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									Mountain Language Worksheet for Answers

   1     Is the noun concrete, abstract, collective or compound?

   2     Rewrite the phrase using an apostrophe to show the correct possessive form.

   3     Is the sentence active or passive?
         Rewrite the sentence changing active to passive or passive to active.

   4     Write the correct verb.

   5     Create a complete sentence.

   6     Write the subject and write the correct verb.

   7     Write the correct adjective.

   8     Write the correct adverb.

   9     Write the appropriate word for correct meaning of the sentence.

   10    Write the required form of the underline.

   11    Write the correct pronoun.

   12    Identify the underlined pronoun(s) as demonstrative, reflexive, interrogative,
         intensive, personal, relative, or indefinite.

   13    Chose the correct pronoun.

   14    Combine each pair of sentences by using an appositive.

   15    Write the prefix, suffix and root word where applicable.

   16    Is this a declarative, imperative, interrogative, or exclamatory sentence?

   17    Identify the underlined word(s) as predicate noun, predicate pronoun,
         predicate adjective, direct object, or indirect object.

   18    Identify the prepositional phrase(s).

   19    Proofread and write the sentence correctly.

   20    Is this a simple, compound, or complex sentence?

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