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					                                                               Donald Kirkpatrick's 4 Levels of Evaluating Training
Levels        Description                     Comments                                                                                                                      Metrics
Level 1 -     Was the employee satisfied      Most primitive and widely-     Level 1 evaluation will tell you how engaged the participants felt by the training event.      Questionnaire, Discussion,
Reaction      with the workplace              used method of evaluation.     Detailed level one evaluation can provide formative evaluation information that can be used to Focus Groups
Response      education and did employee      It is easy, quick, and         improve future versions of the training program (e.g., you can fix the things the participants
              complete it? Trainee            inexpensive to administer.     disliked about the program and add the things they felt was missing). Results may not provide
              reaction to the course -        Negative indicators could      a solid basis for changing certain educational strategies.
              Does the trainee like the       mean difficultly learning in
              course?                         the course.

Level 2 -     What did the employee           Level two evaluation       It is important to consider what research design should be use to demonstrate improvement in          Various Tests (writtem or
Learning      learn from the workplace        should be done             level two outcomes? Knowledge of level two evaluation can help in interpreting the results of         performance tests - pre & /
              education program? Did          immediately after the      level three evaluation (e.g., if level three results do not occur, it may because of workplace        or post), Role Playing,
              trainees learn material based   training event to determinefactors and not because of any flaw in the training program). Detailed level two evaluation can       Simulated work experience,
              on the course objectives?       if participants gained the provide formative evaluation information that can be used to improve future versions of the           Observation check list,etc.
                                              knowledge, skills, or      training program (e.g., you may find certain learning objectives that are not being met). This
                                              attitudes.                 evaluation provides more compelling evidence regarding the effectiveness of the training
Level 3 -     How did the workplace         Level 3 evaluations can be Provides measurement of actual behavior on the job, rather than only measuring or                       Job Performance (how
Behavior /    education program affect      difficult to do. Follow-up demonstrating positive reaction and/or learning. Level three outcomes are required for level            much, how quickly, how
Performance   employee performance?         questionnaire or             four outcomes (i.e., they are the intervening variables or factors that lead to level four            well, comparison to past
              Trainee behavior changes observations usually occur outcomes); therefore, it is good news when level three outcomes are found. Most level three                  performance); On-the-job
              on the job - are the learners 3 to 6 months after training outcomes are intrinsically useful, even if level four outcomes (i.e., final organizational or         behavior; Feedback from
              applying what they learned? has occurred.                  business results) are never fully demonstrated. In many situations, evidence of level one             supervisors, colleagues or
                                                                         outcomes, level two outcomes, and level three outcomes will be sufficient evidence of the             customers, Observation
                                                                         merit and usefulness of a training program. This is especially true when all of these provide         check list, Telephone
                                                                         evidence of positive results of the training program.                                                 interviews…

Level 4 -     Did improvements in             Generally applies to           It may be difficult to tie results directly to training. Provides the strongest evidence that a   Return on Investment,
Results       employee performance            training that seeks to         training program has the desired impact on the organization.                                      Customer Satisfaction,
              attributable to workplace       overcome a business                                                                                                              Profit Margin, Cost
              education affect                problem caused by lack of                                                                                                        Savings, Quality measures
              organizational                  knowledge or skill.                                                                                                              Other examples include
              performance? This level                                                                                                                                          reductions in costs,
              ties training to the                                                                                                                                             turnover, absenteeism and
              company's bottom line.                                                                                                                                           grievances.

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