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									RSP 085       5/18/07

                                 The RSP Periodic Email Archive:

        With somethings old, somethings new, somethings borrowed and sometimes blue!

Please realize that the focus of RSP was never intended to be a pension mess. When this is over
and done with, I will direct this email and website in a lighter direction. I post almost every email
that I receive, with last names removed unless granted permission. The editor does not always
agree with contributors, but protects their right to share opinion. It is my policy to not allow in the
main body of this newsletter any direct solicitation from my business or any other pilot's 2nd
career business. We will only share info that we think our community will find pertinent and
enjoyable. Thank you for staying in touch and happy retirement!

The following are the RSP email archives that I still have, complete with grammar and mis-spelled

Dear Retired Delta Pilot,
Fidelity Packages:                                  Everything OK?

You should either have a new account created (that
needs to be activated and can be online) or DAL has
located and will use your existing "individual" Fidelity
brokerage account (no activation required).


It was great to see you and Barb again at the wedding. I only wish we had more time to talk
about . . . well, you name it.
Well here is a little one you may be able to help me with. The person I talked with at Fidelity
gave me the following number as a point of contact for BSI: 866 271-8924. It turned out to be a
recording requesting a pass word. Didn't even identify the company just that it was a "conference
calling center."

If you have a phone number for BSI would you pass it it along. I just want to find out if us guys
with less than $100K in DAL claims will be getting a check sent to our bank or if we still need a
Fidelity accont.Stay in touch!!! Thanks G

G thanks; here are some phn numbers for you and the ring:
If you do not have a stock claim that will be distributed
and you are receiving cash in the form of a check, then
disregard this Fidelity account info.
Have further questions you can try Fidelity at 800-544-
6666 or BSI at: Delta’s bankruptcy services agent, BSI:
310-838-8020 or 866-686-8702
With this system, many of you who are traveling or out of the
country can possibly still get this account activated for your
stock dump. Without having to physically sign documents and
wait on the US mail service.
Thanks, Mark - hope so. I called Fidelity earlier this month and asked for the "Delta
specialist" and after several holds, I spoke to a guy who claimed he was the Delta guy
and knew all about the new accounts. He said that existing accounts were no good for
this, and that another one would show up. Guess I need to try and get back to him.


Editor's Note: According to the latest packet info from Fidelity as DAL's
custodian in this, they can indeed utilize an already established individual
account. (I wish they would have told us that months ago). They will use it
if they can, which will mean you may not have to jump through any hoops.

Mark, 5/17/07
You know better than I that keeping up with this Delta bankruptcy is a full time job. Since I have a
full time job I don't always keep up as well as I need to. Anyway, I just spoke to Amanda at BSI
(866-271-8942) and found out that those of us receiving $2,000 - $100,000 (and requested cash
in lieu of stock)
will be receiving a "check in the mail" toward the end of May / first part of June. Those of us in
this group will not receive nor need a Fidelity account. I have a number of Fidelity accounts and
was wondering why my "new" account that needed my activation was not showing up.
I'm probably the only retiree out there that didn't know this but thought I would pass along the info

See ya,

Editor's Note: Mike spells it out better that I ever could. If you do not
have a stock claim coming you do not need a brokerage account with Fidelity.
If they create one by mistake, wait a little while after all distributions are
complete and then cancel the account.

DAL NEWS/RUMORS:                    (DAL AJC, DAL Yahoo,)

May 15th - Fidelity (packets and login instructions) starting to

May 21st - Fidelity and BSI states the claim distributions will begin.

June 1st - DP3 Trustee ballot deadline.
      Click here for ballot:
Stock Warrants: thanks Dave 5/16/07
I've been out of town and up in MSP with a new Granddaughter for the past couple weeks. I just
checked my home phone voice messages and there was one about the Warrants that were
issued to us in January 2006. I returned their call (1-800-292-6069) and was disappointed
about their response to my question if the Warrants issued in the Delta Air Lines, Inc, ERISA
Litigation would be good for the new Delta stock. They did not know and said they didn't have
any information about that. To get an answer to my question they suggested I contact my
financial advisor. So back to square one on the Warrants question.
Oh Mark, as a point of interest, being up here in MSP the local newspaper has a lot about
Northwest Air Lines. The other day they reported that the merger information and talks it had with
Delta Airl Lines about a merger would be sealed and not part of their bankruptcy proceeding
because of the sensative business info it contained. A group of the creditors though, feel that the
merger talk info is relative to the value of Northwest and they want that info. The judge is going to
rule on that soon.
Thanks for the info about Fidelity. Since we won't be home for a while yet I was able to activate
my account for the Delta settelment on line. Thanks for the great job and all the info too!! David
W. Skjerven

Editor's Note: Again, until proven otherwise by some miraculous legal action the warrants
issued apply to the old stock and are worthless.

