienced anything              Mrs Celia Irving has been appointed the Diocesan                            Canberra
conference adding further to the         like it, at least not with so many       Professional Standards Director, effective from 12 June                     ACT 2601
already strong alliance which            Anglicans. It has changed me             2010.                                                                       Phone: (02) 6248 0811
exists between the Christian             forever, I now feel equipped to                                                                                      Fax: (02) 6247 6829
churches in the town as part             meet all the challenges that are        Dr Justin Garrick, currently Deputy Head (Academic) at
of their combined churches               confronting our small rural par-         Wellington College in the UK, has been appointed Head of                    Anglican News is a mem-
initiative,” said Ian Lambert,           ish at the moment. I look forward        Canberra Grammar School commencing at the beginning                         ber of the Australian Reli-
Conference Leader.                       to Spirit 11.”                           of 2011.
                                                                                                                                                              gious Press Association.
    A dynamic team of Christian              “Batemans Bay Anglican
musicians, co-ordinated by Glenn         Church will run Spirit ‘11 from         There have been several new appointments for Cursillo
Seddon the Youth and Families            Friday 1 Apr –Sun 3 Apr 2011             recently – Ms Olga Blash and Mr Steve Daniels have been
Worker at the Batemans Bay An-           in Batemans Bay,” Ian Lambert            appointed co-Diocesan Lay Directors and the Reverend
glican Church, led the conference        said. We’re inviting interested          Doug Newman and the Reverend Connie Gerrity have
using a range of contemporary            people to reserve these dates in         been appointed co-Diocesan Spiritual Directors.
worship songs.                           their diaries.”
      July 2010
                                                                             Anglican News                                                                                       Page 3

                                                                            DIOCESAN NEWS

Closer Tri-Diocesan Anglicare links
    Representatives of Anglicare       area (which makes up about two-
Canberra& Goulburn met with            thirds of NSW).
their counterparts from the Dio-           A unified approach will also
ceses of Riverina and Bathurst         enhance Anglicare’s advocacy
in Young on June 2 to consider         role on behalf of disadvantaged
options for developing closer          groups and individuals.
cooperation between the three              While no specific joint pro-
welfare organisations.                 jects have been named yet, the
    The meeting was one of sev-        long-term goals will include
eral different ‘interest groups’       cross-border cooperation in ar-
meeting under the auspices of the      eas where one particular agency
Tri-Diocesan Commission.               already has expertise, and greater
    Executive Officer of Angli-         development of parish-based
care C&G Peter Sandeman rep-           welfare projects.
resented this diocese, with Lake           Anglicare C&G already oper-
Cargelligo priest Paul Kamasuka        ates an Out of Home Care agency
and Bishop Doug Stevens were           in Orange, in the Diocese of
there on behalf of Anglicare Riv-      Bathurst.
erina while Sue West, Julie Virtue         Other Tri-Diocesan interest
and Bishop Richard Hurford             groups meeting in Young on the
represented Anglicare Western          same day were the Mission and
NSW.                                   Evangelism Group and the Rural
    While the three agencies have      and Remote Ministry Group.
been meeting at Tri-Diocesan               Convenor of the Mission and
interest group gatherings for          Evangelism Group, Bishop Trevor
some years, all are now seeking        Edwards, said the main focus of
new ways to use their combined         discussion was on Back to Church
strength to provide more effec-        Sunday, which is being held in       AGREEMENT: Anglicare representatives from the Dioceses of Canberra-Goulburn, Riverina and
tive welfare services across their     this diocese on August 29.           Bathurst, and the respective Diocesan Bishops, have reached a broad agreement on greater levels
                                                                            of inter-diocesan cooperation and support in the future. Bishop Richard Hurford (Bathurst) Rev’d
                                                                            Paul Kumasaka (Riverina), Bishop Doug Stevens (Riverina), Julie Virtue (Bathurst), Sue West

Paul Collins to address
                                                                            (Bathurst) and Peter Sandeman (Anglicare Executive Officer, Canberra-Goulburn) took part in the
                                                                            tri-diocesan meeting.

Friends of St John’s
     A former Specialist Editor of
Religious Broadcasting with the
                                                                            Celia Irving appointed as new
                                                                            Professional Standards Director
ABC, The Rev’d Paul Collins,
will speak on ‘Communicating
the Message of Jesus in a World
of Spin’ at the next Friends of                                                 Bishop Stuart Robinson has       Diocese of Canberra and Goul-           territory legislation may impact
St John’s Service on Sunday 8th                                             announced the appointment of         burn on the ACT Safe Church             parish practice;
August, at 11.15am.                                                         Ms Celia Irving as Diocesan          Network and the Tri-Diocesan           would like assistance in report-
    Well known as a commentator                                             Professional Standards Director      Safe Church Interest Group,             ing concern about or allega-
on Catholicism and the papacy,                                              (PSD) for the Diocese of Can-        and has been part of the Dioc-          tions of abuse to a Statutory
Paul Collins also has a strong                                              berra and Goulburn.                  esan team of presenters who             Body and/or the Police;
interest in environmental and                                                   Celia Irving will take over      deliver Creating Safe Ministries       would like to notify the Diocese
population issues. Nowadays                                                 from Rick Mawdsley, who re-          workshops since 2002. She also          about an incident related to
he works as a freelance writer,                                             signed from the position earlier     develops the workshop materials         clergy or church workers;
speaker and broadcaster on en-                                              this year.                           and trains new presenters in this      would like access to mediation
vironmental issues, social ethics,                                              “Professional Standards is       Diocese.                                for a conflict in their parish or
theology, history and media.           SPEAKER: Paul Collins                about a holistic approach to safe         She has been worshipping at        ministry unit
    He said that at the ‘Friends’                                           church ministry,” Bishop Stuart      St James’, Holt, since moving to       had a grievance about clergy or
service he will focus on “the diffi-    will be speaking at will use the     said, “and the PSD oversees all      Canberra from Sydney in 1985,           church workers and would like
culty of proclaiming the Christian     1662 Book of Common Prayer.          aspects of prevention and re-        and is currently Rector’s Warden,       to make a complaint;
message in a post-modern world             “To the connoisseur, this form   sponse in the safe church area.”     Parish Council Chair and the Par-      had concerns that clergy or
where every ‘message’ is given         of service has great beauty – but        The new PSD has a back-          ish Safety Officer.                      church workers had breached
equal value and where the media        to those outside the church it is    ground in adult education span-           Bishop Stuart said that the        the Code of Good Practice and
drowns us in a never-ending and        almost incomprehensible,” he         ning 30 years, having specialised    PSD was the person to contact           would like to make a com-
confused flood of the trivial and       commented.                           in the areas of communication        if anyone:                              plaint;
significant, the relevant and the           Paul Collins has a Master’s      skills, duty of care, child pro-      had any questions about the Cre-     had a person of concern (a per-
banal, truths, half-truths and lies,   degree in theology (Th.M.) from      tection, safe practices and safe        ating Safe Ministries Aware-         son who has had an allegation
all cobbled together without the       Harvard University, and a Doc-       environments.                           ness and Refresher workshops         of or conviction for a sex of-
slightest discrimination between       torate in Philosophy (Ph.D)              She currently has contracts         or would like assistance in          fence) in their parish and would
what matters and what does not”.       in history from the Australian       with the National Council of            implementing any of the pro-         like assistance in developing
    He pointed out that at an even     National University (ANU), and       Churches in Australia as the            gram resources in their parish       support plans for them;
deeper level we are faced with         is a Fellow of Trinity College of    Training and Development Co-            or ministry unit;                   had experienced trauma in their
the prospect of proclaiming a          Music, London.                       ordinator for the Safe Church         would like to start a new min-        parish as a result of misconduct
Gospel which was first articulated          In March 2001 he resigned        Training Agreement, and St              istry program and would like         of clergy or church workers and
within a context very different to     from the active priestly ministry    Mark’s National Theological             clarification on any Diocesan         would like to access support to
our own.                               of the Catholic Church after 33      Centre as a Course Developer            or legislative recommendations       assist in the healing process for
    “No wonder attendance is           years service due to a doctrinal     and Trainer. She also has training      or requirements;                     their parish.
falling in the traditional Church-     dispute with the Vatican’s Con-      and development contracts with        had any questions about the Di-         Celia Irving can be contact-
es!” he said.                          gregation for the Doctrine of the    some other dioceses, denomina-          ocesan policies and procedures     ed on 0427 533 159, through
    To illustrate the cultural gap     Faith over his book Papal Power      tions, community organisations          related to the Safe Church area;   the Diocesan office on 6248
between the church and society,        (1997).                              and schools.                          had any questions about how         0811, or by email: celia.irving@
he pointed out that the service he                                              Celia Irving represents the         the various pieces of state or     anglicancg.org.au.
Page 4
                                                                         Anglican News                                                                           July 2010

                                                                        LETTERS & NEWS

Letters to the Editor                                                                                        St Mark’s student
                                                                                                             awarded CSU Medal
support                              Letters ...
                                       Anglican News readers are invited to respond to
    Dear Sir,                        articles and raise new issues of concern through the
    I want to express my thanks      ‘Letters’ column.
to Reverend Canon Mark                 Letters of 250 words of less will be given preference.
Cooper for his article on page         Long letters may be edited for reasons of clarity or
14 of the May issue of the           space. Name, address and a contact phone number
Anglican News about his experi-      (for verification) must be supplied. Letters will not
ences with the patients and their    normally be published without the author’s name.
feelings about discharge home.         Letters may be sent to:
    When reading the second-            The Editor
last paragraph, “I wish everyone        ANGLICAN NEWS
who left hospital had a support-        PO Box 23
ive family and friends to return
home to”, I was glad Mark had
                                        NSW 2795
highlighted this facet of a pa-
                                       E-mail letters to:
tient’s ongoing care.
    As a doctor working in an                                                                                CONGRATULATIONS: Director of St Marks National
Emergency Department and
                                                                                                             Theological Centre Professor Tom Frame (left) and Associate
mainly seeing patients on the
intake side of the equation, it                                                                              Professor David Neville (right) congratulate Susan Bridge on
makes me wonder whether our                                                                                  her achievement in being awarded the Charles Sturt University
                                    paradigm.                           being political about it, I would
society is in some cases only at-                                                                            Medal.
                                        Just because a force is be-     wish that our present Prime
tempting to treat the symptoms      yond our control and we don’t       Minister would take Sunday off.
of these illnesses and not being    like it, does not necessarily       This is only citing one example.     University Medal                        She has high praise for the
                                                                                                                                                 faculty of St Mark’s, both for
proactive in determining and        make that force evil. We can        There are, as with everything,       winner has high                     their efforts to make distance
addressing root causes, as say
for example, we are in attempt-
                                    pray, beg, supplicate till the      minutiae of Sunday observance        praise for St Mark’s                education students feel part of the
                                    cows come home, nothing will        and Old Testament interpreta-                                            community and for maintaining
ing to address the road toll.       change the occurrence of earth-     tion which can be argued over,       by Terry Craig
    Regards                                                                                                                                      face-to-face lectures for the rela-
                                    quakes et al.                       but that does not alter my main          For the second year in a row,   tively small number of campus-
    Dr David Morsillo                   What we can do, by Christ-      thrust.
    Goulburn.                                                                                                Charles Sturt University Council    based students in some subjects.
                                    like inspiration, is relieve suf-       We need that break, and a        has conferred a University Medal        “Above all I am grateful to
                                    fering and pain to best of our      seven-day working week is not        on a St Mark’s student.             the faculty and the library staff
                                    abilities. Just as the Anglicans    a GOOD THING. A weekend
Can nature be                       are doing in their emergency        off is even better. Yes I have
                                                                                                                 The winner this year was the
                                                                                                             Reverend Susan Bridge, who
                                                                                                                                                 for their great encouragement
                                                                                                                                                 and pastoral care of the students.
‘evil’?                             response training and involve-
                                    ment in the NSW Displan
                                                                        heard of the different time zones
                                                                        in the world.
                                                                                                             graduated with a Bachelor of        I feel a great affection for them
                                                                                                             Theology with distinction and re-   and for St Marks,” she said.
    Dear Sir                        (Page 13 Anglican News. )               Second, Confirmation.            ceived the medal at the School of       Before beginning her theo-
    Reverend Dr Peter C.                As I do not believe in a        Again, I am aware of the pros        Theology Graduation ceremony        logical studies Susan had been
Grundy wrote a thoughtful,          supernatural god, and I rea-        and cons and different ap-           held in Parramatta Town Hall,       CEO of three non-profit asso-
engaging article about the “…       son that all things spiritual       proaches to education/training       Sydney, on 20 May.                  ciations including the Australian
horrendous evil of the Boxing       are natural, and everything         etc. However, possibly where             The University Medal is the     Publishers Association, and was a
Day Tsunami...” and other           natural is spiritual, I have        we have fallen down as a de-         highest honour that the Univer-     lawyer specialising in intellectual
disasters from a theistic per-      no problem understanding            nomination when teenage con-         sity Council can confer on an       property and authors’ rights.
spective (Anglican News June        Professor Adam’s (As quoted         firmation was the norm, is in our     undergraduate student.                  She was ordained deacon in
2010 pg 11).                        by Rev. Grundy) statement of        failure in following up what is a        Susan began her studies at St   the Anglican Church in Novem-
    As a person engaged locally     the mysterious nature of God,       type of rite of passage to adult     Marks as a distance education       ber 2009 and is now an associate
in disaster response for the last   citing Job’s observation that       responsibility.                      student. In her final year she      minister at St John’s, Reid, in
10 years, an Anglican and a per-    Leviathan (Whale) and Behe-             Such rites occur in many         moved from Sydney to complete       Canberra.
son whose thoughts verge upon       moth (Elephant) have essences       societies, and I ask if they exist   her degree and to offer herself         Last year a CSU University
spiritual deism, I would like to    beyond our comprehension.           because of a human need for          as a candidate for ordination       medal was awarded to St Mark’s
offer another perspective.              I fi nd it interesting that a    them. It is, of course, difficult     in the Diocese of Canberra and      student, the Reverend Andrew
    Firstly I would like to thank   cosmic game of one upman-           to know how to follow up             Goulburn.                           Bowyer.
the editors for the possibility     ship between God and Satan          confirmation when it has usu-
of publishing my letter, and the    affecting the life and family of    ally occurred in the beginning
Anglican Church as a whole for      Job as expounded in the story       of the teenage years at a n age
being able to think freely within   of Job, ends in an observation      when responsible participation
the framework of the church         of nature, as illustrated by the    in adult organisations is mostly
without persecution.                Whirlwind, the Behemoth and         unlikely.
    Within my paradigm of rea-      Leviathan.                              Having said that, I turn to
soning, calling an earthquake           Yours sincerely                 page 5 in the same paper and
or tsunami evil makes as much           Stuart Mawbey                   find what is going on in the
sense as calling a rusting car          Goulburn, NSW.                  parish of Jamison. Again, one
evil for rusting, or blaming                                            can say that the rite of publicly
trees for shedding leaves in                                            taking adult responsibility is
autumn. Earthquakes, tsunamis,      Recreation and                      not necessary for this, but I
cyclones and hurricanes are all                                         wonder …
natural phenomena, explained,       Confi rmation                            The connection between
but not fully, by physics and           Dear Sir                        the two subjects is whether we
associated sciences such as             In the June issue of Angli-     should take a good look at what
planetary geology.                  can News, it was interesting to     we used to do.
    There is more to discover       see on one page (page 9) two            Would none of us go to a          INSTALLATION: In a service in St Saviour’s Cathedral last
about these phenomena. Earth-       articles which, in this layper-     vestry/AGM on a weekday/              month Caroline Campbell (left) was installed as a Canon of
quakes, volcanos, tsunamis can      son’s mind, have a connection.      night?                                the Cathedral by Dean Phillip Saunders (right), and Mark
all cause a great deal of human         First, slowing down. It was         Yours sincerely
misery, not all human misery                                                                                  Cooper (third from left) was commissioned as Sub-Dean.
                                    not for nothing that we were            Deborah Foster
is the result of evil within my     given a day of rest. Without            Goulburn.
      July 2010
                                                                               Anglican News                                                                                        Page 5

