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N e w s i n P H A L A B O R WA - G R AV E L O T T E - M I C A - H O E D S P R U I T- n u u s                     Volume 20 No 29                            28 JULY 2006

HUGE BOOST FOR ECONOMY                                                                                                         Alexious Japho Matlala

                                                                                                                                PHALABORWA is sparkling with jubi-
                                                                                                                               lation after the injection of a whopping
                                                                                                                               R270 million from South African's lead-
                                                                                                                               ing infrastructure development finance
                                                                                                                               institution, the Development Bank of
                                                                                                                               Southern Africa (DBSA).
                                                                                                                                Phalaborwa is one of the six pilot areas in
                                                                                                                               the country that benefited from the DBSA
                                                                                                                               funds. The funds are aimed at facilitating
                                                                                                                               sustainable social, economic and envi-
                                                                                                                               ronmental development of Phalaborwa to
                                                                                                                               change for the better. The money would
                                                                                                                               focus a lot on the provision of access to
                                                                                                                               basic services such as water, sanitation,
                                                                                                                               electricity, improve roads and rail in-
                                                                                                                               frastructure, upgrade sports and commu-
                                                                                                                               nity facilities and enhance economic op-
                                                                                                                                During the signing of the Memorandum
                                                                                                                               of Understanding ceremony held at Im-
                                                                                                                               pala Park stadium in Phalaborwa last
                                                                                                                               Thursday, DBSA's Executive Manager for
                                                                                                                               Strategic Initiatives, Mr Gwede Man-
                                                                                                                               thashe said, "DBSA is committed to build-
                                                                                                                               ing sustainable communities that are not
                                                                                                                               only able to use their internal resources
                                                                                                                               more effectively, but also able to capitalise
                                                                                                                               on them to become more competitive. As
                                                                                                                               Southern Africa's leading infrastructure
                                                                                                                               development finance institution, we play
                                                                                                                               an important role in assisting government
                                                                                                                               to deliver on its 2014 vision."
Development Bank of Southern Africa Executive Manager for Strategic Initiatives Mr Gwede Mantashe, left, Ba-Phalaborwa Mayor    According to Mantashe, the DBSA's fo-
Ms Gloria Valoyi, middle, and Greater Ba-Phalaborwa Municipal Manager Mr Isaiah Nyathi sharing a light moment after signing    cus is on empowerment and sees de-
the Memorandum of Understanding at Impala Park in Phalaborwa last week.                                                        velopment as more than just supplying
                                                                                                                               infrastructure. He says the bank also pro-

Progress made on hospital talks                                                                                                                          Continued on p3

Alexious Japho Matlala                                   hospital in Namakgale into a provincial hospital. The
                                                         allegations saw tempers of local residents flaring,
 THE Limpopo Health Department will make Pha-            resulting into the formation of a "Concerned Group"
laborwa hospital a Public Private Partnership hos-       that has so far secured nearly 2000 signatures of
pital.                                                   people who protest the plan. Poor health services in
 This was articulated by the departmental MEC,           Maphutha Malatji hospital, the crime rate in Na-
Seaparo Charles Sekoati, during an emotional meet-       makgale, the shortage of ambulances from town to
ing held in Phalaborwa last week. The hospital has in    Namakgale and poor road conditions are some of the
recent weeks made headlines in the media after           reasons that fuelled the residents' protest.
allegations that plans were afoot to downgrade it into    Several meetings had been held in Phalaborwa to
a health centre and renovate the Maphutha Malatjie       protest the plan but yielded nothing. During the
                                                                                              Continued on p3
                                                28 JULY 2006 PAGE 2

           Buying a home as a small business owner
            Regardless of how well your business or freelance consultancy          the past year OR (if you are not required to be audited) your
           is doing, buying a home as a self-employed person is going to           financial spreadsheets, representing your monthly income and
           involve more paperwork, particularly when trying to obtain a            expenditures over the past year
           bond.                                                                    · Three months bank statements – both business and personal
            RE/MAX of Southern Africa Regional Director, Bruce Swain,               If you are buying a home in partnership, your partner (if self-
           points out that, “more and more often these days, people are            employed) will be required to submit all this information too. If
           putting in offers to purchase that are subject to the sale of a         he or she is employed by a company, then they are only required
           property and, almost always, subject to the approval of a bond.         to submit a copy of their ID, a recent utility bill, their tax number,
           Save yourself the stress and make sure that you have your house         3 months bank statements, a letter of employment and a most
           in order before shopping for a new home. These are the minimum          recent payslip. If you are married then you are required to submit
           requirements for a self-employed bond applicant.                        registered copies of your marriage certificate too.
            · Ensure that you have a copy of your ID                                It is a good idea to submit your request for mortgage finance to
            · You will need a recent (last 3 months) utility bill                  a reputable bond originator who will source the best deal from a
            · A recent IT 34 (SARS acknowledgment of tax return and                number of institutions given your particular circumstances. This
           statement of monies owed)                                               way you can compare the offers and opt for the best interest rate
                                                           · A letter from your    available to you. “You might be pleasantly surprised at the good
                                                          accountant stating       interest rates that you can get since the competition for home-
                                                          your overall gross       loans is quite brisk,” says Swain “they want your business and
                                                          profit and earnings      look favourably on self-employed people, provided they can
                                                          for the past year.       show proof of liquidity and business sustainability.”
                                                           ·    An       audited    Once you have submitted all your documents, all you have to do
                                                          record of your busi-     is hold thumbs for the best possible interest rate and the key to
                                                          ness earnings over       your dream home!

                                                          Get your eyes tested
                                                           When is the last time you have been for a       are offering the following service at par-
                                                          full eye examination? More than two              ticipating optometric practices through-
                                                          years ago? Is it because you are not on a        out the country at reduced costs:
                                                          medical aid and cannot afford to go to an         An eye examination, new frame (limited
                                                          optometrist once a year?                         range) and clear lenses. This is a sub-
                                                           Our eyes are our most precious gift. Yet        sidised project and own frames cannot be
                                                          many people neglect to look after them the       used. Payment will be cash on order of
                                                          way they should.                                 spectacles.
                                                           The Right to Sight programme, under the          This is an aid project for persons who
                                                          auspices of the South African Optometric         cannot afford to belong to a medical aid.
                                                          Association assist those members of the          Contact the SA Optometric Association at
                                                          community who cannot afford to belong            Tel. (011) 805-0300 for your nearest par-
                                                          to a medical aid.                                ticipating optometrist.
                                                           On Thursday 17 August 2006, the SAOA
                                                                                     28 JULY 2006 PAGE 3

