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									Wall Street Summer Internship Program Orientation June 13, 2009

9:00am – 9:45am

Welcome & Introductions

9:45am – 10:30am

What You Need to Know to Get the Offer

10:30am – 11:30am

Scenarios & Roadmaps

11:45am – 12:45pm

@ Adrienne’s – Best Pizza in New York


The Bottom Line
• • You guys have the potential to be stars It’s a different world on the street right now
– People are scared - they are more concerned with their own well being than yours


Performance matters more today
– You need to be on your game from day one

• •

You need to cultivate a SPONSOR CareerCore / AlumniAthlete are on your team


Get the Offer!


Class of 2009
Name Kenneth Avila Cailly Carroll Erwin Cueller Keri DeMar Su Fu Pavel Hejsek Armand Mignot Kendall Plain Jason Price Adam Ramada Star Sansone Matthew Sass Ramanan Sivalingam School Northwestern University University of Pennsylvania University of Texas – Austin North Carolina State University Smith College Dickinson College Massachusetts Institute of Technology Tulane University University of Southern California University of Pennsylvania University of Florida College of William and Mary Wesleyan University Email Address Phone 361-850-0319 978-394-2653 512-656-7667 203-820-6720 646-919-7341 717-440-3938 305-213-9455 225-571-5958 510-508-3168 443-280-4657 561-866-9311 540-293-3635 856-296-8264 Firm JPMorgan B of A IBS JPMorgan UBS Deutsche JPMorgan B of A JPMorgan JPMorgan B of A UBS Deutsche Department



Wall Street AlumniAthlete Network
We currently have more than 120 alumni in full-time positions on the Street
Bank of America Justin Adams Rohit Agarwal Keith Avila Andrew Cates Jordan Chirico Jarrett Christie Margaret Davis Sam Deutsche Manbaj Gill Robert Gilmore Emily Lawrence James Newell Peter Pacelli Dylan Pelletier-Ross Charles Rittgers Jocelyn Sikora Matthew Spoerlin Christopher Tracy Charles Val Andrew Wilson Kathleen Yeh Alexander Kopko Christopher Friel Alexander Funk Troy Gams Eric Thompson Alexa Baggio Melinda Nyguen Ori Goldman Citi Denitza Batchverova Nandita Chandrasekar Joanna Kao Anup Patel Andrew Rice Ted Rydesky Susan Zhu Greg Kantrowitz Deutsche Bank Andrew Bail Robert Baranowksi Bradley Caracausa Ryan Corning Brian Deleo Zachery Eisenstat Patrick Ekeruo BenjaminGinsberg Gary Kane Heidi Mayer Andrew Cardona Joseph Devine Brian Young Hailey Sarage Goldman Sachs Lauren Braswell Amber Liu Juthica Mallela (Chou) Katrina Meinhardt Julia Strauss Derek Sudan Hakim Thompson Vadim Tsipenyuk Susana Ludwig JPMorgan

Lehman Brothers Malin Engman Julio Siberio
Merrill Lynch Brian Hung Brian Lacrosse Mark Liao Alieu Terry Nicole Cade Lara Jones UBS Reggie Hall Haddon Kirk Kevin Littleton Jeanna Liu Jennifer Murphy Danielle Williams Joanna Roth Lele Yu David Zaragoza Jacqueline Kelly Andrew McLeod Emmanuell Drabo Onyecachi Okorafor Christina Rourke Anjani Trivedi Lisa Irizarry Wyatt Harper Andrew Allenspach Business School Lindsey Maynard, Stanford Greg Buzzell, Michigan

McKinsey & Company Lindsay Slote

Private Equity / Hedge Funds Chris Watson, SAC Kevin Shi, Citadel Group Anson Frericks, Summit Partners Jennifer Pelzel, Bridgewater Capital Kate Endress Fenil Ghodadra, Eton Park

Susan Abramcyzk Akshay Aiyer Karen Bachman Yahli Becker Catherine Crawford David Doty Kevin Mulkern Lindsey Ryan Gretchen Tonnesen Stephanie Jurivich Maribeth Martens Brina Pollak Carlo Romero Jose Yearwood Neetu Dhaliwal Carly Grabowski Stephanie Jurivich Jose Yearwood Todd Smalling Cary Gibson Grace Lam Bruce Hampton Madalina Ursu


Rules of Success
Rule # 1: Rule # 2: Rule # 3: When something goes wrong it is your fault Think then ask You only get one chance to make a first impression

Rule # 4:
Rule # 5:

Age does not equal maturity
You never know who your white knight will be

Rule # 6:

People remember the process


Rule #1:
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

When something goes wrong it is YOUR fault

Don’t plan to print out the documents in the morning Don’t expect the car, plane, train to be on time Don’t assume that the package you sent in a car to your bosses house actually got there Don’t expect your computer to work Never give anyone your original document Don’t expect your boss to be able to find something you left on your desk or on his/her desk Don’t screw up the lunch order Don’t expect your alarm clock to work Don’t expect your boss to have the document you gave him/her five minutes ago Don’t expect word processing, graphics or production to complete the job by the time they told you it would be done Don’t expect the job to be right when they give it to you Always page check Always proofread AND have someone else proof, if possible Always spell check If you are ultimately responsible, DON’T ASSUME ANYONE IS GOING TO DO SOMETHING THEY SAY THEY ARE GOING TO DO!

Rule #2:
– – – –

Think then Ask

If you are asked about something:
Think about it and try to figure it out yourself Research ASK a peer ASK your boss

• • •

You only get to ask the same question twice (maybe) Write things down Resources
– Your Personal Board of Directors
• • • • People on your desk or bullpen Your mentor Your fellow interns AlumniAthlete Network

– Web resources
•; Wikipedia 8

Rule #3:
• •

You only get one chance to make a first impression

No one cares about what you have done; they care about what you do Do more than what is asked

• • • • • • • • • •

Bring the Wall Street Journal to work with you everyday
You should be the first person in and the last person to leave Hour lunch breaks are a thing of the past Always start by being conservative (i.e. dress, language, interaction) Play the social game If one thing is wrong, people discount the entire document and YOU! Most things are optional, including giving you an offer Don’t get hammered when you are out For many bankers the day starts at 5pm Always bring a pen and pad to a meeting Be (“Act”) confident

Rule #4:
• •

Age does not equal maturity

Always be the adult Learn how to manage upwards

• • •

Don’t engage in public disputes
Let your representatives (AlumniAthlete Network, human resources contact, mentor) mediate conflicts If the dynamic of your group or your experience feels weird or wrong, contact us immediately! You are not part of the Soprano family; there is no penalty for squealing


Rule #5:
• • • • •

You never know who your white knight will be

Get to know the other people in this room Have lunch with a different person outside of your group each week Get to know the people in your group by asking questions about them Get to know the other interns at your bank Introduce yourself; you have interesting stories


Talk to the professionals at the networking receptions and follow-up


Rule #6: People Remember PROCESS
• • • • • • • Every process starts with being on time Do what you say you are going to do Over-Communication is the key to good PROCESS If something will not be done on time let people know several hours / days in advance Consult someone before going around your boss Document when and what was said The sequence in which you do things is as important as what you do


Other Tips
• If your dress is casual for the summer keep a suit, tie and shoes in your office

• •

Learn how to use the numeric keypad
Learn editing shorthand Treat the support staff with respect


How to Get an Offer
1. 2. 3. 4. Be social Over deliver Proof…proof…proof…proof Find one value-added thing that can make life easier for your group or boss 5. Be enthusiastic about working in the group/desk where you are 6. Leverage your personal board of directors 7. Find a sponsor


How to Interact w/ AlumniAthlete Network
• We are a Team

• Our goal is to have 100% of our interns get full-time jobs or 2nd year internships
• If you have a problem with a manager or recruiter let us know first • You represent
– – – – The AlumniAthlete Network AlumniAthlete Alumni on the Street All student-athletes Me


• • • • • • • • • • • First assignment I don’t have anything to do My boss doesn’t like me I don’t like my group / desk I don’t understand what I am supposed to do I received a poor mid-term evaluation I made a mistake in a document I feel like I don’t fit in socially I realized that I don’t like this job My boss got fired or left the firm Someone made an inappropriate comment


How to Manage an Assignment
• Must Do


Should Do




I Don’t Have Anything To Do
• Must Do

• Should Do

• Hazards


My Boss Doesn’t Like Me
• Must Do

• Should Do

• Hazards


I Don’t Like My Group / Desk
• Must Do

• Should Do

• Hazards


I Received a Poor Midterm Review
• Must Do

• Should Do

• Hazards


I Made a Mistake in a Document
• Must Do

• Should Do

• Hazards


I Don’t Fit in Socially
• Must Do

• Should Do

• Hazards


Someone Made an Inappropriate Comment or Action Towards Me
• Must Do

• Should Do

• Hazards


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