                                                       NEWS FROM THE NATIONAL CHURCH

General Synod to discuss Covenant
by Lewis Hitchick                     most likely outcome at General
    Focus sessions on the An-         Synod will be a decision to refer
glican Communion Covenant,            the question back to the various
Indigenous Ministry and Fresh         Diocesan Synods, with a feedback
Expressions of Church will fea-       process so General Synod can
ture at the General Synod of the      consider it again in 2013.
Anglican Church of Australia              “Australia is one of the first
when it meets in Melbourne from       provinces to hold its General
September 18-24.                      Synod since the final draft was
    General Secretary of the na-      prepared, and there just hasn’t
tional church, Martin Dreviko-        been the time for everyone to have
vsky, said Synod will consider        thought about it,” he explained.
a number of papers outlining              The Fresh Expressions Task
arguments both for and against        Force will present a session focus-
the proposed Anglican Covenant.       sing mainly on pioneer ministries
The papers will be sent to del-       developing in Australia, and also
egates before Synod meets, and        looking at training options for
St Mark’s Review is scheduled to      pioneers.
run a special edition covering both       The presentation on Indig-
sides of the discussion.              enous Ministry will be a celebra-
    The idea for a Covenant was       tion of what is currently happen-
first mooted in the Windsor Report     ing in this area of the Anglican
in 2004, based on the findings        Church, as well as a “road map” of
of the Lambeth Commission on          where the National Aboriginal and
Communion established the pre-        Torres Strait Islander Anglican
vious year following the election     Council (NATSIAC) wants to go
of the openly gay Bishop Gene         in the future.
Robinson in the United States.            Synod will also consider new
                                      regulations to revamp the struc-
                                                                             IMPLICATIONS: General Secretary of the Australian Anglican Church, Martin Drevikovsky,
    A Covenant Design Group
                                      ture of NATSIAC.                       expects General Synod will ask individual dioceses to consider the implications of an Anglican
established in 2006, last year
released its third draft text, and        “Basically the plan is to shrink   Covenant over the next three years, before making a decision on the matter.
following revisions by the Stand-     NATSIAC down from its cur-
ing Committee of the Primates of      rent potential maximum of 64           indigenous Anglicans, and these       focus of NATSIAC expanding its           The motion recommends the
the Anglican Communion, this is       members to about ten, so that it’s     gathering will then elect the coun-   powers in some areas.                 Jerusalem Declaration (from the
currently the proposed Covenant       more like a working executive,”        cil members.”                             Among other issues, a motion      2008 GAFCON meeting) for
being considered by each Prov-        Martin Drevikovsky explained.              He said the new regulation, or    proposed by Sydney Diocese is         study as a means of promoting
ince of the Communion.                “Each diocese will elect delegates     canon, will also sharpen up the       likely to attract strong interest.    Anglican identity and cohesion.
    Martin Drevikovsky said the       to attend biennial gatherings of

Ballarat Bishop resigns
                        Primate appeals for unity
                                                                                 The Archbishop of Brisbane,       The Archbishop also said that         aries still continues – equally
    The Bishop of Ballarat, Mi-                                              Dr Phillip Aspinall has used his      members of these provinces cur-       dictated by what people have
chael Hough, has announced his                                               yearly Synod charge to call on        rently serving on the international   felt they must in conscience do.
intention to resign.                                                         churches in the global Anglican       Unity, Faith and Order Commis-        Some provinces have within them
    The resignation follows 18                                               Communion to remain engaged           sion should, for the time being,      dioceses that are committed to
months of negotiation, after                                                 or risk splintering into groups of    no longer have full membership,       policies that neither the province
a number of complaints were                                                  like minded individuals.              but become consultants.               as a whole nor the Communion
brought to the Episcopal Stand-                                                  Dr Aspinall said recent de-            The Communion had called         has sanctioned.” (Pentecost Let-
ards Commission of the Anglican                                              velopments in the Communion           for ‘gracious restraint’ in three     ter - 28 May, 2010)
Church of Australia.                                                         created a concern that people         areas:                                    The secretary general of the
    Bishop Hough’s last day in of-                                           would stop engaging with one           Consecration of Bishops living      Anglican Communion later wrote
fice to be Monday, 20 December                                                another and give up on both truth        in a same gender union             to those Episcopalians serving
2010, following a service of the                                             and unity in the process.              Permission for Rites of Blessing    on the communion’s ecumeni-
Laying up of the Pastoral Staff                                                  “It is imperative that we            for Same Sex unions                cal dialogues informing them
on Sunday, 19 December 2010.                                                 continue to wrestle together           Interventions in Provinces.         that their memberships had been
    Bishop Michael says that he       RESIGNATION: Bishop                    biblically and theologically to            In his Pentecost letter the      discontinued. He also wrote to the
has come to this decision with        Michael Hough.                         strengthen our grasp of the truth.    Archbishop of Canterbury said         Primate of the Anglican Church of
a heavy heart, and after much                                                It is equally imperative that we      events of recent months have          Canada asking if that church had
prayer and reflection on the unity     continuing to be a priority.           pursue our catholicity and not        not brought us nearer to full rec-    formally adopted policies author-
of the Diocese and its mission.           In late 2008, a number of          reduce the church to gatherings of    onciliation.                          izing public rites of same sex
    Bishop Michael hopes that in      clergy and lay people of the           the like minded, because in truth          “There are still things be-      blessing and to the Primate of the
his stepping aside, the People of     Diocese of Ballarat or with pre-       the church is a mysterious divine     ing done that the representative      Southern Cone asking for clarifi-
God in the diocese will commit        vious connection to the Diocese        Communion that transcends all         bodies of the Communion have          cation as to the current state of his
with fresh vigour to make known       of Ballarat together brought indi-     kinds of barriers, distinctions and   repeatedly pleaded should not be      interventions into other provinces.
the transforming mystery and          vidual complaints concerning the       boundaries.”                          done; and this leads to recrimina-         Dr Aspinall said some Pri-
love of Christ to all people in the   conduct of the Bishop of Ballarat          In his Pentecost letter the       tion, confusion and bitterness all    mates have indicated that they
diocese of Ballarat.                  before the Episcopal Standards         Archbishop of Canterbury,             round. It is clear that the official   will not attend future Primates’
    The Bishop said he hoped          Commission.                            Rowan Williams, proposed that         bodies of The Episcopal Church        meetings if the Primates of the
that the diocese would continue           After a long process, the          members of provinces that have        have felt in conscience that they     Anglican churches in the USA
with its mandate for mission,         Complaints have been resolved          formally, through their Synod         cannot go along with what has         and Canada are present.
enlivening traditions and litur-      by a confidential Deed of Settle-       or House of Bishops, adopted          been asked of them by others, and         “Networks appear to be
gies throughout the diocese in        ment negotiated and entered into       policies that breach any of the       the consecration of Canon Mary        emerging which are seen by
all kinds of faith communities,       by the Complainants, the Bishop        moratoria requested by the inter-     Glasspool on May 15 has been          some as alternatives to the tra-
bringing those outside the Church     of Ballarat and the Diocese of         national Communion should no          a clear sign of this. And despite     ditional international networks
into a relationship with God;         Ballarat. As a result, the com-        longer represent the Communion        attempts to clarify the situation,    and meetings of the Anglican
with the poor and marginalised        plaints have been withdrawn..          in formal ecumenical dialogues.       activity across provincial bound-     Communion.”
Page 6
                                                                             Anglican News                                                                           July 2010


Come as you are:
invite a friend to ‘Back
to Church Sunday’
 Gearing up for                           1. Vision: “Could you say to     ‘Hi – are you ready to go?’” he
                                       your congregation, ‘If every one     explained. “We’re now into the
invitational initiative                of us invited a friend, we would     retention bit – I’m not interested
by Lewis Hitchick                      double our congregation.’?” he       in just having a load of people
    Every parish in the Diocese of     asked. He acknowledged that          on one Sunday and never com-
Canberra and Goulburn is being         the wording might have to be         ing back. What we’re about is
encouraged to take part in Back        changed for some congregations,      adding to the church. It’s about
to Church Sunday this year, on         but the essential point was to       helping people develop their
August 29.                             “stretch the vision”.                relationship with the Father.”
    Because the scheduled date             2. Modelling: Church lead-           11. Introduce them to your
for the event throughout Aus-          ers have to be able to say, “I’m     friends over coffee or food:
tralia (September 12) clashes          inviting someone – are you?”         “They’re already added to the
with the diocesan synod meet-              3. Cascading: Make sure          church, you are the church to
ing, theis diocese has elected to      everyone in the congregation is      them,” he said. “If you can add
hold the invitation day a fort-        personally invited to invite. The    them to somebody else who is
night earlier.                         church leader should form an         added to you, and get a good
    The theme for this year’s          enthusiastic team to ensure the      conversation going –they’ll
event will be Come as you are.         whole congregation is individu-      know somebody else within the
    Back to Church Sunday              ally approached.                     fellowship, as well as you.”
(BTCS) is a very simple but                “Modelling and cascading             12. Assume they are com-
effective way of growing the           both provide a safety net be-        ing the following week! “Ask         12 STEPS: Visiting UK specialist Michael Harvey explains his
church by asking each member of        cause if the leader personally in-   them, ‘Would you like to come        ‘12 steps to kicking the habit of being an uninviting church’ to
the congregation to invite a friend    vites a congregational member        next time?’ It doesn’t matter
                                                                                                                 Wayne Brighton, Bishop Stuart Robinson’s Research Assistant.
along on a specific Sunday. Most        to invite, they can always say to    if the answer is no.” Michael
                                       their friend that the leader has     Harvey said we tend to assume
                                                                                                                 Michael Harvey has been involoved with Back to Church Sunday
parishes and ministry units in the                                                                               in the UK since its beginning seven years ago.
region tried the concept last year     asked them to invite,” he said.      people will tell us if they want
and most were very encouraged              4. The Gift of Friendship:       to come again, when instead
by the results.                        “Preach on the gift of friendship    we should assume the opposite.
    However, the experience has        and relationships,” he suggest-          “When a church leader asks       Agnes. Doesn’t mean me’,” he         you get to the doubling stage.
shown the importance of train-         ed. “Remind them of Andrew           the congregation to invite a         explained.                           But if you do all 12, you get a
ing a team of leaders in each          bringing his brother - prepare       friend, two out of ten will think:       “The key to doubling the         congregation that understands
ministry unit, and preparing           the congregation.”                   ‘Great idea’. The other eight        congregation is in the third step.   what’s going on in this process.
thoroughly for the occasion.               5. The power of Story:           will think, ‘Doesn’t mean me.        If you do steps 1 and 2, two out     What God the Father might be
    A series of training days          “Tell the story of who invited       That means Bob or Harry or           of ten will invite. If you do 3,     doing in our generation.”
across the diocese over recent         you – ask your congregation
weeks has helped parishes start        to consider, ‘Someone invited
planning for the day.                  me, can I pass on the favour?’”