Partnership aimed at hospital                                                                  The following arrests were made from
                                                                                              Monday,17 July to 24 July 2006.
                                                                                               The police in Phalaborwa managed to
                                                                                                                                               ing, 1 theft general, 1 assault GBH, 2
                                                                                                                                               possession of dagga, 2 possession of
                                                                                                                                               suspected stolen property, 2 assault com-
Continued from p1                                                                             arrest one person for theft of a motor           mon and 3 people were arrested for theft
meeting in the Phalaborwa Activity Hall       successful bidders will be announced in         vehicle, 2 robbery common, 1 burglary            out of a motor vehicle by the Phalaborwa
last week, the MEC for health and social      early November.                                 (residence), 9 traffic violations, 3 shoplift-   SAPS. Contact the SAPS on 780-3313
development, Mr Charles Seaparo                Speaking to Palabora Hoedspruit Herald
Sekoati, addressed a huge crowd of angry      during an interview after the meeting,
residents about the departments plan for      general manager of the health services in
the hospital. Sekoati said the department     the department, Dr Peter Kgaphola, said
was planning to make the hospital a Public    the department has awarded the local EMS
Private Partnership, which is aimed at        12 new ambulances in the last financial
attracting renowned health nurses and         year and an additional 4 new ambulances
doctors to the hospital. He said the de-      are on the way. He said the aim of this is to
partment has already selected two bidders     address the severe shortages of ambu-
who would then partnership with the           lances in the area. About 80 ambulances
department to render quality services with    were purchased in the last financial year
enough resources. He said the local bid-      and another 81 were purchased this fi-
ders would be given first preference de-      nancial year.
pending on the relevance of their proposal
and their bid. According to the MEC,
R280 million                                  to host conference
for municipality                               Alexious Japho Matlala
                                               Delegates from more than 50 common-
                                              wealth countries will next week converge
Continued from p1                             in Phalaborwa at Hans Merensky Estate
vides expertise and technical assistance to   for a weeklong conference on parlia-
accelerate the implementation of projects.    mentary protocol.
Asked why they chose Phalaborwa of all         The conference, which is geared to start
the municipalities, Mantashe said, the        from Monday 31 July 2006 until Friday
Kruger National Park, which is highly          August 4, is awaited with bated breath by
regarded in tourism in the country, the       Phalaborwa as is believed that it would
mines and the history of the town for being   bring much needed exposure to the re-
the cleanest in South Africa, fueled their    markable sites the country's cleanest
choice. He said Phalaborwa has many           town has to offer.
opportunities such as the gateway to           Greater BA-Phalaborwa municipal man-
African countries and a tourism desti-        ager Mr Isaiah Nyathi told Palabora Hoed-
nation of choice. The elated greater Ba-      spruit Herald that more than 150 delegates
Phalaborwa municipal manager Mr Isaiah        from more than 50 countries has con-
Nyathi had only this to say, "From today      firmed to attend the conference. He said
onwards, Phalaborwa is not going to be        the conference would bring bread to the
the same. The injection means an end to       table of our local tourism sites and to the
poverty and a reduction of unemployment       local accommodation establishments.
in this municipal area."                       Nyathi stated the fact that the country and
 Nyathi said there was a fundamental          the province chose Phalaborwa as the
deficiency in the municipality in terms of    host municipality, shows without a doubt
capacity in the municipality. He said the     what confidence they have in our town.
partnership between the municipality and
the DBSA would yield in terms of all
material respect.
 "We have quick-start projects on the line,
which we believe would help to half
poverty and create jobs for the masses of
our unemployed people. Our community
can expect a total change and prosperity
on their doorstep from now onwards", he
said with a broad smile.

   Palabora Hoedspruit Herald
         015 781 5484
                                                                                    28 JULY 2006 PAGE 4

                                                                                                                                                Moenie oordeel nie
Wat maak ons jongmense                                                                                                                           Elsa van Heerden van Phalaborwa skryf
                                                                                                                                                in antwoord om die skrywe van Anoniem
                                                                                                                                                in die uitgawe van 21 Julie 2006.
                                                                                                                                                 "Anoniem moenie ons dorp oordeel oor
 Naamloos van Phalaborwa skryf:                  Ek weet hulle het baie ander werk ook.        nie.                                             'n paar briewe in die koerant nie.
 " Ek stem saam met die skrywer van die         Terwyl ek in die kuierplek is, was ek           2) Kinders onder die ouderdom van 18             Ons woon al 40 jaar in Phalaborwa,
vorige brief. ( Noise level upsets...14 Julie   verbaas hoeveel onder 18's daar is. Van        jaar in 'n kuierplek, die mense praat oor         3 kinders hier groot gemaak, 'n besigheid
2006)                                           hulle ken ek deur hulle ouers.                 hulle, wat van die 15- en 16-jariges wat         bedryf en ons tree hier af, want
 Hoeveel word die stadsraad en SAPD              By die 'bar' of deur vra niemand vir ID's     dronk word daar.                                  Phalaborwa is die beste.
betaal om nie op te tree nie?                   nie.                                            3) Hoe kan so 'n kuierplek in 'n woonge-         Ons het nog altyd hier net liefde,
 Ek bly in Nollie Bosmanstraat en die is         Ek as 'n belastingbetaler wil graag die       bied oopmaak, met huise, 'n skool en              vriendskap en ondersteuning beleef en
elke Woensdag, Vrydag en Saterdag die-          volgende weet:                                 kerk in die nabye omtrek.                        ervaar. Dalk moet jy by jou gemeente
selfde storie. Van karre en motorfietse wat      1) Hoe kan 'n drankwinkel drank                Wat sê die wet daarvan of tel dit nie vir       betrokke raak om te sien Phalaborwa is
jaag in Parkstraat en voor die kuier plek       verkoop tot 10 uur in die aand Maandae         hulle nie.                                       liefde.
hulle goed 'rev' en met hulle karre             tot Sondae? Die wet tel nie vir hulle nie.      Ek voel die res van die gemeenskap wat           Dalk Huis Maroela, ons Omgee-Winkel
musiek maak tot sonsopkoms. Ons kry nie         Die ander drankwinkels kry swaar, veral        drankwinkels en ander besighede besit            of Versorgings Oord vir Bejaardes. Jou
'n oog toe nie.                                 Saterdae, want al die mense koop Sondae        word benadeel. Ek hoop die mense van             diens as vrywilliger aanbied."
 Het al baie die SAPD gebel maar dit hou        onwettig drank by die drankwinkel. Die         Phalaborwa kan antwoorde op die vrae
net aan en aan. Ek was een aand daar om         SAPD ry verby as die mense die kaste bier      verskaf.
te kyk hoekom hullle niks daar aan doen         uitdra, of kry hulle geld onder die tafel om    Baie dankie dat ek my sê kan sê en vir elke
nie. Ek het die aanklagkantoor gebel en         niks te doen nie?                              week se lekker nuus en ons is trots op so
gesê hulle raas met hulle karre en eers'n
uur later kom die SAPD aan.
                                                 Dit gebeur al die afgelope 6 jaar dat drank
                                                onwettig verkoop word en niks gebeur
                                                                                               lekker koerant."
                                                                                               Brief geredigeer - RED
Jy sien my nie raak nie..... Ons sê                                                                                                              Whitey (bynaam) van Phalaborwa
                                                                                                                                                 "Ek wil net omverskoning vra vir Arrows
Anoniem van Phalaborwa skryf:
" Ek sien jou
wanneer jy in die tou by die
supermark staanen jou beursie
                                                my ou Leerbaadjie en handskoene
                                                Aan minderbevoorregtes gee nie.

