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									                                                          PROGRAM PROPOSAL 2008

                    MKR GROUP, Inc. - L O S A N G E L E S • S A N F R A N C I S C O • N E W Y O R K
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INTRODUCTION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Part I

INVESTOR RELATIONS PROGRAM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Part II

          1. METHODS OF IMPLEMENTATION . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Part III

                    A. MANAGEMENT CONSULTING

                    B. IR INFRASTRUCTURE



                    E. INTERNET ACTIVITIES

GETTING STARTED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Part IV

THE MKR PRINCIPALS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Part V

MKR GROUP CLIENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Part VI

CONTACT MKR GROUP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Part VII
 I. Introduction

 Thank you for inviting the MKR Group to submit a proposal to serve as your investor relations partner.
 Creating communications that effectively differentiate your Company’s unique operating characteristics,
 strategies and financial performance will play a critical role in maximizing valuation, reputation and brand
 awareness with all audiences, including shareholders, the investment community, media, strategic partners,
 customers and employees.

 Based on our working knowledge and expertise in the representation of micro-cap and small-cap
 companies, we have created a program focused on delivering tangible results.

 II. Investor Relations Program-Framework
 Particularly in the case of a micro-cap or small-cap public company that is reintroducing itself to Wall Street
 or attempting to increase institutional sponsorship, a comprehensive and timely communications program is
 essential. The MKR program will result in a better informed and more supportive base of professional

 A consistent, proactive and broad-based MKR Group effort can solidify the long term credibility of a
 company. Credibility is of particular importance to micro-cap and small-cap public companies as they
 embark on an expanded investor awareness program.

 With the numerous investment alternatives that are currently available to institutional and retail investors, a
 direct and concentrated effort must be undertaken to keep the attention of the entire financial community.
 The MKR Group will assist management by maintaining a proactive investor relations outreach effort and
 by keeping an open line of communication with the investment community. This effort is very difficult to
 manage effectively in house due to the ever increasing constraints on management’s time.


     • To develop an effective, comprehensive and proactive investor relations and corporate communications
       program that utilizes resources as efficiently as possible.

     • To counsel management on material disclosure, corporate governance and Reg FD issues. While your
       attorneys will provide their perspective, we will offer guidance regarding likely investor reaction as
       well as a review of the peer group’s policies.

     • To contribute to the long term maintenance and growth of a quality market valuation for your
       Company through research coverage and expanded institutional and retail ownership.

     • To provide a continual source of feedback regarding investors’ perceptions of your Company and its
       strategic initiatives.

     • To assist management in creating and maintaining an open dialogue with the investment community
       while not compromising your main priority of running the business.

     • To support investor relations positioning and corporate development efforts with an outreach program
       that generates coverage in the national and regional financial media and key trade publications.
Methods of Implementation
 III. Methods of Implementation



 Going forward, the Company will face important IR issues throughout the year that will need to be evaluated
 in the context of your various audiences. We are highly confident that our team’s experience will provide an
 important perspective to your management team. We expect that our advisory work for the Company will
 involve corporate communications related issues such as:

     •   Positioning material developments as they emerge
     •   Managing the expectations of all investors within Reg FD guidelines
     •   Assessing likely investor reactions to corporate initiatives and corporate governance policies
     •   Directing senior management’s involvement with IR to the desired and appropriate level
     •   Best practices for communications
     •   Timing and content of quarterly results releases and conference calls
     •   Communicating material corporate events such as earnings, acquisitions, strategic partnerships, etc.
     •   Advising on integrating communications to consider all stakeholder groups
     •   Determining the most compelling investment thesis for the Company
     •   Managing any communications crisis that may develop
     •   Vendor relationships

 In addition, we are on call 24-7 to address any issue that may arise.

