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                                                                    Warm Up                              Homemade Burgers
  COMBO PLATTER FOR 2: £8.00 FOR 4: £14.00                           SPORTSTERS® CHICKEN WINGS           SPORTSTERS® CLASSIC BURGER £6.00                  THE CHILLI BURGER £7.00
    Struggling to decide, want to try a little of      Enjoy our succulent & tender chicken wings.       6oz 100% Scottish beef burger, lettuce, red       6oz 100% Scottish beef burger, chilli beef,
  everything... Includes tender chicken wings,      Your choice of mild, medium or hot hot hot! Plus     onion & homemade relish                           lettuce, red onion & homemade relish
   beer battered onion rings, curly fries, garlic                  your choice of dips: Sour cream,
                     bread, loaded potato skins                                     BBQ or Piri Piri.    SPORTSTERS® CLASSIC CHEESEBURGER £6.50            BLEU CHEESE & MUSHROOM £7.00
                            & mozzarella sticks.                                      5 wings £3.50      6oz 100% Scottish beef burger, cheddar            6oz 100% Scottish beef burger, sautéed
                    Served with your choice of:                                      10 wings £6.70      cheese, lettuce, red onion & homemade relish      mushrooms, melted bleu cheese & lettuce
Honey mustard, BBQ Sauce, Salsa, Guacamole,                                         20 wings £13.00
  Sour-Cream, Garlic Mayo, Sweet Chilli Sauce                                                            SPORTSTERS® ULTIMATE BURGER £9.00                 THE CAJUN £8.00
                                                                         TEXAS CHEESE FRIES £3.60
                   MOZZARELLA STICKS £3.00                                                               Hefty combination of 6oz 100% Scottish beef       6oz Chargrilled Cajun chicken breast,
                                                           Seasoned curly fries topped with melted       burger & succulent 6oz chicken breast, lettuce,   mozzarella cheese, lettuce, red onion &
Crispy breaded mozzarella sticks served with           cheddar cheese, bacon bits & ery jalapenos,       red onion & homemade relish                       homemade relish
             salsa & sour cream for dipping                         served with salsa & sour cream
                                                                                                         SPORTSTERS® HOUSE BURGER £9.00                    THE VEGGIE £6.50
                 LOADED POTATO SKINS £3.50                                 NINE IRON NACHOS £3.90
                                                                                                         Two 6oz 100% Scottish beef burgers, smoked        6oz Spicy vegetable & bean burger, lettuce, red
Potato skins loaded with cheese, served with           corn tortilla chips stacked high, smothered in    bacon, fried onions, tomato, cheddar cheese,      onion, tomato & mayonnaise
                          sour cream & salsa           cheese topped with ery jalapeno peppers &         lettuce & homemade relish
                    Add: Smoked Bacon £4.00             melted to perfection! Served with a dollop of
                        Add: Chilli Beef £4.00                                    salsa & sour cream     BACON CHEESEBURGER £7.50
                                                                                            Load With:
                                                                                                         6oz 100% Scottish beef burger, smoked bacon,            Our 6oz burgers are made on the premises
                                                                               Grilled Chicken £4.50
                                                                                     Chilli Beef £4.50   cheddar cheese, lettuce, red onion &                    with our own special recipe, using 100%
                                                                                                         homemade relish                                         prime Scottish beef & our own blend of fresh
                                                                                                                                                                 herbs to ensures you get a great tasting
                                                                                                                                                                 burger each time you visit
                                                                                                         BBQ BACON £8.00                                         Our burgers are topped with tomato, crunchy
                                                                                                         6oz 100% Scottish beef burger, smoked bacon,            lettuce & red onion on a toasted bun, served
                                                                                                                                                                 with fat fries & coleslaw on the side.
                                                                                                         tangy BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, tomato,

