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									Globalization & Educational Reform
              in China
          Chinese Group
           Sept. 29, 2005
      EastWest Center, Hawaii

1. “International Seminar on Education in
   China: Glocal Perspectives” in Peking
   University, November 2005
2. Action sub-topics from 10/ 2005 to
3. Leadership training program for
   administrators from middle schools in
   August 2006.
•   Li, Wenli (Peking University)
•   Ren, Youqun, (East China Normal University)
•   Yang, Yinfu (NCEDR, Ministry of Education)
•   Yang, Yuchen (Northeast Normal University)
•   Zhang, Jianxin (Yunnan University)
•   Researchers from East-west Center
•   Researchers, and postgraduate students from
    the five teaching and research institutions.
   I. International Seminar on
   Education in China: glocal
• Co-Hosted by: Graduate School of
  Education in Peking University; Institute
  of Economics of Education in Peking
  University; 2005 Chinese Visiting Scholar
  Delegation to East West Center
• Venue: Peking University, Beijing, China
• Time: November 15th, 2005
    Participants of the Seminar
•   East-West Center delegation
•   Chinese visiting scholars to EWC
•   Administrators for MOE
•   Beijing Educational Commission
•   Shanghai Educational Commission
•   Chinese university leaders and educators
•   Principals of elementary and secondary schools;
                  (around 25 people)
    Presentation Session I
• 9:00-9:20 ---- Deane Neubauer :
  Globalization and interdependence
• 9:20-9:40 ---- Yang, Yinfu: Strategic
  Priorities in China Education
• 9:40-10: 00 ---- Betty Buck :Education 2020
• 10:00-10:20 ---- Li, Wenli: The prospect of
  Capital higher education from the
  perspective of globalization
     Presentation Session II
• 10:40 -11:00 --- Peter Herrock: ?
• 11:00 -11:20 ---Ren, Youqun:Curriculum
  Reform in Basic education of China
• 11:40 -12:00 --- Zhang, Jianxin : A graduate
  course design on globalization and
      Discussion Session
• Discussion Topic: Education
  Development and Reform in China: a
  Glocal Perspective
• Speakers: Directors from MOE, Beijing
  Educational Commission, Shanghai
  Educational Commission, and Chinese
  universities; principals of elementary and
  secondary schools; etc.
 II.    Several action sub-topics
                    from 10/2005- 9/2006
1. Li, Wenli: Tendencies in China Higher Education
   Financing: a global perspective
2. Yang, Renfu: Teacher Compensation Incentives and
   the Balanced Distribution of Teacher Resources
   (based on field-study in Shandong province)
3. Ren, Youqun: Distance Learning and the Promotion of
   Equity between Urban and Rural Education (based on
   field-study in Shandong province)
4. Yang, Yuchen: A Course Design on Globalization to
   Undergraduate English Majors (with EWC)
5. Zhang, Jianxin: A course Design on Globalization to
   Chinese Graduates of Social Sciences (with EWC)
        Action Plan
  A Course Design on
Globalization to Chinese

      Deane Neubauer
         Doc Berry
      Jianxin ZHANG
       Yuchen YANG

• Deane Neubauer: designer& writer
• Doc Berry: writer
• Jianxin ZHANG: adapter into
 Chinese version & practician in a graduate
• Yuchen YANG: adapter & practician
 in an undergraduate classroom for an
 extensive English course