 In today’s stock market environment, investors expect a prompt response to their inquiries. Failure to respond
 within 24 hours can result in lost interest, eliminated positions or fodder for chat rooms. MKR can help pro-
 vide a “standard of excellence” with IR Infrastructure as follows:

     • Fax & E-mail lists: MKR will review the existing company blast fax and e-mail database and bring
       these lists up to date. We will also work with the Company to establish new lists focused on micro-cap
       buy-side and sell-side targets, as well as a select list of financial media.

     • Investor Kits: While you rarely receive requests for printed investor materials, we will need to have a
       new investor kit for meetings with the buy-side and sell-side, financial media and conference appearances.
       We will develop a new corporate profile/fact sheet and make recommendations on the remainder of the
       kit’s contents. We will also assist the Company with the development of an electronic investor kit,
       which should be available on the Company’s website.

     • Website: We will work with you to update the investor relations component of your website. In
       addition, MKR Group professionals will conduct a review of the IR portion of the Company’s website
       each month. We can write or coordinate the production of special information pieces for the IR web
       page as needed.
Methods of Implementation
     • Vendor Relationship Management: We will work with you to maximize the benefits received from
       all investor relations services vendors, and recommend that MKR Group set up all conference
       calls, webcasts and press releases and manage associated vendor relationships.

     • Best Practices: On an ongoing basis, we will review best practices of your peer group and the overall
       industry and make recommendations as appropriate concerning the Company’s IR infrastructure.

 MKR Group professionals are consistently interfacing with fund managers, sell-side analysts and key
 retail brokers to broaden our network of investment professionals and to build value added relationships on
 behalf of our clients. This relationship approach will result in our identifying potential new holders for your
 Company, as well as potential new analyst coverage. Our efforts will be divided into the following activities:

     • Financial Community Positioning/Presentation: MKR will review and revise the current corporate
       presentation once we determine the most compelling investment thesis for your Company.

     • Group and One-on-One Buy-side Presentations: Based on our previously described one-on-one
       efforts, we expect to build a steady stream of new interest in the Company and will work with
       management to capitalize on this interest. Additionally, we will build a continuously evolving
       institutional holder target list for the Company and target these institutions for potential one-on-one
       meetings with management. After MKR Group has arranged meetings, we will follow up to determine
       actions to be taken and any issues that need to be addressed to convert the interest into ownership.
       While we envision devoting several days to this effort in New York, Boston, Los Angeles and San
       Francisco, we also want to work with your travel schedule to take advantage of any free time you may
       have on your prearranged business trips.

     • Investor Conferences: We will identify potential conferences that might be open to a presentation by
       your Company, and we will pursue invitations.

     • Sell-side Analyst Relations: Our team will develop and continually evolve a target list of sell-side
       analysts that will become the focus of our sell-side analyst relations effort. We will arrange for
       management to personally interface with pre-qualified sell-side targets at least once every three
       months. We will also market corporate developments and media coverage to this target list.

     • Retail: We will consider strategies to maximize the retail market’s interest in your Company, including
       financial advertising, participating in retail oriented conferences and presentations to local broker

 As mentioned previously in this program, a key driver for all financial community marketing will be our
 proactive relationship building efforts where the MKR team members regularly meet with portfolio
 managers, analysts and investment bankers to determine their interests and investment parameters, and then
 bring them stories that meet their needs. The execution of this program is a major factor behind our ability to
 convert initial interest in a company into tangible results.
Methods of Implementation
 It is essential to the success of an investor relations program that all communication be treated as a
 “branding” effort. This means that all communications should convey key messages that we determine
 management should focus on when communicating with Wall Street, strategic partners, media, etc.
 Additionally, it is essential that all communications issued by the Company consider the impact on all
 stakeholders during the strategic planning and drafting process.

     • Press Releases: If it is Company practice to generate most news releases internally, MKR will
       provide the Company with input and editing suggestions from an investor perspective. MKR will also
       manage the press release distribution process. MKR can also assist in the generation of press release
       drafts on behalf of the Company, if the Company so chooses. We particularly suggest using our
       services to draft any financial releases, such as quarterly earnings announcements.