                                                Ek sien jou
                                                                                               baie dankie
                                                                                                Manie en Anna Krause van Phalaborwa
                                                                                                                                                en vir Roxy vir my gedrag en taalgebruik
                                                                                                                                                op Saterdag, 15 Julie 2006.
                                                                                                                                                 Ek het reeds vir die skade vergoed. Ek is
                                                                                                                                                opreg jammer!"
stywer vasknyp.                                 Wanneer jy met handgebare

Maar jy sien my nie                             verduidelik                                    sê dankie:
Wanneer ek 'n ekstra R10-00                     Hoe ons motorfietse lawaai                      "Hiermee wil ons aan almal wat vir ons
Sondae in die kollektebordjie gooi nie          Maar jy sien nie                               gebid het, boodskappe en SMS'se gestuur
                                                Wanneer jy jou cd verander en                  het en sommer net navraag gedoen het
                                                                                               baie dankie sê.                                   Trompie en Charmaine Naudé van Pha-
Ek sien jou wanneer jy frons                    Voor my inry nie                                                                                laborwa sê totsiens:
As ek vir jou kinders glimlag                                                                   Dit het ons deur 'n moeilike tyd gedra."
                                                                                                                                                 "Ons wil aan almal wat ons deur die jare
Maar jy sien my nie                             Ek sien jou                                                                                     hier in Phalaborwa leer ken het, totsiens
Wanneer ek speelgoed vir                        Wannneer jy voor my insny                        Briefskrywers let asseblief:                   sê.
Weeskinders uitdeel nie.                        Maar jy sien nie                                 Briewe met vervolgbare of persoonlike           Ons verhuis na Duiwelskloof en sal al die
                                                Wanneer ek beheer verloor nie                   strekking of wat ‘n party onbehoorlik           vriendelikheid en omgee van die mense in
Ek sien jou                                                                                     bevoordeel of benadeel, nie vir pub-            hierdie besonderde dorp baie mis!
Wanneer jy na my lang hare staar,               Ek sien jou                                     likasie oorweeg sal word nie. Voorkeur           Kom loer enige tyd in by Trompie's Tune-
Maar jy sien my nie                             Wanneer jy huis toe gaan                        word verleen aan beknopte, duidelike            up wanneer julle daar by ons verbykom -
As ek my lang lokke                             Maar jy sien my nie                             standpunte van breë algemene belang.            ons ontvang julle graag."
Vir kanker afskeer nie                          Want ek het dood verongeluk                     Die oordeel van die Redakteur alleenlik
                                                Die dag toe jy my afgesny het                   geld om materiaal goed- of af te keur, of
Ek sien jou                                                                                     om te redigeer of te verkort.
Wanneer jy jou oë oor my                        Ek was net 'n biker
Leerbaadjie en handskoene                       Iemand met vriende en familie
Maar jy sien my nie
wanneer ek
                                                Maar jy het my nie gesien nie…"
                                                                                               Ons is nou keelvol.....
                                                                                                Keelvol van Phalaborwa skryf:                   petisies toe was.
                                                                                                "Dit verbaas my dat musiek en spesifiek          Dit was ook al deur Radio 702 op 'n
                                                                                               soos verwys is na karaoke Vrydae-aande           ontbytprogram uitgesaai, beteken dit nie
                                                                                               by ‘n plaaslike Ierse kroeg deur die mu-         baie vir ons dorp nie?
                                                                                               nisipaliteit gestop is, na dit alreeds meer as    Kan dieselfde gesê word van die ander
                                                                                               een jaar aangebied is.                           vermaaklikheids plekke in Phalaborwa?
                                                                                                As gevolg van wat ek sover kon verneem           Dan praat ons nie eers oor die mo-
                                                                                               het daar nie die nodige lisensie is nie.         torfietse, karre wat op en af jaag in die
                                                                                                Die betrokke vermaaklikheid het vanaf           straat en dronk mense wat tot in die
                                                                                               19:00 tot op die laatste 24:00 geduur.           oggend-ure raas, baklei en skree nie.
                                                                                               Musiek en karaoke was uitsluitlik op Vry-         Ek glo nie ouers kan dit saam met hulle
                                                                                               dae aangebied, geen motorfietse en karre         kinders as gesin geniet nie, ek as ouer sal
                                                                                               wat op en af in die strate jaag of raas nie.     nie eers toelaat dat my kinders sulke
                                                                                                Geen dronk mense wat raas of baklei op          plekke besoek nie.
                                                                                               straat nie. Geen alkohol word verkoop na          Na vele klagtes en berigte van verskeie
                                                                                               ure nie en ook nie aan minderjarige              inwoners, selfs in die koerant is geen
                                                                                               kinders nie.Geen alkohol word gekoop en          stappe of antwoorde deur die verskeie
                                                                                               buitekant die perseel gedrink of geneem          instansie geneem nie.
                                                                                               nie. Geen klagtes of berigte in die koerant       Gaan julle die ander instansies ook stop
                                                                                               is nog geplaas nie.                              soos julle die vermaak by dié spesifieke
                                                                                                Die vermaaklikheid het nog net kom-             kroeg gestop het of tel die reëls nie vir
                                                                                               plimente ontvang. Selfs van buitelandse          almal nie?
                                                                                               besoekers, ouers en kinders het saam die          As die ander plekke die nodige lisensies
                                                                                               vermaak geniet.                                  het, verdien dié kroeg ook dieselfde.
                                                                                                Talle talent het navore gekom as gevolg          Ek gaan beslis nie die saak so los nie, ek
                                                                                               van die vermaak, soveel so dat van die           soek antwoorde."
                                                                                               jong mense na Idols en ander TV kom-             Brief geredigeer - RED.

                                                                                                 Briefskrywers let wel:                         gevul wat ons graag sou wou plaas, maar
                                                                                                 Lesers wat graag briewe vir publikasie         die skrywers het geen kontakbesonder-
                                                                                                wil voorlê moet asseblief daarop let dat        hede of selfs hul name bygevoeg nie.
                                                                                                 Palabora & Hoedspruit Herald wel                Lesers word daaraan herinner dat briewe
                                                                                                anonieme briewe sal plaas, maar steeds u        vir publikasie voorgelêword en u dus
                                                                                                volledige kontakbesonderhede en naam            duidelik moet skryf wat u bedoel om
                                                                                                nodig het om aan wetgewing te vol-              enige verwarring te voorkom en te
                                                                                                doen.                                           verseker dat u brief oorweeg word vir
                                                                                                 Die possak word baie keer met briewe           plasing.
            28 JULY 2006 PAGE 5
                                                                                      28 JULY 2006 PAGE 7
                                               Malaria Monitor nominated for prestigious award
                                                The South African world-breakthrough           quality of life. The criteria for the Italian    He was also honoured as the Most Out-
                                               invention that makes the early detection        award include ease of use by elderly and         standing Young Person of the World in the
                                               of malaria possible, has been nominated         handicapped individuals, safety and re-          medical field the same year.
                                               for a prestigious international award.          duction of consumption. The panel of              His latest invention, the Malaria Monitor,
                                                Acclaimed entrepreneur and inventor Dr         judges include prominent academics,              is a wristwatch that tests a blood sample of
                                               Gervan Lubbe developed the Malaria              captains of commerce and government              the wearer for malaria parasites four times
                                               Monitor to detect malaria parasites in the      officials. The prize giving will take place in   per day. When the parasite count reaches
                                               blood before any symptoms of the disease        April, 2007, in Milan, Italy. Past recipients    a certain
                                               appear.                                         of the award include Adidas, Phillips,            level, an alarm alerts the wearer to seek
                                                The Malaria Monitor has been pre-se-           Citroen and BSH Siemens.                         medical treatment. The sales and mar-
                                               lected for the Well-Tech Award 2007. The         Dr Lubbe is a previous recipient of nu-         keting company of the product, Gervans
                                               award recognises products for their tech-       merous national and international awards         Trading (Pty) Ltd, in Port Elizabeth, South
                                               nological innovation, sustainable value,        for his invention of Action Potential Sim-       Africa, has already topped the R500 mil-
                                               accessibility and contribution to improve       ulation (APS) Therapy that treats chronic        lion mark in back orders since January this
                                               quality of life. Well-Tech started in 1999 in   and acute pain conditions.He won a gold          year. The company is making final prepa-
                                               Italy as a project organisation to encour-      medal for the Best Medical Invention in          rations to launch the Malaria Monitor to
                                               age companies with innovative systems to        the World at the International Inventions        the public and a date will be announced
                                               respect the environment and improve             Show in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1998.            soon.

