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					STARTERS                                                                            FROM THE GRILL

Home made Garlic Bread                                                        5.9   Sirloin 350gm – Black Angus                                                                                   26.9
Oven baked bread with garlic butter & parsley                                       Rib Eye 400gm – Grain Fed                                                                                     28.9
                                                                                    Eye Fillet 300gm – Grain Fed                                                                                  32.9
Soup of the Day                                                               8.9
See our specials board                                                                 All our steaks are char grilled to your liking & served with mash, veggies & your choice of:
                                                                                                         Mushroom jus, Pepper jus or our selection of mustards.
Bruschetta                                                                   11.9                *Medium-well & well done steaks may take up to 40 minutes to prepare.
Tomato, Spanish onion, basil, roquette & parmesan
                                                                                    6 Point Lamb Rack                                                                                             28.9
Trio of Dips                                                                 12.9   Char grilled Lamb Rack served with warm salad of potato, chorizo, peas
Served with crusty bread                                                            & red peppers, finished with merlot jus

Chorizo & Warm Olives                                                        12.9   Lamb Cous Cous                                                                                                25.9
Grilled Chorizo, warm Kalamata olives served with dipping bread & tzatziki          Grilled Lamb back-strap rested on cous cous, roasted vegetables
                                                                                    & yoghurt dressing
Nachos                                                                       12.9
Corn chips with melted cheese, sour cream, guacamole & tomato salsa                 BBQ Pork Spare Ribs                                                                                1/2 Rack   21.9
                                                                                    Pork ribs marinated with our house made bbq sauce, served with                                    Full Rack   29.9
Beer Battered Fries                                                           6.9   beer battered fries & green salad
with citrus aioli
                                                                                    Mixed Grill                                                                                                   27.9
Potato Wedges                                                                 7.9   Pork sausage, minute steak, lamb skewer, chicken skewer, bacon
with sour cream & sweet chilli                                                      & pork ribs served with beer battered fries & tzatziki

French Fries                                                                  5.9
with ketchup                                                                        MAIN MEALS

Antipasto                                                                    19.9   Chicken Parmagiana                                                                                            20.9
Our chefs selection of gourmet appetizers, cold cuts & seafood                      Crumbed schnitzel topped with napoli sauce & mozzarella cheese
                                                                                    served with chips & salad

SALADS                                                                              Chicken & Polenta                                                                                             22.9
                                                                                    Grilled chicken breast, marinated with lemon & sage, served on
Lamb Salad                                                                   17.9   soft polenta with semi dried tomato jus
Char grilled lamb atop baby spinach, roast pumpkin, pine nuts &
feta with lemon dressing                                                            Veal Schnitzel                                                                                                21.9
                                                                                    Crumbed veal backstrap served with pan fried potato, chorizo,
Caesar Salad                                                                 14.9   peas, red peppers & lemon
Cos lettuce, prosciutto, poached egg, parmesan, croutons, anchovies &
house made dressing                                                                 Veal Parmagiana
                                                                                    Crumbed veal medallions topped with napoli sauce & mozzarella                                                 21.9
Chicken Caesar Salad                                                         17.9   cheese, served with chips & salad
Grilled chicken, cos lettuce, prosciutto, poached egg, parmesan, croutons,
anchovies & house made dressing                                                     Veal Saltimbocca
                                                                                    Veal medallions wrapped in prosciutto, pan seared in white wine &                                             24.9
Calamari Salad                                                               17.9   capers, served with mash, sautéed spinach & cherry tomatoes
Cajun crusted calamari with roquette, Spanish onion, sun dried
tomato, & citrus aioli                                                              Flat Head Tails
                                                                                    Corona battered Flat Head tails with fries, salad & citrus aioli                                              21.9
Chicken Salad                                                                17.9
Char grilled chicken tenderloins served on cucumber, feta, tomato,                  Barramundi Fillet
Kalamata olives & dressed with lemon & oregano                                      Grilled Barramundi fillet with fries, salad & citrus aioli                                                    24.9
Char Grilled Octopus Salad                                                   17.9   Baked Scallops
Char grilled octopus with cucumber, tomato, onion, olives, feta                     Scallops baked in their shell with garlic butter, topped with tomato                                          19.9
& lemon dressing                                                                    salsa & served with salad

