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Westminster City School Newsletter
                                                                                                                             July 2010

                                                                                                                                Edition 003

                                                                                          Westminster City School
                                                                                    European Football Success

                                                                                                                           m ER S
                                                                                                                       m day
                                                                                                                     Su li   t
  the annual Belgium Football trip took                                                                               Ho
                                                                                                                           t aRW
  place on the first weekend of half term.                                                                              S o
  Read more about it on page 3...                                                                                        N

News from the Headteacher’s desk...                                                                           in this issue:
                                                                                                              athletics Champions
The examination season is finally coming to an end. Year 11 and Year 13 completed their GCSE and A2           Football winners
examinations in the middle of June and Year 10 took their internal tests in the week beginning 28 June.       School trips to France,
   A large number of Year 11 students received their National Record of Achievement certificates at a         dorset & Japan
presentation in the school hall on 24 June before heading off on a Thames cruise to celebrate the end of      Connexions awards
their exams and to look forward to a bright future.                                                           dt projects
  We are expecting our best ever GCSE results this August as well as some good A2 outcomes. I wish all Year   Peter Bradshaw
11 a great summer and look forward to seeing them all on results day and in September.                        uN Peacekeepers
  Years 8 & 9 have chosen their option subjects for the coming year. The school curriculum has been...        Summer art Exhibition
Read more on page 2...                                                                                        mathematics winners
                                                                                                              and much more....
  Headteacher’s news

  continued from front page...                                 came away as winner of the borough athletics            term 12 sixth formers will travel to Osaka in
    ...remodelled to provide every student with a              tournament; the UWS Foundation schools                  Japan, courtesy of the Sasakawa Foundation, to
  progression route through a two year KS3 course              athletics event; football tour to Belgium; day and      experience all aspects of Japanese culture. These
  followed by a two or three year KS4 curriculum. The          weekend trips to France and the GCSE and A2             are fantastic opportunities and you will read all
  aim is to provide every student with a broad range of        art exhibitions. We also staged our own talent          about them in the next newsletter.
  subjects to study and the opportunity to achieve the         show with a large number of boys entering the             I hope you enjoy this edition of Unity and
  best results they can at GCSE and beyond. My thanks          Westminster City School’s Got Talent competition        encourage you to pass it on to family and friends.
  go to Mr Wilson for his work on this development.            which provided a night of great entertainment.          Extra copies are available if you would like them.
    As always there has been a wide range of                     Two Year 11 students, Pranoy Choudhury                  I wish you all a wonderful summer and look forward
  activities and achievements this term for                    and Vergil Wong, are heading to South Africa            to seeing you again in the new academic year.
  students to enjoy and for you to read about in this          this summer to work on a Cloud Dog charity
  newsletter. Highlights include: the school team              conservation project and in the autumn half-            Mr Maloney - Headteacher

  Japan cultural exchange programme                                                        Summer Exhibition

  Nippon – the land of the Rising Sun
  It may be only an 11 hour flight to Tokyo but it felt like landing in a different
  world; our Japanese adventure had begun!
     What an honour, to be chosen to represent our school and undertake such a
  memorable journey, but this a journey like no other. We five, Tristain Fynn-Aideu,
  Jamal Tindale, Nadeem Haaan, Kevin Shrestha and myself, Mr Alcock, were
  embarking on an odyssey that captured our imagination, leaving us in a state of
  wonderment as we had no pre-conceived idea of what to expect; we were not to
  be disappointed.
     Our journey began back in October 2008 when our Japanese counterparts,
  soon to be friends, arrived in London to stay with our students families. Can you
  imagine what it must feel like to arrive in a foreign country and entrust yourself
  to a family of strangers for seven days? Not easy, but if you are prepared to step
  out of your own comfort zone and try something new then the rewards can be
  infinite. It was a very empowering experience for our host families, London is
  the finest city in the world and to be able to share it with people on a personal
  level was very fulfilling for all concerned. Our Japanese friends left us with many
  memories, cameras full of pictures and new friendships forged, we could not
  wait for the return leg of the journey!
     May 2009 Swine flu! Could you believe it, our time had finally arrived and our
  journey was stopped before it had even started, the feeling of disappointment was
  tangible. We began to believe that it would never happen. March 2010, at last we