Dr Gervan Lubbe, Group Chairman of
Gervans Trading (Pty) Ltd and inventor of
the Malaria Monitor.

Ent nou
honde en katte
 Die staatsveearts en personeel ent hi-
erdie jaar weer alle honde en katte bo die
ouderdom van drie maande gratis teen
hondsdolheid in.
 Alle honde en katte wat hierdie jaar ge-
ent is, moet herinentings kry binne 1 jaar.
Volgens wet is u verplig om alle honde te
bring. Inentings is gratis en sal begin op 1
Augustus 2006 vanaf 07h00 tot 15h00 by
die Pep Stores in die sentrale besigheids
distrik van Hoedspruit, Inentings sal by
Drankensig SAMI kompleks gedoen word
vanaf 14h00 tot 16h00. Dieselfde tye en
plekke sal vir 2 Augustus ook geld. Op 3
Augustus 2006 sal inenting verskaf word
by Abdul shop, Bavaria vanaf 07h00 tot
 Let wel vir enige verdere inligting skakel
asseblief die Hoedspruit Staatsveearts Dr.
Johan Jooste by die volgende nommers
(015) 793 2408 of (015) 793 3602 tydens
die volgende dae: Maandae, Woensdae
en Vrydae tussen 14h00 en 16h00.
                                                                            28 JULY 2006 PAGE 8

                                                                                    Ford se nuwe
                                                                                    Territor y-reeks
                                                                                    nou beskikbaar
                                                                                     Die Ford-Motormaatskappy van Suider-            Ghia. Die twee agterwielaangedrewe
                                                                                    Afrika het pas die Territory-reeks vir die       modelle kry 'n verbeterde weergawe van
                                                                                    Suid-Afrikaanse mark uitgebrei.                  die beproefde outomatiese viergang-
                                                                                     Die nuwe reeks, wat dadelik aan ver-            ratkas.
                                                                                    bruikers beskikbaar is, het 'n paar spe-          Die sesgang-ratkas is 'n kompakte en
                                                                                    sifikasie-opgraderings ondergaan, terwyl         ligte eenheid wat baie doeltreffend is, hoë
                                                                                    'n nuwe outomatiese sesgang-weergawe             wringkrag lewer en 'n lae eersterat, hoër
                                                                                    vir die vlagskip-viertrek-model by die           snelrat en kleiner, meer gegradeerde ver-
                                                                                    reeks gevoeg is.                                 houdings tussen elke rat het.
                                                                                     Suid-Afrikaanse motorryers het in 2005           Die nuwe Territory bied steeds - getrou
                                                                                    hul eerste smakie van die Ford-Motor-            aan die Ford-karakter van begeesterde
                                                                                    maatskappy se veelsydige nuwe Territory          rygenot en hoogste verfyning -'n
                                                                                    gehad. Die Territory, wat in Australië on-       gerieflike ry-ervaring moet goeie veel-
                                                                                    twikkel is en vervaardig word, is atleties,      sydigheid in stadsverkeer. Die nuwe trans-
                                                                                    energiek en vind groot byval onder veral         missie bied uitstekende verfyning in wat as
Een van die nuwe Ford Territory wat nou vir Suid-Afrikaanse kopers beskikbaar is.   avontuursoekers.                                 'n robuuste en duursame pakket beskryf
Foto: Quickpic
                                                                                     Die Territory, wat ontwerp is om hom            kan word.
                                                                                    eindeloos by die immer-veranderende be-           "Die sesgang-ratkas met sy groter ver-
                                                                                    hoeftes van motorryers aan te pas, bied          spreiding van ratverhoudings bied
                                                                                    motoragtige stilering en hantering met die       lewensvatbare voordele op die gebied van
                                                                                    veelsydigheid van 'n tradisionele sport-         verrigting en brandstofverbruik," het Oost-
                                                                                    nutsvoertuig of mensedraer, asook ruimte         huizen gesê. "Die lae eerste rat verbeter
                                                                                    vir tot sewe volwassenes wat in gemak            die wegtrekgevoel aansienlik, terwyl die
                                                                                    vervoer kan word.                                groter en knapper ratverhoudings vir
                                                                                     "Ford het met die bekendstelling van die        lewendiger verrigting - veral met die ver-
                                                                                    Territory 'n driehoek geskep - 'n                sneller plat teen die vloer - tesame met die
                                                                                    gesinsedan aan die bopunt, 'n mense-             bykomende        voordele      van   gladder
                                                                                    draer in die een hoek en 'n tradisionele         ratwisseling en laer brandstofverbruik
                                                                                    sportnuts in die ander. Dit is 'n resep          sorg."
                                                                                    waaroor ons baie in ons noppies was toe           Die Territory, wat reeds toegerus is met 'n
                                                                                    dit so goed in die plaaslike mark, waar die      magdom geriefskenmerke soos klimaat-
                                                                                    Territory sy eie nismark geskep het, gew-        beheer, CD-speler, satelliet-klankkon-
                                                                                    erk het," het André Oosthuizen, Ford se          troles op die stuurwiel, elektries beheerde
                                                                                    bemarkingsdirekteur, gesê.                       sitplekke en elektries verstelbare pedale,
                                                                                     Die Territory bied gerieflike sitplek vir tot   skiet nie juis kort wanneer dit by gemak en
                                                                                    sewe passasiers in teater-tipe sitplekke.        gerief kom nie.
                                                                                    Die 2de ry is effens hoër as die voorste ry,      Die nuwe Territory-reeks is ook verfyn om
                                                                                    en die 3de ry op sy beurt weer effens hoër       verdere waarde aan klante te bied. Die
                                                                                    as die 2de, wat al die insittendes 'n            intreevlak-TX met agterwielaandrywing
                                                                                    uitstekende uitsig gee. Die 2de sowel as         het voorste misligte en sykant-lugsakgor-
                                                                                    die 3de ry sitplekke kan netjies weggevou        dyne bygekry. Dié twee belangrike vei-
                                                                                    word as dit nodig is.                            ligheidseienskappe lewer 'n groot bydrae
                                                                                     Die Ford Territory het 'n kragtige 4,0l-        tot die omvattende veiligheidspakket wat
                                                                                    enjin wat 190kW se krag teen 5,250 r/min         reeds in die TX-model aangetref word.
                                                                                    lewer, en wringkrag van 383Nm teen 2              Die tweewielaangedrewe Ghia sowel as
                                                                                    500      r/min    ontwikkel.      Die    plat    sy vierwielaangedrewe stalmaat is nou
                                                                                    wringkragkurwe van dié dubbelbonokas-            beskikbaar met 'n parkeerhulpstelsel aan
                                                                                    inlyn-sessilinder-enjin gee die Territory        die agterkant, wat 'n kamera as deel van
                                                                                    baie woema wat dit 'n baie rybare vo-            die standaard-toerusting insluit. Dit gee
                                                                                    ertuig in enige omstandighede maak.              die bestuurder 'n behoorlike uitsig na
                                                                                     Die reeks bestaan uit: Territory 4,0l TX        presies wat agter die voertuig aan die gang
                                                                                    outo met agterwielaandrywing, Territory          is sodra trurat gekies word.
                                                                                    4,0l Ghia outo met agterwielaandrywing            Al drie modelle word nou deur 'n ver-
                                                                                    en Territory 4,0l Ghia outo met vier-            sieningsplan gedek, asook 'n Ford Pro-
                                                                                    wielaandrywing.                                  tect-padhulpplan vir drie jaar oor 'n on-
                                                                                     Die grootste verandering aan die Ter-           beperkte afstand. Die waarborg geld vir
                                                                                    ritory-reeks vir die res van die 2006-           drie jaar / 100 000 km, terwyl 'n
                                                                                    modeljaar is die nuwe outomatiese ses-           roeswaarborg van vyf jaar / onbeperkte
                                                                                    gang-ratkas vir die vierwielaangedrewe           afstand ook van toepassing is.
                         28 JULY 2006 PAGE 9

