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Websites are often the primary source of information about organizations for the public. The OAC recognizes that many of the support materials required for grant applications,
such as newsletters, work samples, brochures and board lists, may also be found online. To simplify the grant process, the OAC has created this form to allow applicants to
provide direct links to materials that exist online from the Appendix H support material list. This eliminates the need to send those materials to the OAC in hard copy. Applicants
to the Sustainability, Arts Access, Project Support and Arts Partnership programs may use this form.

1) At the top of the sheet, enter your organization's name, home page and the name of the OAC program to which you are applying.

2) In the spaces below, provide the URL (the direct website address located at the top of your web browser) of each support material item that panelists may review online. Each
link should begin with http:// and lead directly to the material referenced,not to a page that contains another link to the material. Links to outside sites are admissible (e.g., a
video clip on YouTube, a critical review from a local newspaper, etc.). If you need to list more than one link in one box, please use a new line to do so. If you provide a link to an
online item here, you do not need to send it in hard copy form with your other support materials.

3) After completing the form, save it to your computer with a file name that includes the program you are applying to and your grant application number, e.g., "Sustainability-
120063.xls" (the application number appears on your OLGA main page, as well as at the top of the application PDF).

4) E-mail the completed form as an attachment to The form is due no later than seven days after the final application deadline at 5 p.m.
Eastern Standard Time, as with other support materials.

Your links will be forwarded to all panelists several weeks prior to the panel meeting. Panelists will have the opportunity to review linked materials along with your full OLGA
application prior to the meeting itself; hard copy materials and work samples will be reviewed on the first day of the meeting.

The Online Support Material Submission Form is optional; electing to submit all of your required support materials in hard copy form will not adversely affect your score. Check
all links for accuracy prior to submitting; OAC staff will not confirm that sites are active or that materials are present prior to forwarding links to panelists. Note that not all
materials listed below are necessary submissions for all OAC programs. See Appendix H of the OAC Guidelines for a complete list.

IMPORTANT: The Signature/Assurances page with an original signature must be submitted in hard copy form.

                                           Organization name:
                                       Organization website:
                                                     OAC program:
  REQUIRED MATERIALS - required of certain
                                                                               direct URL for this material online
  applicants, not required of others
  Credentials/resume of any proposed consultants if not from the
  OAC Capacity Building Consultant Database (applies only to
  applicants proposing to work with a consultant NOT in the OAC
1 database)
  Materials describing conference or workshop to be attended
  (applies only to applicants proposing to attend a                            http://
2 conference/workshop)
     PERSONNEL MATERIALS                                                direct URL for this material online
   List of board members and their professional affiliations; list of
 3 committee members
   Biographies/resumes of key artistic and administrative staff
   mentioned in the application, e.g., artistic director, manager,      http://
 4 executive director, chief curator, etc.
   One-paragraph biographies of key outside personnel mentioned
   in the application, e.g., consultants, artists, guest curators,      http://
 5 jurors, etc.
     PLANNING and EVALUATION MATERIALS                                  direct URL for this material online
   Sample evaluation and/or assessment tool (e.g., audience
 6 survey, comment card, rubric, etc.)
 7 Summary of past evaluation responses or results                      http://
 8 Long-range or strategic plan                                         http://
     LETTERS of SUPPORT (no more than five total)                       direct URL for this material online
   Letter of commitment from any organization mentioned in the
   application as a partner (e.g., social service agency, school        http://
 9 district, business, etc.)
   Unsolicited letters of support, endorsements or participant
10 responses
   Support letters from individual or community project/program
11 stakeholders (other than partners)                                   http://

     At least five -- but no more than eight -- letters from key
     individuals involved in residency planning and implementation
     PRESS and PUBLICITY MATERIALS (no more than five
                                                          direct URL for this material online
     pieces total from this list)
13   Annual report                                        http://
14   Brochure                                             http://
15   Critical review                                      http://
16   Exhibition catalog                                   http://
17   Flier                                                http://
18   Invitation                                           http://
19   Newsletter                                           http://
20   Newspaper/magazine article                           http://
21   Press release                                        http://
22   Program                                              http://
     EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS                                direct URL for this material online
23   Brochures describing educational offerings           http://
24   Sample curricula and/or education planning documents http://
25   Student study guides                                 http://
     Teacher preparation packets                          http://
     WORK SAMPLES (no more than one item from this list,
                                                          direct URL for this material online
     no more than three years old)
     Electronic materials (e.g., PowerPoint presentation, video clip,
26 etc.) submitted on disc or online
     Photographs or digital images with titles (no more than 12)        http://
28 Sample literary publication                                          http://

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