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									                                                             Gosnells Financial Ser vices Limited
                                                                          Newsletter May 2009

From the Chairman                                                          I am also pleased to announce that our branch continues to receive
                                                                           excellent results from Bendigo Bank’s mystery shop surveys on
                                                                           customer service and bank product knowledge. I have also received
                            It is an exciting time for your Gosnells
                                                                           some very complimentary comments regarding our staff from
                            Community Bank® Branch, with two new
                                                                           customers at various functions in the district. Well done to Michelle
                            Directors recently appointed to the Board
                                                                           and her staff and we thank them for helping the branch grow while
                            bringing fresh ideas and an enthusiastic
                                                                           giving quality and friendly service.
                            boost to our hard-working team.
                                                                           On a more sober note, the recent downturn in the economy and
                            Jacqui Stuart comes to us with a very
                                                                           lower interest rates are affecting the Company’s profits and when the
                            strong compliance and finance business
                                                                           March financial results are available, we will issue an update on the
                            background, while Lily Bahnam is a
                                                                           Company’s trading performance.
                            past Chairman and an original founding
                            committee member.                              The Company’s audited balance sheet to 31 December 2008, is
                                                                           available on the Company’s file at the Bendigo Stock Exchange and
The Board was sorry to accept Judith van der Linden’s resignation in
                                                                           Australian Securities & Investment Commission’s records.
September 2008 after five years of assiduous work and loyal devotion
to the objectives and purpose of our local bank. We wish her and her       Bill (WC) Walter
husband Keith all the best for the future - I am sure we will see them     Chairman
at the next AGM!
The Board structure is now Chairman Bill Walter, deputy chairman Ray
Norvill; Directors Lily Bahnam, Jacqui Stewart, Linda Trouchet, Angela     Bank branch news
Yates; Managing Director Michelle Lennox, Company Secretary and
financial officer Tanya Poynter. Tanya also is the Company’s minute        Our Branch Manager Michelle is on a
Secretary.                                                                 well-earned holiday and she will bring
                                                                           shareholders up to date with banking
For the information of new shareholders, RSM Bird Cameron is the           highlights in the next issue.
Company’s auditor, Security Transfer Registrars Pty Ltd, of Applecross,
manage the Company’s share transfers and the shares are quoted on          In the meantime, you can find our more
the Bendigo Stock Exchange. Prices and sales are available online at       about our products and services by visiting with the code “gos”.                                        our friendly Community Bank® branch staff
                                                                           at 2227 Albany Highway, Gosnells. We’re
Among the immediate decisions made by new Board was to begin               open Monday to Friday 9am to 5 pm and
distributing this newsletter on a quarterly basis, following a period of   Saturday’s 9am to 12 noon. Call us on
sporadic publication in 2008.                                              (08) 9490 4233.                               	
                                                                                                                          Michelle Lennox

Last year proved a very busy one for the Board, with Directors getting     Michelle Lennox       Branch Manager
out and actively promoting the Community Bank® concept. The results
                                                                           Anne Doherty          Loans officer
of this push are starting to attract more business and awareness in
the community                                                              Julie Collova         Branch Supervisor
                                                                           Samantha Stain        Senior Customer Service Officer
Our sponsorship has been spread across a number of organisations in
the district, as part of our approach to build longer relationships and    Sharon Saunders       Customer Service Officer
become more closely involved with the groups the bank is supporting.       Camille Grayson       Customer Service Officer
Some of the beneficiaries of the bank’s sponsorship have been:             Jay Uldum             Customer Service Officer
Gosnells Bowling Club, Southern Districts Netball Association, WA          Patricia Albadran     Customer Service Officer
Baseball, PCYC Maddington, SERCUL, Gosnells Football Club, Rotary          Sariah Wilkinson      Customer Service Officer
Club of Gosnells, Canning Vale College, Victorian Bushfire Appeal,                               (currently on maternity leave)
Queensland Flood Appeal and Southern River Cricket Club.
                                                                           Wesley Schneider      Customer Service Officer

                                                                                   PO Box 417, Gosnells WA 6990 ABN 11 905 764 533

                                                                                  Gosnells Community Bank® Branch
 Sponsorships – Bank with us and your community benefits

    Langford Senior Citizens

                                                Baseball WA

    Bendigo Bank Magpies

                                                                                                Southern Districts Netball

                   Southern River Cricket Club

Customer Satisfaction Survey
Bendigo Bank has rated well in the latest Canstar Cannex              Bendigo Bank also rated number one for customer satisfaction in
Customer Satisfaction Survey.                                         Victoria and Queensland.
Gosnells Branch Manager Michelle Lennox, said customers and           “These awards are a reflection of what drives every staff member
the community voted Bendigo Bank the friendliest and the bank         in the bank,” Mrs Lennox said.
that offered the best branch service.                                 “We believe that successful customers, create a successful
“This is an exciting result and on behalf of the bank and all our     community which creates a successful bank, but only in that
staff I’d like to say thank you to our customers for their positive   order.”
feedback.”                                                            Bendigo Bank was also voted to have the biggest “wow” factor of
“It’s Bendigo Bank’s aim to be Australia’s best customer              all Australian banks.
connected bank, and we hope these results indicate that we’re on
track to achieve that,” Mrs Lennox said.
“The thing that separates Bendigo Bank from other banks are our       New Managing Director named
close ties to our local communities.
“In towns and suburbs right across Australia, Bendigo Bank has        for Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
Community Bank® branches, which are owned and operated by
local people.                                                         Limited
“In the past decade these branches have returned more than                                          Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is poised
$28 million dollars, assisting local community groups and helping                                   to begin another chapter in its 150 year
them to build infrastructure to improve where, and how they live.”                                  history under the leadership of newly
”Our board has been able to help & support various local                                            appointed Managing Director and Chief
Community associations including schools, sporting clubs and not                                    Executive Officer, Mike Hirst.
for profit organisations by way of sponsorship and donations.”                                      Mike will succeed current MD
”That’s only possible due to the support we receive from our                                        Rob Hunt on 2 July. Rob has been
customers and that’s why these customer satisfaction ratings                                        at the helm of the bank since 1990
are so important. If customers know their banking is making a                                       and will retire at the end of this
difference to the community – and we are providing quality service                                  financial year. Refer to the website
– then they will be even more likely to bring more business to us.                         for more
It’s the classic win-win.”                                                                          information.
                                                                       Mike Hirst

                                                                                                          I bank with Gosnells
                                                                                                          Community Bank® Branch.
                                                                                                          Do U?
                                                                                                          Banking with Gosnells Community
                                                                                                          Bank® Branch makes good sense
                                                                                                          to you and your community.
                                                                                                          Here’s why:
                                                                                                          > Personalised, prompt and
                                                                                                            friendly customer service
                                                                                                          > Simple, practical and
                                                                                                            competitive products and
                                                                                                            services including;

                        Home loans                                                                        Simply by doing your banking

                         Home loans for
                                                                                                          with Gosnells Community Bank®
                                                                                                          Branch you have a real say in

                                          shaped for                                                      the kind of banking services you
                                                                                                          receive and where the proceeds
                                                                                                          are directed.
                                                                                                          At Gosnells Community Bank®
                                                                                                          Branch it starts with U.

                       Whether you’re after a home loan with a variable or
                       fixed interest rate, a line of credit or an investment
                       loan, you’ll find a home loan shaped to suit you at
                                                                                                           Gosnells Community Bank® Branch
                       Gosnells Community Bank® Branch.
                                                                                                           2227 Albany Highway, Gosnells
                                                                                                           Ph 9490 4233
                       Subject to terms and conditions. Fees, charges and lending criteria apply.          Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm
                       Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 068 049 178 AFSL 237879
                       (S23142) (03/09)                                                                    Sat 9am – 12pm

                       Gosnells                                                                            Gosnells
                       Community Bank® Branch                                                              Community Bank® Branch

                          Gosnells Community Bank® Branch,                                                              Chairman: Bill Walter.
BMPNL0004 (01/05/08)

                          2227 Albany Highway, Gosnells WA 6110                                                         Deputy Chairman: Ray Norvill.
                          Phone: 9490 4233                                                                              Managing Director: Michelle Lennox.
                          Website:                                                               Company Secretary/Treasurer: Tanya Poynter.
                          Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm                                               Directors: Lily Bahnam, Jacqui Stewart,
                          and Saturday mornings 9.00am – 12 noon                                                        Linda Trouchet, Angela Yates.

                       Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited, The Bendigo Centre, Bendigo VIC 3550. ABN 11 068 049 178. AFSL 237879.

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