Bejaar des
 "Hierdie bejaardes
van Phalaborwa is
van 'n ander stof-
fasie" sê Erika Wol-
marans, vise-voor-
sitter van die Mini-
diens vir bejaardes
van Phalaborwa.
 Dis van bazaar
hou, jukskei speel,
sportdae teen be-
jaardes van Tza-
neen, gesamentlike
kerkbesoeke en uit-
stappies. Noem dit
en hulle doen en
natuurlik hou hul
konsert wat skrik
vir niks.
 Op Vrydag, 21
Julie is Bosveld-
kaperjolle vir die
eerste keer opgevo-
er en was dit nou
prettig, almal het
geskatter van die
 Die volgende ver-
toning             sal
plaasvind op 4 Au-
gustus by Laerskool
Phalaborwa Noord
(Rooiskool). Toe-
gang beloop R70
per persoon en nie
soos vroeër berig is
nie. Kaartjie pryse
sluit 'n aansit ete in
ten same met die
 Met      sang     en
musiek gaan hulle
sorg vir vermaak
wat nie misgeloop
moet word nie.
 Vir         kaartjie
verkope en inligt-
ing kan Erika by
(015) 781 0720 of
073 315 0216
geskakel word.

Kom kuier
 Die gemeenskap
van Phalaborwa se
mense hou van
lekker eet en lekker
 Nou gaan die NG
Kerk Phalaborwa
dit in styl doen.
 Daar word 'n
klomp verskillende
disse     aangebied
waarvan jy kan kies
en keur wat om te
geniet. Merk solank
naweek, 28 en 29
Julie 2006 op jou
kalender af, want
die kontrei fees
vind plaas.
 Kom kuier, lag en
geniet die fees nooi
die gemeente almal
 'n Groot potjiekos
kompetisie         sal
Vrydag aand, 28
Julie 2006, van
stapel gesit word,
asook 'n
 kruiwastoot kom-
 Maak             jou
planne,bring      die
kinders en kom
help of komkom
kuier saam. Dit
gaan hope pret
 Vir verdere navrae
kan Lieliebet by
(015) 781 0966
                                                                                     28 JULY 2006 PAGE 10
Read this before buying your holiday points or shares
 With an influx of timeshare and        time after signing and has to be in      ing and get acknowledgment or a
vacation club companies target-         writing.                                 cancellation letter from the com-
ing Phalaborwa recently the Pal-         "Even if you fax the cancellation       pany - phoning the salesperson is
abora Hoedspruit Herald contact-        (as the mail will never get there in     not good enough.
ed the Credit Information Ombud         time), many of these sales agents         Do not be naïve and rely on the
(CIO) for his views and advice on       don't bother to cancel the con-          goodwill of the salespeople - they
this matter.                            tracts. Proof of fax is needed, a        are out to earn their commission.
 The CIO, Manie van Schalkwyk,          phone call is no good, and the next       There are some good salespeople
says his office is seeing an upswing    time the consumer applies for            out there who explain things prop-
in consumers being listed for time-     credit it's refused as he is listed at   erly, but there are also those that
share or vacation club purchases.       the credit bureaux. We keep warn-        just want their profit, and will get
The CIO offers a free service to        ing people to READ the FINE              you to sign with misleading
consumers and credit users to as-       PRINT. Empower yourself and you          promises.
sist in dispute resolution with any     shouldn't fall into these credit          If they tell you something, and it is
credit grantor or bureau.               traps."                                  not in the actual contract, the
 "Unfortunately, most of the con-        The Ombud's office has been in          contract is what is going to be
sumers who come to us for help          touch with some of the companies         believed down the line when you          Bohlabela Nissan sold a vehicle to Mr and Mrs Roos recently.
with timeshare or vacation club         involved and at an executive level       are listed at the credit bureau, not a   The car was obtained from another dealer in Johannesburg and
issues are, in fact, victims of their   aggressive sales tactics are not sup-    partially remembered conversa-           it turned out to have minor damages. These damages were
own inability to read the contracts     ported. But these discussions take       tion with a salesperson who may          picked up by the Roos family. Bohlabela Nissan with the help of
that they happily signed when of-       place after the event when the           not even work there anymore.             Nissan SA was very keen and quick to respond to their clients
fered 'free' holidays or other ben-     consumer is already in trouble and        Some sales people request that          complaints and replaced the vehicle with a BRAND NEW silver
efits," says the Ombud. "People go      then it's too late, their credit         consumers fill in a contact "to          Nissan Almera. Handing over the new vehicle to Bertus and
along to presentations and see          record is damaged.                       qualify for a special rate" and that a   Magda Roos is Elsie Joubert, left, who is a new member of the
wonderful resorts in exotic places       The Timeshare Institute of South-       consumer can withhold his credit         Bohlabela Nissan Group in Phalaborwa. Elsie joins Erens
and it all looks very affordable.       ern Africa (TISA) is the body that       card details until he makes a final      Matokane in the new and used sales divisions and together strive
Many of the sales people are            acts as a watch-dog over the time-       decision on the purchase of the          to put you first in motor vehicle sales and after sales service.
agents and exist on the commis-         share, holiday club, vacation shar-      timeshare. They further tell con-
sions they make. Their sales tactics    ing industry, and specific com-          sumers that if they want to cancel
are very aggressive and they resort
to telling the consumer partial
                                        plaints can be sent to them.
                                         Some points to be aware of when
                                        considering a timeshare or holiday
                                                                                 the contract they just need to
                                                                                 phone and the sales person will
                                                                                 destroy this contract. We find that
                                                                                                                          Help met verlore ring
 The Ombud says consumers are           club purchase: Don't let the sales-      this does not happen and that the        'n Inwoner van
so busy looking at the film or          people rush you, or make you feel        contracts are processed. If a con-       Phalaborwa het die
presentation that they are not          stupid or ignorant if you ask ques-      sumer has signed the contract and        'cluster' van haar
aware they are actually signing a       tions, don't assume anything - ask       it is processed, the contract is         trouring met 5 dia-
contract that is totally binding.       and make sure.                           enforceable and the consumer is          mante onlangs in
"When they finally get listed for        Always ask yourself - what if I am      liable for the outstanding money,        Pick & Pay verloor.
non-payment it is too late. The         not happy, how do I cancel this          even with a verbal promise from a        Indien enige ie-
contract is legal, they signed it and   contract?                                sales person that he will destroy        mand oor inligting
my office cannot help them."             Be very aware of time limits - if the   the contract.                            beskik wat haar sal
 Other sales people ask for credit      contract says you can cancel in           If you do have a complaint against      help om die juwe-
card details, or bank account stop      writing in 5 days, and you only let      a timeshare or holiday club sales        liersstuk terug te
order authorisation.                    them know in 10 days, you will           company - you can call TISA on           kry sal sy dit
 What consumers don't read is           end up paying for something you          011 805 to report this.                  waardeer. 'n Be-
that while there is a cooling-off       did not want.                             So be careful. Read the contracts.      longing word ook
clause it's usually only a short         Always cancel contracts in writ-        Ask questions - it's your right!         aangebied met die terugvind van die artikel. Enige verdere
                                                                                                                          inligting kan aan Ansie by 082 301 0179 verskaf word.
                                                                                  28 JULY 2006 PAGE 11