                                                                            Franciscan retreat in Canberra
    A key component of the             He suggested including a brief
training and preparation for           testimony or interview time in
BTCS is to develop a welcoming         the service as a way of encour-
atmosphere at worship services.        aging others to invite.                  About 14 Franciscans from        as Pompeii.                          mer will lead us on the theme
This was made clear at a semi-             6. Who has God been pre-         Canberra and the Region around           The Gathering Place, a Ro-       “Aspect/s of spiritual direc-
nar in Canberra earlier this year      paring in my life? “We’re not        came together at The Gather-         man Catholic retreat house, has      tion”. All are welcome.
when Michael Harvey, one of            looking to pluck names out of        ing Place in Dickson on Friday       been our regular retreat venue           Our heading “Reflecting and
the pioneers who developed the         thin air,” he said. “Who’s come      evening, May 28, for our annual      for many years. It was great to      Moving Forward” is inspired
BTCS concept in the UK seven           into our circle of friendship        retreat. The weekend was led by      welcome several visitors who         by our recent retreat (refl ect-
years ago, outlined some vital         recently?”                           the Reverend Theresa Angert-         are enquiring about the Francis-     ing) and the exciting initiative
steps in planning for the event.           7. Practise the question: “I     Quilter.                             can Way for Tertiaries.              of Chapter who have approved
    He explained that visitors to      know it sounds stupid, but the           Her theme for the week-              Uplifted by the reflection       the formation of the “Associates
a church service will frequently       key is, “Would you like to come      end was “Desert Mothers and          and quietness of the retreat and     of the Third Order” (moving
have a very different experience       to church with me?”                  Women mystics”. As well as           the opportunity to wait upon         forward).
to that of the regular worshippers.        8. Pray: “Surround the           addresses on such people as          God, it has been back to our             Associates (this can include
    “We think of ourselves as          whole thing with prayer – the        Thecla, an early Christian saint,    local communities where our          individuals or organizations)
being welcoming, but we don’t          person you think God is ask-         and Julian of Norwich, plus          primary aim is to make our Lord      will be asked to agree to pray
realise how unwelcoming we ac-         ing you to invite, and all the       other women’s voices from the        known and loved everywhere,          regularly for the Third Order;
tually are,” he said, stressing that   people who will be invited,” he      early Church, there were times       to promote the spirit of love        explore more deeply the spirit
BTCS was “all about the people         urged, adding that there was a       for reflection and prayer.            and harmony and to live simply.      of St Francis of Assisi and to
who aren’t here”.                      BTCS prayer available with the           Theresa was able to bring a          At the time of writing this      grow their prayer life and love
    Michael Harvey has devel-          resource kits.                       range of craft materials so that     report our June gathering is still   of others and all creatures.
oped a 12-step process for “kick-          9. Make the invitation:          each member could make a sim-        to take place. When you read
ing the habit of being an unwel-       “If you don’t do number nine         ple gift to give to another. The     this it is anticipated that three       (This report was written
coming church”                         the other eight have been a          Eucharist was celebrated each        persons will have been admitted      by Robert Willson and John
    “I’ve become convinced that        complete waste of time, so fol-      day and time was set aside for       as novices of the Third Order        Gibson who are both tertiaries
mobilising a congregation to-          low through.” Michael Harvey         private confession.                  and in August there will be a        (members) of the Third Order.
wards invitation is not actually       stressed that success was in the         Silence was kept for much        profession to life membership.          For further information
taught at theological colleges,”       invitation; it does not matter if    of the weekend. Theresa offered          It is an exciting time for       about the Franciscans speak
he explained. “It’s intuitive with     people come or not.                  a wide selection of books from       them and for us as an Order.         to us or email John at john-
some church leaders, but most              10. Walk or drive with           her library for private reading.         On Thursday 22nd July we         gibson@grapevine.com.au or
need to be taught how.”                them to the church service:          These included books on prayer       meet at Holy Covenant Church,        phone (02) 6161 2321.)
    He went on to outline his 12       “Church starts the moment            and on the place of Christians in    Cook (near the Jamison Centre)
steps:                                 you knock on the door and say,       the Roman Empire in such places      from 7pm to 9pm. Glenys Wim-
      July 2010
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                                                                   NEWS FROM THE SCHOOLS

TRAC winding back                                                              CGGS girl in World’s Greatest Shave
-a celebration
                                                                                Year 7 student
                                                                               loses locks for

of Vaudeville!
                                                                               from the school
                                                                                   A Year 7 student from Can-
                                                                               berra Girls’ Grammar School
 The Riverian                         with a vaudeville flavour.
                                                                               (CGGS) has had her hair shaved
                                          The show, staged at Wagga’s
Anglican College                       Riverina Playhouse Theatre on           on Friday 11 June in support
relives a great era of                 Jun 16 and 17, featured songs           of the Leukaemia Foundation’s
                                                                               World’s Greatest Shave.
entertainment                          from the vaudeville era with
                                                                                   The Leukaemia Foundation
                                       accompanying dance choreo-
from the College                       graphed in a 1930s, jazz, or            ‘Shave’ is one of Australia’s
    Vaudeville was the most            Busby Berkely chorus line style.        biggest fundraising events.
popular form of entertainment             A vaudeville show is a pro-          More than 125,000 people
in the United States, as well as       gram including a variety of acts        across the country will shave or
Australia, from the 1890s until        and performances.                       colour their hair in 2010. Money
the 1930s.                                The genre faded from pop-            raised is used by the Leukaemia
    In TRAC Winding Back               urarity during the 1920s and            Foundation to fund free services
The Riverina Anglican College          1930s as theatres replaced live         to support patients and families
presented live performances            vaudeville with movies which            living with leukaemias, lym-
showcasing the talents of TRAC         were being mass produced by             phomas, myeloma and related
students in a program of song,         the burgeoning Hollywood film            blood disorders.
dance, and a variety of other acts     industry.                                   It also funds blood cancer re-
                                                                               search to find better treatments
                                                                               and cures.
                                                                                   Hannah Blewitt-Gray (Year        CUTTING IT FINE: Hannah
                                                                               7) had her hair shaved in sup-       Blewitt-Gray, a Year 7 student
                                                                               port of this important fundrais-     at CGGS, raised well over
                                                                               ing initiative. As part of the
                                                                                                                    $2,000 for the Leukaemia
                                                                               shave, one of her sponsors put
                                                                               a condition on their donation –      Foundation when she took
                                                                               the hairdresser was asked to do      part in the World’s Greatest
                                                                               a Mohawk on Hannah and take          Shave.
                                                                               a photo before the final shave!
                                                                                   Mr Bruce Handley, Head of
                                                                               Senior School, said it was won-      to want to shave their heads”,
                                                                               derful to see one of the younger     he said. “Hannah has already
                                                                               students at CGGS supporting          raised $2000 in support of the           Melaniem Hair Salon do-
                                                                               such an important fundraising        Leukaemia Foundation, and             nated their time to shave Han-
                                                                               initiative.                          is hoping to bring this up to         nah’s head.
                                                                                   “It is quite a big deal for      $3000”.
SONG AND DANCE: TRAC students as the Gold Digger                               girls to shave their heads, and
Dancers, with Millie Allen, Lily Bartlett and Amelia                           in particular for younger girls
Brissendenin the front line.

                                                                                                                    ANGLICAN SCHOOLS ASSOCIATION
Anglican Schools Association launch                                                                                           THE ANGLICAN DIOCESE OF
                                                                                                                              CANBERRA AND GOULBURN
by Graham Willard*
    In June, Bishop Stuart Robinson                                                                                  Serving God in Christ through Education
launched the Anglican Schools
Association with a seminar in
    The ASA is designed to be
an association for all Anglican                                                                                          An association for all An-         sues as they have a bearing
schools across the Diocese. It has                                                                                   glican schools across the Dio-         on education;
taken as its motto “Serving God in                                                                                   cese                                  To provide a connection be-
Christ through Education”. It has                                                                                     To share ideas about the mis-        tween the schools and other
developed a Charter for its aims and                                                                                   sion of the Church and role          diocesan bodies as may be
purpose (see box on right).                                                                                            of the school in this mission        appropriate for achieving
    The seminar welcomed the                                                                                           and Diocese;                         the strategic mission of the
Reverend Dr Bruce Kaye who                                                                                            To further Chaplaincy in             Church;
presented a stimulating paper on                                                                                       the Anglican Schools of the         To promote Anglican Schools;
What is Anglicanism?                                                                                                   Diocese;                            To facilitate the role of the
    The representatives from the
                                                                                                                      To provide Professional De-          Bishop as Visitor, encour-
schools gathered were greatly          LAUNCH: Dr Bruce Kaye and Dr Beth Heyde in conversation                         velopment to the schools of          ager, supporter and patron of
encouraged by his words and the        at the launch of the Anglican Schools Association in Canberra.                  the Diocese particularly in          Anglican Schools across the
interchange of ideas that followed.    Dr Kaye addressed the gathering on the topic, ‘What is                          relation to the mission of the       Diocese;
    Dr Kaye urged schools to take      Anglicanism?’
heart in their roles (“Don’t give
                                                                                                                       Church;                             To be open to all those in-
up” was his phrase) and to work                                                                                       To provide a forum at a Di-          volved in school education
with the community to grow the         positive message for all present.       in the Diocese in the future.           ocesan level for Anglican            who identify with and support
Anglican communion in this way.             Further seminars are planned.          *Graham Willard serves as           schools to facilitate discus-        the mission of the Anglican
Bishop Stuart declared that he         It is hoped that the Association will   Chief Executive of the Diocesan         sion, particularly on spiritual,     church in the Diocese of
wanted “more schools” - a very         have an important role in education     Schools Council.                        moral and value related is-          Canberra and Goulburn.
Page 8
                                                                              Anglican News                                                                       July 2010

                                                                  NEWS FROM THE PARISHES

Forde Community Church: one year on
 Gungahlin relies                     con, Rev Graham Lindsay, lay
                                       minister, Robin Dunbar and a
on lay ministry                        committed group of keen people
to help grow new                       have been at the group’s core.
congregation                           One of the Parish priests will
                                       be in attendance at best twice a
from the parish
                                       month. Sunday service is held
    Gungahlin, situated on Can-        weekly and Holy Communion
berra’s north eastern edge, con-       celebrated monthly (now moving
tinues to grow apace.                  to fortnightly).
    Forde is one of the new sub-           The group and the wider Par-
urbs of the area. The developers       ish have initiated an annual Carol
constructed Forde with the aim         night attended by over 1,000
of creating a community and            people, have been involved in
Gungahlin Anglican Church              Meet your Neighbour Sunday
has been there since the suburb        and hosted an “Australia’s big-
first began to take shape as part       gest morning tea” event as ways
of the community fabric.               of hooking up with the Forde
    With limited staffing, (two         community.
fulltime staff members and                 As well, the Parish has started
40,000 people in the area),            up a Saturday afternoon touch
Gungahlin Parish set up a lay          football match to provide an
driven task force to form a            activity for Forde residents.
church that worked hard to con-                                              DEDICATION: Forde Community Church in Gungahlin has relied heavily on the dedication of
                                       Gungahlin Parish surely boasts
nect with the people of Forde.         the oldest touch footy playing        a small team of lay leaders to lay the groundwork for the new congregation, which meets in the
    The developers welcomed the        Rector in Christendom!                Forde Campus of Burgmann Anglican School.
initiative.                                The amount of time energy
    A leadership group meets           and money expended by the team,          Meeting in the pre school       little church has grown to a      and has established a name in its
weekly to plan pray and oversee        has shown their dedication to         building of Burgmann Anglican      regular attendance of more than   community. We wait upon God to
the operation. Honorary Dea-           reaching people for Jesus.            School’s Forde campus, the         30, runs its own Sunday School    see where this venture will travel.