                                                                                           Summer art
  made it! Our experiences over that week were unforgettable. We are so fortunate
  to live in such a multi-cultural society, thus when you become the minority in a far

  away land the feeling is profound and is something I would recommend trying!
     I can’t put into words how much our journey affected us and nor would I want
  to as it is a personal feeling that four, very fortunate current Year 9 students, will   The art department recently held an exhibition of student work as an
  have the opportunity to discover for themselves.                                         inaugural celebration of the new art facilities in the Puttick building from
     In October 2010 another Japanese party will be looking for host families to           Tuesday 15 through till Thursday 17 June. A private viewing was held on
  stay with, thus hosting four of our students in Tokyo during May 2011!                   the Tuesday evening for students, parents, staff and invited guests to view
                                                                                           the range of excellent work produced by our students at both GCSE and
  If you wish to be a host and would like to experience a new and exciting                 A Level this year.
  culture, if you have a thirst for travel and an open mind this could be the best         Ms Jacobs - Art Subject Leader
  thing you do. Please speak to Mr Alcock or Ms Walwyn for further details!!

2 Westminster City School Newsletter                                                                                                               Edition 003 July 2010
 Year 10 Paris trip                                                            Sports round up

 On Friday 23rd May, we left London to go and spend the weekend in Paris.
 We saw the most famous sites : Le Louvre, Notre-Dame, le Sacre-Coeur, l’Arc
 de Triomphe and many others. The weather was fabulous and we got to enjoy
 a bit of free time where we practised our French.
 Ms Bayout - Modern Foreign Languages

     Students visit Notre-Dame

                                                                               Westminster City School athletics team
                                                                               The school athletics team won the Westminster School Athletics Competition
                                                                               held at Battersea Park. The following boys won their events: James Walkinshaw
     A night of fine dining!                            Picnic in the park
                                                                               Discus, Ben Sillah High Jump, Sheldon Kumsah Long Jump, Austin Davidson
                                                                               Javelin, Philip Robinson High Jump and Hurdles, Kyron Nestor-Thelwell Hurdles
                                                                               and 200m, Alasan Sesay 100m and 200m
                                                                                 We also had 10 boys chosen to represent Westminster in the London School
                                                                               Athletics Championships. They are: Alasan Sesay, Sheldon Kumsah, Lucien
                                                                               Owusu, Emmanuel Mtimba, Emmanuel Sonupe, Issac Johnson , Ashley
                                                                               Lutumba, Ros-Rene Pipe, Dominic Coker Ojo, Kyron Nestor-Thelwell
                                                                                 To reach this standard is a fantastic achievement and the whole school
                                                                               wishes the boys the best of luck in their events.

                                                                               The annual Belgium Football Trip took place on the first weekend of half term.
                                                                               On the football pitch in the VVFB Kerkstade West tournament our teams
                                                                               finished in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The main highlights being the final, a
                                                                               Westminster City derby contested between Mr Boden’s team and Mr Kent’s
                                                                               team, Mr Huxley’s team claiming 3rd spot by winning the 3rd/4th play off match
     In front of the fountains at Le Louvre
                                                                               on penalties and Anas Lachgar’s moonwalk celebration after he scored the
                                                                               winning penalty. Off the pitch the boys made the most of Molenheide Holiday
                                                                               Park’s sports facilities and swimming pool. The trip was very enjoyable for both
                                                                               staff and students and this was mainly due to the excellent behaviour of the
                                                                               boys throughout the trip. Well done boys.
                                                                               Mr Huxley - PE Subject Leader

     Viewing galleries at the top of the Eiffel Tower                                                                                                            Westminster City School Newsletter 3
  United Nations Peacekeepers Ceremony

  international day of united Nations
  Peacekeepers Remembrance Ceremony
  The Cenotaph, Whitehall, London: 1pm, 20 May 2010
  Students from Westminster City School and
  Grey Coat Hospital School served as marshals
  throughout the recent uN Peacekeepers
  memorial ceremony. it was a great occasion with                                      Westminster City School Cadets

  representatives from across the world laying
  wreaths in remembrance.