• Developing an understanding of
  globalization in
  - undergraduate
  - graduate students
           Course Objectives
1. To understand and be able to define the basic
   alternative perspectives available : the phenomenon
   of globalization;
2. To experience and understand the pedagogy of
   investigative critical thinking, & its uses of
   traditional and online resources;
3. To investigate in close detail case studies of given
   globalization issues, develop working hypotheses,
   e.g. its causes, consequences and possible solutions
   and substantive arguments for these cases;
4. For each teacher to plan an effective incorporation
   of globalization into the ongoing courses and
                    Course Content
                    (18 Chapters)
1.    Dynamics & Process of globalization
2.    Levels of globalization
3.    Outcomes & Ideas about Change
4.    Economy
5.    Education
6.    Health
7.    Urbanization
8.    Communication and media
9.    Food and agriculture
10.   Population
11.   Science/technology
12.   Labor/migration
13.   Security/crime
14.   Environment & Sustainability
15.   Tourism
16.   Energy
17.   Lifestyle/consumption/identity/reconceptionalized citizenship
18.   Language and culture
• Sept. 22 ,2005– Dec. 15,2005: Frame work,
  structure and main textbook from Deane;
• Sept. 22, 2005 – Jun. 15, 2006: paraphrases into
  Chinese version for students
• Sept. 22 – Jun. 15, 2006: PPT presentation fro
• February 1,2006 – July 15,2006: providing
  lessons to students
• Jul. 15 : putting the course onto the website
          Expected Outcome
•   A greater awareness of the need to globalization
•   One textbook in Chinese (published in Yunnan
    University Press)
•   A face-to face course on globalization in
    Chinese for graduate students
•   A face-to face course on globalization in English
    for undergraduate students
•   A on-line course in English (
•   …
        A course on Globalization to
      Undergraduate English Majors in
            China (Yuchen Yang )
•   Step1 Theoretical preparation
•   Step 2 Forming a working team and
    using teaching materials
•   Step 3 Using the materials on
•   Step 4 Revising the materials and
    completing the work

• 1) improve the teaching quality of the course, as the course
  has been using materials written in the 1980s,
  supplemented by unsystematically organized materials
  from the internet,
• 2) to empower English majors -- mostly future teachers of
  English at Chinese colleges, senior schools, with the
  knowledge of economic and technological globalization
  and growing interdependence between nations, as well as
  the their impact on education, social life etc. and
• 3) to promote the understandings between nations and
  countries, and the need of taking actions to contribute to
  the common good of the human beings all over the world.
                The time line for the work
  Time (year/month)                    Task                     Participants                   Goal

2005/10-2005/12       Theoretical preparation on            Policy makers
                           globalization issues                  University
2006/1-2006/2         Adaptation of the first half of the   3-4 teachers,          Complete half of the
                          material                          Graduate students      Material

2006/3-2006/7         Using of the material                 3-4 teachers           Making teaching plans,
                      Adaptation of second half of the                                 revising feedbacks and
                           material                                                    adapting second half of
                                                                                       the material

2006/9-2007/7         Using the materials again             3-4 teachers           Adapting and supplementing

2008/9-2008/12        Using the materials again             3-4 teachers           Completing the revision and
                                                                                       publishing as a book
          Resources and needs
•   NENU has rich resources in teaching and learning. Over 40 teachers in English
    Department and e-business Department of Foreign Languages School can
    communicate in fluent English. Many teachers and researchers are interested
    in American studies (i.e. U.S Studies Center offering M.A and PhD degrees;
    Comparative Education Center, offering PhD degrees; Curriculum Design &
    Teaching Methodology Center, offering both MA and PhD degrees; American
    Literature Studies, offering MA degrees; Comparative Literature Studies,
    offering, PhD degrees; Linguistics and applied linguistics offering both M.A.
    and PhD degrees. Computer labs are available all over the two campuses,
    which make it possible to work on the internet for the course. Books and
    magazines are available in Chinese concerning issues of globalization and
    educational reforms. However, translations are needed from Chinese into
    English and references need updating when the materials are sorted out and
    compiled to use for the course and so on (ef. Budge is together with the group).
•   Name of the course needs to be changed into possibly Current World Studies
    or Globalization Studies (rather than globalization alone) in order to conform
    to the Chinese context or the current curriculum.
III. Workshops for Administrators
          in middle Schools
• Goal: (1) to give a general & visual
  concept on middle school education in
  the U.S. and (2) to provide general
  leadership training on school principals.
• Time: in July or August, 2006
• Venue: (1) EastWest Center in Hawaii
          (2) UCLA & CSUN in California
• 25-30 education administrators, school
  principals at the middle and senior school level.
  They will cover their own expenses all by
• One organizer & interpreter from the China
• Administrators from East-West Center
• John Hawkins, Justine Su from UCLA &
• 4 weeks in July or August 2006
• One week in Hawaii (EWC) (lectures,
  accommodation, transportation, invitation
  letters, visa application, visit to EWC in
  Washington, Trip to big island)
• Two weeks in UCLA & CSUN in California
  (lectures and visits, John Hawkins & Justine Su)
• One week in eastern part of mainland of U.S for
  visits to schools (EWC in Washington D.C).
                                 Budget: 50000
Budget                                             50,000($)
Items                            ($)               Expenditure Details

        Books and materials               5.000         1) Books and materials in English and Chinese from both China and English-
                                                        speaking countries;
                                                        2) Printings and other materials.