Young hosts Watoto Children’s Choir Concert of Hope
From Young Anglican                    of their parents to AIDS or war.
Ministry District                          Since 1994 Watoto Children’s
    On Friday May 28 the Wa-           Choirs have toured internation-
toto Children’s Choir was hosted       ally, rallying support for Africa’s
by St John’s Anglican Church,          orphaned and vulnerable children
Young.                                 due to AIDS, war and poverty.
    The choir, which is based              As a result of the generosity
in Watoto Church in Kampala,           of the local community St John’s
Uganda, has been travelling            Young, have sent a cheque for
throughout Australia since Easter      $1503.20 to Watoto’s Australian
and will continue to tour until        branch in QLD. These funds will
September when they will move          go towards the work of Watoto
on to New Zealand.                     and the welfare of the children.
    Watoto means “children” in         St John’s Young warms
the Swahili language, and the          up Africa
choir is made up of children who           Following on from the Light a
have lost one or both parents to       Candle for Africa fundraiser held
the AIDS epidemic or to war.           at St John’s Anglican Church last
Accompanied by a team of adults,       October, the ladies from Young
the choir presents Watoto’s vision     have been busy in recent months
and mission through their stories,     knitting blankets for fistula pa-
music and dance.                       tients in Ethiopia.
    Watoto choirs act as ambas-            Australian Dr Catherine Ham-
sadors to raise awareness about        lin AC, with her late husband
the plight of the orphaned and         Dr Reg Hamlin OBE, built and
vulnerable children of Africa          opened the Addis Ababa Fistula
    The Watoto Choir’s ‘Concert        Hospital in Ethiopia in 1975.         AMBASSADORS: (above)
of Hope’, held at Young North              Obstetric fistula is caused by     The Watoto Choir members
School Hall, was an energetic and      prolonged and obstructed labour       act as ambassadors, raising
uplifting experience. The choir        during childbirth, which results      awareness of orphans in
presented Watoto’s vision and          in incontinence. The offensive        African countries due to war
mission through their music and        smell causes the women to be          and the AIDS epidemic.
dance, which was an energetic          outcast from their villages and
fusion of contemporary gospel          rejected by their husbands and        GIFT: (right) Ladies of St
and traditional African rhythm.        often families.                       John’s, Young, have been
    Several Watoto children                The ladies at St John’s are       knitting blankets for Ethiopian
shared their stories with the          hoping their gesture of blankets      fistula patients.
audience about their life before       will be of some comfort for these
being taken into care by Watoto.       women when they return to their       tystj@bigpond.net.au Any knit-
    Their stories are similar to ap-   villages.                             ters who would like to join this
prox 1.8 million boys and girls in         Knitting is continuing until      worthwhile cause will be most
Uganda who have had the tragic         September. For further details        welcome.
experience of losing one or both       contact Betty McDonald at bet-
      July 2010
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                                                               NEWS FROM THE PARISHES

Pumpkins for
Ricky’s Place
from Bega parish                     did not produce large numbers it
    Ricky’s Place is an initiative   compensated by the size of the
of the Bega Anglican community,      pumpkins harvested.
funded by a generous grant from          Four of the Agriculture stu-
Anglicare.                           dents who grew the pumpkins
    Ricky’s Place offers cheap       delivered them to the workers at
nutritious meals, a free shower      Ricky’s Place recently. The stu-
and a place to come and chat with    dents, Brittany Jackson, Kacey
friends or simply just spend some    Radford, Chris McCulloch and
time, especially for homeless or     Adam O’Brien were impressed
disadvantaged people who may         by the variety of uses of pump-
be doing it tough.                   kins, from scones, pies, stuffed
    The concept, the work behind     with mince, to pumpkin soup.
the scenes and the community             Sapphire Coast Anglican
involvement around the venture       College continues to support
inspired the Agriculture class at    this ongoing community project
Sapphire Coast Anglican College      through regular drives to collect
to grow pumpkins!                    non-perishable goods.
    The students grew them in            For their next project, the
mounds, planting seeds and wa-       students were inspired to raise     GENEROUS: Sapphire Coast Anglican College Students Brittany Jackson, Kacey Radford, Chris
tering them over a long hot dry      a chicken or lamb to provide        McCulloch and Adam O’Brien deliver their crop to Anglican Church Members Ann Moulds and
summer. Although the crop was        meat.                               Daphne Sweeney, for use at Ricky’s Place.

Centenary celebrations for St                                                                              All Saints’ Bermagui centenary
                                                                                                            Claiming the date                        Bishop Stuart Robinson will

James’ Church, Greenethorpe
                                                                                                                                                   lead a thanksgiving service on
                                                                                                               All Saints Bermagui will            Sunday morning October 9.
                                                                                                           celebrate 100 years on Saturday         Other activities will be advertised
                                                                                                           8th October 2011 and planning           close to the date.
by Jill Hodgson                                                                                            is already underway to celebrate           We are searching for items
    Visitors from around the                                                                               this historic event.                    of memorabilia, if you can help
state converged on Greenetho-                                                                                  The church with its beautiful       please contact Shirley Carter,
rpe on Sunday 6th June for the                                                                             stained glass windows will be open      64934453 and if you would like
Centenary Celebrations for St                                                                              with an on-going historical display,    more information contact Judy
James’ Anglican Church.                                                                                    and a dinner will be held that night.   Wells on 64933227.
    Old friendships were re-
newed over lunch in the Soldiers
Memorial Hall and memories
were kindled by the display of
memorabilia as well as photos
brought by the visitors.
    The Hall Committee served
a two course hot meal to 78 ap-
preciative people.
    Three former Greenetho-
rpe residents who attended St
James as girls and were either
baptised, confirmed or married
in the church combined to cut
the centenary cake.
    They were Mrs Marj Mc-
                                     CAKE CUTTERS: Bishop Stuart Robinson with ‘cake cutters’
Caffery (Ellis) from Camden,
Mrs Beryl Duffey (Wilder)
                                     Marj McCaffery, Beryl Duffey and Lorna Close. All three were
from Cowra, and Mrs Lorna            former Greenethorpe residents who had early connections with
Close (Neal) from Wirrimah.          St James’ Anglican Church, but all three have since moved from
The cake had been made by lo-        the district.
cal ‘fruit cake expert’ Mrs Pat
    All then adjourned to the        presentation of the church:         fi eld and Trish Stuart-Smith,
church for a Service of Thanks-      freshly painted woodwork and        with their spouses. Many
giving celebrated by Bishop          attractive fl ower arrangements      others apologised for being
    Stuart Robinson, assisted by     made the church look younger        unable to attend.
YDAM rector Reverend John            than its 100 years.                     Sixty percent of those pre-
Thomas and deacon Reverend               Afternoon tea in the hall       sent travelled from the South
Barbara Moon. Over 100 peo-          and much more talking con-          Coast, Northern Tablelands,
ple attended the stirring service    cluded a successful and memo-       Sydney area and the ACT as
challenging people to continue       rable day.                          well as from Parkes, Cowra,
being faithful to Christ in the          Former rectors who re-          Grenfell and Young areas.
Greenethorpe community and           turned for the occasion were            The population of the vil-
beyond. (YDAM = Young Dis-           Archdeacons Peter Dillon and        lage of Greenethorpe doubled
trict Anglican Ministry)             David Hill, and Reverends           for the day!
    Many commented on the            Kim Miller, Margaret Streat-
Page 10
                                                                                  Anglican News                                                                                July 2010


Cursillo and under-30s                                                                                                  Historybytes                                by Robert Willson

Ron Cottis, a parish-
ioner at Batemans Bay,                                                                                                  A foundation stone laid
reflects on the value of
Cursillo in enriching the                                                                                               in a thunder storm
faith of young people                                                                                                       Some time ago I wrote about
    Dean Phillip Saunders was                                                                                           the Foundation Stone of the first
reported in the May issue of                                                                                            part of St Paul’s Church, Manuka.
Anglican News suggesting a Cur-                                                                                         It was laid in December 1938
sillo re-think in relation to young                                                                                     as the thunder clouds of World
people. I would like to describe a                                                                                      War II were gathering. At the
very special Cursillo, which may                                                                                        other end of St Paul’s Church you
generate some ideas.                                                                                                    will notice another stone laid on
    I was asked to direct Cursillo                                                                                      November 22 1953, to mark the
No. 16 in the Canberra Goulburn                                                                                         second stage of the building. That
Diocese in 1984. This Cursillo                                                                                          occasion was also marked by a
was to be an under-30s Cursillo.                                                                                        thunder storm of another kind.
    I understand I was asked to           YOUTH FOCUS: The men’s Cursillo of October 1984,                                  The Second World War had
direct this Cursillo as I had been        deliberately aimed at young people.                                           finished eight years before and         LEADER: Sir William Slim,
involved, for something like 27                                                                                         the congregation of St Paul’s
                                                                                                                                                               who as Governor-General
years, in CEBS at branch and              ing ahead as to what the next talk     meet them again at Cursillo was        was looking to complete the
                                                                                                                        building in the prosperous days        laid the foundation stone for
Diocesan level in three different         would be, whereas at other Cursil-     just fantastic.
                                                                                                                        of the wool boom. The Governor-        the second stage of St Paul’s,
Dioceses, as well as being one of         los, the older ones tended to be            What should we do? The
the “gang of four” who started                                                                                          General, Field Marshall Sir Wil-       Manuka in 1953.
                                          recovering from the previous talk.     problem we are facing is not nec-
Camp Pelican.                                 When they had finished the          essarily a problem of Cursillo, but    liam Slim, flew from Sydney to
    I saw that the most important         post-talk assignments they tended      rather a problem of the Church. In     be present for the occasion. He        Sir William and Lady Slim came
thing for such a Cursillo was the         to duck outside for five or ten         the country and seaside parishes,      was welcomed by the Bishop of          to my school, Scots College in
selection of the team. This was           minutes to play French Cricket         we have the problem that after the     Armidale, the Rt Rev J S Moyes.        Sydney, to inspect a ceremonial
to be my fifth Cursillo, so I knew         or mini soccer. I would then go        Higher School Certificate, young        A small mystery is why Bishop          parade of cadets and to present
many Cursillistas from previous           out, at the appropriate time, and      people move to the city for work       Burgmann was not present. I            the prizes at Speech Day. He gave
Cursillos and Ultreyas. The Lord          call them in for the next talk.        and further education. Whether         wondered if he was in Britain          me my prize for Ancient History.
provided a wonderful team, two            These activities were popular          it is the same in Canberra, I per-     for the Coronation earlier that            I vividly remember his speech
from Braidwood, two from Goul-            even though we had snow on the         sonally, no longer know. Unfor-        year but apparently not. Can any       that day. He said that a British
burn, one from Batemans Bay               Saturday night. The venue for the      tunately the average age of most       reader tell us?                        gentleman is one who pays up,
and the rest from Canberra.               Cursillo was Bishopthorpe.             congregations is getting older.            I searched the files of The        owns up and shuts up and who
    I was 47 at the time and most             Everything that weekend hap-            Probably in past days, the        Canberra Times for a full account      doesn’t belly-ache! I could well
of the team were about that age or        pened sooner than most Cursillos.      enthusiasm and encouragement           of the ceremony. We are told           image him making such a speech
younger. If you have a great team         The tears and tissues happened         of Cursillistas was the motiva-        that about 800 people gathered.        to his troops of the Fourteenth
like that one, all that is left for the   on the Sunday night and by the         tion for going to Cursillo. In the     Heavy thunder rolled across the        Army in the savage Burma Cam-
Director to do is to make sure it         Monday night at the Clausura it        early days of Cursillo in Canberra     sky during the service conducted       paign during the War. His men
happens and on time.                      was all joy and laughter. I think      Goulburn, if you held any posi-        by the Rector, Ross Border.            had been described as “the for-
    The next thing was the candi-         the Secretariat and veterans were      tion in the Parish, it was highly      Ross Border was a distinguished        gotten army”. Slim told them at a
dates’ list. To have a specialised        a bit confused when they arrived.      recommended that you go to             scholar of church history. Amid        parade: “You are not the forgotten
Cursillo like this one relies very        On the Monday afternoon four of        Cursillo. When you look through        the downpour spectators tried to       army. Nobody has ever heard of
much on the enthusiasm of ALL             the candidates asked if they could     the list of talks, they give you the   shelter under trees and umbrellas      you yet, but they will!” He was
Cursillistas to encourage and in-         give witness talks. Their talks        essentials for your Christian Walk     and in cars.                           one of the Great Commanders of
vite suitable candidates. Two of          were amazing.                          and a strong encouragement to              The stone was blessed by           the War.
the candidates, for this Cursillo,            We had some candidates from        outreach.                              Bishop Moyes who welcomed                   That foundation stone of St
were Bob Day and Tom Slockee.             Bathurst Diocese who fitted in very          When I was young, I belonged      Sir William Slim as the repre-         Paul’s Manuka, laid on Novem-
    You will then ask the ques-           well. One fellow from Bathurst         to the Church Youth Fellowship.        sentative of a sovereign who           ber 22, 1953, takes us back to a
tion, an under-30s Cursillo?              who was not long ordained, was a       We loved a lot of the new hymns        recognized the importance of the       vanished age. Robert Gordon
    When all the candidates were          bit of a comic and short of stature.   and choruses, but we also loved        Church in the life of her people. A    Menzies was our Prime Minister.
booked in, I worked out the aver-         To make a point, at the Closura,       others which could be anything         few months before at the ancient       The newspapers were filled with
age age of the candidates and it          he stood up on his chair.              up to 400 years old. Unfortu-          ceremony of the Coronation in          news of the preparations for the
was 29. All the candidates fitted              One of the most exciting           nately most young people today         Westminster Abbey the Queen            first Royal Visit by a reigning
very well, but if you are organis-        things in my Christian walk is         have never heard them.                 had vowed to serve the peoples of      Monarch the following year
ing to attract younger people, it         to see people coming to know                I think the last time I heard     the Commonwealth and Empire            1954. Sadly there were deeply
is best if younger ones are in the        the Lord as their Saviour. When        the format of the Prayer Book          all her life and more than half a      sectarian issues such as State Aid
majority.                                 working with young people, to          explained was during my Confir-         century later she is still doing so.   for Church Schools. The fear of
    This Cursillo was held on the         see a progression from Sunday          mation Class and that was almost           The Architect was Mr Bur-          Communism was a constant sub-
October long weekend and was              School to Confirmation, to CEBS         60 years ago. It is no wonder that     cham Clamp who presented a             ject for newspaper editorials and
quite different to other Cursillos.       and to Leadership, and then            people do not understand.              mallet to the Governor-General         Bishop Burgmann was very much
The younger candidates were very          meet them at Camp Pelican and               To be continually adapting to     to lay the stone. One wonders if       involved in such issues.
enthusiastic and very much “on            see them become Leaders and            a changing world, we can easily        that mallet, suitably inscribed, is        But for the congregation of St
the go”. They were often think-           Counsellors is amazing. To then        finish up losing the plot. When we      still in existence.                    Paul’s Manuka it was a moment
                                                                                 were younger, as we grew up in             His Excellency made a typi-        of great optimism and hope and
                                                                                 the family, at school and at work      cally robust speech in which           the Church was moving towards
         Bungarra Cottage Jindabyne                                              we were led. Today that would
                                                                                 be classified as depriving young
                                                                                                                        he said that the erection of a
                                                                                                                        Christian Church was an event
                                                                                                                                                               completion. As the Governor-
                                                                                                                                                               General told them, the people
  Situated on 25 acres 3km past Jindabyne on the Barry Way,                                                             that would be felt far beyond          of St Paul’s were showing the
        Bungarra Cottage is a double brick duplex cottage.                       people of their freedom.
                                                                                      I believe the greatest influence   the neighbourhood in which it          true Australian pioneering spirit
 Suitable for families, church and youth groups, Bible Study                     on the development of young            stood, and beyond those who            in building their Church to the
 groups, Leadership Training etc up to 12 people or combine both                 people is the environment they         made it possible. Australia was a      Glory of God.
 units for up to 24 people, 3 or 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, laundry.               grow up in. As a father of four        country whose civilization was             (Reprinted from Commu-
   Great setting and great location, available all year round.                   children, that is something I am       founded on Christian principles        nity, the parish magazine of the
   Contact the Bookings Officer: 0427 255 222 enquiries@bungar-                   very aware of.                         and traditions.                        Combined Ministry District of
                          rajindabyne.org.au                                          The Church has a lot to offer,        Reading this account brought       Manuka, Deakin and Red Hill.)
                                                                                 but perhaps with our young peo-        back lots of memories for me. It
                                                                                 ple we are not game to try.            was just two years later, in 1955,
       July 2010
                                                                                       Anglican News                                                                                      Page 11