                                                                                             ‘Hoe ‘cope’ ander traumaslagoffers in
                                                                                            dieselfde situasie as ek? Is daar hoop om
                                                                                            weer heel te word? Watter soort mense
                                                                                            het die wat in my posisie was, uiteindelik
                                                                                            geword. ‘
                                                                                             Deur trauma Boek 4 is die vierde in 'n
                                                                                            reeks van vyf boeke. Vir die eerste keer
                                                                                            word mense wat deur trauma gaan, of
                                                                                            gegaan het, uit vier disiplines bemagtig.
                                                                                            'n Groot span uitgesoekte sielkundiges,
                                                                                            dokters, regslui en teoloë bied bevatlike,
                                                                                            vars wetenskaplike en teologies deurdagte
                                                                                            inligting aan elke getraumatiseerde per-
                                                                                            soon. Dit is genesings- en herlew-
A therapeutic new comedy                                                                     36 medewerkers het Boek 4 geskryf onder
                                                                                            redakteurskap van Maretha Maartens. Die
                                                                                            traumatemas in Boek 4 is, Glo dat daar
Prime is a sophisticated, character com-
edy set in New York. Uma Thurman and
                                             knows while Rafi doesn't. The situation is
                                             awkward, especially since Lisa deems Rafi
                                                                                            hoop is, Trauma van perinatale verw-
                                                                                            erping en skeiding, Trauma van verwerpte
                                                                                            menswees, Trauma van ordehandhawers,
                                                                                                                                         in Phalaborwa
                                                                                                                                          Nie langer hoef jy Tzaneen toe te ry om
Meryl Streep star in this hilarious com-     unsuitable for David.                          rampwerkers en versorgers, Trauma van        vir Robbie Wessels of the wel Poena soos
edy.                                          The film looks at love from everyone's        menswaardigheids- en seggenskapsver-         hy in Gautengalêng bekend staan te sien
 Rafi (Thurman) is a 37-year-old divorcée    point of view friends, relatives and in this   lies, Trauma van werksverlies en werk-       nie
who relies heavily on her shrink Lisa        case, Rafi's therapist and follows all who     loosheid, Trauma van selfmoord.               Laerskool Phalaborwa bied sy konsert,
(Streep) for support. Soon Rafi meets and    comes apart and some who pull it to-            Die laaste hoofstuk bevat vrae en antwo-    Halley se komeet aan op Woensdag, 9
begins a romance with 23-year-old David      gether, when two people fall in love.          orde oor terapieë, toetse en medikasie.      Augustus 2006, by die Selati Pluimbal-
(Bryan Greenberg), disclosing to her          Prime has an age restriction of 13 and         Deur Trauma 4 asook die ander titels in     saal. Kaartjies koste beloop, R30 vir laer-
shrink intimate things about her new re-     parental guidance is advised for some          die reeks word deur LAPA-uitgewers ver-      skool kinders, R60 per volwassene of
lationship. Initially neither woman re-      sexual content including dialogue and for      sprei. Die boeke kom in sagteband voor en    R100 per persoon aan tafel ingesluit 'n
alizes that Rafi's new boyfriend is Lisa's   language.                                      beloop R100 per eksemplaar.                  ligte ete.
son, but there comes a time when Lisa         Prime will be available on DVD during          Navrae en bestellings kan op         'n Kontantkroeg en verversings sal ook
                                                                                   gedoen word.                        beskikbaar wees. Kaartjies is beskikbaar
                                                                                                                                         by Laerskool Phalaborwa en vir verdere
            Kontak die Palabora Hoedspruit Herald by                                                                                     navrae kan Walda du Plessis by
                         015 781 5484                                                                                                    0832330340 geskakel word.
                                                                               28 JULY 2006 PAGE 12

