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					    The Rotary Club of Reservoir Rewards the
         efforts of its newest residents
Recently they awarded a Pride in Workmanship Award to refugee Val-
erie Mukeshimana , a local resident who works as an interpreter for
refugees and new settlers.

The club even took their weekly meet-
ing to the Australian Burundian cul-
tural day in Prahran, where they were
welcomed with dancing, singing, po-
etry and a delicious African lunch.

Valerie arrived in Australia in 2005
with her husband and one small
daughter, after having seen her close
family brutally killed in the civil war
that enveloped her country, Burundi,
near Rawanda in Central Africa.

Two Reservoir Rotarians teach cultural English and coach senior students at the
Whittlesea Community Connections in Epping. Our president has regularly spoken
to volunteer mentors, refugees and other new arrivals about his area of expertise,
housing. The club collects picture story books and items of furniture which we de-
liver to the homes of our newest residents.

At present we are collecting toys in excellent condition (but not necessarily new) for
                                    Christmas presents for the children. Last year
                                    when the children received their large, wrapped
                                    gift from Santa, they sat quite speechless until
                                    we showed them how to undo the wrapping pa-
                                    per. It was difficult to keep the tears back.

                                    The parents’ and grandparents’ lesson that day
                                    had been on “How Australians celebrate Christ-
                                    mas”. Many families are Christians, but the
                                    adults had wondered about this man with white
                                    beard and red clothes sitting in shopping cen-
                                    tres.     (continued page 2)

  "In 2008-09, I will ask you all to Make Dreams Real for the
  world's children," he said. "This will be our theme, and my
                     challenge to all of you."
                       RI President Dong Kurn Lee
                                                                 From Page 1
                                                                 If any clubs are inter-
    WHOM AND WHERE                                               ested in being in-
                                                                 volved, I would be
                                                                 pleased to speak to
                  District Governor                              them. We have had
               Peter Gilbert (Barbara)                           some excellent
22 Old Diamond Creek Road Diamond Creek, Vic. 3089               speakers, the latest
(H) 03 9438 3542 (F) 03 9470 3990 (M) 0419 007 395               being a Settlement
                                                                 worker who is setting
Address all District Mail, DG Newsletter Articles and            up a Professional
               Attendance Report to:                             Mentor Program for members of the extended com-
   District Secretary: PP Peter Peyton (Christina)               munity who have skills (in all areas of the work force)
            PO. Box 174 Preston Vic. 3072                        that could be offered to these people.
(W) 03 9478 4933 (F) 03 9470 6992 (M) 0419 180 642
         Email:                      Sometimes this would involve just meeting on a one-
                                                                 to-one basis a few times to explain how their jobs
         District Dues & Insurance Premiums:                     “work”. Some of our refugees are unskilled, but have
        District Treasurer: Frank Smith (Gerry)
                                                                 an agricultural background and often need to just be
             PO. Box 62, Preston, Vic. 3072
(H) 03 9437 1457 (B) 03 9480 5500 (F) 03 9480 4663 (M)           given a chance. (Drive past Peter Lalor Secondary
                     0419 354 249                                College one day to see the magnificent community
          Email:                     garden they have grown.)

                    Club Bulletins                               CAN SOMEONE HELP?
 Email your bulletin to:
         and the following will receive a copy:
          (see Page 21 for more information)                     At present we
DG Peter Gilbert - DGE David Cooke – DGN Alan Ander-             are finding it
                          son                                    impossible to
                and PDG Brian Bowen                              get two
    Also email a copy to your Assistant Governor.                weeks’ work
           Club Bulletin Award Committee
     PDG Brian Bowen (Betty) (H) 03 9438 2625                    experience in
   73 Oronsay Crescent, Diamond Creek. Vic. 3089                 the building
                                                                 industry for a
     District Database and Register of Members                   17 year old
                PP Don Hamilton (Ann)                            lad from
  5/39 Orchard Crescent, Mont Albert North, Vic. 3129
 (H) 03 9857 4289 (F) 03 9857 4125 (M) 0418 374 927              Lalor. These
          Email:                      problems
                                                                 come up all
          Insurance Claims and Queries to:                       the time.
              Christopher Lang (Rebecca)                         Rotarian Jan
          (B) 03 9945 3601 (F) 1300 657 370
           47 Centre Way, Glenroy, Vic. 3046                     Macdonald
          Email:                     (in the build-
                                                                 ing industry
             Rotary Foundation Donations:                        03 94350239)
Please make cheques payable to The Rotary Foundation             Rotary Club of Reservoir.
                       and send to:
   District Secretary, PO. Box 174 Preston. Vic. 3072
                                                                   MESSAGE FROM THE EDITOR
      Every Rotarian, Every Year Contributions
  Please send cheque payable to The Australia Rotary              If you have material for an issue of Pete’s Pen,
Foundation Trust with all completed forms to District Sec-       can you send it by the 25th day of the month for
        retary, PO. Box 174 Preston. Vic. 3072
                                                                         publication in the following month.
                                                                 Space is limited, so please confine articles to be
              District Website:
                                                                 short and sharp. One page or less is always pre-                                                     ferred.
 VOCATIONAL SERVICE MONTH                          Vocational Service in your club include:

