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									 Special thanks to
City of Gulf Breeze
  for hosting our
New Board Members:
   Captain Hall taking Captain Sadsad’s place as an ex-
    officio member
   Robin Punkyo taking Carrie Swilliey’s place with
    Gulf Power
   Chad Gilliland taking Bob Harriman’s place with
    Andres____Research and Education Institute
Chairman Ferd Salomon called the meeting to order.

Update on Military Issues
Pete Gandy introduced Jim Heald from the Defense Support Initiative who gave a presentation on the Eglin range and oil and gas
exploration affects if the state permits drilling off the coast of Florida. The presentation outlined the concerns and how it would
affect the military mission in northwest Florida.
A motion was made by the Chairman to adopt a policy position regarding Gulf of Mexico oil drilling (see attached). The motion
was seconded and passed without objection.

Presentation by Bruce Partington on Sunshine
Dick Baker requested that items 7 (Presentation by Bruce Partington on Sunshine) and 8 (By-Laws Committee Update) on the agenda
be moved up to accommodate Mr. Parrington's schedule. A motion was made and seconded and passed without objection.
Dick Baker introduced Attorney Bruce Partington who is the volunteer legal counsel for the Pensacola Bay Area Chamber of
Commerce and is knowledgeable on the subject of the Florida Sunshine Laws. Mr. Partington has been working with TEAM’s By-
Laws Committee in their efforts to revise TEAM’s current By-Laws.
Mr. Partington discussed the various factors that an economic development organization should take into consideration when
determining whether it is a sunshine organization. With the state attorney’s recent opinion that TEAM Santa Rosa is a sunshine
organization, it is hard to “un-ring that bell”.
A question was asked if the amount of funding from the County is a determining factor as to whether an organization was not
considered a sunshine organization. Mr. Partington said that the amount funding in itself was no a determining factor and t hat
there has to be something more than just the receipt of funding from a public entity.
Cindy encouraged everyone to ask questions while we had Mr. Partington here. There was discussion of which entity was
responsible for housing public information on their servers. It was determined that TEAM is responsible for housing public
information on the TEAM server and serves as the holder of public records.

 Dave Hoxeng, By-Laws Committee Chair pointed out section 4 of the proposed By-Laws which allows for 5 Santa Rosa County
Commission appointments to TEAM’s Board of Directors. He stated that this action, if approved would dictate that TEAM is a
Sunshine entity.
 Dick Baker pointed out that there is an amendment section under Article VII on page 7 that allows the By-Laws to be amended by
the affirmative vote of two-thirds of those Directors present at a regular or special meeting called for that purpose.
 The Chairman asked if everyone has had time to read over the proposed By-Laws and asked for the By-Laws Committee to give an
update on the major changes. Cindy Anderson said that our previous By-Laws were hard to follow so the committee asked for a
copy of the By-Laws from Workforce Escarosa to use as a guideline. The proposed By-Laws reflect more of what TEAM does and
have a better flow and order with which Mr. Partington has assisted. She stated that nothing changes from what we do today but it
does change what we did a year ago due to the five Commissioner appointees to the Board.
 A question arose as to whether or not Commissioner Goodin was a voting member and the answer was no.
 A motion was made and seconded to approved the proposed By-Laws and was passed with a vote of 11 yes and 1 no. Dave
Hoxeng was the dissenting vote.
Mr. Fortune stated for the record, under Article VI Committees, he proposed that we appoint standing committees. Instead, the By-
Laws Committee chose to instead create policy to address standing committees and conflict of interest.
Cindy Anderson said that she would like to aim for January to have those policies to the Board of Directors but did not want to

Susan Nelms asked that the minutes be approved pending the following amendments:
• Mention the nominating committee’s recommendation to add Susan Nelms to the Board of Directors as a voting member.
• Mention the nominating committee’s recommendation to elect Susan Nelms as Secretary, Dick Baker as Treasurer and Dave
Hoxeng as Chair Elect.
• Add Don Jehle and Donna Tucker to the attendance section.
A motion was made and seconded to approve the amended minutes and passed without objection.

Dick Baker went over the financials and reported that there were no abnormalities. He then went straight to the budget
amendments and gave a brief overview. A motion was made and seconded to approve the financials and budget amendments
which passed without objection.

Executive Director’s Report
Cindy made reference to the memo from Commissioner Salter as Chair of the Military Affairs Consultant Review Committee. This
memo gave a chronology of events leading to the final recommendation of Pete Gandy as the 2009/10 Military Affairs Consultant
for TEAM Santa Rosa.
A motion was made and seconded to accept the Committee’s recommendation of Pete Gandy as the Military Affairs Consultant for
2009-20010. The motion was approved without objection.

Other Business
Cindy recognized that this is the last meeting for Pat Lockard since she is retiring January 1, 2010. An invitation was given to the
Board to attend her retirement party on December 17, 2009 at the Milton Garden Center.
Dave Hoxeng made a motion for the Board to thank Pat for her hard work and dedication. There was a second and the motion
passed without objection.