     • Conference Calls: MKR Group will manage your Company’s earnings conference calls from start to
       finish. We will also work with senior management to determine the appropriate structure of the calls,
       including timing, screening, vendor and format. We will manage the distribution of the invitation,
       follow up with key opinion leaders to encourage their participation and arrange for Webcasting of the
       event. MKR will prepare your conference call script drafts, provide advance input and review later
       drafts. In addition, we will develop potential Q&A for management’s consideration. Finally, we will
       make sure the event is on your website both live and archived, and we will conduct a post-call review
       with key participants.

     • Fact Sheet: During the quiet period, we would recommend that MKR Group draft a one-page fact
       sheet that would be used as part of a hard copy information kit and on the IR portion of your website.
       We will work with management to determine the other key components of the information kit, such
       as recent releases, articles, etc.

     • Annual Report: We will advise in the development of the annual report’s theme and content, provide
       graphic designer and production vendor recommendations, oversee the selected vendor to ensure suc-
       cessful project completion from a timing, quality and budget perspective, and make sure the report is
       appropriately converted for the website. In addition, we recommend that we draft the shareholders’
       letter and work with your internal resources on any narrative that accompanies the letter.

     • Research & Analysis: An important part of any investor relations effort is to know the developments
       of your peers and their potential impact on your Company. We will monitor your stock activity, as
       well as that of the peer group, and we will poll the Street to determine current attitudes towards your
       Company on a regular basis. Furthermore, we will monitor the major news services, websites and
       chat rooms to get market intelligence and to track rumors. Appropriate action would be recommended
       based on our findings.

     • Public Relations: In today’s competitive marketplace, it is essential to maintain an expanded
       audience focus. For clients who do not retain separate public relations representatives, MKR Group
       will provide basic public relations services including target marketing, designing and updating press
       kit, media news distribution and appropriate follow up. MKR Group maintains an extensive database
       of both consumer and trade media outlets.
Internet Activities
  A key element of MKR’s philosophy is the importance of using the Internet as a tool to achieve a company’s
  investor relations goals. A company's IR site is often the first place a prospective investor looks for
  information on the company. MKR will implement a specifically tailored web program for your Company
  that works in concert with our ongoing investor relations efforts.
  The immediate goals of an MKR investor relations website are:

        • To create a web location where your Company’s investors, employees and potential investors have
          timely, comprehensive, easily accessible investor information;
        • To ensure that all investor information is the latest and most up to date material available;
        • To present the information to the investor as a “live document” that will give a sense of immediacy to
          a company’s Wall Street story and focus the investor’s attention on the elements of the story that we
          want to emphasize; and
        • To market and position the website with a focus on drawing a new high-level investor.

  Some of the elements that are included in an MKR investor relations website are:

                                                                 • Press Releases
                                                                 • Daily Stock Status
                                                                 • Quarterly Earnings Reports
                                                                 • Annual Report
                                                                 • Analyst Coverage and Contact Information
                                                                 • Company Contact Information
                                                                 • Corporate Profile
                                                                      • Media Coverage Archive
                                                                      • News (Recent Releases and Events)
                                                                      • SEC Filings (EDGAR Search)
   TMWD                                                               • Request Form (For Client Subscription-
                                                                        Email/Fax Sign-up)
    web site

                                                                      • Equation Information
                                                                      • Presentations
                                                                      • Conference Calls/Events
                                                                      • CEO Forum
                                                                      • FAQs

                                               MKR IR web site

  For an additional fee, MKR can also provide real-time financial information.

  MKR will construct the investor relations website to seamlessly match the functionality and design of your
  Company’s main website, while still creating, maintaining and updating the IR site using MKR resources.
  To view more examples of an MKR investor relations website, please visit our site at:

Getting Started
  IV. Getting Started

  The MKR team will visit your Company to tour the facilities and interview management to get a more
  intimate perspective on your Company and its story.

