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Middle East Retail Sector Analysis (2007-2010)

Description:    The retail sector in the Middle East region is growing rapidly. The increasing household
                consumption, affluent population, and booming services industry (tourism, banking and trading
                sectors) are propelling growth of the region’s retail industry. Also, the modern shopping malls
                anchoring state-of-the-art hypermarkets and various shopping events like Dubai Shopping Festival,
                makes the region a highly profitable destination for retail players, says "Middle East Retail Sector
                Analysis (2007-2010)", the latest research report by RNCOS.

                The report provides extensive research and rational analysis on the retail industry of the Middle
                East. It provides country-level analysis of the retail industry scenario in the Middle East. The report
                prudently evaluates various aspects of the industry and underlines the key issues related to the
                industry. The research report helps clients to analyze the opportunities and factors critical to the
                success of the retail industry in the Middle East.

                Middle Eastern countries examined in this report include those of the Gulf Co-operation Council
                (GCC), the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and other countries that are
                part of the Middle East, like Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, and Iran.

                Key Findings

                -Increasing population and growing economy will remain one of the major key drivers for the
                growth of retail industry in the Middle East Region.
                -Per capita consumption of cosmetics and fragrances in the Gulf region is one of the highest in the
                -Large availability of retail space in the Middle East makes the region all the more attractive for
                industry players. Dubai is alone expected to see a growth of over 263% in Gross Leasable Area by
                2010 from 2006.
                -Various shopping events like Dubai (Dubai Summer Surprises and Dubai Shopping Festival) and
                Dubai Duty Free (DDF) is the major contributor in the UAE’s retail industry, with retail sales in DDF
                accounting for more than 9% of total retail sales in the UAE.
                -The trend of shopping at modern retail formats is growing in Middle East.
                -Preference for international brands among consumers in the Middle East is increasing.
                -Prevalence of lifestyle-related diseases offers opportunities for dietetic and health foods.

                Key Issues & Facts

                -What is the market size and scope of the retail industry in Middle East?
                -What is the segment-wise size of market and what are its growth prospects?
                -What are the emerging trends there?
                -Which factors are driving growth in this sector?
                -What and where are the growth prospects and issues related to the industry?
                -What are the opportunities and challenges faced by retailers in Middle East?
                -Who are the major players in the Middle East retail industry?

                Key Players

                This section covers the key facts about players currently operating in the Middle East retail
                industry, including Carrefour, EMKE Group, Blue Square Israel Ltd., Sultan Center etc.

                Research Methodology

                Information Sources
                Information has been sourced from books, newspapers, trade journals, and white papers, industry
                portals, government agencies, trade associations, monitoring industry news and developments, and
                through access to more than 3000 paid databases.

                Analysis Method
            The analysis methods include ratio analysis, historical trend analysis, linear regression analysis
            using software tools, judgmental forecasting, and cause and effect analysis.

Contents:   1. Analyst View

            2. Why Middle East is an Attractive Destination for Retailing?
             2.1 Tourist Arrival
             2.2 Economic Growth
             2.3 Dubai Duty Free
             2.4 Retail Space & Real Estate Activities
             2.5 Expatriate Population
             2.6 Consumer Electronics Market
             2.7 Living Standard
             2.8 Cosmetics & Fragrances Consumption

            3. Middle East Retail Market
             3.1 UAE
             3.2 Saudi Arabia
             3.3 Kuwait
             3.4 Oman
             3.5 Iran
             3.6 Israel
             3.7 Jordan
             3.8 Turkey
             3.9 Egypt

            4. Growth Prospects
             4.1 Franchising Operations
             4.2 Textile Industry
             4.3 Retail Space
             4.4 Export Opportunities for Food Sector
             4.5 Dietetic & Health Food

            5. Growth Hurdles
             5.1 Inflation
             5.2 Regional, Ethical & Religious Issues
             5.3 Cultural Differences
             5.4 Sustaining Competitive Edge
             5.5 Tourism Retail

            6. Future Outlook (2008-2010)

            7. Key Players
             7.1 Carrefour
             7.2 EMKE Group
             7.3 Savola Group Company
             7.4 Blue Square Israel Ltd.
             7.5 Shufersal Ltd.
             7.6 Sultan Center

            List of Tables
            Table 3-1: Middle East - Retail Outlets by Format & Location
            Table 3-2: Middle East & Africa - Retail Banner Sales of Top 20 Retailers (in Million US$), 2006E
            Table 3-3: UAE - Number of Retail Outlets by Format (2003* & 2006E)
            Table 3-4: UAE – Overview of Supermarket Groups
            Table 3-5: UAE - Opportunities & Challenges for Retail Market
            Table 3-6: Saudi Arabia - Overview of Retail Chains
            Table 3-7: Saudi Arabia - Opportunities & Challenges for Retail Market
            Table 4-1: Middle East - Diabetes Prevalence (%), 2007* & 2025F
            Table 7-1: Carrefour - Key Financials (in Million Euro), 2006 & 2007
            Table 7-2: Savola Group Company - Key Financials (in Million SR), 2006 & 2007
            Table 7-3: Blue Square Israel Ltd. - Key Financials (in Million NIS), 2006 & 2007*
            Table 7-4: Shufersal Ltd. - Key Financials (in Million NIS), 2006 & 2007
            Table 7-5: Sultan Center - Key Financials (in ‘000 KD), 2005 & 2006

            List of Tables
            Figure 2-1: Middle East & Africa - Number of International Tourist Arrival (in Million), 2003-2007E
            Figure 2-2: Middle East - GDP Growth at Constant Price (%), 2005-2007E
            Figure 2-3: Dubai - Retail Sales during DDF (in Million US$), 2006 & 2007
            Figure 2-4: GCC - National & Foreign Population (%), 2006
            Figure 2-5: Turkey - Per Head Disposable Income (in US$), 2003-2007E
            Figure 2-6: UAE - Cosmetics & Personal Care Products Market (in Billion Dh), 2005 & 2006
            Figure 3-1: Middle East - Retail Market* (in Billion US$), 2003-2007E
            Figure 3-2: GCC - Retail Space (in Million Sq Meter), 2007E & 2016F
            Figure 3-3: UAE - Forecast for Retail Market (in Billion US$), 2008-2011
            Figure 3-4: Dubai - Share of Organized Retail in GCC Retail Market (%), 2006
            Figure 3-5: Dubai - Gross Leasable Area (in Million Sq Meter), 2006 & 2010F
            Figure 3-6: Dubai - Number of Malls (2005 & 2008F)
            Figure 3-7: Dubai - Share of Tourism Industry in Retail Sales (%), 2006 & 2010F
            Figure 3-8: Saudi Arabia - Retail Market (in Billion US$), 2003-2007E
            Figure 3-9: Saudi Arabia - Forecast for Retail Market (in Billion US$), 2008-2012
            Figure 3-10: Saudi Arabia - Share of Food & Non-food Retail Sales (%), 2007E
            Figure 3-11: Saudi Arabia - Forecast for Apparel Retail Sales (in Billion US$), 2008-2012
            Figure 3-12: Saudi Arabia - Branded Apparel Retail Sales (in Billion US$), 2000 & 2005
            Figure 3-13: Kuwait - Retail Market by Format (%), 2006
            Figure 3-14: Iran - Retail Market (in Billion US$), 2003-2007E
            Figure 3-15: Israel - Retail Market (in Billion US$), 2003-2007E
            Figure 3-16: Israel - Food & Beverages Export (in Million US$), 2006 & 2007
            Figure 3-17: Israel - Share of Food & Non-food Retail Sales (%), 2007E
            Figure 3-18: Israel - Per Head Personal Disposable Income (in US$), 2003-2007E
            Figure 3-19: Jordan - Forecast for Household Consumption (in Million US$), 2008-2011
            Figure 3-20: Turkey - Retail Market (in Billion US$), 2003-2007E
            Figure 3-21: Turkey - Number of Retail Outlets by Format (2001-2005)
            Figure 3-22: Turkey - Number of Traditional Food Retailers (2001-2005)
            Figure 3-23: Turkey - Forecast for Share of Organized & Unorganized Retail (%), 2010
            Figure 3-24: Egypt - Retail Market (in Billion US$), 2003-2007
            Figure 3-25: Egypt - Per Head GDP (in US$), 2003-2007E
            Figure 3-26: Egypt - Consumer Durable Retail Sales* (in ‘000 Units), 2003-2007
            Figure 3-27: Egypt - Forecast for Consumer Durable Retail Sales (in ‘000 Units), 2008-2012
            Figure 4-1: Dubai & Abu Dhabi - Gross Leasable Area (in Million Sq Meter), 2006 & 2010F
            Figure 5-1: Middle East - Growth in Consumer Price Inflation (%), 2006 & 2007
            Figure 6-1: Middle East - Forecast for Retail Market* (in Billion US$), 2008-2010
            Figure 6-2: Middle East & Africa - Forecast for International Tourist Arrival (in Million), 2008-2010
            Figure 6-3: GCC - Forecast for Franchise Market (in Billion US$), 2008-2010
            Figure 6-4: GCC - Gross Leasable Area (in Million Sq Meter), 2000 & 2010F
            Figure 6-5: GCC - Forecast for Retail Gross Leasable Area by Country (%), 2010

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