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                                                                                                      10 September 2010

                                                  Welcome to Knoll House

Dear New Knoll Parent

It gives us pleasure to welcome you and your son to Knoll House. There must be an air of excitement building up in your
home with your son preparing for his departure for Knoll House next year. We wish both you and your son a very happy
association with St Alban’s College, and Knoll House in particular. The residents of Knoll and their parents are proud of
the House and their achievements and we trust that you will share this pride with us soon. Our Strength is in Our

Pierre Labuschagne will be the Housemaster for Knoll House in 2011, taking over from Nico du Plessis, who finishes his
term at the end of this year. Pierre has been teaching for 20 years, teaching at Crawford College, Waterkloof House
Preparatory School and Southdowns College. The last year and a half he fulfilled the position of Deputy Headmaster at
Southdowns College - Preparatory School. He will be teaching Afrikaans and will be involved in the extra-curricular
program, coaching cricket and hockey. Apart from teaching, he has a passion for photography and he does enjoy visits
to our National Parks and the outdoors.

The House has a well-established organisational system, which is run by the boys to a large extent. We strive to create
an environment in which your son can perform and achieve to the best of his potential – in different areas of life. We
also try to achieve a state of happiness and content for all the boys in the House.

We invite you to try to get to know the House, the procedures, the community, the tutors and ourselves as soon as
possible. Please feel welcome to contact me on 083 454 1802, or Nico on 083 437 1403. The Deputy Housemaster
is Craig Hoyer, who can be contacted on 083 350 3017, if we are not available.

The Knoll Parents Association is very active and could also assist you from the parents’ side. It is chaired by Rebecca
Warsop, who can be contacted at, or cell: 083 252 9347. Along with Rebecca and other
committee members, she will be at the New Boarder Mums’ Tea (November 13, 09:00 in the St Alban’s
Pavilion) to answer any queries.

As wonderfully convenient as a cell phone is, we would strongly recommend that it does not come to school, or
alternatively, that it is locked in the safe in my study for the first term. We know how important a status symbol a phone
can be, but we would strongly recommend that you consider purchasing a phone which does not have camera, video,
music and Internet or Bluetooth® capabilities – even if the phone is only for use when he is at the College. This
addresses a couple of areas that have been problematic in the past. Please discuss this with us if you have a special
request or circumstance. There is a call box, which is a card telephone. The number is 012 348 7602. Cards may be
purchased at the school. The best time to contact your son will be between
17:00 and 19:00 or between 21:00 and 21:30.

Please note that a normal week for boarders is from Sunday 18:45 roll call
through to Saturday (after sport fixtures). Therefore, going home for a
Friday night is an exception rather than the norm and boys will be expected
to be in on Fridays.

                                 “It takes a school with vision to prepare a young man for life”
We expect that boarding school life is new to both you and your son. Please assist and encourage him to adapt and
settle in. We believe that you and your son will enjoy the Knoll environment and what it has to offer.


In order to get to know you, and to make the start of next year an enjoyable and stress-free one, I would like to invite
you to join your fellow parents and classmates for an introductory cocktail evening later this year. The cocktail will be
held on Friday 12 November from 19:00 to 21:00 and will take place on campus. You can park in the car park at the
entrance to the College from where I will have prefects to direct you. The dress is casual for parents and primary school
uniform for boys. Please RSVP to me at or Nico at
by Friday 5 November 2010.

Kind regards

Nico Du Plessis                                                 Pierre Labuschagne
Knoll Housemaster                                               Knoll Housemaster 2011


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