  In memory Count Folke Bernadotte,
  1st UN medal tor Astrid Bernadotte, grand-daughter
  In memory Commandant René De Labarrière,
  1st UN fatality Rear-admiral Charles-Edouard De Coriolis,
  defence attache, french embassy
  In memory United Nations Peacekeepers from 120 nations
  For the widows of UN peacekeepers Rosalind Campbell, War Widows’ Assn.
  On behalf of UK service men and women John Cooke, UN Veterans Assn. (UK)
  On behalf of UK civilian staff David Irwin, HM Revenue and Customs
  For the United Nations association James Kearney,
  Peace & Security prog. Coordinator
  Prayer Iman Azim Hafiz, muslim chaplain to HM forces
  Closing statement David Wardrop

  uN peacekeepers:                                                                    international day of united Nations Peacekeepers
  Keeping the peace, protecting the people                                            A total of 2,790 peacekeepers from 120 nations have lost their lives in
  Today, there are more than 101,000 UN peacekeeping troops including 13,054          service. Of these, 102 were British. The International Day of United Nations
  police from 115 nations serving in 16 UN operations on four continents. They        Peacekeepers was first observed on 29 May 2003, the date in 1948 when
  are joined by about 6,000 international civilians and more than 13,000 local        the first UN peacekeeping mission, its Truce Supervision Organization
  civilian staff. Women peacekeepers serve in the military (1%), police (4%),         (UNTSO), began operations in Palestine. On this day, we pay tribute “to all the
  international civilian staff (30%) and nationally recruited civilian staff (28%).   men and women who have served and continue to serve in UN peacekeeping
  The UN is the largest multilateral contributor to post-conflict stabilisation       operations, as well as to honour the memory of those who have lost their lives
  worldwide. Only the US deploys more military personnel to the field. In 2005,       in the cause of peace.”
  UN peacekeeping operations involved 161,000 military and police personnel
  using 864 flights on 200 long-term charter aircraft, moving in all 700,000          The International Peacekeepers Day conference and Remembrance
  passengers to various missions. In that year, the UN deployed 220 medical           ceremony was the seventh organised by its Westminster Branch. For
  clinics and 21 military hospitals.                                                  information, visit

  Fun with Films!
  The English department was very                                                                                               swim
  pleased when The Guardian writer,                                                                                             A number of the more amphibious
  Peter Bradshaw, came to the school                                                                                            members of 8H took to the water at
  and delivered a lesson on the art                                                                                             the Queen Mother Leisure Centre
  of film review writing. The Year 10                                                                                           on 27th May to raise money for our
  students had chosen him to coach                                                                                              school charities, Retrak and Cancer
  them after researching several of his                                                                                         Research UK. Eight swimmers
  film reviews on-line and calling The                                                                                          completed numerous lengths of
  Guardian newspaper.                                                                                                           the pool in a variety of styles, some
     Mr. Bradshaw discussed his              favoured reviewer, they soon dropped     Gomez’s review) and called the            more elegant than others. Special
  motives for writing, background            some of the shy-chains restraining       session a ‘great experience’, adding      thanks are due to Andy Watson and
  into the profession and had plenty         them when Mr. Bradshaw led the           that he would be happy to return.         Alsy Mutshipayi who organised this
  of guidance to help improve the            class in a review writing session          The students benefited greatly          event, and of course to the members
  responses of the GCSE class; who           based on the Oscar-nominated short       and are hoping more industry              of staff who sponsored the boys’
  will be producing their own reviews        film: Octapodi.                          professionals will be invited in to       efforts: the form raised nearly £100!
  as part of their coursework.                  He was extremely impressed            share their knowledge with those          Finally, thank you to Mr Huxley
     Although the students were rather       with the ‘terrific’ work the students    aspiring for careers in various fields.   who accompanied the party and
  nervous in the presence of their           produced (particularly Nicholas          Mr Hady - English                         supervised their exertions.
                                                                                                                                Mr Burt - Business Studies

4 Westminster City School Newsletter                                                                                                           Edition 003 July 2010
 Geography field trip to Dorset

 At the end of April, Year 11 Geography pupils spent the weekend along the Dorset
 coast studying key features of the landscape and the way in which it is being man-
 aged. Based in Swanage, the pupils examined the features and management of
 Swanage Bay, Lulworth Cove and Chesil Beach before moving inland to study flood
 management and agricultural land use. The weekend allowed pupils to revise key
 areas of the syllabus and see, first hand, many processes and landforms described
 in text books. This trip is now booked ahead for next year (current Year 10).