‘Liewe Lulu kom kuier ‘
 Met treffers soos 'Pers kombers'gaan
Backie Swart die gemeenskap van Pha-
laborwa vermaak wanneer hy eersdaags
                                                                                                                                      Noot vir
hier aandoen.
 Hy sal op Saterdag, 2 September 2006
optree by Laerskool Phalaborwa-Noord
Kaartjies beloop R120 per tafel sitplek,
R80 per stoel en R50 vir leerlinge. Kaartjie
pryse sluit die vertoning asook 'n ete in.
Navrae kan gerig word aan Daleen Wilson
by 082 924 8259.                                                                                                                      betower
                                                                                                                                       DIE immergewilde musiek program,
                                                                                                                                      Noot vir Noot, het die afgelope naweek
                                                                                                                                      musiek note vir kontant note verruil in
                                                                                                                                       Die Noot vir Noot span het reeds in 1991
                                                                                                                                      met die gewilde TV reeks begin en twee
                                                                                                                                      jaar gelede is daar besluit om Noot vir
                                                                                                                                      Noot na die mense te bring deur `n ‘Road
                                               Johan Stement verduidelik vir vier deelnemers uit die gehoor hoe werk die
                                                                                                                                       Die vertoning is in Hoërskool Ben Vorster
                                               nootassosiasie speletjie tydens die ‘Road Show’ wat verlede Saterdag gehou is.
                                                                                                                                      se skoolsaal gehou. Johan Stemmet was
                                                                                                                                      die gasheer en Johan van Rensburg het die
                                               Nuwe ATKV-kompetisie geloods                                                           musiekfabriek bedryf met die mense van
                                                                                                                                      die omgewing in die gehoor. Diè aan-
                                                                                                                                      bieding van Noot vir Noot bied talle
                                                ATKV-Crescendo is reeds baie jare 'n      jiewerkskool. Aan die einde van die werk-   geleenthede aan die gehoor om self deel te
                                               huishoudelike naam in die Afrikaanse       skool word die wenliedjie, uit hierdie      neem asook om `n paar kontant note in die
                                               musiekwêreld as 'n gewilde sangkom-        werkskooldeelnemers, aangewys. Die          sak te steek.
                                               petisie.                                   wenner kry die geleentheid om 'n in-         Deelnemers is op verskilende en inter-
                                                ATKV-Crescendo het egter vanjaar 'n       ternasionale liedjieskryfskool by te woon   essante maniere gekies.
                                               nuwe baadjie aangetrek en word nou 'n      ter waarde van R 50 000. Daar word ook       Vier groot balle is vir die gehoor gegooi en
                                               kompetisie vir liedjieskrywers, ATKV-      'n openbare konsert beplan vir die einde    rond geslaan deur die gehoor terwyl die
                                               CrescendoKreatief.                         van Desember waartydens materiaal uit       musiekfabriek `n liedjie speel. Sodra die
                                                Amateur liedjieskrywers kan hul nuut-     die werkskool uitgevoer sal word.           musiek ophou speel word die persone met
                                               geskrewe werke, opgeneem op 'n CD,          ATKV-CrescendoKreatief word aange-         die bal in die hand op die verhoog
                                               stuur aan die ATKV. Die tien beste lied-   bied in samewerking met MK89 en             geroep.
                                               jieskrywers word genooi om op die ATKV     kykNET. Vir meer inligting en om in te       Ander maniere waarop die deelnemers
                                               se koste deel te neem aan 'n ligtelied-    skryf, kliek op die ATKV-webwerf by         uit die gehoor gekies is, was deur liedjies
                                                                                 of skakel Ilse Schürmann    te sing, die nommer van die stoel waarop
                                                                                          by (011) 919 9000.                          die persoon sit asook die dae en maand
                                                                                           Sluitingsdatum vir inskrywings is 21 Au-   waarin hulle gebore is, is elektronies
                                                                                          gustus 2006.                                gekies.
                                                                                                                                                                 Dit het ongeveer
                                                                                                                                                                20 persone die
                                                                                                                                                                kans gegee om hul
                                                                                                                                                                musiekkennis op
                                                                                                                                                                die proef te stel.
                                                                                                                                                                 Alhoewel baie van
                                                                                                                                                                die deelnemers bi-
                                                                                                                                                                etjie skrikkerig en
                                                                                                                                                                skaam was om voor
                                                                                                                                                                die vol gepakte saal
                                                                                                                                                                te staan, het die
                                                                                                                                                                meeste ontspan na
                                                                                                                                                                `n minuut of twee.
                                                                                                                                                                 Sekere deelnemers
                                                                                                                                                                het    tot   genoeg
                                                                                                                                                                waagmoed gehad
                                                                                                                                                                om ‘Ou ryperd’ uit
                                                                                                                                                                volle bors te sing.
                                                                                                                                                                 Dit was beslis die
                                                                                                                                                                moeite werd, want
                                                                                                                                                                deelnemers het met
                                                                                                                                                                tussen R100 tot `n
                                                                                                                                                                R1000 in die sak
                                                                                                                                                                 Oud en jonk was
                                                                                                                                                                gaande oor die ver-
                                                                                                                                                                toning, 90 minute
                                                                                                                                                                se skaterlag en kon-
                                                                                                                                                                tant note in die

                                                                                                                                                                Want to
                                                                                                                                                               adver tise?
                                                                                                                                                                015 781
                                                                                 28 JULY 2006 PAGE 13

Hierdie kinders van die Groenskool het baie goed presteer by        Hierdie klompie leerlinge van die Rooiskool (Laerskool Pha-        Bo staan mnr Martin Kruger, die nuwe
die Eisteddfod wat onlangs in Tzaneen gehou is. Hulle is Simoné     laborwa-Noord) is wat tot dusver by die skool ingeskryf het vir    departemensthoof by Laerskool Phal-
Breytenbach, Izelke Marais, Jacques van der Linde, Nicolene du      die jaar.                                                          aborwa-Noord. Die skool wens hom baie
Toit, JP Kruger, Vicky Coetzee en Bronley Makubela. Agter staan                                                                        geluk in sy nuwe pos.
Nnete Napo en Karin Bresler.

Groenskool presteer
by Eisteddfod in Tzaneen
 Die Groenskool (Laerskool         Nnete Napo verwerf trippel-
Phalaborwa) se leerlinge het      goud (95-100%) en is die Gr6
onlangs aan die Eisteddfod vir    Graadwenner.
Kuns in Tzaneen deelgeneem.        Karin Bresler ontvang ook ‘n
 Hulle het uitstekend gevaar en   trippelgoud en sy is die medal-
volgens dié resultate kan die     jewenner in die senior afdel-
Groenskool net trots wees op      ing. Karin sal haar medalje
hulle:                            ontvang op 7 September ty-
 Simoné Breytenbach (Gr1),        dens die Eisteddfodkonsert wat
Izelke Marais (Gr3), Jacques      by Laerskool Tzaneen gehou
van der Linde (Gr4), Nicolene     sal word.
du Toit (Gr4), JP Kruger (Gr6),    Om dié kinders se kunsstukke
Vicky Coetzee (Gr6) en Bron-      van nader by te bekyk, besoek
ley Makubela (Gr6) ontvang        die Tzaneen skou tussen 9 en
almal dubbelgoud (90 -94%)        12 Augustus waar dit uitgestal
op die Eisteddfod.                sal word.                                                                      Laerskool Phalaborwa se seniorkoor het tydens verlede week se
                                                                                                                 ’Age of Hope’, wat by Impala Park gehou is, opgetree.
                                             Laerskool      Phal-
                                             aborwa spog met        Werny Taljaard, Nadia en Stefan Paulse
                                             twee nuwe de-
                                                                    het verlede Saterdag aan die Inter Provin-
                                                                    siale Landloopbyeenkoms in Pretoria
                                                                                                                 Rugby uit die boonste rakke
                                             Hulle     is    Mev    deelgeneem. Al drie het die wedloop
                                             Mariekin Burgen        binne die spesifieke tyd gehardloop en        Die Groenskool se o/11 rug-       Die wedstryde het as volg ver-
                                             (Senior     departe-   dus kwalifiseer hulle nou om aan die SA      byspan het verlede week aan       loop: Die wedstryde teen Hen-
                                             mentshoof) en Mev      byeenkoms deel te neem. Baie geluk met       die Bondedag deelgeneem.          drik Schoeman en Elsburg
                                             Marietjie       Van    die prestasie.                                Dié Bondedag was gehou in        word gestop, teen Delmas wen
                                             Heerden      (Junior                                                Roodepoort en die Groenskool      hul 10-5 en teen Rhynfield
                                                                                                                 se o/11 rugbyspan het 2de         verloor hul 17-5. Die Groen-
                                             hoof). Baie geluk
                                                                       Contact Mariëtte                          geëindig. Dit is die naasbestes   skool wens die spelers baie
                                             aan hulle.                                                          in die hele ou ‘Transvaal’.       geluk.
                                                                     with your schoolnews

