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Series 7F Diaphragm Filter
                                                                      The Series 7F diaphragm filter is an extremely versatile unit where filter paper
                                                                      changes are fast & easy: simply unscrew the knurled nut joining the two halves
                                                                      of the filter housing together & place the circular PTFE filter paper on the loose
                                                                      grid. As standard, the diaphragm filter has female BSP1/4” ports & can be panel
                                                                      mounted using the fixing clips pictured below. PTFE filters of this style are by far
                                                                      the most widely used in pharmaceutical & biotechnology applications. Series 7F
                                                                      PTFE filters are also used in gas analysis and environmental monitoring equipment.

                                                                       Part No.               Sizes                                           PVDF   PTFE
                                                                       7F0100.05              Filter pore size 5µm DN04 1/4” BSP               •      •
                                                                       7F0100.25              Filter pore size 25µm DN04 1/4” BSP              •      •

                                                                       7F0100.50              Filter pore size 50µm DN04 1/4” BSP              •      •
                                                                       7F0100.100             Filter pore size 100µm DN04 1/4” BSP             •      •
                                                                      Other filter pore sizes available on request.
                                                                      DN - Through bore (mm).
                                                                      Replacement filter papers are available in standard packs of 50 off.

                                                                       Dimensions (mm)
                                                                        G/BSP            B            D            L       L1            SW
                                                                         1/4”           Ø63       Ø25        ~114          10            14

                                 D                                     Materials of Construction
                                                                       1. Housing                         PVDF                  PTFE
                                                                       2. Filter Paper                    PTFE                  PTFE
                                                                       3. O-Ring *                        Viton®                Viton®
                                                                      * EPDM, Kalrez® on request

                                                                       Technical Data
                                                                       Max. media temperature **             PVDF: 120˚C   PTFE: 150˚C
                                                                       Nominal pressure rating               PVDF: 10 Bar PTFE: 6 Bar
                                                                       Flow rate ***                         1.500 NL/h    Air: P 0.1 bar
              Mounting Clips                                           Filter surface                        12.5 cm²

The data listed falls within the normal range of product properties   ** Starting from the nominal pressure rating at (20˚C), the permissible pressure reduces
but they should not be used to establish specification limits nor
used alone as the basis of design. Polyflon Technology Limited
                                                                          with increasing temperature!
assumes no responsibility for any advice furnished by it or for       *** Without filter membrane!
results obtained with respect to these products. All such advice is
provided gratis and the buyer assumes sole responsibility for the
results obtained in reliance thereon.

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