                                                                         Kick Off                        lettuce, red onion & homemade relish

  Vegetarian sausage, fried egg, hash brown,
  potato scone, mushrooms, tomato & beans
                  served with toast & butter
                                                     Kick start your day with the hearty sportsters®
                                                          breakfast! Grilled bacon, sausage, black
                                                     pudding, fried egg, hash brown, potato scone,
                                                                                                         Sizzling Fajitas
                                                     mushrooms, tomato & beans served with toast
                                                                                            & butter
                                                                                                         CHAR-GRILLED CHICKEN £10.95                       MANGE TOUT, BABY CORN & MIXED VEG £8.95
                                                                                                         Sizzling Chicken Fajitas (fah-HEE-tahs) served    Generous selection of vegetables with onions &
                                                                                                         on a hot skillet with onions, bell peppers,       peppers
                                                                                                         cheddar cheese & warm our tortillas, served

                               Pasta, Salad or Pizza
                                                                                                         with guacamole, zesty salsa & sour cream

                     MARGHERITA PIZZA £5.00
     Freshly baked 12” pizza with mozzarella,
                           tomato & oregano
                                                                           MACARONI CHEESE £5.90
                                                         Homemade macaroni cheese, topped with
                                                           tomato & extra cheese, served with fries
                                                                                                         Fancy a bit on the side?
                       BUILD YOUR OWN PIZZA                         CHICKEN & BACON PENNE £5.50
                             Toppings: £0.90              Fresh penne pasta with chicken & smoked        BUCKET OF FRIES £2.00                             ALL DIPS £0.40
                         Spicy Chicken, Tuna                      bacon cooked in a creamy tomato                                                          Honey Mustard, Guacamole, Tangy BBQ, Garlic,
                                                                                                         CURLY FRIES £2.20
                             Toppings: £0.50                                         & garlic sauce                                                        Mayo, Salsa, Sour Cream, Sweet Chilli,
                  Sweetcorn, Three Cheeses,                                                              ONION RINGS £2.20                                 Bleu-Cheese, Piri Piri
   Red Onion, Jalapenos, Peppers, Pepperoni,                                   CAESAR SALAD £4.50
             Mushrooms, Olives or Pineapple                                                              HOMEMADE COLESLAW £1.50
                                                            Romaine salad leaves, tossed in Caesar
                                                                                                         GARLIC BREAD £2.70
                                                    dressing topped with fresh parmesan shavings &
                                                                                    crispy croutons      GARLIC BREAD WITH CHEESE £2.90
                                                                          Add: Grilled Chicken £5.50     TORTILLAS £1.50
                        ICE CREAM                          CHOCOLATE LOVIN’ CAKE £3.50
Vanilla, Mint Choc Chip, Chocolate,         Layers of dark & white chocolate fudge cake
              Strawberry or Caramel          with butter cream centre, served with fresh
                   2 Scoops £2.10                                       whipped cream
                   3 Scoops £3.10
                   4 Scoops £4.10                           NEW YORK CHEESECAKE £3.80
                                             Crunchy digestive biscuit base topped with
                                             luxury vanilla cheesecake served with fresh
                                                                         whipped cream

                                                           STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING £3.60
                                            Warm sticky toffee pudding drizzled in toffee
                                               sauce, served with cool vanilla ice cream

                                                     Hot Drinks
                CAFFE LATTE £2.20                                     BLACK COFFEE £1.20
            LIQUEUR COFFEE £3.50                                      WHITE COFFEE £1.60
                 CUP OF TEA £1.20                                         ESPRESSO £1.40
                 POT OF TEA £1.50                                DOUBLE ESPRESSO £1.90
            HOT CHOCOLATE £1.80                                          MACCHIATO £1.50
          Add marshmallows £0.40                                        CAPPUCHINO £1.90
         Add whipped cream £0.40
                                                                         AMERICANO £1.60
                                                                              MOCHA £2.40

                                           Weights shown are approximate before cooking
                                          Some of our products may contain traces of nuts

                  1a Market St Edinburgh EH1 1DE 0131 226 9560
                                      ROAR - Only ID accepted are passport or driving license

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