Meeting adjourned
                                                         Team Santa Rosa EDC

                                                        BUDGET V ACTUAL
                                         For the One and Three Months Ended December 31, 2009

                                             1 month ended                                                     3 months ended
                                                                                            BUDGET                                           BUDGET
                                              Dec 31, 2009                                                      Dec 31, 2009


 Other Income                     $        14.01                               $         0.00        $       565.58             $         0.00

 Private Funding                        7,625.00                                     4,125.00             16,600.00             $    12,375.00

Total Private Funding                   7,639.01                                     4,125.00             17,165.58                  12,375.00

 GCAD                                       0.00                                         0.00                  0.00                       0.00

 Industry Appreciation                      0.00                                         0.00                  0.00                       0.00

 Public Funding                             0.00                                    37,270.00            108,810.00                 111,810.00

 Enterprise Florida                         0.00                                         0.00              2,500.00                       0.00

 Pub/Priv Uncategorized Income              0.00                                         0.00                  0.00                       0.00

Total Public Funding                        0.00                                    37,270.00            111,310.00                 111,810.00

   Total Revenue                        7,639.01                                    41,395.00            128,475.58                 124,185.00


 Industry Retention & Expansion            63.98                                     1,000.00              1,801.42                   3,000.00

 Contractual Services                   2,499.00                                     2,083.33              6,797.60                   6,249.99

 Industry Recruitment                     740.03                                     1,666.67              2,468.78                   5,000.01

 Military Issues                          111.70                                     3,916.67              7,416.25                  11,750.01

 AgriBusiness Expense                       0.00                                     3,916.67                681.53                  11,750.01

 Advertising and Marketing              4,215.35                                     1,916.67             11,906.44                   5,750.01

TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES                7,630.06                                    14,500.01             31,072.02                  43,500.03


 GCAD Expenses                              0.00                                         0.00                  0.00                       0.00

TOTAL GRANT EXPENDITURES                    0.00                                         0.00                  0.00                       0.00


 Personnel Expenses                    43,945.13                                    31,537.08            104,007.24                  94,611.24

 General & Admin Expenses               2,634.06                                     6,341.67             11,897.88                  19,025.01

TOTAL GENERAL & ADMIN EXPENSES         46,579.19                                    37,878.75            115,905.12                 113,636.25

   Total Operating Expenses            54,209.25                                    52,378.76            146,977.14                 157,136.28

   Operating Income (Loss)            (46,570.24)                                  (10,983.76)           (18,501.56)                (32,951.28)


 Interest Income                            0.00                                        16.67                  0.00                      50.01

 Other Misc Income                          0.00                                         0.00                  0.00                       0.00

   Total Other Income                       0.00                                        16.67                  0.00                      50.01


 Depreciation Expense                       0.00                                         0.00                  0.00                       0.00

   Total Other Expenses                     0.00                                         0.00                  0.00                       0.00

     Net Income (Loss)            $   (46,570.24)                              $   (10,967.09)       $   (18,501.56)            $   (32,901.27)
Seven Projects in the Pipeline
Potential locations:
            - Navarre
            - Whiting Aviation Park
            - Northwest Florida Industrial Park @ I-10
            - Gulf Breeze
            - Santa Rosa Industrial Park
Industry Sectors:
            -Information Technology
            -Renewable Energy
500-750 Jobs Total
All positions to pay above average wage
   F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
   Seventh Special Forces Group
   KC-X Tanker
   Whiting Aviation Park
   Annual Washington D.C. Trip (May 12–13, 2010)
   Emerald Coast Honor Flight – Santa Rosa Initiative
   479th Flying Training Group – NAS Pensacola
   NAS Whiting Field Change of Command
   Nominating Committee (as set by By-Laws)
   By-laws Committee (appointed by Chair on an annual basis)
   Membership Committee ?????
                   2010 Board of Director’s Meetings

                            Gulf Breeze City   1070 Shoreline Drive    Gulf Breeze Chamber
 January 19 – 11:30 a.m.
                                  Hall          Gulf Breeze, Florida          Invited

                                               6491 Caroline Street     Santa Rosa County
  March 15 – 11:30 a.m.     TEAM Santa Rosa
                                                 Milton, Florida         Chamber Invited

                                               8543 Navarre Parkway     Navarre Chamber
   May 17 – 11:30 a.m.      Navarre Chamber
                                                 Navarre, Florida           Invited

                             Jay Community      5259 Booker Lane
   July 19 – 11:30 a.m.                                                Jay Chamber Invited
                                 Center            Jay, Florida

                                                 5300 Berryhill Rd      All TEAM Members
September 21 – 11:30 a.m.     Tech/Benny
                                                  Milton, Florida             Invited
                             Russell Center
Thanks to All
Who strive to
 make Santa
 Rosa County
a better place
to Live, Work
  and Play!!!

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