  Our survey will sample an audience comprised of several of the following: (i) analysts following the
  industry; (ii) current shareholders; (iii) interested parties; and (iv) current partners.

  MKR will work closely with management to address all internal issues, ensuring they are properly
  addressed to the Street with the underlying goal of maximizing the credibility of your Company to the

MKR Group Principals
  investment community. This will include the off-loading of investor and media calls to MKR, thus
  maximizing communications to shareholders, interested parties and the press.

  V. MKR Group Principals
  Charles Messman - President
  Charles Messman is one of the founding partners of the MKR Group, Inc., which he co-founded in July of 1999
  with Todd Kehrli. Charles brings over 11 years of Wall Street experience with a unique combination of institu-
  tional sales, investment banking and investor relations experience. Over the past 6 years Charles has specialized
  in working with micro-Cap and small-Cap companies providing investor relations counsel, strategy, and financ-
  ing alternatives. Over the past 11 years Charles has represented over 40 companies with market-caps ranging
  from $10 million to $2.5 billion. Charles is well known in the small-cap universe for having a strong marketing
  presence throughout many diverse industries. While with MKR, Charles has assisted his client companies in rais-
  ing over $250 million in capital, through both buy-side and sell-side introductions.

  Prior to forming MKR, Charles was employed by the investment bank of C.E. Unterberg Towbin, where he was
  part of the firm's institutional sales force. Prior to Unterberg, Charles worked for the investor relations firm,
  Morgen-Walke Associates, Inc. While at Morgen-Walke he worked with over 50 accounts in many different
  industries, often specializing in the representation of telecommunications-related organizations. Charles also ran
  the West Coast Marketing program of Morgen-Walke, assisting companies ranging in size from $10 million to $8
  billion in market capitalization with setting up buy-side roadshows. Charles holds a BA degree in Economics
  from Iowa State University.

  Todd Kehrli - Executive Vice President
  Todd Kehrli co-founded the MKR Group in July of 1999. He brings a unique combination of legal and investor
  relations experience to the MKR Group. Over the past 6 years Todd has specialized in working with micro-cap
  and small-cap companies providing investor relations counsel and strategy. Todd has built significant working
  relationships with many of the leading consumer, healthcare and technology analysts on both the buy-side and
  sell-side. Todd specializes in the marketing of micro-cap and small-cap companies to institutional investors.

  Prior to co-founding the MKR Group, Todd acted as a Business Litigation Associate specializing in the represen-
  tation of financial institutions, including complex commercial litigation and insolvency issues. Todd is an active
  member of the California State Bar.

  Prior to practicing law, Todd worked in the San Francisco Office of Morgen-Walke Associates assisting in the
  handling of client accounts and corporate communications. Todd earned his Juris Doctor from the University of
  the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, in 1996 and holds a Bachelor of Science degree from San Diego State
MKR Group Principals
 Jim Byers - Senior Vice President
 Jim Byers recently joined the MKR Group in January of 2006. Jim brings a wealth of experience to the MKR
 Group with more than 15 years of investor relations and financial markets experience. He has provided strategic
 counsel and created investor relations programs generating significant tangible results for companies in a variety
 of industries including healthcare, business services, technology, telecommunications and basic industry. He has
 been honored as a SABRE award recipient in recognition of superior achievement in investor relations program
 development. Prior to joining the MKR Group, Jim served as a Vice President with the investor relations firm,
 Financial Dynamics, for nearly nine years. Prior to that he was an institutional fixed income executive with
 Rauscher Pierce Refsnes and was a writer for Time magazine. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
 from the University of California, Davis.

