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					                  Interrogative Statements, aka Questions

Questions in Latin are of two types:

   1. Those beginning with the qu- words, focusing on the seven basic
      question words in English, that is a search for information.

               Question Word in English             Latin Equivalent
                        Who                               quis
                        What                              quid
                        When                             quando
                        Where                              ubi
                        How                            quomodo
                        Why                                cur
                      How Much                            quot

   2. Fact questions
        a. These are basically leading questions, seeking either
            agreement or disagreement.
        b. Example 1: That for which no particular agreement is felt is
            expressed by adding an –ne to the first word. Usually the
            first word will be the main verb, unless you are trying to
            emphasize something else.

            Is your brother walking?      Fraterne tuus ambulat?

          c. Example 2: That for which you feel should be answered with
             “yes.” The first word will always be “nonne.”

          Isn’t your sister beautiful? Nonne pulchra est tua soror?

          d. Example 3: That for which you feel should be answered with
             “no.” The first word will always be “num.”

           Your father isn’t ill, is he? Num pater tuus aeger est?

Latin I                         Magistra Evans                        2005/2006
                                   Mihi nomen est __________________________________

                        Interrogatives Worksheet

   1. Circle the word in the sentence that shows it is a question.
   2. Tell whether the question is a qu- or fact question.
   3. Answer the question with a Latin sentence.

   1. Ubi est Roma?

   2. Estne Europa in Italiā?

   3. Cur in viā ambulas? (Hint: Quod debeo _____________.)

   4. Num Brittanorum Romulus rex fuit?

   5. Quid est tibi nomen?

   6. Nonne bonus est ludus?

   7. Quis linguam Latinorum tibi* doces?

* to you
Latin I                         Magistra Evans                       2005/2006

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