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									                Docklands Chamber of Commerce
                                    General Meeting

           Meeting date:                                  Tuesday 16 June 2009

           Meeting time:                             6.30 pm (for 6.45 pm start)

           Venue:                                                       The Hub
                                                              17 Waterview Walk

Keith Rankin (DCC/Pleasure Boat Cruises), Don Jones (DCC/MAB), Ilona Way(DCC/focus
plus), Elena Tsapatolis (DCC/Smales), Nandini Bose (DCC), Shane Scanlan (Docklands
Community News), Rick Deering (SSKB), Cr Kevin Louey (City of Melbourne), Duncan Laidlaw
(Woolshed), Sally Hewitt (Cordite Engineering), Ed Bode/Sam Shivankit/Noah Park (Nandos
Docklands), Francis Ruggiero (Behan Legal), Lyn and Peter Kelly (Docklands Private
Collection), Trudy McPhee (City of Melbourne), Joseph Germano/Cathy Schultz (Integrity
Lisa Quittner (3008Docklands Magazine), Joh and Alan Maxwell (Tours on Trike), Cr Brian
Shanahan, Cr Peter Clarke, Cr Ken Ong, Jane Sharwood, Sonya Wells (City of Melbourne);
Chris Buckingham ( Destination Melbourne); Lou Jovanovski (Rivers), Denise Francisco
(VicUrban), Amanada Balaam ( Grand Hotel)


Topic                   Presenter                                      Action

Minutes of previous     Keith Rankin moves that the minutes for the    Shane Scanlan
meeting held 17         previous general meeting are accepted          moves & Ilona Way
March 2009                                                             seconds

President’s Report      Marketing Initiative
                        • DCC Executive Committee impressed by
                           this promising tourism driven initiative.
                           Similar to Destination Melbourne and DM
                           will assist with admin in early stages
                        Regional activity
                        • Activity in the region –Ignite winter
                           festival has brought a positive upswing
                        • Waterfront City – ING has seen a marked
                           improvement in retail with the tram
                        DCC engagement with various
                        1. Melbourne Retail Advisory Board – has
                           come to the end of its tenure
                        2. PCCCC
                        3. Docklands Community Consultative
                        4. Docklands Co-ordination Committee
                            Charter boats:
                        •   facing a potential change in direction
                            from VicUrban and CoM. No tenure as of
                            now – high monthly rental – possibly
                            highest in the country
                        • very short season
                        • Difficult to meet the high rents
                        • Specifically excluded from voting at the
                            last elections
                            Destination Docklands:
                        • New Quay traders association asked for a
                            position on the board
                        • CoM – DCC is the voice for businesses in
                            the area
                        • “We represent all of the traders from all
                            the precincts” – KR made a statement
                            and wanted that put on the record
                        Docklands Chamber of Commerce AGM:
                        • Tuesday 21 July 6.30 at Harbour One
                            Display Unit 24 New Quay Promenade –
                            sponsored by MAB
                        • under Model Rules – we cannot refuse a
                            vote from someone who has not paid
                            dues, but we would urge you all to pay
                            the fees and to show your support for
                            the chamber and we want to be your
                        • There will be positions available as some
                            members of the community have moved
                            out of the area
                        • Any issues – please do approach us
                        Destination Docklands:
                        • Govt stakeholders - $50000
                        • other stakeholders (independent and
                            developers) $15000
                        • Initial driver was to drive profitability for
                            everyone in Docklands – Scott
                            Chapman’s initiative
                        New member classification/fee
                        • Fee Structure – ANZSIC
                        • Business Health Survey – will be
                            available through the website
                        • AGM – 21 July
                        • Chamber still advertising at Avalon
                        • Collins Street Book from Lord Mayor –
                            thanks to KR for his tenure on the Retail
                            Advisory Board
                        • Metlink Annual

Special Presentation:                       Absent
  Etihad Stadium –
 upcoming activity
Special Presentation:                      Absent
  VECCI: Industrial
 Relations briefing

   New Members          Peter and Lyn Kelly
                        • Began with Docklands Serviced
                           Apartments which grew exponentially –
                           up to 200
                        • Sold to MAB
                        • Had 4 years out of the business
                        • Decided to return to it
                        • Now: Docklands Private Collection
                        • Based mainly at Digital Harbour and few
                           over at New Quay
                        • Docklands Tours – is another initiative
                           that they have always wanted to develop
                           –they are working on the idea
                        Dom Pronesti
                         • personal trainer
                         • took up personal training as a result of
                            injuries and to look after his own health.
                         • Wants to open up a personal training
                         • Also runs tours – grape grazing tours
                            and kokoda tours
                         • Just starting out

                                     Closed At 7.40
                           Many thanks to our catering sponsor:
                                  Waterfront Venues

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