        Field trips and                   10.000        1.Travels to cities and rural areas in different parts of China
        Investigations                                  2.Investigations of schools and educational institutions
                                                        Including travel, food, and stipend, etc.

Seminars and meetings            10.000                 1) Three general meetings: Beijing; Yunnan and Shanghai.
                                                        2) Local seminars or meetings in individual district and teaching institutions.

        Expertise Consultation            14.000        1)talks given by Chinese experts at individual teaching institutions;
                                                        2)lectures and talks given by experts from other countries at individual teaching
                                                        3) talks given at general meetings, e.g. Beijing international seminar.
                                                        3) Consultation of Chinese and foreign experts

Others                           4.500

Management Fee                   6.500             The teaching institution will take off 15% of the total as management fee.
Budget for “International Seminar” in
        Peking Uni., 11/ 2005

1. Airfare
    3,600yuan for Jianxin: round-trip ticket from Kunming to Beijing
    2,000yuan for Youqun: round-trip ticket from Shanghai to Beijing
    1,600yuan for Yuchen: round-trip ticket from Cnangchun to Beijing
2. Accommodation
    600 Yuan (two nights) x 3 persons (Yuchen, Jianxin, Youqun) = 1,800
3. Fees for Simultaneous Translation
    2,000Yuan for one day
4. Fees to rent the meeting room
    1,000Yuan for one day
5. Others
    4,000 Yuan
    Altogether 16, 000 Yuan =2,000US$.
5. PLUS: EastWest Center researchers ???
         Meeting Room: International Exchange Center,
                    Peking University (1)

时间Time        主题Topic                  发言人Speaker
              开幕致词                     闵维方 (北京大学校务委员会主任,教育学院院长)
08:30-08:50   Opening Address          Min Weifang (Dean of the Graduate School of Education, Chairman of Peking University Council )

              主持人                      李文利(北京大学教育学院院长助理,副教授)
              Chair                    Li Wenli, (Assistant Dean & Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education, Peking University)
     09:0     集体照像
     0        Photos
              第一阶段发言                   Chair: Yang Yuchen (Director & Professor, Department of English Language, Northeast Normal University
09:00-10:20   Presentation Session I          )
                                       9:00-9:00 Deane Newbauer(美国东西中心)
                                       Globalization and interdependence
                                       9:20-9:40 杨银付(中国教育部国家教育发展研究中心体制室主任)
                                       Yang, Yinfu (Director, Division of Policy Study, National Research Center on Education, China): Strategic
                                             Priorities in China Education
                                       9:40-10:00 Betty Buck
                                       10:00-10:20 李文利(北京大学教育学院)
                                       Li, Wenli (Graduate School of Education, Peking University): The prospect of Capital higher education from
                                             the perspective of globalization
                Meeting Room: International Exchange
                     Center, Peking University (2)
时间Time          主题Topic                   发言人Speaker
         0      茶歇 Tea Break
10:40-                                    主持人:丁小浩(北京大学教育经济研究所副所长,教授)
         12:0   第二阶段发言                    Chair: Ding Xiaohao (Deputy Director & Professor, Institute of Economics of Education, Peking
         0      Presentation Session II          University)
                                          10:40 -11:00 Peter Herrock:
                                          11:00 -11:20 任友群(华东师范大学校长助理、副教授)中国基础教育课程改革
                                          Ren, Youqun (Assistant President & Associate Professor, East China Normal University): Curriculum
                                                 Reform in Basic education of China
                                          11:40 -12:00 张建新(云南大学高教所所长,副教授)
                                          Zhang, Jianxin (Director & Associate Professor, Institute of Higher Education, Yunnan University): A
                                                 graduate course design on globalization and interdependence
         13:3   午餐 Lunch
         0         Banquet                北京大学Peking University
                                          Discussion Topic: Education Development and Reform in China: a glocal perspective
13:30-                                          小学等的教育管理人员
         15:4                             Speaker: Directors for MOE, Beijing Educational Commission, Shanghai Educational Commission,
         5      讨论Discussion Session            Chinese universities, principals of elementary and secondary schools; etc.

         16:0                             中国北京大学Peking University of China
         0                                美国东西方中心East-West Center of USA

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