EMERGENCY NUMBERS: O8OO 911 911                                  NOV 2010
                                                                                       Year 8 / Issue 11

                                                        0800 101 911
PERSON OF THE MONTH                                  DOCTOR NOW IN PRETORIA
Many of our members have                             PART OF LIFEMED’S TEAM
already spoken to Werner Earle
with trip monitoring. He is one                      LifeMed Ambulance Service announced
of several people responsible for                    their EMS Doctor vehicle during September
trip monitoring at the centre.                       2010. The vehicle, which is known as
                                                     Doctor 1, will be manned by a medical
Werner was born in Vryheid, KwaZulu-Natal            doctor who is also qualified and trained in
and he loves meat, and again meat and once           emergency medical care and various
more meat.                                           specialised medical services.
Werner’s attitude towards life is to live every
day to the full.                                     This doctor will be available for support to
                                                     the LifeMed ambulance –personnel should
He is always excited about his work especially
                                                     a doctor be needed at the site of the
when a member thanks him for a good service
rendered. He strives, with the rest of the trip
monitoring team, to render an excellent service                        The vehicle will be
and try, like the others, to make a trip very                          manned amongst others,
pleasant for the member. Thank you is the                              by LifeMed’s doctor on
cherry on top.                                                         call, Dr Clinton Meyer.

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Users are often confused when claims on their motor insurance are turned down. To avoid that
happening, users must ensure that they are not guilty of the ten most common reasons for claims
being denied according to Alexander Forbes:
        Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Certain policies have certain limitations.
        Suspended or cancelled licences.
        Loaning a vehicle to someone without obtaining the insurance company’s approval.
        (Please ensure that all drivers are listed on the policy.)
        If an accident is not reported to the police within 24 hours, the claim may be turned
        Most insurers expect that a vehicle which is being insured for the first time must
        undergo an inspection. (This is to confirm that the vehicle really exists, and does not
        already have damage.) Should this inspection not have been done, claims can be refused.
        Ensure that the vehicle has all the required security systems as per the conditions of the
        policy to avoid having to pay for the replacement if your vehicle is stolen.
        Any adaptations which are made to a vehicle must first be approved by the insurer
        because they can influence the premiums. A more expensive radio, for example, must be
        specified on the policy, or it could possibly be excluded from claims.
        Vehicles are sometimes not covered when travelling outside of South African borders.
        Should a trip be planned to these territories, the insurer must be advised of this before
        A private vehicle used for business purposes may not enjoy the same cover.
        If a change of address is not given to the insurer a claim may not be paid out.
(Tips which work – Beeld 13 September 2010)

WRIST BANDS?                             South Africans have a reputation for incorporating
Picture: Rianda                          technology to plan ahead with ideas which work. Certain
van Jaarsveld at                         cell phone companies offer a service which entails holding
                                         any button down for a few seconds, to send an
the matric fare-
                                         “emergency” sms to 4 to 6 designated people. It is usually
well party on 9                          coupled with “911”. Now we all know. It helps in an
October at High                          emergency!
school     Gerrit
Maritz.                                  However, what is the reality behind this? As soon as
                                         people examine the system practically, the following
The question is sometimes asked if       unsolvable problems arise, namely:
the wrist band will fit smart clothes.      People do not always immediately check their smsses.
                                            Should a person receive an emergency message
Rianda insisted on wearing the              (usually standard text), he does not know what to do –
CrisisOnCall wrist band to the              you are therefore not connected to a professional
farewell party.                             service provider.
This is a young lady who is thinking        SMS-messages can sometimes take an inordinately long
sensibly.     She knows that the            time to be delivered by the network.
aesthetical appearance won’t be             What happens if you send a sms and someone else
influenced by wearing the wrist band.       contacts you simultaneously? This is a recipe for chaos.
She also knows that the wrist band          Paramedics will seldom go out unless they have certain
will speak for her if she can’t.            information and know the area is safe.
We want to emphasise the                 Before deciding on an option, – get all relevant facts and
importance    of      wearing the        make an informed decision. CrisisOnCall can also be
CrisisOnCall wrist band because it       contacted by means of a key on the cell phone (speed dial).
has saved many lives.                    Professionals are waiting on the other side to assist you
                                         with your emergency nationally.
Also make sure that your family is
wearing it.                              Be informed!
Since CrisisOnCall began on 1 October 2002 with the concept of identification, many others
have jumped on the proverbial bandwagon. There is the so-called ICE (In Case of Emergency) on
your cell phone where you store your medical aid on your cell phone under “ICE”. Other ideas
have come and gone. Yes - even a rubber band (such as the cancer patients support band) also
saw the light.
Interesting to note how these various forms of identification come and go. CrisisOnCall has
done extensive research as to why a variety of forms of identification come to light, only to
disappear into obscurity.
The only other long-standing method is Medic Alert, which also has drawbacks. It has been on
the market for many years. We also went to paramedics to ask their opinion why some methods
work and others do not. It is not possible in a short paragraph to list all the reasons why, but
one of the best techniques is CrisisOnCall’s armband which was designed by the user – the
Our country also has it’s own unique problems which renders anything shiny a risk factor. Theft
from patients at the scene of an accident is a reality. This has been confirmed by Senior
Superintendent Alta Fourie of the Tshwane Metro Police. (Pretoria News 19 September 2009)
Should the forms of identification be unknown to the USER, they will also not be noticed. So
rubber bands are associated with cancer support, cell phones easily become lost, broken or are
stolen. It is therefore not easy to find new forms of identification which are user-friendly,
acceptable and familiar for the paramedics.
The CrisisOnCall wrist band has so many more advantages. Two-way communication
between paramedics at the scene of a collision and the medical personnel at the control centre
is one. This technique offers much more information than any other method or system.
Paramedics do not just want to know if a patient has a medical aid, but also if they are allergic to
anything, or if they are on any medication or have certain medical conditions. Paramedics do
not want to prescribe medication which clashes with chronic medication the patient is using, or
to which he / she is allergic. This would be a recipe for dangerous chaos! It could even cost a life.
Paramedics agree - use CrisisOnCall which is a widely-known system across many years,
and is a tried and true technique which they prefer to use.
With regard to the aesthetic part of the wrist band, some people say the wrist band is not the
most beautiful piece of jewellery. Well, then they need to visit a jeweller and have an expensive
little chain made. It is just a pity the expensive chain has an incredible number of limitations and
will most certainly be stolen during a collision, or even flung away during a collision. Life is full
of choices.
(Ruan Vermaak – Marketing Manager and BLS Paramedic)

