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					                   HIGH SIERRA GROUP

                                                                 Dr.   Karl Kolb, Ph.D.
                                                                 Dr.   Ray Hansen, Ph.D.
                                                                 Dr.   Wallace Carlson, CQA,CQM,CQE
                                                                 Dr.   Elbert Sorrell, Ed.D.

                                                          Thursday, February 24, 2011

Andy Moreno Ph.D.
Senior Vice President

RE: Irrigation Water Quality White Paper

   1. The following USDA and state water quality certification programs cite the reference in paragraph 2 below, for
      the application of water for farmer, grower and producer programs: (Acceptance criteria are derived from U.S.
      EPA recreational water standards.)
          a. Ohio Produce Marketing Agreement
          b. California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement
          c. Other states generally follow the above agreements

   2. U.S. Irrigation Water Quality Standard (unless amended by states or by high risk commodity):
         a. US EPA. 2002. Implementation Guidance for Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Bacteria: May 2002 1058
              Draft. EPA-823-B-02-003: United States Environmental Protection Agency.
         b. Attachment references 19 pages of studies to support the irrigation water quality standard.

   3. Stated Irrigation Water Quality Standard:
          a.  126 MPN (or CFU) /100ml

                                                          Karl Kolb
                                                          Karl Kolb Ph.D.
                                                          Chief Science Officer

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Description: This document will assist food production concerns to determine the EPA water quality standards for irrigation water used for food production.