Linzi Stoppard Rocks The Royals

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					              Linzi Stoppard Rocks The Royals
FUSE performed a sensational set at the legendary artist David Shepherd's
Wildlife Foundation 25th Anniversary Gala at the Dorchester Hotel London,
attended by HRH Prince & Princes Michael Of Kent.

FUSE are virtuoso musicians Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee who, on their
eponymous debut album, harness their bespoke signature Bridge electric violins
and take rock tracks that people love and radically but lovingly reinterpret them.
FUSE have already been labelled as the pioneers of a new electric violin dawn
and showed why with their high impact performance at the gala, rocking out
renditions of much loved rock classics such as Joan Jet's "I Love Rock n Roll".
FUSE are classically trained musicians but are not a classical electric string
group. FUSE are showing the traditionally classical instrument, when electrified,
can be as versatile as the more common place guitar, and can definitely ROCK!

In the run up to recording their debut album Linzi and Ben spent many weeks
hidden away in rehearsal studios experimenting with specialised outboard,
electric guitar equipment and key players from the UK music scene to create a
FUSE sound all of their own. The results are completely unique, original and have
mass appeal...frustratingly to those who have been trying to emulate this new
violin dawn, the bespoke ingredients that makes up this pioneering sound is a
much sought after secret so they'll have to keep guessing.
The album was released in Summer 2010.

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF) has been voted one of the most
effective and popular wildlife charities in Britain. We are a flexible, non
bureaucratic organisation, actively responding to wildlife crises. Working with
experts, we fund innovative, long-term projects in Africa and Asia. Our work is
achieving real results for species survival in their wild habitat whilst truly
benefiting local communities who share their environment. The awareness we
raise through our engaging education programme and the funds we generate
through 'Art for Survival' are also key aspects of our work. We guarantee that
100% of donations marked for a specific cause go in full to that project.