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                       14 October 2010
                                                          YEAR 12 FORMAL INVITATION
                                                            Saturday, 20 November, 2010

                       Dear Parents/Caregivers

                       The end of year is fast approaching and whilst most of our thoughts are on the end of year
                       exams, a group of students have been working hard to organise the Year 12 Formal.

                       The class of 2010 would like to extend an invitation for you to attend their Formal at the
                       Barn Palais on Saturday, 20 November at 6.30 pm. This will be an opportunity to celebrate
                       the end of the year and the end of their schooling. It will also be an opportunity to recognise
                       students with the formal presentation of certificates in acknowledgement of their time at
                       Mount Gambier High School.

                       The official part of the evening from 6.30-9.00 pm will include a 2 course dinner,
                       presentation of certificates and formal speeches.

                       There will be no alcohol available during this time as this is an official school function.
                       At 9.00 pm, the official school function ends.
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                       Whilst the official school function ends, the Barn Palais will remain open until 12.00am.
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                       The Student Formal Committee have organised music and entertainment.

                       The bar will be open from 9.00pm onwards.
                       Tickets, at a cost of $40 (including GST) per person can be purchased from the Student
                       Office from Wednesday 20 October until 3.30 pm on Friday 12 November, 2010. Six tickets
                       per family will be made available during this time.
                       We encourage all parents to attend. You may wish to organise a parent table or sit with your
                       son/daughter. Please ask your son/daughter to organise a table booking for you.
                       Formal or neat casual dress required.

                       Yours sincerely

                       GRAEME ROULSTONE                      TIM DYER                   DIANA LLOYD
                       YEAR 12                               ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL,       GOVERNING COUNCIL
                       YEAR LEVEL MANAGER                    SENIOR SCHOOL              CHAIRPERSON

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