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					Simple fundraising that really works!
                 Chalk and Parent Direct represent the ultimate fundraising opportunity.
                   This fantastic Christmas fundraising program has generated over
                    $10 million dollars in fundraising credit for Australian schools and
                       early childhood centres.
                         These fabulous toy catalogues are getting more and more popular
                          every year, with record numbers of orders being placed.
                             Earn credit worth 20% of all orders placed (excluding freight).
                              The credit can be spent with Australia’s three leading suppliers
                               of educational equipment and resources, Modern Teaching
                                Aids (MTA), Kangaroo Educational and Kesco Educational.
                                  Parents can choose from our affordable range of high-
                                   quality toys, which includes many leading toy brands.
                                     Parent orders can be delivered to their home or to the
                                      school/centre with the other orders. Each parent order
                                       will be individually packed and labelled with their name
                                       to make them easy to hand out once delivered.
                                        Orders can also be placed             CR
                                        online and the nominated
                                         school/centre will be
                                         awarded 20% credit.
                                         The dedicated Chalk and            VO      R
                                         Parent Direct customer
                                         service team will answer all parent questions
                                         to avoid any inconvenience to the fundraising
                                         coordinator or school/centre.

                                          Phone: 1800 626 898 to order
                                          your catalogues today, or see
                                          over for fax details.
                 Fundraising Commitment Form
Step-By-Step Fundraising

1.	 Y	 u	will	receive	the	catalogues	in	early	August	along	with	an	information	pack.	The	information	pack	includes	
         step-by-step	procedures,	a	letter	which	you	can	copy	and	send	to	the	parents	with	each	catalogue,	a	summary	
         form	to	record	all	orders	and	a	reply	paid	envelope.

2.	 	 et	a	deadline	for	all	orders	to	be	sent	back	to	the	school/centre	and	include	this	on	the	letter.	

3.	 Distribute	the	catalogues	with	the	letter	to	the	parents.

4.	 	 ollect	all	the	order	forms	and	payments	from	each	parent.	Record	all	orders	on	the	summary	form	and	send	it	
    back	to	us	in	the	reply	paid	envelope	along	with	the	order	forms	and	payments.		

5.	 	 he	consolidated	Chalk	orders	will	be	delivered	separately	from	the	consolidated	Parent	Direct	orders	as	they	are	
    dispatched	from	different	warehouses.	Each	parent	order	will	be	individually	packed	and	labelled	with	the	parent’s	
    name	for	easy	distribution.

6.	 	 he	school/centre	will	receive	credit	equal	to	20%	of	the	total	value	of	parent	orders	placed	(excluding	freight).		
    e.g.	if	the	total	of	the	toys	purchased	by	parents	equals	$3000	then	the	school/centre	will	receive	$600	credit.	

Catalogue Request Form

Please	fill	in	the	catalogue	request	form	below	and	fax	it	back	to	(02)	9907	5290.

Customer	Code	(if	known):	

School/Centre	Name:	                                   	


	   		                                                 State:	                          Postcode:

School/Centre	Telephone:	

Contact	Name:	                                             Contact	Telephone	(If	different	from	above):		        	

Email:	                                                    Fax	Number:

How	many	of	each	of	the	Chalk	and	Parent	Direct	catalogues	you	would	like*?		__________________________________
                                                                                                 *Catalogues come in boxes of 50.

                                                   To Participate

            Phone: 1800 626 898                                    Fax: 02 9907 5290

            Go Online: