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General Ledger Reports

   1. Double Click on “Report Requests”

   2. Select “Single Request” and Click on “OK”

Oracle General Ledger Reports                     -1-
   3. Click on the LOV

Select the Report you wish to Run from the List (For this example – General Ledger
– 132 Char has been selected) and then click OK

Oracle General Ledger Reports                                                  -2-
   4. Enter your Parameters
Please note – Parameters will be different for each different Report available
and can be viewed at: FAQ’s General Ledger – What are the names of the
Ledger Reports

TYPE                                     Document Number, Entry Item, LINE
                                         ITEM, Source Item
CURRENCY                                 AUD, Stat
BALANCE TYPE                             ACTUAL, Budget or Encumbrance
BUDGET OR ENCUMBRANCE NAME               N/A - Only required when you select
                                         Budget or Encumbrance in the above
STARTING PERIOD                          Enter the Starting Period (MON-YY)
ENDING PERIOD                            Enter the Ending Period (MON-YY)
FLEXFIELD FROM                           Eg 0207-1701-000-00-01
FLEXFIELD TO                             Eg 0207-1701-999-99-01


   5. When the required Parameters have been entered, click on “OK” and then
      click on “Submit”

Oracle General Ledger Reports                                                  -3-
   6. The Concurrent Manager will display the request - to check if it is completed
      click on ‘Refresh Data’

Once the Report is Completed – you can view it by selecting View Output

Oracle General Ledger Reports                                                   -4-
If you would like to see the report on the web – Select Tools>Copy File

The file will open as a .html file. You can then save the report as a document (.txt).
Navigate to Excel and open the document in Excel. (Please contact the Oracle
Financials helpdesk if this process needs to be demonstrated)

Or your report can be printed to your Oracle Financials/elVIS printer by selecting
Tools>Reprint/Republish (you must have the output closed, for the menu option
to appear)

Oracle General Ledger Reports                                                       -5-
                                           Copies to 1

After Changing Copies to “1” click on “Apply”

Report will print on your printer – provided the printer has been set up in Oracle
Financials. (If unsure ring the Oracle Financials helpdesk on Ext 6039)
Save as a Web Document (Directions on Page 5) and print to local printer.

Oracle General Ledger Reports                                                        -6-