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Great New Opportunities for Albury Youth


									    4 July 2005

    Great New Opportunities for Albury Youth
    St John Albury now welcomes young people aged eight to 18 to join the newly
    formed Albury Cadet Division of St John Ambulance (NSW).

    Chris Chant, the Officer in Charge of Albury Cadets said the new division aims to provide the
    youth of the Albury area with the opportunity to learn and practice first aid, as well as
    participating in a variety of different skills programs and meeting some great new friends.

    “St John Cadets combine first aid and youth orientated activities with a fun and interactive
    learning process to help develop life skills and self-confidence.

    “We hope to create an environment to promote young people as valued and vital members of
    the community, as well as equipping them with a skill to save lives.,” said Mr Chant.

    St John Cadets offers youth programs for people between the ages of eight and 18 providing
    young people with opportunities to develop their social, physical, emotional, intellectual, moral
    and cultural skills and behaviours.

    Albury Cadet Division’s first memebr, 11 year old Rebbecca, has transferred to Albury Cadets
    from the Wodonga Division. At least 15 more young people are already considering joining so
    the hunt is on to get more people under 18 to come along, join the new group and have a
    great time.

    To join the Albury Cadets contact Chris Chant on 0412 593 249.


    Photo/Interview opportunities are available,

    Media Contact: Chris Chant, Officer-In-Charge, Albury Division, 0412 593 249

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