 Bonnie McBride - Senior Vice President
 SBonnie has more than 12 years of experience in investor relations, corporate finance, communications and
 financial analysis with a strong emphasis in technology. For the past 4 years, Bonnie managed and ran a boutique
 investor relations firm providing investor relations counsel and strategy to multiple companies in varying stages
 of development. Prior to forming her own firm, Bonnie held increasingly senior positions including IR Director
 for a large technology company, Vice President of IR at the Carson Group, Senior Vice President, at Thomson
 Financial and more recently, Senior Vice President, IR Services at the Global Consulting Group, one of the
 largest financial communications firms in the world. Her experience with large and small cap companies such as
 Zoran Corporation, Power Integrations, Openwave Systems, E*Trade, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, Power-One
 Inc., Infoseek, Tibco Software, among others, enables her to understand a wide variety of issues facing compa-
 nies today. Bonnie has also worked with multiple pre-IPO companies and her relationship with senior manage-
 ment, investors and sell-side analysts has established her credentials as a senior investor relations professional.

 Bonnie holds a MBA in Finance from the University of California at Davis and a BA in both Economics and
 Psychology from the University of California at Berkeley.

 Marie Dagresto - Vice President
 Marie Dagresto has rejoined the MKR Group as a Vice President, bringing 8 years of investment and marketing
 experience. Marie first came to the MKR Group in May 2004, and spent the last year working on the buyside as
 the Director of Marketing for MAG Capital LLC, a small-cap equity financing hedge fund. She was responsible
 for spearheading the firm’s global institutional fundraising activities, including investor relations and communi-
 cations. She began her career as an Analyst at Goldman, Sachs & Co., trading equities and equity derivatives for
 private clients. She later co-founded aLine Media public relations, serving as the Director of Corporate
 Marketing. Marie earned her Bachelors Degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

 Susan Schoch - Vice President
 Susan Schoch joined the MKR Group in September of 2005. Susan is also the President of S/S Small Cap
 Network, a financial relations consulting firm, founded in 1994, that specializes in helping investment banks
 qualify investors for IPO and private equity financings. She co-founded and was formerly Senior Vice President
 of McKim & Co. LLC, a New York investment banking boutique formed in 2000 to advise publicly traded and
 privately-held emerging growth companies on structuring and raising private equity in the $3-$25 million range.

 Previously, Susan founded MarketCom Resources, Inc., a financial marketing communications firm specializing
 in annual reports, capabilities booklets for Wall Street firms, financial public relations and investor relations.
 Clients included American Express, The Bank of New York, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch,
 Mitel and Morgan Stanley. Her company also worked on special projects, such as writing and editing American
 Express's Corporate Policy Manual (reporting to Corporate Counsel) and a proprietary merchant banking study
 for Morgan Stanley. MarketCom developed the broker-dealer/institutional investor distribution network for The
 Research Works, Inc., which produces and distributes research on small cap and emerging growth companies.

 Susan began her career as a financial journalist at Institutional Investor and wrote for publications, including
 Corporate Finance, The Wall Street Letter, Fortune, Financial World, and Venture magazines. She was a co-
 founder of Corporate Finance Letter, which later merged with Institutional Investor's Corporate Financing Week.
 Susan did graduate work in Politics at N.Y.U. and earned her B.A. from Wheaton College (Mass.).
MKR Group Clients
 VI. MKR Group Clients

          Accelrys Inc. (NASDAQ: ACCL)
          Accelrys has been delivering software and service solutions to pharmaceutical, biotech-
          nology, and industrial chemical research organizations for over twenty years.

          Adept Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADEP)
          Adept Technology will be the global leader in the manufacturing, marketing and inno-
          vation of robotics, vision and motion control products for automated material handling
          and assembly.

          Amtech Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASYS)
          Amtech Systems, Inc. has been serving the needs of the semiconductor industry since
          1981. The Company is engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of capital
          equipment and related consumables used in the fabrication of semiconductors, MEMS,
          optics and solar cells.

          AVP, Inc. (OTCBB: AVPI)
          AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour, Inc. is a leading lifestyle sports entertainment company
          focused on the production, marketing and distribution of professional beach volleyball
          events worldwide.