                                                                                      MISSION NEWS

Solomons container packed and posted!
 Truckload of                          schools – just amazing!” he
                                        enthused. “It’ll be a real treasure
support for link                        trove. It will set those white teeth
Diocese of Ysabel                       grinning! … as well as putting
from Batemans Bay par-                  legs on our partnership.”
                                            He also expressed his thanks
ish                                     to the whole diocese for support-
    In May, Anglican News re-           ing the project.
ported on the challenge to fill a            “Without the Diocese it
shipping container of school and        couldn’t have happened,” he
other resources for the Solomon         explained. “Another critical
Islands and in particular the Dio-      factor was the local removalist
cese of Ysabel, our link Diocese.       company who brought the whole
    It is fantastic to be able to re-   family and workers out to load
port back now that the challenge        the container from 8am till 5pm
was achieved and the container          and then transport it for free to
was taken to Newcastle to be put        the Newcastle port.”
on the ship Island Chief bound              Mal MacCallum agreed that
for the Solomons.                       the Bay Removals team - Bruce,
    It has been a huge effort with      Royden and Deb Reid and many
lots and lots of individuals, com-      of their family - made it possible
munity organisations, schools           to finish the packing and transport
and churches making it possible.        of the container.
One of the major challenges and             “The container will take about
costs was the professional pack-        a month to get to the capital of the
ing of the container and its de-        Solomons, Honiara,” he pointed
livery to the wharf in Newcastle.       out. Mal MacCallum and another              HELPING HAND: Mal MacCallum (centre) expresses his appreciation to Batemans Bay
    Batemans Bay priest Ian             Batemans Bay resident, Mick                 removalists Bruce and Royden Reid after they had helped fill the container before delivering it to
Lambert said it had been “a real        May, will be on hand then to un-            Newcastle port. The container will arrive in the Solomon Islands in July (photo: John Fraser).
buzz” getting the container filled       load the cargo and distribute it to
and transported to the Newcastle        two major areas, one the Koa Val-           area, which is on the outskirts of       Valley they are now recognised       called the Solomons Book Run
wharves.                                ley on Guadalcanal and the other            Honiara, last year. The mission          as ‘existing’, whereas before that   can become an annual event.
    “It was stuffed with toilets,       including schools and villages on           was a great encouragement to the         the area was officially known as          Meanwhile Mal McCallum
kitchen sinks, roofing iron,            the Island of Santa Ysabel.                 fledgling church community, and           the “wastelands”. Now there is a     said ongoing donations are need-
galvanised shed, timber for the             In the meantime Ian Lambert             has helped them gain recognition         mini revival happening.”             ed to help finance the Book Run.
preschool, books, plumbing gear         will be visiting the Koa Valley             in the diocese.                              The container gift is an ini-        Enquiries can be made to Mal
for the water reticulation, PVC         area himself, to take part in the               “When I first visited, they          tiative of the Batemans Bay An-      MacCallum on 0402208146 or
pipe, shovels, spades, mattocks,        consecration of the newly-com-              were not being serviced regu-            glican Church and the Anglican       Mick on 0414805653.
hoes, pitch forks, desks, chairs,       pleted St John the Baptist Church.          larly by a priest,” he explained.        Diocese of Canberra and Goul-
pushbikes, cutlery for the boarding         Ian led a mission team to the           “Since our three visits to Koa           burn. It is hoped that the program

Moments that matter: Ministry Spouses’ Conference
by Ruth Edwards                         programs and help resource an               ful address as she reflected on a
    On the first weekend in June         impoverished community.                     lifetime as a clergy wife. Many of
the annual Ministry Spouses’                Michelle Taylor spoke as a              those who heard her, felt it should
Conference was held at St Clem-         “missionary kid” of the richness            be a “must” for all on first becoming
ent’s Retreat Centre at Galong.         of the experience as well as more           spouses. Margaret had learned not
    Over 50 men and women               negative struggles with not fitting          to jump in and try and do every-
attended for all or part of the         into the “home” culture.                    thing, or solve every “crisis”. She
weekend with an age range of                Jeannette Blundell, now in Tu-          gave practical strategies for trusting
less than one to over 90.               mut, spoke of almost a decade               in God, keeping family first and
    This was also a “home-              ministering with BCA in outback             maintaining personal authenticity.
grown” conference which utilised        Queensland, where mining wealth,                 A highlight for many was Hazel
the expertise of eight Canber-          transient populations, cane toads,          Davies’ beautiful flower arrange-
ra-Goulburn Ministry Spouses            hot artesian water and extremes of          ments in the chapel, reflecting the
speaking of “moments that mat-          heat were the daily stuff of parish life.   mood of the liturgies. Everyone
tered” in their ministries.                 It was special to welcome               remarked on how positive it was          INSPIRING: More than 50 ministry spouses took part in the
    For some it was a missionary        Margaret Browning who reported              to meet others whom they did not         annual conference at St Clement’s Galong, where the program
theme: Nikolai Blaskow, hus-            on her time in Yetminster in Dor-           know or had only heard about and         included some inspiring presentations as well as some great fun.
band of the Rev. Susannah Pain,         set where she learned tap dancing,          to learn of the many ministries in
recalled his time at the small          stump-work and floral art and saw            this diocese.
Indian Ocean Island of Réunion          spiritual reinvigoration of a village            The fun times – a game where it
where he planted a church from
scratch and confronted a spir-
                                            Many warmed to two speakers
                                                                                    turned out Christians could lie very
                                                                                    professionally, and some riotous
                                                                                                                             OAM for Tumut parishioner
ituality built on deceit and evil       who had stayed at home. Louise              singalongs – gave opportunity to             Mrs Beryl Jacobs of Tumut        Tumut, for 30 years; Parish
spirits.                                Lovegrove’s description of living           relax together, while prayer times,      was awarded the Medal of the         Warden; and Parish Treasurer.
    Jan Robinson of Curtin, told of     with MS as a rectory wife was               services and input from Bishop           Order of Australia (OAM) in              Mrs Jacobs has served on the
her recent trip back to Bangladesh      inspirational as she explained the          Stuart gave spiritual refreshment.       the Queen’s Birthday Honours         Committee for the restoration of
where she and David could speak         challenges of simply doing ordi-            Overall the conference was a rich        announced on Monday June 14.         the National Trust listed Church
freely of the Christian faith in a      nary things and encouraged listen-          occasion.                                    The citation stated that Mrs     from 1981-1986; has been a long-
multi-ethnic and multi-faith school.    ers to respect the personal space of             Organizing committee chair,         Jacobs’ award was for “service to    standing member of the parish
Rosie Dunnett of Kooringal spoke        disabled people, not assuming they          Sue Saunders, is hopeful that the        the community of Tumut through       catering group and also the choir,
of the ongoing relationship their       are inept or deaf and not getting too       spirit of inclusion and fellowship       volunteer roles with a range of      and regularly assists with the
parish has developed with the           close and spitting all over them!           will multiply numbers for the 2011       organisations”.                      Church bulletin.
diocese of Ysabel in the Solomons           Margaret Foster, recently retired       conference.                                  She has served as organist           She has also been a member of
and annual trips to run Christian       from Bombala, gave a very thought-                                                   at All Saints’ Anglican Church,      the Tumut Inter-Church Council.
Page 12
                                                                             Anglican News                                                                             July 2010


Diocese wins award                                                          Anglicare moving forward
for ‘environmental                                                           A pastoral letter
                                                                            from Bishop Stuart
                                                                                                                  residents had been voluntarily
                                                                                                                  ceased while complaints and
                                                                                                                  standards issues were resolved.
                                                                                                                                                           At the recent tri-diocesan
                                                                                                                                                       meeting it was agreed that Angli-
                                                                                                                                                       care would work across all three

excellence’                                                                 Robinson
                                                                               Beloved Sisters and brothers
                                                                            in Christ,
                                                                                                                      I must stress that this great
                                                                                                                  outcome, in the face of what
                                                                                                                  seemed at times to be insupera-
                                                                                                                                                       dioceses (Riverina, Bathurst,
                                                                                                                                                       Canberra and Goulburn) in order
                                                                                                                                                       to enliven the tri-diocesan cov-
     The Diocese of Canberra and      groups, across countries, and            Thank you so much for your         ble obstacles, has been achieved     enant and in so doing, strengthen
Goulburn has won an award for         between rich and poor if we are       prayers for me and the team at        by fine teamwork and strong          our partnership in the Gospel.
its initiatives in encouraging par-   to speed the journey to a less pol-   Anglicare. I thought it would be      leadership. My thanks go to all      3. Governance
ishes to consider carbon-neutral      luting and wasteful world”, said      appropriate at this time to pro-      those involved. As Peter Sande-          An important part of the
sources of energy.                    Mr Connor.                            vide you with a simple update         man has remarked “we are not         rebuilding of Anglicare is the
     The Diocese was one of many          Bhante Sujato of Santi Forest     that covers both governance and       quite out of the woods but we        appointment of new members
faith communities recognised for      Monastery and the Federation of       ministry.                             can certainly see the edge of the    to the reconstituted board. I am
environmental excellence at a         Australian Buddhist Councils                                                forest.”
formal Awards Dinner celebrat-        shared his thoughts with the
                                                                            1. Residential Aged Care                                                   very pleased to announce that
                                                                               Within Anglicare all of the        2. Parish connections                three new members have joined
ing World Environment Day on          gathering about the significant
                                                                            five Residential Aged Care                As the immediate issues of       David Service, Archdeacon
5th June.                             contribution of religions in this
                                                                            facilities are currently hard at      concern (at Ginninderra Gardens      Chris Short, Tracey Matthews,
     The vegetarian dinner was        journey.
                                                                            work finalising their budgets for      in particular) are well on the way   Peter Sandeman and myself on
organised by multi-faith net-             “We don’t only need changes
                                                                            the next financial year. In this       to resolution and the budget pro-    the board. The new members are
work, the Australian Religious        in our technologies”, he said.
                                                                            next three to four year cycle we      cess is under control, Anglicare     listed below.
Response to Climate Change            “We also need to change how
                                                                            anticipate that breakeven (and        is now seeking to strengthen             Do join with me in praying
(ARRCC), and held at the Angli-       much we consume. While there
                                                                            beyond, please God) will be           its relationship with parishes       for our new Board. I am grate-
can Church in South Hurstville        are people across the world who
                                                                            achieved.                             across the diocese. Support for      ful to God for raising up these
Sydney.                               don’t have adequate shelter or
                                                                               I am happy to report that          the pastoral care activities of      outstanding Anglican leaders.
     Along with Caloundra Unit-       enough to eat, many of us con-
                                                                            the staff and volunteers at Gin-      parishes and for the development         Warmly in Christ,
ing Church, which installed solar     sume far more than we need.
                                                                            ninderra Gardens have received        of fresh expressions of mission          +Stuart.
panels in the shape of a cross,       Yet provision for our physical
                                                                            approval from the Department          in community will be part of
Canberra-Goulburn Diocese was         needs, caring relationships, and
                                                                            of Health and Ageing to admit         the next phase of strengthening
a joint winner of the “ARRCC          meaning in our lives are all that
                                                                            new residents. Intake of new          Anglicare within the diocese.
Climate Change Award”.                we need to be happy. Religions
     One of two keynote speak-        have a particular contribution in
ers for the evening, CEO of The       providing this meaning.”
Climate Institute John Connor,            Five churches and a Catholic

                                                                            New faces on Anglicare Board
emphasised the importance of          school, St Ignatius Jesuit Com-
interfaith cooperation on climate     munity Riverview, achieved
change. “Global ambition to           the “Five-Life Eco-Awards”, a
act on climate change is fragile,     non-competitive Christian award                                             US Federal Bureau of Investiga-      Parish Council and one of the
but is moving forward in most         program recognising environ-                                                tion’s National Academy and has      lay representatives of the Parish
countries. We urgently need           ment improvements in buildings,                                             a Bachelor of Arts and a Master      for Synod.
greater cooperation across faiths,    worship, congregation, outreach                                             of International Studies from the
between religious and secular         and leadership.                                                             University of Sydney.
                                                                                                                      Alistair and his family are
                                                                                                                  members of the community of
                                                                                                                  faith at Wamboin.

                                                                            Alastair MacGibbon
                                                                                Managing Partner, Surete
                                                                            Group, and Founder, Internet
Director, Mission & Justice                                                 Safety Institute
                                                                                Alastair MacGibbon is an
                                                                            internationally-respected author-
     Anglicare Canberra &                                                   ity on high-tech crime including
                                                                            Internet fraud, consumer vic-
                      Goulburn                                              timisation and a range of Internet
                                                                            security issues.                                                           Meg Brighton
Anglicare is seeking to appoint a mature Christian leader as the
 Director Mission and Justice. We are seeking a strongly committed              Now Managing Partner of                                                    Meg Brighton has held senior
 person who is experienced in mission within disadvantaged                  Surete Group (www.suretegroup.                                             roles in the public sector in both
 communities and has the capacity to undertake public theology. This        com.au) and founder of the Inter-                                          Australia and Canada – her back-
 role forms part of the Anglicare Executive and reports to the Chief        net Safety Institute, he advises                                           ground includes strategic policy
 Executive Officer with particular responsibility for:                       companies on online trust, and                                             and planning, insurance, regula-
                                                                            provides thought leadership on        Paula Pyburne                        tion, stakeholder consultation and
  Shaping and contextualizing the mission and work of Anglicare            internet safety issues.                   Paula is a lawyer by pro-        strategic communications.
  Theological reflection, research and teaching                                 Previously Alastair was the       fession and has worked as a              In 2009, Meg returned to Can-
  Coordinating chaplaincy services                                         founding Director of the Aus-         commercial lawyer in private         berra, the city of her birth, youth
  Engaging with parishes and supporting the development of fresh          tralian High Tech Crime Centre        practice and as a legal advisor to   and university days, to take up a
    expressions of the Anglican Church                                      (AHTCC) - a law enforcement           WorkCover Queensland which is        role with the ACT Government
 A theological degree appropriate for license as a priest or deacon in      unit hosted by the Australian         a statutory authority.               leading a program of improve-
 the Diocese of Canberra & Goulburn is required.                            Federal Police to coordinate Aus-         Prior to finishing her law de-    ment in workers’ compensation
                                                                            tralia’s efforts to combating seri-   gree Paula had a lengthy career      insurance.
  To obtain a position description please contact Tina Mills on 02          ous crime involving technology.       at Centrelink, including seven           Meg and her family worship
        6245 7113 or email tina.mills@anglicarecg.org.au                        As a Federal Agent with the       years as a member of the Social      with the community of Basement
                                                                            Australian Federal Police for         Security Appeals Tribunal.           Ministries.
  To apply, please forward a comprehensive resume and covering              15 years he served in numerous            Currently Paula is employed          Meg is excited to part of the
  letter to Peter Sandeman, Chief Executive, Anglicare Canberra             roles in Canberra, Sydney and         as a senior researcher in the Law    Anglicare family and is looking
    and Goulburn, PO BOX 360, Canberra ACT 2601 or email                    Melbourne before becoming the         and Bills Digest section of the      forward to meeting the staff and
                 peter.sandeman@anglicarecg.org.au                          AFP Overseas Liaison Officer at        Parliamentary Library.               clients, hearing the stories and
                   Applications close 12 July 2010                          the Australian Embassy in Wash-           Paula attends Christ Church,     learning how she can be of best
                                                                            ington DC for three years.            Queanbeyan, is a member of           service to Anglicare.
      July 2010
                                                                                Anglican News                                                                                   Page 13


                                                                              Homelessness - not
Youth in the City’s                                                           just a city problem
                                                                              by Judy Ford                           experience of people in this       lessness is the result of many

Street Soccer program                                                             To most people homelessness
                                                                              is perceived as being a problem
                                                                              found only in large cities.
                                                                                                                     pathway included social atti-
                                                                                                                     tudes towards mental illness,
                                                                                                                     difficulty meeting labour and
                                                                                                                                                        factors and experiences. We
                                                                                                                                                        respect the person and under-
                                                                                                                                                        stand there are many challenges
                                                                                  Many people would even be          housing demands and the ex-        on the road to change. And we
                                                                              surprised to know that, accord-        tent of family support.            believe early intervention is a
                                                                              ing to an ABC report in 2009         2. Domestic violence pathway:        key investment in the alleviation
                                                                              that Canberra has a homeless           the key factors that were en-      of homelessness.
                                                                              population of over 1360 people.        countered by people on this            All of us need to be part of a
                                                                                  In fact, a significant number       pathway included violence,         mutually supportive household
                                                                              of people who are considered           the stigma associated with         with long term territorial rights
                                                                              homeless live in rural commu-          domestic violence and low          and responsibilities where mem-
                                                                              nities including parts of the An-      income due to poorer labour        bership involves inclusion and
                                                                              glican Canberra and Goulburn           opportunities of women.            belonging, access to personal
                                                                              Diocese.                             3. Housing crisis pathway: fi-        space and some autonomy can
                                                                                  In a report produced by            nancial crisis contributed to      be exercised and possessions of
                                                                              Homelessness Australia and             the entry of this group into       a personal nature can be used
                                                                              based on the 2006 Census there         the homeless population. This      in whatever way the individual
                                                                              were nearly 300 homeless peo-          was due to job loss, sustained     chooses.
                                                                              ple outside the ACT and 44%            poverty and the upgrading of           To be at home means to be
PRESENTATION: National Street Soccer Coach George
                                                                              lived in the Bega Valley. Other        lower income properties so         part of a community of values
Halkias (left) watyches as Tanya Plibersek, the Minister for                                                         that there was no affordable       and to have an acknowledged
                                                                              areas well represented were
Housing, presents an award to Street Soccer player Yousef at a                Wagga Wagga, Yass Valley and           housing available.                 place in a known and trusted set-
recent presentation day at Reid Oval.                                         Goulburn.                            4. Substance use pathway: only       ting. Home is where we ‘count’.
                                                                                  The homeless population in-        a small proportion of people       It is the place where we can
by Ray Fatafehi                        game, Subway for lunch, then a         cludes men, women and families         entering into homelessness         be heard and listen, can learn
    Every Wednesday as Program         team building exercise at Belcon-      with children or they may be           was due to substance use but       and teach, can respect and be
Support worker I have been help-       nen Zone 3.                            people living on their own. They       it was reported that substance     respected for what we are and
ing to run a program called Street         Another event will be the          can be homeless for a short time       use issues was one of the prob-    what we do.
Soccer (SS) in the Canberra Re-        Street Soccer national selections      or it can last for years. Home-        lems that resulted from the            Anglicare Canberra and
gion at Reid Oval.                     in Darling Harbour, Sydney             lessness in rural areas is often       experience of being homeless.      Goulburn provides a range of
    SS is run and facilitated by the   on the 3rd and 4th of July. The        less visible than homelessness       5. Youth pathway: many home-         housing and home like services
Big Issue Canberra coach, Tim          Canberra side will be sending 4        in cities.                             less young people were from        to people including: Out of
Skinner, and is aimed for home-        players to team up with Tasma-             In rural areas people are          blended or single parent fami-     Home Care and Home Based
less and marginalised members of       nia. Four VERY good players            more likely to live in their cars,     lies. Other factors included       Care; Adolescent Community
the community, youth aged from         were recently selected and will        caravans, to couch surf, or to         indigenous background and          Placement; housing services;
16 years an upwards who look to        be nothing short of great at the       stay in crowded or substandard         previous experience in state       emergency accommodation;
enrich their lives through sport.      tournament.                            accommodation. When people             care.                              youth refuges; transitional hous-
    More specifically, the world            If selected, the successful        do sleep rough or in improvised          Research tells us that the       ing and community housing.
game of Soccer.                        players will make the Australian       shelters they are more likely to     experience of homelessness               In Bega Anglicare Canberra
    Each session consists of one       Homeless Socceroos side that           do so in secluded places that are    in rural communities can be          & Goulburn has entered into
hour of training drills, and a 45      will travel to Rio de Janeiro for      out of public view.                  particularly hard to bear for a      a partnership with the Parish,
min game amongst ourselves to          the Homeless Soccer World Cup              However, the scale of need       number of reasons:                   and from this Ricky’s Place has
show off the skills we have learnt.    later on this year.                    is very great in rural Australia.     The shame and humiliation that     emerged.
    In collaboration with Youth            SS welcomes all competitors            Close to half of all people        is felt by many who experience         Here homeless people can
in the City, Oz Harvest, Nike and      aged 16+ who would love to meet        experiencing homelessness in           homelessness in a close knit       come in for a meal, a chat with
the Big Issue magazine, each ses-      more people, and would love to         Australia are under 25 and nearly      community.                         friends, a shower or just a place
sion also consists of food, drinks,    lead a more active and healthy life.   a quarter are younger than 18.        Homeless people can be more        where they can feel secure.
and prizes which definitely makes           Each session is held at 2pm            In a 2008 publication by           easily identified and thus seen         Chairman of Ricky’s Place,
it worth while for each participant    till 4pm, every Wednesday at           Johnson et al, On the Outside:         as different.                      Ross Williams is delighted with
to attend every week.                  Reid Oval in Canberra. Please          Pathways in and out of Home-          Homeless people say that in        the success of the drop in centre
    Each participant is also given     feel free to attend, or if you know    lessness, the authors conducted        country areas they are more        and has secured land next to the
a prize for “Player of the Week”,      of any young people who would          a study of homeless people and         likely to be seen as failing and   Church to develop a garden. This
or just for generally being a great    love this program, PLEASE send         identified five pathways into          discriminated against.             will give Ricky’s Place a sustain-
team player.                           them along!!                           homelessness.                            Anglicare Canberra & Goul-       able future and an opportunity
    This year’s events include             Ray Fatafehi serves as Pro-        1. Mental health pathway: the        burn helps alleviate homeless-       for people to develop new skills.
the development day, in which          gram Support worker with Youth           major factors that shaped the      ness by recognizing that home-
the team was taken to AIS for a        in the City
Page 14
                                                                               Anglican News                                                                                    July 2010