TAX-FICA: Back to the future 5/16/2007 Remember this
FICA is only applicable to the more recent retired pilots
who experienced over withholding.

From the Questions     and Answers Re: Confirmation and Distributions (DP3 Site)
10. What does the confirmation order say about FICA taxes?

Answer: The confirmation order does not specifically address FICA taxes. It provides in general

that Delta will comply with the requirements of all taxing authorities for federal, state or local

taxes. According to Delta’s counsel, FICA taxes will be withheld from the medical benefits
claims. For pilots who retired prior to 9/1/05 there will be no FICA withheld on the Nonqualified

pension termination claims. Pilots who retired after 9/1/05 will have FICA withheld

from their pension termination claims since none was withheld at the time of retirement.

Important Editor's Note: If the above is true and actually happens, AND
your remedy covers your over withheld tax, THEN the below FICA appeal
info is null and void. I am re-printing just in case.
11. Can we get a refund of FICA paid on the retirement imputed income since more was

withheld than we got in this claim? Can we get a partial refund?

Answer: DP3 recommends that you consult with you tax advisor on this issue to determine

whether seeking a refund is in your best interest.


Most of the FICA links don't open:

Sorry, the page you requested does not exist
or has been moved. Please check to make sure
that the URL you entered is correct.

Any chance of a fix to that ??


Yes! My Bad again! I copied and sent to you the FICA docs with some
bad links from my first email on the subject. I fixed that in the next RSP,
but did I find that issue and copy the good links?.......NO! So my apologies.
Here is the re-print that should all have valid links. Remember, wait a
few days until you see the with holding on the distribution and if DAL
doesn't do the right thing, then if it doesn't fully remedy your over
withholding, start the appeal.
Re-Print of FICA Forms For those who may have missed it: I got far too
many requests like Fred's to answer individually. Since I have no success
placing attachments on mass emails, I have come up with a fix. These pages
are now available through links, published on private pages of which you are
the only ones privy to the address. Click on links below for the private pages
of forms used by Steve for his FICA refund:

 Hi Mark - that's all. For clarification: Form 843 is a pretty simple form, not much to it. It can be
downloaded at
SPECIAL Note: I replaced the harder jpg files with pdf ones. They
should be easy to click and PRINT.
1) copies of the relevant paystubs included the last regular paycheck with the excess FICA
payment, and each of the retired NQ paystubs.

2) this internal memo was in the huge retirement paperwork packet from D. Final Pay Stub
memo: (see note above)

3) this letter from Kight was mailed to my home and old news by the time I got it, just part of the
formal notification process.
Torpey termination confirmation: (see
note above)

4) this letter was one my tax guy asked me to write to him explaining all that had
happened. Basically, I was just stating my case, including saying the exact numbers involved, as
evidenced by which boxes on the paystubs, and finally my computations (ie. at 1.45%) of how
much refund I was due. Box 5 on Form 843 allows for an explanation of why you you want the
refund. Because my letter was attached, that was left blank. But for anybody just filling this out
themselves, they could probably just put all their explanation here. (see note above)

Check out the OH Anthem/Blue Cross plan that is approved for HCTC:


" For those that do, I thought DAL was going to make
some attempt at reconciling, but that is not the
I thought Delta was NOT going to withhold FICA from
the stock payout and call it a "draw".
Have they changed their minds?
I do know they WILL withhold FICA from the Medical
stock payouts.
Where do we stand today on May 15 2007?

Thanks for your informative emails. Without someone looking out for us, we'd all
be even more screwed than we are now.I'm having a hard time following this
FICA overpayment thing but would like to understand it to be sure the tax thieves
don't get more of my money than they should. I THINK I remember someone
saying that we shouldn't try for refunds yet until the bankruptcy claims have been
paid and taxed because FICA might not be withheld from claim payments to
offset the overpayment on our final paychecks. Did I dream this or is it accurate
? Seems a bit far-fetched. I've searched DP3 but can't find anything on this if it's
in there. I read the email from the guy in IAH who had success getting his money
back. He talked about providing documentation to the IRS. What documentation
would that be ? As far as I know, all I've got is my final paycheck stub. I retired
in Sept/03 and have tried to keep all the letters I've received concerning
retirement and bankruptcy but still feel I don't know as much as I need to know
about all this.
Bill and M are correct. At one time I was putting out that DAL has promised
as in the ALPA memo to address this problem and DP3 Q & A still says that.
I am just a little skeptical about it. Listen, I may be wrong again. DAL may
still make it right (or attempt to with our stock distribution) and not
withhold FICA on our stock claim trying to remedy their overwithholding.
After all that was the agreement in the memo that DAL and ALPA struck.
But I my confidence is shaking a bit. If you care to wait a few more days to
see -----that is just fine. The rumor is the claim distributions will begin on
the 21st. I simply publish more info about filing for a refund by pilots who
have been successful simply as a reference should you choose to go after it
and seek a refund of tax you overpaid.


