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					              Los Angeles County DCFS Adoption’s Division

Did you know you might be entitled                          They can use up to $4,000 of their credit (their entire

 to federal income tax credit(s)?
                                                            federal income tax liability) and thereby reduce their
                                                            federal income tax liability to zero. This means their
                                                            tax refund would be $5,000 (instead of $1,000) and
   In 2003 the federal government began offering a
                                                            they can carry over $28,880 that’s still left of their tax
  tax credit to anyone who adopted a child or children
                                                            credit for next four years (or until they use up all of the
  with “special needs”. If you are receiving AAP for
                                                            remaining tax credit). A Credit Carry Forward
  your adoptive child that means that DCFS has
                                                            Worksheet on the 8839 tax form (this form is not
  already determined that your child met the “special
                                                            submitted to the IRS) can be used to know how much
  needs” criteria to qualify for this tax credit. You
                                                            tax credit can be carried over in the ensuing year(s).
  have five years in which to claim the tax credit. Use
  the IRS tax form # 8839 titled Adoption Tax Credit        If adoptive parents have no federal tax liability in the
  to claim this credit. You must indicate on the form       year their child was adopted, they should still submit a
  that your child has “special needs” to qualify for this   claim for the tax credit, because they might have a
  credit. If your federal adjusted gross income is over     federal income tax liability in the ensuing four years.
  $204,410 then you do not qualify to receive this tax      The adoption tax credit must be claimed in the same
  credit. The credit is good for five years. The            year a child’s adoption finalizes. Please also be aware
  National Counsel on Adoptable Children (NACAC)            that you do not have to document any expenses to be
  gave the following examples of how the tax credit         able to qualify for the entire $10,960 tax credit for each
  works:                                                    child that you adopt in the year 2006.
   If, for example, a couple adopted two children          If your child’s adoption finalized in 2003, 2004, or
  in 2006 they would be able to claim $10,960.00 in         2005, and you did not claim the federal Adoption
  federal tax credit for each child (totaling $21,920).     Tax Credit you can still submit an amended tax
  If they had $6,000 in federal income tax withheld         return to qualify for the credit. The deadline to
  from their paychecks in 2006 and their tax liability      submit an amended tax return for an adoption that
  was $7,000, they would then have to pay the IRS           finalized in 2003 is April 15, 2007.
  $1,000. If they claim the Adoption Tax Credit they
  would be able to deduct the entire $7,000 of their        If you want to use the tax credit for more than one
  2006 federal tax liability. This would mean that          year, you must submit amended tax returns for every
  instead of owing the IRS $1,000 they would get a          year that you want to use the credit for a total of five
  refund of $6,500 and will have $14,920 left in            years.
  adoption tax credit, which they can use every year         Please be advised that DCFS-PAS is not a tax
  for up to five years.                                      expert, and these opinions should not be
     Another example: if a couple had $5,000 in             considered legal or financial advice. You should
  federal income tax withheld from their yearly              consult your own professional tax advisor before
  income, but their total tax liability was only $4,000,     filing for the federal Adoption Tax Credit.
  they would be getting a $1,000 tax refund. If they
  also adopted three children with “special needs”          NACAC is available to answer your questions
  they would have $32,880.00 worth of Adoption Tax          regarding this tax credit. They can be reached by
  Credit.                                                   telephone at (651) 644-3036 or on the internet at:

This newsletter is accessible on the DCFS Internet website at and on DCFS’ internal site, LAKids.
                                                 that DCFS has a Special Immigration Status unit that
                                                 can review a case and possibly obtain legal
                                                 residency for a child who has an open court case in
                                                 Dependency Court and is being adopted through
                                                 DCFS. There is no fee for this service. The Special
                                                 Immigration Status unit must complete this process
                                                 for your child while your child is still a dependent of
                                                 the Juvenile Court. Once a child’s adoption finalizes
                                                 the Court also terminates its jurisdiction, and the
 We have support groups that meet on:            child is no longer considered a dependent of the
                                                 Court. DCFS can only obtain legal residency for
  The third Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. children who are current dependents of the Court.
   in Los Angeles.                               Immigration law is complex and changes
  The third Wednesday of every month at 7:00 periodically. It is strongly recommended that you
   p.m. in Pasadena.                             consult with an attorney (at your own expense) with
                                                 experience in immigration matters.
  The second Wednesday of the month at 10:00
   a.m. in the San Fernando Valley.
     The last Wednesday of every month at 10:00
      a.m. in Compton.                                                        Every week we have adoptive parents call the PAS
     The first Thursday of every month at 10:00 a.m.                         duty line asking whether PAS will pay for their
      in Monterey Park (please note this is a                                 adopted child’s orthodontia expenses, college tuition,
      Spanish-speaking only group).                                           and/or private tutoring costs. Post Adoption Services
     An adoptive parents’ support group is forming                           does not pay for these expenses.
      in the Antelope Valley, please call CSW Adam
                                         If your child does not qualify for braces through the
      Tunick at (213) 471-0271 for more information
                                         Denti-Cal program, we recommend asking your
      regarding this group.              child’s orthodontist whether he/she offers a payment
     PLEASE CALL THE PAS DUTY LINE FOR plan for your child’s braces.
      THE LOCATION AND DIRECTIONS TO OUR Although there is no PAS money available to pay for
      SUPPORT GROUPS.                    an adoptee’s private tutoring, there are dozens of
                                         schools within the LAUSD that have free after school
                                         tutoring programs. Please contact your child’s school
                                         to find out whether they have a free after school
                                         tutoring program.
                                                                              Regarding money for college. Every college and
                                                                              university has a Financial Aid office. The school’s
                                                                              Financial Aid office has information and Financial Aid
                                                                              counselors available to assist students in obtaining
                                                                              money for college. They have information on how to
                                                                              apply for scholarships, grants, and student loans.
                                                                              If your child was in the ILP program at the time their
                                                                              adoption finalized, your child’s ILP social worker may
                                                                              also have information regarding financial assistance
                 PAS DUTY LINE:                                               for college. The ILP section of the DCFS website
                                                                              also has information regarding college scholarships.
                 1-800-735-4984                                               The website has extensive
                                                                              information on how to obtain free money for college.

PAS provides services after your adoption has finalized. For information on becoming an adoptive or foster parent, call Applicant Intake @ (888) 811-1121.

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