Powerful response to                                                                                                 Historical Society’s
                                                                                                                     visit to Bathurst
attacks of atheism                                                                                                   by Jill Hodgson
                                                                                                                         The 140th anniversary cel-
                                                                                                                                                             address from the Primate, Dr
                                                                                                                                                             Phillip Aspinall. Refreshments
   Atheist Delusions: The              philosophical reasoning.” I am                                                ebrations of the Bathurst Diocese       afterwards in the hall gave us the
                                                                              horrible things have been done
Christian Revolution and Its           also concerned that reviewers                                                 took place on Wednesday and             opportunity to meet ‘known and
                                                                              supposedly in the name of Jesus
Fashionable Enemies.                   and scholars who happen to agree                                              Thursday 5th and 6th May, when          unknown’.
                                                                              Christ. But such actions came not
   David Bentley Hart. Yale            with the atheism of Dawkins                                                   23 members of the AHS took part             Thursday 6th began with an
                                                                              from following Christ but from
University Press. 253pp. $64.95.       seem to suspend their critical                                                in the excursion to the Bathurst        8am Sung Eucharist to celebrate the
                                                                              failing to follow him and forget-
                                       judgement and swallow his asser-                                              Diocese any many commented it           proclamation of All Saints church
reviewed by Robert                                                            ting his teaching.
                                                                                                                     was ‘the best ever’.                    as the Cathedral of the diocese with
                                       tions without question. Surely if it       Christians themselves, as the
Willson                                                                                                                  It was a memorable visit: the       Bishop Hurford providing theologi-
                                       is right to subject religious belief   author points out, have a special
    Books advocating atheism           to critical analysis then the same                                            wonderful worship service cel-          cal and historical reflections. More
                                                                              obligation to remember the great
seem to be the current literary        critical analysis should apply to                                             ebrating the 140th anniversary          good liturgy, followed by morning
                                                                              capacity of human beings for
flavour.                                expressions of atheism.                                                       of the diocese together with the        tea in the Bell Tower foyer.
                                                                              violence and evil and how many
    Journalist Christopher Hitch-           Richard Dawkins believes                                                 passion for their subjects of all the       Bishop Richard spoke to us of
                                                                              innocent victims such violence
ens has written God is Not Great       that an evolutionary scientif-                                                guides made it impressive.              his and his family’s connections
                                                                              has claimed. They worship a God
and his vigorous attack on all         ic world view is incompatible                                                     First stop was at St Barnabas’      with the Bathurst area as a prelude
                                                                              who does not merely take the part
shades of religious belief has         with belief in God. When he is                                                Oberon, now 142 years old and           to our guided tour of the cathedral
                                                                              of those victims, but who was
certainly sold well.                   confronted by scientists of un-                                               well maintained.                        where we found much to interest
                                                                              himself one of them, murdered
    Zoologist Richard Dawkins of       questionable distinction who do                                                   Rector’s warden Janifer Torner      and inspire us.
                                                                              by the combined authority of the
Oxford University has launched         believe in God he simply asserts                                              was both hostess for lunch and              The 175-year-old Holy Trinity
                                                                              political, religious and legal pow-
a best seller with his passionate      that they are “committing intel-                                              guide to the church, answering all      church at Kelso was next with
                                                                              ers of society.
diatribe against religion entitled     lectual high treason”. Abuse is no                                            our questions. Oberon parish holds      Carol Churches, historian and
                                                                                  The bitter irony is that it was
The God Delusion.                      substitute for reasoned dialogue.                                             services in five locations and has a     author and mine of information,
                                                                              the religious, (Old Testament) bi-
    His attacks on Christianity                                                                                      resident part-time rector.              being a wonderful guide. The
                                                                                 ble believing fundamentalists
have received widely publicity                                                                                           Then on to Bathurst for the         cemetery too is fascinating.
                                                                                 of his day who played a large
in Australia during the recent                                                                                       3pm Marsden Lecture: Reverend               Lunch at Miss Trail’s house,
                                                                                 part in getting Jesus crucified.
Atheist Convention in Mel-                                                                                           Samuel ‘young Sam’ Marsden, a           built by the second rector of
                                                                                 Even hardened Pontius Pilate
bourne. He believes that any                                                                                         great-grandson of the first Bishop       Bathurst around 1845 and during
                                                                                 the Roman Governor admitted
parent who teaches religious                                                                                         of Bathurst, Dr Samuel E Mars-          the house inspection we found
                                                                                 that Jesus had done nothing
faith to children should be up                                                                                       den, spoke about the problems           links between it and benefactors
before the courts for child abuse.                                                                                   and achievements of the founding        of Holy Trinity Kelso.
                                                                                     David Hart concludes his
    How do Christian thinkers                                                                                        bishop. (This resonated with our            Next we visited the Chifley
                                                                                 book by stressing that he has
answer him and his fellow critics                                                                                    Mesac!)                                 home and experienced the enthusi-
                                                                                 not written it as some sort of
of religious faith?                                                                                                      We moved from the Chapter           asm of Sam Molloy as he showed
                                                                                 frantic exhortation to an im-
    David Bentley Hart, US                                                                                           House to the Warriors’ Chapel           us the recently completed DVD, the
                                                                                 probable general renewal of
theologian, has written a meas-                                                                                      for the opening of the Marsden          new displays in the interpretive cen-
                                                                                 faith. He writes bluntly that
ured response to the arguments                                                                                       Exhibition which contained some         tre and the unchanged home itself.
                                                                                 he cannot anticipate such a
of people like Hitchens and                                                                                          wonderful exhibits and for the          The day was completed at St Barna-
                                                                                 renewal in present circum-
Dawkins. In Atheist Delusions                                                                                        unveiling of the Marsden com-           bas’ South Bathurst (1881) with
he turns his sharp intellect and                                                                                     memorative plaque. There was            Deacon James Hodson and Helen
                                                                                     He admits that there are
considerable scholarship to dis-                                                                                     also a book launch - ‘Marsdens          Pitcher being excellent guides.
                                                                                 many forms of atheism that
sect what he calls the “sanctimo-                                                                                    and Hassalls of early Bathurst              Friday 7th and we had 17
                                                                                 he finds far more admirable
nious tirades” against religion                                                                                      and O’Connell’ by Merryll Hope.         members able to stay for the tour
                                                                                 than many forms of narrow,
that now crowd our bookshops.                                                                                            The 7pm Thanksgiving Service        of Abercrombie House, hear the
                                                                                 intolerant Christian belief.
    He begins by putting the con-                                                                                    was preceded by the Ringing of the      story and appreciate the research
                                                                                 But he writes that “atheism
temporary attacks on religious             Another attack on Christianity                                            Cathedral Bells: this was both an       and restoration work that the Mor-
                                                                              that consists entirely of vacu-
faith, and especially on Chris-        comes from Daniel Dennett in his                                              aural and visual spectacular as the     gan family have done.
                                                                              ous arguments afloat on oceans
tianity, in the context of earlier     book Breaking the Spell. Dennett                                              bell tower has glass panels and the         Finally, on our way home, St
                                                                              of historical ignorance, made
enemies of the faith, including        asks whether religion is worthy                                               bell ringers can be clearly seen in     Paul’s Carcoar where lay minister
                                                                              turbulent by storms of strident
the distinguished Scottish unbe-       of our loyalty. Hart replies that                                             the illuminated tower. ‘Spectacular’    Don Murray not only told us about
                                                                              self-righteousness, is as con-
liever, David Hume.                    for Christians such a question is                                             could be applied to the service too:    the church but in answering questions
                                                                              temptible as any other form of
    Hart believes that, compared       meaningless. The real question is                                             a brass ensemble as well as organ,      gave us his personal testimony. This
                                                                              dreary fundamentalism.”
to such giants as Hume, there          whether Jesus Christ is worthy of                                             All Saints Senior College choir and     was a fitting conclusion to remind us
                                                                                  I disagree with Hart’s pes-
has been a considerable decline        our loyalty.                                                                  the Cathedral choir, rousing hymns,     that all our activities are nothing if not
                                                                              simistic view of the future of the
in the intellectual standards of           Hart stresses that Christians                                             appropriate readings and a pertinent    undertaken with prayer.
                                                                              Christian faith. I think that he
those who attack the faith in          are not, properly speaking, be-        underestimates the hunger of the
modern times. He suggests that,        lievers in “religion” at all. Rather   human heart for God. Augustine,
in comparison to such men as
                                                                                                                         Woden Christian Bookshop
                                       Christians believe that Jesus of       Bishop of Hippo in North Africa,
Hume, Gibbon and Nietzsche             Nazareth, crucified under Pontius       prayed in the dying days of the
“today’s gadflies seem far lazier,      Pilate, rose from the dead and is      Western Roman Empire in these
less insightful, less subtle, less     now, by the power of the Holy
refined....and far more interested      Spirit, present in his Church
                                                                              famous words: “O God, you have            Hooray, hooray, the shortest day has passed!
                                                                              made us for yourself and our
in facile simplifications of his-       as Lord. This claim is at once         hearts are restless until they rest       How better to celebrate than with a new CD or
tory than in sober and demanding       both historical and spiritual. The     in you.” That is just as true in the      book? We also have some lovely gift items—the
investigating of what Christianity
has been or is.”
                                       Christian faith stands or falls        21st century as it was then.              ones from the “Empowering the Poor” range
                                       on it.                                     David Hart has written a book
    I share this concern. I have not       Hart notes that today’s most       that is not always easy to read.
                                                                                                                        even give twice, since they also directly help
read Hitchens’ book but I find that     obstreperous critics of Christian-     But for those who have read the           people in developing countries to earn a proper
Richard Dawkins, while a gifted
scientist, also presumes to be an
                                       ity know nothing of its 2000 years     cultured despisers of the Chris-          living wage.
                                       of history, apart from childish        tian faith such as Dawkins and
authority in matters in which he       images of bloodthirsty crusaders
has no expertise, such as theol-       and sadistic inquisitors. They
                                                                              Dennett and Hitchens, and have
                                                                              wondered how Christian thinkers                    Woden Christian Bookshop
ogy, philosophy and the history        appear to ignore the countless
of religious belief.                   schools and hospitals and uni-
                                                                              answer such attacks, Atheist De-                     Bus Interchange, Woden ACT 2606
                                                                              lusions is worth the effort and he
    I agree with Hart that Dawk-       versities (including Oxford),                                                             Contact us on 6285 1425 (fax 6281 0849)
                                                                              gives us much food for thought.
ins reveals what he calls “an          founded in the name of Christ.                                                                or email wcb@cyberone.com.au
embarrassing incapacity for            No honest Christian denies that
      July 2010
                                                                        Anglican News                                                                                      Page 15