          Blink Logic, Inc. (OTCBB: BLKL)
          Blink Logic's Mission is to provide enterprise business intelligence software solutions
          that deliver information with unmatched value, flexibility, usability, and impact–while
          leveraging your existing infrastructure.

          Captaris (NASDAQ: CAPA)
          Captaris is a leading provider of Business Information Delivery solutions that integrate,
          process and automate the flow of messages, data and documents.

          Crossroads Systems, Inc. (OTC Pink Sheets: CRDS.PK)
          Crossroads Systems, Inc., is a leading provider of Business Information Assurance
          (BIA) solutions for assured connectivity, reliable storage and information security.

          InfoSonics Corp. (NASDAQ: IFON)
          InfoSonics is one of the fastest growing providers of wireless handsets and accessories
          in the United States and Latin America. InfoSonics facilitates the delivery of wireless
          handset from the factory floor to the final consumer in the United States and throughout
          Latin America

          Migo Software, Inc. (OTCBB: MIGO)
          Migo Software, Inc. is a global provider of content mobility software. With its range of
          patent-pending technology, the Company's product lines range from content synchro-
          nization and security to device optimization solutions for mobile devices and PCs. The
          company sells its products through a variety of OEMs including PC, Mobile Handset,
          USB Drive, SD Card and others, as well as via a variety of retail outlets.

          Rainmaker (NASDAQ: RMKR)
          Rainmaker Systems is an outsourced provider of sales and marketing services for orga-
          nizations that want to drive more sales.
MKR Group Clients
 VI. MKR Group Clients

          Simtek (NASDAQ: SMTK)
          Simtek Corporation designs and markets high-speed, re-programmable, nonvolatile
          semiconductor memory products, for use in a variety of systems including RAID
          servers, storage arrays, GPS navigational systems, industrial controllers, robotics,
          copiers, avionics, metering, consumer, UPS, and networking and broadcast equipment.

          Smith Micro Software (NASDAQ: SMSI)
          Smith Micro Software, Inc. is a leading developer and marketer of wireless and broad-
          band communication, PC utility and diagnostic, and eCommerce software products and

          Socket Communications (NASDAQ: SCKT)
          Socket Communications develops and distributes a broad range of data collection and
          network connectivity products for mobile devices such as PDA’s, Smartphones and
          tablet notebooks.

          Transgenomic, Inc. (OTCBB: TBIO)
          Transgenomic, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, provides products for the synthesis,
          purification, and analysis of nucleic acids used in the life sciences industry for research
          focused on molecular genetics and diagnostics.

          Tucows, Inc. (AMEX: TCX)
          Tucows seeks to make the Internet easier and more effective for passionate Internet
          users. Our goal is to reduce complexity for our customers as they acquire, deliver or use
          Internet services.

          Unify (OTCBB: UNFY.OB)
          Unify provides software development and database tools. Unify’s solutions deliver a
          broad set of capabilities for automating business processes, integrating existing infor-
          mation systems and delivering collaborative information.
Please feel free to         contact                           the

             following MKR                    Principals at any time:
 VII. Contact the MKR Group

 Charles Messman – President
 MKR Group - Los Angeles
 Phone - 323.468.2300 • Cell - 818.322.6789 • Fax - 323.468.2304

 Todd Kehrli – Executive Vice President
 MKR Group - Los Angeles
 Phone - 323.468.2300 • Cell - 310.625.4462 • Fax - 323.468.2304

 Jim Byers - Senior Vice President
 MKR Group - San Francisco
 Phone - 415.440.1351 • Cell - 415.309.2079

 Bonnie Mc Bride - Senior Vice President
 MKR Group - Los Angeles
 Phone - 323.468.2300 • Fax - 323.468.2304

 Mary J. Magnani - Vice President
 MKR Group - San Francisco
 Phone - 415.829.7879 • Fax - 323.468.2304

 Ashley Wells - Executive Assistant and Client Coordinator
 MKR Group - Los Angeles
 Phone - 323.468.2300 • Fax - 323.468.2304


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