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       (43)   Yn6                                                                       Rapide Filler M
Uniclass L537:P99
February 2007                                              Medium Grade Filler for Rapide Resins

                                            TECHNICAL INFORMATION                       Health & Safety Precautions
 KEY BENEFITS SUMMARY                                                                   Product Health and Safety Data Sheets
                                            Composition                                 must be read and understood before
  •      Improves wear characteristics      A light grey quartz powder.                 use.
         of finished flooring
                                            Characteristics (Typical Values)            Storage
  •      Easily dispersed in Tremco         DENSITY (DIN 51757 at +20°C)                Store in cool, dry, shaded conditions
         Rapide Resins                      2.65 g/cm3                                  between +5°C and +35°C.

  •      Suitable for poured, raked and     MELTING POINT                               Shelf Life
         rolled systems                     1700°c                                      12 months when stored in dry
                                                                                        conditions in original unopened
                                            PH                                          containers.
PRODUCT INFORMATION                                                                     Technical Service
                                            USAGE GUIDELINES                            Tremco illbruck has a team of
Description                                                                             experienced Technical Sales
Tremco Rapide Filler M is a light grey,     Standards                                   Representatives who provide
free flowing powder for use as a filler     For flooring applications, all aspects of   assistance in the selection and
with Tremco Rapide Resins.                  the installation must be in accordance      specification of products. For more
                                            with the requirements of BS8204 and         detailed information, service and
Usage / Purpose                             supplementary specifications.               advice, please call Customer Services
Tremco Rapide Filler M improves the                                                     on 01942 251400.
performance and characteristics of the      Method of Application
Tremco Rapide Flooring System.              Tremco Rapide Filler M should be            Guarantee / Warranty
                                            thoroughly mixed with the Tremco            Tremco illbruck products are
LIMITATIONS                                 Rapide Resin to achieve an even             manufactured to rigid standards of
Over application of fillers can result in   distribution.                               quality. Any product which has been
reduced life of the Tremco Rapide                                                       applied (a) in accordance with Tremco
Flooring System, always use the             ADDITION OF TREMCO                          illbruck written instructions and (b) in
specified filler to resin ratio.            RAPIDE FILLER M                             any application recommended by
                                            • The ratio of Tremco Rapide Filler M       Tremco illbruck, but which is proved to
Colour                                        to Tremco Rapide Resin should be          be defective, will be replaced free of
Light Grey                                    2:1 by weight, for example: 10 kg of      charge.
                                              Tremco Rapide Filler M to 5 kg of         No liability can be accepted for the
Packaging                                     Tremco Rapide Resin.                      information provided in this leaflet
Tremco Rapide Filler M: 25 kg bags          • Tremco Rapide Filler M should be          although it is published in good faith
                                              added to the Tremco Rapide Resin          and believed to be correct.
Availability                                  after the addition of Tremco Rapide       Tremco illbruck Limited reserves the
Direct from Tremco illbruck (see back of      Initiator to ensure there is an even      right to alter product specifications
leaflet for address and telephone             dispersion of Tremco Rapide               without prior notice, in line with
details).                                     Initiator.                                Company policy of continuous
                                                                                        development and improvement.
                                            Coverage Rate
                                            Approximately 2.4 kg/m² depending on
                                            system applied and application

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                  Tel: 01942 251400
                  Fax:01942 251410

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