King Prawn Salad                                                             18.9   Salt & Pepper Calamari                                                                                        22.9
Whole king prawns served with roquette, onion, cucumber, bocconcini                 Lightly fried with salt & pepper seasoning, chips, salad & citrus aioli
& vino vinegarette
                                                                                    Garlic Prawns                                                                                                 23.9
Smoked Salmon Salad                                                          17.9   King prawns cooked in creamy garlic sauce, served with jasmine
Smoked Salmon served on mixed lettuce, olives, cucumber, tomato,                    rice & green salad
onion, feta & vino vinegarette
                                                                                    Fish of the Day
                                                                                    Refer to our specials board.

Duck Risotto                                                                 19.9   GOURMET PIZZA
Arborio rice with roast duck, cherry tomatoes & spinach.
                                                                                    Super Special
Spanish Risotto                                                              22.9   Tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, roasted capsicum,                                                   13.9
King prawns, mussels, chicken, chorizo, roast peppers, peas, tomato,                salami & olives
saffron & Arborio rice
                                                                                    Meat Lovers                                                                                                   13.9
Shellfish Risotto                                                            21.9   Tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, bacon, salami & bbq sauce
Arborio rice cooked in a rich crustation bisque with a selection of
fresh seafood, garlic & parsley                                                     BBQ Chicken                                                                                                   13.9
                                                                                    Tomato sauce, mozzarella, chicken, pineapple & bbq sauce
Home made Gnocchi                                                            18.9
Lightly fried with roast pumpkin & spinach, topped with goats curd                  Margherita                                                                                                    13.9
& finished with balsamic reduction                                                  Tomato sauce, mozzarella & fresh basil

Linguini Marinara                                                            20.9   Capricciosa                                                                                                   13.9
A selection of fresh seafood, olive oil, white wine, garlic & parsley               Tomato sauce, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms & olives

Gnocchi Bolognaise                                                           17.9   Seafood                                                                                                       14.9
Home made gnocchi tossed with traditional minced beef sauce                         Tomato sauce, mozzarella, sliced tomato, king prawns, & scallops.

Rigatone Alla Matriciana                                                     17.9   Tandoori Chicken                                                                                              14.9
Napoli sauce with fresh chilli, onion, roast peppers & bacon                        Chicken, red onion, roasted capsicum, sun dried tomato & yoghurt

Linguini Cabonara                                                            18.9   Pumpkin                                                                                                       14.9
Bacon, egg, onion, garlic & cream                                                   Roasted pumpkin, potato, feta cheese & baby spinach.

Lasagne                                                                      15.9   Smoked Salmon                                                                                                 14.9
Traditional Lasagne with Bolognese, béchamel, & parmesan                            Smoked salmon, Spanish onion & capers with fresh basil

                                                                                    Chorizo Pizza                                                                                                 14.9
BURGERS                                                                             Sliced chorizo, olives, & caramelized onions with rocket & feta

Chicken Burger                                                               16.9   Rosemary Potato Pizza                                                                                         14.9
Flour dusted bun with grilled chicken fillet, bacon, lettuce,                       Mozzarella, bocconcini, potato, rosemary & caramalised onion
tomato, avocado, camembert cheese, & aioli served with fries & salad
                                                                                    Prosciutto & Boconccini Pizza                                                                                 14.9
Beef Burger                                                                  16.9   Tomato sauce, mozzarella, sliced tomato, bocconcini, fresh basil,
Flour dusted bun with minced beef patty, bacon, egg, lettuce,                       & prosciutto
tomato, tasty cheese & tomato relish served with fries & salad