 David Desanges - Assistant Headteacher

 Mathematics Challenge                                                                    Deputy Headteacher report

 uKmt mathematical                                                                        old Westminster Citizens trust Fund
 Challenge results                                                                        At a recent meeting of the OWCA Trust Fund some very generous pledges were
                                                                                          made. £15,500 was pledged for the purchase of a laser cutter & CAD/CAM
 This year we saw excellent results          Intermediate Mathematical Challenge.         facility for the DT department. These are fantastic pieces of equipment and will
 across all year groups in the various       Results significantly exceeded               significantly enhance the work students produce. Over £3,000 was also pledged
 challenges that occurred.                   expectations: all years had several          for the production of a feature length film by the English and media studies
 In November top set Year 11 pupils          outstanding individual performances.         department. This will take place over the summer, produced by sixth form
 joined their sixth form counterparts          In April top set Year 8 pupils and Year    students and coordinated by Mr Leon Hady. In addition, £1,000 of recurrent
 to write the 90 minute UKMT Senior          7 Metropolitan wrote the UKMT Junior         funding was pledged to the Army Cadet Force and we are currently bidding for
 Mathematical Challenge. This is an          Mathematical Challenge. This was the         funds to purchase an automatic bowling machine for the PE department.
 exceedingly difficult paper to write, and   only Challenge where we had a gold             The school would like to express its gratitude for the generosity and continued
 is the first step towards qualifying for    certificate winner: Jacob Howe.              support of the Old Westminster Citizens Trust Fund.
 the British team for the International        During the past three years the
 Mathematical Olympiad. After several        UKMT Mathematical Challenges have            Cadets
 training days, Mohammed Aldiwan,            become an established enrichment             Twenty nine cadets from 234 KRRC attended Easter camp in the Brecon
 Michael Martinez, Aman Sethi and            activity that is valued by the pupils. The   Beacons. It was a fantastic adventure training camp with a wide range of
 Biniam Tesfaye attended the regional        challenges are increasingly being used       activities available. Cadets walked up Sugar Loaf Mountain; pony trekked, took
 heat of the UKMT Senior Team                in lessons to improve the problem            clay pigeon shooting lessons, tackled the obstacle course and visited the Big Pit
 Mathematical Challenge. In a field          solving abilities of pupils and to           mining museum. There was still snow on the mountain peaks which added to
 of 36 teams comprised mainly of             develop their logical thinking skills.       the ambience! I would like to thank Mr Oliver, Mr Bush and PC Carden for their
 independent schools as well as last         Mr Abdulla - Mathematics                     help in making it such a success. At a recent athletics tournament 234 Cadets
 year’s national winners our boys did        The mathematics department                   won the intermediate boys trophy. A number of cadets went on to win the
 very well and placed respectably.           would like to thank Mr Abdulla, for          London final and will be competing in the national finals in June.
   In February top set pupils from           having organised the Mathematical            Mr Wilson - Deputy Headteacher
 Years 9, 10 and 11 sat the UKMT             Challenges over the past three years.                                                                                                                          Westminster City School Newsletter 5
  South African Churches Development Trust                                             Design Technology news

                                                                                       design technology GCSE projects
                                                                                       This academic school year has seen big changes within the Design & Technology
                                                                                       department. The change within the Year 11 Resistant Materials coursework has
                                                                                       been significant. The GCSE projects produced this year were exceptionally good,
                                                                                       with some students creating pieces which were of a professional standard. Our
                                                                                       Year 11 students have shown just what the boys of this school can achieve. We
                                                                                       believe this is an exciting time for future Design & Technology students, as they
                                                                                       will no doubt continue to build on the success of this year.
                                                                                       Mr O’Neill - DT Subject Leader

  Cape town drummers
  On Wednesday afternoon our Year 11 and Year 7 drummers played at a service
  for the South African Churches Development Trust. The Trust was behind much
  of the protest to Apartheid and now involves itself in development work in South
  Africa with the support of many here in London. The founder was the former
  Prime Minister Harold Wilson and his son read at the service. The Archbishop
  of Cape Town preached. The boys were invited to drum and they were stars! The
  congregation was fascinated by them and it was an occasion when it made you
  proud to be associated with Westminster City School.
    BIG thanks to Kenny Wellington for preparing the boys.
  Rev. Garry Swinton

  7 metropolitan Scale models
  Due to their hard work over the year, 7 Metropolitan were given the opportunity
  in Mathematics to produce scale models to link into their work on enlargement
  and scale factors. The work they produced surpassed all expectations with
  models including a key, a Westminster City School student, Big Ben, the Empire
  State Building and a Nintendo Wii. The boys voted on each other’s work,
  marking them on quality, accurateness and difficulty and Shpetim Salihu was
  voted to have created the best scale model overall for his mini pool table. As the
  work was completed over several homeworks, special thanks to all parents who
  helped contribute to the work and congratulations again to all involved.
  Ms Cassidy

6 Westminster City School Newsletter                                                                                                              Edition 003 July 2010
 Connexion Awards                                                                     Trip to Switzerland - 18.11.2010

                                                                                      CERN, Geneva
                                                                                      year 13 trip to the large Hadron Collider
                                                                                      CERN is one of the world’s largest         is made of and how it works.
                                                                                      and most respected centres for             For information about this
                                                                                      scientific research. Its business is       fantastic trip please see Mr Cook
                                                                                      physics, finding out what the Universe     in the Science Department.

                                           On Wednesday 28th April
                                           Westminster City School hosted the
                                           Annual Connexions Award Ceremony.
                                           It involved about 40 students from
                                           different schools in the borough. The
                                           Westminster City School students
                                           who received certificates and trophies
                                           were: Abacar Sy, Naseem Islam,
                                           Michael Jardim, Ali Rashid, Refayat
                                           Uddin, Ariful Alam.
                                              The highlight of the afternoon was
                                           the screening of a short film written
                                           and directed by Abacar Sy.
                                           Ms Gotchall - SENCO

 News from the Learning Resource Centre
                                                                                                                                   Cricket Victory
 library news                                more of a cross section of year          quickly as the books were no longer in       The cricket team recently had a
                                             groups in each one. The plan is to       their correct places and shelf signage       fantastic 10 wicket victory against
 Just a quick Library update for you as      then assign team leaders who will        was minimal or not specific enough.          Westminster Academy and strolled
 we approach the end of this busy half       be responsible for guiding their         The aim is to provide a very clear           into the Westminster final. Special
 term. Please find below a snapshot of       teams each shift and liaising with       visual layout so pupils can quickly          mention to Ibrahim Hashimazy
 the work done to date as well as some       me when helping at events etc.           locate the subject they are interested       (3 for 3 off 2 overs) for a menacing
 ideas for future development.                                                        in and find the particular topic within      seam attack and Abdullah Mohamed
                                             Re-labelling of stock:                   that subject e.g. Religion –                 (3 for 3 off 2) who took a hat–trick
 Library Helpers:                            Most of the books in the library are     Christianity/English Literature –            (3 wickets in 3 balls for the unitiated)
 We now have four teams of Library           now broadly in their correct subject     Poetry – poems about school.                 and set up the victory.
 Helpers. All pupils have a two week         areas. The next step is to carry on         This will not only mean that the          Simon Boden -PE
 trial and once completed they get a         producing shelf signage that             stock will be more effectively used
 green Library Assistant badge. Library      corresponds to the topics housed at      but it will support students in
 Assistants carry out a range of duties      each location and re-label each          becoming independent learners by
 such as shelving and tidying as well        book to match the updated layout         helping them find resources and              Parents association
 as re-labelling books (massive task         and signage. As you can imagine          browse more efficiently.                     This term saw the relaunch of the
 underway at present!). They will, in        this is a huge task. The Religion,                                                    WCSA, our parent/teacher associa-
 time, also be involved with book clubs,     Maths, Sciences, Physical                Displays:                                    tion, with several parents attending a
 display work and other events.              Geography, Languages and English         Look out for new posters around the          meeting, keen to take an active part
     Library Assistants who do not           Literature sections are well on the      library – including some ‘inspirational’     in supporting the school. At this initial
 miss shifts and work well whilst on         way to completion and others are         sayings by celebrities!                      meeting ideas for the future and
 duty are permitted to use the Library       coming along.                               Hope you found this of interest –         discussion about our terms of refer-
 at break times and all lunchtimes              My aim in doing this is to make the   and that you will pop in and see the         ence were identified. If you would like
 when not on duty - and are not              Library more user-friendly. Whilst the   changes for yourselves in the next           to find out more information please
 restricted to their year group specific     majority of books had already been       few weeks and next term.                     contact: Rev Garry Swinton
 lunchtime slot. Once the teams are          catalogued by previous librarians,                                          
 better established I hope to get            pupils were not able to find items       Ms Joshi - Librarian                                                                                                                        Westminster City School Newsletter 7                                                                                                                                           Edition 003

