Settling your child into the setting during the first few days

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					Settling your child into
the setting during the
first few days
Settling into a new environment is always difficult, no matter how young or old you
are. We appreciate that you are probably feeling a little worried about the first few
times you leave your child at [name of setting]. But there are lots of things you can do
to help your child settle quickly with us and feel happy and secure in our setting

• Try to look confident and happy when you drop off         • Aim to make a clean ‘break’ when you leave your
your child. Your child will pick up on your emotions: if   child – try not to linger and go back to them if there
you appear upset, your child will respond to this.         are tears. Your child may well cry, but in most cases
                                                           this only carries on for a few minutes after you have
• When you arrive at the setting, please help your         gone. We promise that we will contact you if we
child to hang up their coat and bag, and place a toy       cannot settle your child within a reasonable amount
in the ‘show and tell’ box.                                of time.

• Your child will have a ‘key worker’ – a key person       • Please feel free to give us a call to check that your
who keeps a close eye on how your child is settling in     child has calmed down and is enjoying themselves.
and also on your child’s overall progress. We will tell
you who your child’s key worker is: please look out        • We will give you a ‘home/setting’ diary – please
for this person as a point of contact when you drop        write in here a little bit about what your child has
off your child.                                            done recently. That way we can refer to known
                                                           experiences and people from home if your child
• If your child likes to use a comforter at home,          is upset.
please feel free to let your child bring this in. A
favourite teddy or blanket, or a dummy, can be very        • Remember that starting in a new environment can
soothing to your child when they start at the setting.     be a tiring experience. Your child may seem more
                                                           tired than usual in the first few days or weeks. Don’t
                                                           worry, this is perfectly normal.
Encouraging your
child to be
Here at [name of setting], we will support your child in becoming independent and
taking care of themselves

You can help us do this by showing your child how to:

• tell a grown-up if their nappy needs changing, or if they need the toilet

• use a potty or the toilet and wipe afterwards

• wash their hands after using the toilet and before eating

• hang their coat on their named peg

• put their coat and hat on

• put their shoes on.

You can encourage your child by:

• giving lots of praise when they get it right

• trying not to respond crossly when they have an accident or make a mistake

• talking about why it is important to do things such as washing their hands after using the toilet.

You can also support the work we do by:

• labelling your child’s clothes with their name

• putting some spare clothes in your child’s bag in case of accidents

• choosing shoes that are easy for your child to get on and off – preferably no laces please!

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