This is a sample of some emails that I have received with a request for the
IRS contact person:

HI Mark!

Thanks for the updated info in RSP 084 about the FICA refund info from Bob and his success in
getting his money back from the IRS.Any chance that Bob would be willing to share the name and
contact info (tele number) of the Tax Payer Advocacy Office person he used in the Houston
office? Might make it simpler to deal with this one person than having to "educate" a lot of IRS
people to our plight.

Thanks again for all your efforts Mark!

Sincerely, Fred

Editor's Note: Bob Carmical has released his private contact info to be
contacted directly on this issue and will provide his IRS contact as well. T

I do not mind passing along my contact information, or my IRS contact. (There is
still a lot of the old LLCP in me I guess).
                        Robert L (Bob) Carmical Jr

As I said in my e-mail the IRS agent is on vacation this week. I plan on
contacting him next week, to get the specific citation from the code that allowed
for the refund. The "Tax Payer Advocacy" may have some rules about direct
contacts with agents, but I will find out. I will be happy to help as I can.
Please recall that Steve was our first success story and he is also willing to
help in this area.
Many thanks to both Bob and Steve.


General Claims question;

Could you clarify for me the time line difference, if there is any, between when the cash claims
(for instance medical) will be distributed versus the claims that will be distributed in the form of
delta stock (for claims over $100K). I am assuming the Fidelity accts., due the latter half of this
month, will be utilized for both? As an aside, how soon will the PBGC be receiving their claims
and when would you expect that to be reflected in a revised (increased) PBGC payout to

Steve, I think you probably already have seen the answer. The checks will be
mailed. The Fidelity account is for the stock distributions, if any. The PBGC
took their time and conducted responsible installment sales at UAL beginning
about one year later. I believe we may see something similar.


Check out your adjusted claim amounts inside the schedules
6024   4/27/2007   Amended Schedules filed:, Schedule F filed by Damian Schaible on behalf of Delta Air Lines, Inc.. (Attac
                   Schedule # (2) Schedule # (3) Schedule # (4) Schedule # (5) Schedule # (6) Schedule # (7) Schedule
                   Schedule # (9) Schedule # (10) Schedule # (11) Schedule # (12) Schedule)

                   Debtor: Delta Air Lines, Inc.
                   Related: none

You must see this about John Minabary:
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My friend Marc says this JetBlue situation becomes an opportunity for the
big D. Blue has a great JFK terminal, 100 seat airplanes and fumbling
operations. Hmmmmmm!
Don't Buy Those JetBlue Merger Rumors

By Ted Reed Staff Reporter
5/17/2007 12:14 PM EDT

Unions Oppose Northwest Exec Pay Plan
Thursday May 17, 7:05 pm ET


Subject: Ellen DeGeneres/767 5/17/07
OK , let me think......Ellen DeGeneres show on a DAL 767 scheduled towards the end of May.
Isn't that the time we are suppose to get our shares of DAL stock. What will it be worth after
that??? Delta surely is still trying to screw the retired DAL pilots. Thanks also to ALPA.
Did I work for the Greatest Air Line or was it just a Dream??

Dick Hendrickson (you can use my name)

What would Mr. Woolman be thinking?

Thank you very much for passing on the latest information on recovering our
FICA dollars.
I appreciate your time and your newsletter.

Mark, thank you for your updates. I do appreciate them. Interesting about your
father flying Beaufighters. I just got a copy of a magazine called 'The Logbook' It
has an article about the aircraft and it's uses during WWII. I would be happy to
send it to you or your father if you like. Just send me an address and I'll drop it in
the mail.

Thanks again,

no entry
That all for this RSP issue! Until next time.

Tailwinds Always,
Mark Sztanyo
"Airspeed, altitude, or brains; you always need at least two."

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