  unity                                                                                                                                                   July 2010

  term dates                                                                         Positive comments
  Trinity Term                                                                       The following KS3 students had a very successful
  Thursday 22 July Term six ends                                                     term and received many positive comments:
  Summer Break                                                                       7H S.Ahmed                        7P J.Cruz
                                                                                     7H A.Suleman                      7P A.Cueva De Costa
  Michaelmas Term                                                                    7W M.Chi                          7P R.Jimoh
  Monday 6 September School begins for Year 7 & Year 12 only                         8P M.Dibiah                       7P A.Rahman
  Tuesday 7 September School begins for all other years                              8P O.Shafi                        7P A.Rashid-Witol
  Thursday 21 October Term one ends                                                  8P S.Ullah                        7W R.Chowdhury
  Half Term Break                                                                    8P Mark Dibiah                    7W M.Proana Mora
  Monday 1 November Term two begins                                                  7D F.Oladimeji                    7W R.Tabajonda
  Tuesday 21 December Term two ends                                                  7H K.Carpio                       8D Z.Kadir
  Christmas Break                                                                    7H R.Codrington                   8D V.Zubairu
                                                                                     7H J.Howe                         8H M.Ali
                                                                                     7H V.Padilla                      8K S.Ayeni
  For admissions information contact:                                                7H J.Smith                        8K C.Lopez 020 7641 8760                                               7H S.Wahid                        8P S.Punhani
                                                                                     7K R.Ahmed                        8P N.Sallam
  To contact the editor:                                                             7K A.Chowdhury                    8W M.Shah 020 7641 8756
                                                                                     7K S.Philips                      8W A.Shaikh
                                                                                     7K D.Yepez-Ortiz

  School events....                                                                  attendance & Punctuality
  July 12-16 Arts Week                                                               Overall attendance has remained constant for the last four half terms at
  Thursday 15 July Celebration of Achievement Evening                                95.4%. Persistent absence figures have improved from 3.2% for the first half
  Monday 19 July Sports Day                                                          term to 1.2% in the fifth half term. This is the joint lowest of all secondary
  Thursday 22 July End of year service                                               schools in the borough.
                                                                                       The DFE categorises schools as Persistent Absence schools based on
  Thursday 19 August A2 Results Day 10.00-2.00pm                                     percentage of students with attendance below 80% for half terms 1 – 4.
  Tuesday 24 August GCSE Results Day 10.00-2.00pm                                    The school’s Persistent Absence percentage for that period was 1.6% which
  School will be open for students to collect their results                          was considerably better than the
  and teachers will be available for advice and guidance.                            national and school target of 6.1%
                                                                                     and the Local Authority target of 4.2%.
  Friday 3 September Staff inset day                                                   It is important that parents ensure            Congratulations
                                                                                                                                      to 7W with 97% who
  Friday 22 October Staff inset day                                                  that their child attends school
                                                                                                                                      will be off to see the
  Wednesday 29 September Open Evening 6.00–8.00pm                                    regularly in order to maintain the                film Toy Story 3 as
  Friday 1 October Open Morning 9.30am start                                         school’s excellent attendance                  their reward for having
  Tuesday 5 October Open Morning 9.30am start                                        record next academic year.                       the best attendance.
  Wednesday 6 October Open Morning 9.30am start                                                                                      Close behind were 8K
                                                                                                                                     with 96.8% this year.
  Thursday 7 October Open Morning 9.30am start

                                                                                     in the next issue
                                                                                     Exam Results
                                                                                     Westminster’s Got talent
                                                                                     Sports day
                                                                                     Celebration of achievement Evening
                                                                                     Summer trips

  Westminster City School
  Striving for Excellence, learning for life

  55 Palace Street, London, SW1E 5HJ T 020 7641 8760 F 020 7641 8761 E

8 Westminster City School Newsletter                                                                                                          Edition 003 July 2010

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