A bridge too far                                                                                          Mental Health awareness:
                                                                                                          Listen very carefully for
 Canterbury’s                                                        of the debate so far.
                                                       By Dr
                                                                                                          I will say this only once
                                                                          Both Rowan Williams’ pro-
response to recent                                                    posals and Kenneth Kearon’s
developments in US                                    Bruce           actions seem to me to represent
Episcopal Church                                                      a radical change in the way the      Why don’t people                     they are saying and why they
                                                        Kaye                                                                                     think that. Active listening is hard
goes well beyond
                                                                      commissions and other bodies
                                                                      of the Anglican Communion ac-
                                                                                                          listen to me?                          work because it’s not about being
provisions of                                                         tually work and the way people      by Mark Cooper                         right and winning the argument
Anglican Covenant                  ‘constitutional provisions         are appointed to them.                 Fiona Brown is a Chaplain           and it isn’t about just accepting
                                   which cannot be overturned             In general provinces are        at the Chisholm Ross Center            or believing everything the other
    At the end of May the          by any one person’s decision       not consulted formally about        (CRC), the mental health ward of       person has to say. It is about try-
Archbishop of Canterbury is-       alone, and there will have to      such appointments. They are         Goulburn Base Hospital.                ing to understand what they have
sued a Pentecost letter to the     be further consultation as to      certainly not asked to decide          She runs a writing group            said and why they have said it.
Bishops, Clergy and Faithful       how they are affected.’            who in their province is to be      for the patients where they can            To actively listen to another
of the Anglican Communion in           In other words this is Row-    a member. Appointments are          express their thoughts and feel-       person has a physical side as
which he proposes two radical      an Williams’ personal call and     made on the basis of a combina-     ings. I was struck by the follow-      well as a mental side. It involves
changes as to how the Angli-       he will pursue similar actions     tion of considerations especially   ing piece as I feel it resonates       relaxing your body and adopting
can Communion will operate         with these other bodies in due     their competence in relation to     with my previous articles about        a friendly posture. You need to
the various commissions and        course.                            the particular group concerned.     the need to listen, really listen      give audible cues to the person
groups it establishes.                 The Secretary General,         Clearly there will be some bal-     to what people are saying about        you’re listening to that you are
    ‘(M)embers of such prov-       Kenneth Kearon, wrote less         ancing of dispositions within       how they feel.                         hearing them.
inces that have formally,          than a fortnight later to report   the group and some sense of                                                    Asking questions of clarifica-
through their Synod or House       that he had written to all those   spread around the provinces.              I have never been able to        tion help tell the person that you
of Bishops, adopted policies       people from The Episcopal              In my experience on such          be relaxed in CRC or in the          want to understand what they are
that breach any of the mora-       Church on ecumenical dia-          bodies if a question came up          community as people laugh,           saying. If you do this then you are
toria requested by the Instru-     logue groups of the Anglican       as to the view of the Anglican        snigger, talk behind my back         more likely to receive a fair hear-
ments of Communion and             Communion that their mem-          Church of Australia people            and have the wrong view of me,       ing of your point of view when
recently reaffirmed by the         bership of these groups had        would describe that as best           except meeting L and being re-       you respond.
Standing Committee and the         been discontinued. He also         they could. Suggesting that           laxed for she knows who I am.            In the middle of a general
Inter-Anglican Standing Com-       wrote to the American member       members of these groups should            And now for what ever            conversation people will give you
mission on Unity, Faith and        of the IASCUFO withdrawing         not include anyone from a par-        reason people in CRC don’t           an opportunity to talk about what
Order (IASCUFO) – should           her membership and inviting        ticular province simply on the        seem to be judging me and I          they really want to discuss if you
not be participants in the         her to serve as a consultant       ground that they come from            don’t judge them and now I           listen for it. We all like to be lis-
ecumenical dialogues in which      on the group. He had written       that province, even when the          feel some what at peace here         tened to and we feel good inside
the Communion is formally          to The Anglican Church in          province is in some dispute with      so I can gather my thoughts and      when someone has understood
engaged. I am further propos-      Canada seeking clarifi cation       the Instruments of Commun-            my mind day by day and hope          what we have said.
ing that members of such prov-     about the blessing of same sex     ion, is simply to turn personal       all my fears of judgment just            This is even more important
inces serving on IASCUFO           unions in that church.             membership into some form of          blow away.                           when you are not well and feel
should for the time being have         He also said he wanted two     institutional representative.             Before I was usually here        vulnerable.
the status only of consultants     other matters addressed. The           In relation to the ecumenical     I was ill, very ill. But now             As the patient in Fiona’s writ-
rather than full members.’         responsibility of a Province       dialogues it is a folly to allow      with help and the right people       ing group said, being listened to
    He nominates the context       for the actions of a bishop in     our partners to set how we con-       listening to me it is a struggle     made a big difference in how he
for this action as the conse-      that Province, and whether         struct our membership. These          within but I feel there is hope of   was feeling.
cration of Mary Glasspool          a bishop in one province en-       groups are appointed to explore       a better day and a better future
as an assistant bishop in the      gaged in a cross border inter-     the issues and see if some agree-     than before.                            The Reverend Mark Cooper
diocese of Los Angeles. Mary       vention without the express        ment can be reached. They can                                              serves as Diocesan Chaplain to
Glasspool is publicly in a same    permission of the province         then report back to whoever             When we listen to people we        Mental Health and also as Sub-
sex relationship. The morato-      concerned constitutes a beach      has the authority to deal with      are usually preparing what we are      Dean at St Saviour’s Cathedral,
ria he refers to are               of the third moratorium.           those things. The groups are        going to say next rather than ac-      Goulburn.
    1. No authorized blessing          The question here is if a      not plenipotentiary negotiators.    tually trying to understand what
of same sex unions                 bishop in Australia engaged            Framing the dialogues in
    2. No consecration of bish-    in a cross border intervention     this way misrepresents the char-
ops living in same sex rela-       in, say, Malaysia - would that     acter of the parent body of the
tionships                          be the responsibility of the       groups, in this case the Anglican
    3. No cross border inter-
ventions. That is no bishop
                                   Anglican Church of Australia
                                   or would it be a matter for the
                                                                      Communion. To move in the
                                                                      direction proposed by Rowan         HOME in Queanbeyan to
authorizing or exercising a
                                                                                                          be opened this week
                                   Anglican Communion in rela-        Williams takes away from our
ministry in another diocese        tion to the Anglican Church of     ecumenical conversation part-
without permission of that         Australia. In other words if we    ners an experience of the real
diocese.                           can’t or won’t do something        character of our ecclesiology.         Sir William Deane will              a secure facility; rather it will
    Perhaps there is also pres-    then maybe the Anglican Com-           These actions by Rowan          formally open the HOME in              be one in which residents would
sure from Rome in relation to      munion would act against the       Williams and Kenneth Kearnon        Queanbeyan project on Thurs-           be free to come and go as they
the membership of the new          Anglican Church of Australia.      appear to be more intervention-     day, July 1                            please. It will be their ‘Home’
ARCIC body, which is to ad-            The Secretary General stated   ist than anything proposed in          Sir William is patron of the        and will have the appearance of
dress issues of local and global   that the Archbishop had been       the covenant and certainly are      project, which will provide            a domestic residential facility.
relationships.                     forced to act before the cov-      a bridge too far.                   24 hour care for people with              Ancillary facilities include a
    He recognizes there is an      enant had been considered                                              chronic mental illness who are         commercial kitchen, communal
ongoing Covenant process                                                  The Rev’d Dr Bruce
                                   by most provinces because          K a y e runs a Blog on An-          without proper shelter, care,          dining and recreation areas,
but thinks that the present        of the consecration of Mary                                            love and support.                      spaces for 24 hour accommoda-
tensions warrant his personal                                         glican matters at http://
                                   Glasspool.                         worldanglicanismforum.                 The facility will also offer        tion of carers and health profes-
intervention. He does not say          Rowan Williams claimed in                                          short term respite care.               sionals and it will house the St
in this letter that he consulted                                      blogspot.com
                                   his letter that the Covenant ‘is                                          It comprises of domestic-           Benedict’s Day Centre facility.
anyone about his proposals.        not envisaged as an instrument        The Archbishop’s Pentecost       styled accommodation, provid-             The Anglican parish of
He says there are other bodies     of control’. It has been repeat-   message and some explana-           ing 20 appropriately designed          Christ Church has provided the
that have responsibilities in      edly claimed that the covenant     tory notes can be found at          one-bedroom units with en-             land for the project, which was
the area of faith and order in     would not intervene in the         http://www.aco.org/acns/news.       suite, catering for 15 long term       the brainchild of the previous
the church (Primates’ meeting,     canonical jurisdiction of any      cfm/2010/5/28/ACNS4704              residents and five respite care         rector of Queanbeyan, Michael
ACC and the Standing               province. Perhaps the Secretary                                        residents.                             Cockayne OAM.
Committee) but these have          General has not read those parts                                          HOME is not intended to be
                                                                           Anglican News
                                                                Anglican News
Page 16                                                                                                                                                               July 2010

 Spotlight on …                                                                                               Libby’s ongoing SUPA
 This month we visit Lucas King, the Synergy Youth & Children
 Regional Youth Minister in the Western Region. Together with
 Cheryl, his wife, he has recently developed a new leadership                                                 club adventures
 training group.                                                                                              Last month’s Spotlight
                                                                                                              introduced Libby Horton,
                                                                                                              who is leading a team

 TRANSFORMERS leadership
                                                                                                              introducing a SUPA*
                                                                                                              Club in Wanniassa. This
                                                                                                              month we follow her

 training group in Wagga Wagga                                                                                progress:
                                                                                                              Week 4: 3rd SUPA Club
    Transformers has nearly com-                                                                                  This week the kids arrived full
pleted its first term!                                                                                         of beans and it’s an art to chat to
    It is designed with the purpose                                                                           some as they eat their lunch while
of equipping, encouraging and                                                                                 stopping others from leaping off
discipling young people towards                                                                               the furniture!                         LEADER: Libby Horton
leadership and mission. We be-                                                                                    We did some fun activities
gan by studying how to read the                                                                               to explain how God created             challenging questions :) … until
Bible.                                                                                                        everything. The highlight this         next week.
    This included learning some                                                                               week was having a new girl ask         Week 6: 5th SUPA club
basic techniques to understand                                                                                “but who made God?” – what a               We started well today watch-
and apply the Bible and some                                                                                  great question! Another child          ing a fun animated version of the
practice applying them. We                                                                                    pronounced “but Jesus is dead          Prodigal Son story found on www.
also discussed the importance                                                                                 now!” – so that was another            max7.org (search for The Lost Son)
of knowing and understanding                                                                                  ‘golden’ moment to talk about          while the kids munched their lunch.
the Bible and took a look at the                                                                              our living Saviour.                        We explored how the father
Gospels and the book of Acts.                                                                                     We sure have to be on our          and son would have felt during
    This involved a brief survey                                                                              toes, ready for questions and          the different parts of the story and
of the books and some discus-                                                                                 leaping lunchtime antics!              played the chocolate game (using
sion regarding the authors and                                                                                Week 5: 4th SUPA Club                  snakes) throwing the dice for a 6
their intentions. The object of       DISCIPLESHIP: One aspect of the Transformers course is                       “God’s a fake Dad isn’t he!”      while dressing up in ‘Dad clothes’
this study was to find out ways to                                                                             was a surprising comment from          to try and eat the snake.
                                      Discipleship, and in response to this challenge one of the girls
implement the teachings in these                                                                              one of the kids this week.                 We also tried to squeeze in a
books and apply it to our lives.      who went on the last trip to Solomon Islands will be going
                                                                                                                   After explaining God is our       memory verse but quickly found
    We are currently finishing this    back over in October with another member of the Transformers
                                                                                                              heavenly Dad and better than           kids climbing the walls, leaving
term with a more practical topic.     group.                                                                                                         early with new ones arriving and
                                                                                                              any Dad we can imagine they
That is, How To Share Your Faith.                                                                             thought for a moment and then          other groups coming to the door to
This will give us some tools              We encourage any other youth    casual and youth friendly, eat-     said “I have three Dads then, one      take a look at what was happening.
in sharing our testimony with         that may be interested to contact   ing lots of food and drinking       in Melbourne, one in Canberra              Generally a disrupted kind of
friends at school, work or church.    us. Transformers takes the form     hot chocolates! We are having       and one in Heaven!”                    time but…we were there, they
    There are currently three         of an intense Bible Study for       an awesome time sharing and              We finished with prayer explain-   came and we pray they’ll be back!
young people in the group,            those serious about leadership      growing together, ultimately        ing that ‘Amen’ simply means we
together with my wife and I as        and their faith.                    sharpening each other in our un-    agree. Another question came “what        *SUPA = Scripture Union
leaders.                                  However, we try to keep it      derstanding of God and the Bible.   if I don’t agree?” What a joy to be    Primary Age
                                                                                                              confronted with such honest and

Resources for Children’s Ministry                                                                                 Captain Amazing
 Task Group plans                    connection to the equipment
                                      and the tools they can make use
                                                                          internal students.”
                                                                              The committee was estab-
                                                                                                                   Man‛s Hot Tip
new training course                   of in children’s ministry.”         lished this year, following a                  for engaging with
    A Diocesan Children’s Min-
istry Task Group is working to
                                          Jonathan Holt said that most    request from Synod in 2009                       young people
                                      of the Task Group’s focus will      for support in Scripture teach-
raise the profile of the various       begin with the parishes, the        ing ministries in some country          Be a gossip! I love to hear juicy
ministries to children already        group is also keen to see other     schools.                             tales from other people … and I
going on in many parishes, and        kinds of children’s ministry            The Task Group recognised        always know where to go to get the
also to develop specific training      develop and grow.                   that this was a genuine need,        latest goss.
    Lanyon Valley priest Jon-
                                          “At this stage we particular-   and is now keen to publicise            But the best stories come from
athan Holt, one of the four
                                      ly want to utilise an opportunity   available resources.                 my informants who GOSSIP THE
                                      Matt Brain has through Synergy          “With this in mind, we’re
members of the group, said                                                                                     GOSPEL! The great news about
                                      Youth and through St Mark’s,        hoping to use the Synergy page
the team is working to encour-        to begin researching and writ-      of Anglican News to promote          Jesus oozes out of them … they can‛t help gossiping
age engagement with kids and          ing up a course that will help      kids’ ministry,” Jonathan Holt       about Jesus.
families, whether at church,          people in ministry to kids,” he     explained. “We’d like to profile         By the way did you hear what Jesus did in my life
through local schools, commu-         said. “Our first goal this year is   different kids’ ministries that      last week …
nity groups,                          to develop this course.”            are already happening, and to
    “We’re aware that there are           If the development of this      review resources and generally
lots of people doing children’s
ministry and there are lots of
                                      course goes to schedule during
                                      the second half of this year, the
                                                                          let people know what’s out there
                                                                          and is actually being used by                          Synergy contacts
resources, but there’s often not      Task Group hopes to be able         people in ministry.
a clear connection between the                                                                                Synergy Youth www.synergy.org.au, office - 6230 6749
                                      to trial the course next year           “We just want to raise the
people trying to talk to kids, and    through St Marks.                   profile, because we think there’s    Synergy Youth Director Matt Brain, matt@synergy.org.au
the people producing kids’ min-           “Our hope is that it will       a lot of kids’ ministry happen-     Synergy Youth Minister Lucas King, lucas@synergy.org.au
istry resources,” he explained.       then be available for wider use     ing but we just don’t talk about    Synergy Youth Chairperson Colin Dundon, chair@synergy.org.au
    “We want to bridge some           the following year, both as an      it a lot.”
of that gap and give people                                                                                   Camp Pelican Murray Tooth, camppelican@synergy.org.au
                                      external course as well as for

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