Zenelde Schoeman

Zenelde vlieg na LA
 ‘n Leerling van Laerskool Phalaborwa,
Zenelde Schoeman, het gedurende April
aan die SA kampioenskappe vir uitvo-
erende kunste deelgeneem in die kat-
egorie ‘modelwerk’ in die ouderdoms-
groep 5-7 jaar.
 Sy het drie medaljes verwerf, silwer vir
swemdrag en formele drag en goud vir
fotografiese modelwerk. Sy gaan ook
saam met 249 ander lede aan die ‘World
Championships of Performing Arts’ deel-
neem in Los Angeles. Dié span vertrek
Sondag, 30 Julie en sal op 15 Augustus
terugkeer na Suid-Afrika.
28 JULY 2006 PAGE 14
                  28 JULY 2006 PAGE 15
Smalls & Legals

                                         Maak reg vir
                                         kaskar wedren
                                          Die sewende Letsitele Kaskar      kerrie en rys sorg dat jy genoeg
                                         wedren vind Saterdag, 29 Julie     te ete sal hê.
                                         2006, by Eiland Spa plaas van       Daar is ‘n teetuin met die
                                         8:00 tot 15:00.                    heerlikste koeke, terte en koffie
                                          Dit gaan ‘n wedren uit ‘n         te kus en te keur.
                                         ander wêreld wees met oor ‘n        Vir die jonges is daar go-carts,
                                         duisend deelnemers van uit         die Giant Slide, springkasteel,
                                         die groter Letaba omgewing tot     lapverf en gesigverf. Niemand
                                         Pretoria.                          gaan rondsit en wonder wat
                                          Hope te eet en te koop sal vir    om te doen nie!
                                         almal beskikbaar wees. Daar         Spesiale verblyf tariewe word
                                         gaan ‘n tombola met fan-           deur Eiland Spa voorsien vir
                                         tastiese pryse wees, groente en    die naweek, bespreek dus jou
                                         vrugte, plante met verspotte       plek betyds by (015) 386
                                         goedkoop pryse en ‘n inter-        8000.
                                         essante     handwerkstalletjie.     Vir enige navrae oor die
                                         Sosaties,     skroef-aartappels,   kaskar kan Ds Paul Grobler
                                         pannekoek, gebak, poedings,        geskakel word by 015 345
                                         worsbroodjies, yankees en          1618 of 082 653 5734.

                                         Gaan jy vakansie
                                         hou in Mosambiek?
                                          Goeie nuus vir alle besoekers aan Mosambiek is dat die
                                         verpligte derdeparty versekering nou ook in Phalaborwa beskik-
                                         baar is.
                                                                                         Die agentskap is
                                                                                        bekom deur Mnr
                                                                                        Johan de Klerk en
                                                                                        word      onderskryf
                                                                                        deur         Hollard
                                                                                         Die koste beloop
                                                                                        R150.00 per self-
                                                                                        aangedrewe voer-
                                                                                        tuig en R80.00 vir
                                                                                        'n sleepwa ens.
                                                                                        Die versekering is
                                                                                        al vanaf Januarie by
                                                                                        die kantore van die
                                                                                        Palabora       Hoed-
                                                                                        spruit        Herald
                                                                                        beskikbaar.      Die
                                                                                        kantore is geleë in
                                                                                        24        Hardekool
                                                                                        straat, Phalaborwa.
                                                                                         Belangrike inligt-
                                                                                        ing wat u moet
                                                                                        vergesel is die vol-
                                                                                        gende: volle name
                                                                                        en van, paspoort
                                                                                        nommer en woon-
                                                                                        adres,      voertuig
                                                                                        besonderhede in-
                                                                                        sluitende     onder-
                                                                                        stelnommer asook
                                                                                        registrasie nommer
                                                                                        van die voertuig
                                                                                        waarmee u gaan
                                                                                         Dit is uiters nood-
                                                                                        saaklik om die in-
                                                                                        ligting saam te
                                                                                        bring anders sal die
                                                                                        derdeparty versek-
                                                                                        ering nie uitgereik
                                                                                        kan wrd nie. se
                                                                                         Die kantore van
                                                                                        die Palabora Hoed-
                                                                                        spruit Herald is
                                                                                        oop vanaf Maan-
                                                                                        dae tot Donderdae
                                                                                        08:00 tot 16:30 en
                                                                                        op Vrydae vanaf
                                                                                        08:00 tot 16:00. Vir
                                                                                        verdere     inligting
                                                                                        kan die kantoor
                                                                                        geskakel word by
                                                                                        (015) 781 5484.
                                                           28 JULY 2006 PAGE 16

                                                                       Race a huge success
                                                                                                                   The annual Maroela-to-Maroela 10Km
                                                                                                                  road race organised by Phalaborwa Road
                                                                                                                  Runners took place on Saturday, 22nd
                                                                                                                  July at Kingfisher Private School.
                                                                                                                   Once again for the fifth consecutive year,
                                                                                                                  Weir Minerals Africa were the main spon-
                                                                                                                  sors for the event. A total of 110 runners
                                                                                                                  competed in the 10km and 2km fun run
                                                                                                                   The first 100 finishers received free T-
                                                                                                                  shirts while all finishers were awarded
                                                                                                                  with a 38mm glazed medal and a minia-
                                                                                                                  ture bottle of Amarula liqueur.
                                                                                                                   Great fun was had by the whole family
                                                                                                                  and the day was a tremendous success.
                                                                                                                   The Maroela-to-Maroela 2006 race was
       Some of the participants during the Weir Minerals Maroela-to-                                              attended by a group of senior manage-
       Maroela race held on Saturday last week.                                                                   ment of Weir Minerals Africa from Jo-
                                                                                                                   Rocky Nyathi walked away with the
Phone us with all your sportnews                                                                                  overall first prize comprising of a cash
                                                                                                                  amount sponsored by Weir Minerals
                                                                                                                  Africa and a 38mm gold medal. Everyone
         015 781 5484                                                  Rocky Nyathi, the overall winner of this
                                                                       year’s Maroela-to-Maroela race.
                                                                                                                  is already talking about next year’s race, so
                                                                                                                  get off the couch and start training now.