I want to thank everybody who helped my husband during his accident on Monday 20 September
My husband Wickus was in a serious motorbike accident on the N1, just after the N14 off ramp and
because of speedy reaction he was air lifted to the Milpark Hospital soon after the accident.
I was not present at the scene but colleagues from BMW-On-Call ensured me that my husband was
well looked after. My husband is doing fine and his condition is improving by the day.
Thanks once more to the speedy reaction; you have saved my husband’s life!!! – Claudette Ferreira.
(According to Sakkie Venter from BMW-On-Call, Wickus Ferreira landed under a truck with his
motorbike. He was seriously hurt and could not speak. The paramedic told Sakkie, after Wickus
was taken to Millpark Hospital, how lucky he was for wearing the CrisisOnCall wrist band. The
paramedic told Sakkie that everybody must join CrisisOnCall and showed him his wrist band.)
I am a CrisisOnCall member also and have made use of information of CrisisOnCall
members many times before. Therefore I wear my wrist band permanently.
On 6 September we were called out to a big accident on the N3 freeway. (A truck has literally
driven over a vehicle.) It was clear that the patients were very seriously hurt and we had to do
everything to save the person’s life. The scene was chaotic and wreckage was scattered all over
the place.
I saw the lady’s CrisisOnCall wrist band when I crawled into the wreck. What a relief. The
person was unconscious and needed immediate attention from us. My assistant called and they
supplied us with the needed information. The nurse could give me information about medication
which helped me not to give the medication which I wanted to administer, because she was allergic
to it. We had to make a plan. I could give the patient the best treatment not only because I am
trained but also because of the knowledge from the CrisisOnCall emergency staff. It was
And then the message from CrisisOnCall. They are monitoring the people and there is also a
little boy in the vehicle. The fire brigade helped us to look for the boy of 18 months and found him
at the back between the wreckage. He was unconscious but alive. It was then that we decided to
get the emergency helicopter.
The next problem; the nearest hospital could not take them. The fire brigade supported us all the
way because we were busy with patients entrapped in the vehicle. The helicopter did not arrive
immediately and there we sat with two patients and one ambulance service. Luckily another
paramedic arrived from another ambulance service and CrisisOnCall phoned them as well
with needed information about the baby. The two patients were taken to hospital after a lot of
action. One by ambulance and the other by air ambulance.
I want to thank you CrisisOnCall for the identification system which you have developed. It
works and you have helped me today to save two lives. Every person must be a member of
CrisisOnCall. It will make life much easier.
(Johan Groenewald)

CJ du Plessis Attorneys, one of our accredited law firms, will be writing a series of articles from this
month, which will be invaluable to each member.
They handle, amongst others, Road Accident Fund (RAF) claims on behalf of claimants against the
RAF. The claimant (‘any person’ or “third party” including a foetus in utero) will be entitled to claim
compensation if the claim falls within the ambit of section 17 (1) (a) or (b) of the RAF Act. Firstly, the
claimant must have suffered damages or loss in the form of bodily injury to him- or herself or by
virtue of the death or bodily injury of another person by an identified driver or in “hit and run”
situations. Secondly the damage or loss to the claimant must have been caused by the negligent
driving of a motor vehicle or another unlawful act by a driver of a motor vehicle in the Republic.
The RAF Amendment Act (RAFAA), which is to come into effect on 1 August 2008, currently restricts
claims to ‘serious injury’ in terms of regulation 3 thereof. The RAFAA has been described as being
“ill-considered and ill-advised” as it restricts general damages to ‘serious injury’. Therefore,
although every motorist contributes to the RAF by means of levies within the fuel price, only
claimants with ‘serious injury’ can institute a claim. This issue might be unconstitutional and is
currently being challenged in the Constitutional Court by the Law Society.
CJ du Plessis Attorneys, through their partnership with CrisisOnCall, are willing to offer their
services on a contingency basis to all the valued members of CrisisOnCall. This means that the
claimant does not have to pay any deposit and there will be no monthly invoices for the work we do
until the claim has successfully been settled with the RAF.
(Article by Christo du Plessis of CJ du Plessis Attorneys, Telephone: 082 825 1347, e-mail

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