October is when we emphasise the in-               •
                                                Devote a meeting in October to exam-
volvement of Rotarians in the day to day    ining the second Avenue of Service, in-
application of the ideals of Vocational Ser-cluding ‘The 4-Way Test’ and ‘The Decla-
vice.                                       ration of Rotarians in Business and the
Vocational Service is the responsibility of • Introduce a “mini-classifications talk”
both a Rotary club and its members.         series in which each member gives a five-
                                            minute talk on their vocation. Schedule
Rotarians:                                  one speaker for the beginning of each
Firstly, as Rotarians, Vocational Service   • Present a vocational award to some-
requires that we constantly focus our at-   one in the community who has exempli-
tention on personal adherence to the        fied outstanding professional achievement
highest ethical standards in all our occu- while maintaining very high ethical stan-
pations. We do this by applying the Four dards. Promote the presentation within the
Way Test in our daily work lives.           community, and consider making it an an-
                                            nual October event.
As Rotarians we also encourage devotion Invite experts to give a presentation on
to these principles amongst all those we    the vocational needs of the community
touch in our business lives - our employ- and develop a project in response to
ers, employees, associates, competitors, those needs. Possible projects could fo-
suppliers, customers and the public.        cus on developing character, providing ca-
                                            reer information to youth, mentoring small
As Herbert J Taylor, the author of The      businesses, or organizing workshops that
Four Way Test said, “We do not succeed provide employees with new skills.
professionally despite our integrity; we
succeed because if it”.                     It is only when we truly apply these princi-
                                            ples to our businesses and membership
I encourage each of you to make ‘The        of Rotary that we can bring life to our prin-
Four Way Test’ and ‘The Declaration of      ciple motto of Service Above Self.
Rotarians in Business and the Profes-
sions’ core values within your businesses.

Rotary Clubs:

Secondly, each Rotary club combines the
particular vocational talents and expertise
of its members and uses them to develop
programs that seek to solve the problems
of society and meet the needs of our local
and international communities.

Suggestions of how you might emphasise

       PAUL HARRIS FELLOWS                                     CORRYONG AWARDS PHF
     PRESENTATION : 28 June 2008
                                                          The person chosen for this year’s Paul Harris
The Foundation Committee of the Rotary Club               recognition exemplifies the Rotary ideal of ser-
of Preston decided to honour one person with
the recognition of Paul Harris Fellow and one             vice above self. His various occupations keep
person with the honour of Paul Harris Fellow              him in touch with all sections of our community,
Sapphire Pin in the Rotary year – 2007-2008.              demonstrating the ideal of service through voca-
These presentations were made at our Club
Change-over night on 28th June 2008.
                                                  He has served the Rotary Club of Corryong in
The person to receive the recognition of Paul many ways: as President, on the Board, at cater-
Harris Fellow was immediate past-president
RICHARD GOZDZIK .                                 ing functions, Riley’s Ride, Working bees, even
                                                  interfering with his own work schedules to ensure
Richard was made a Paul Harris Fellow in recog- that our equipment is maintained in working order
nition of the enormous and valuable contribution and that the work force at various events is suffi-
he has made, as the President of the RC of Pre-
ston for the year 2006-2007, and also for the es- cient for the task.
tablishment of the anti-drug Program especially
for secondary school age young people – BE A    This will give it away: he is popular with and re-
cess – and the growing achievement– is largely  spected by the school children his coach work
                                                brings him into contact with. He frequently does
due to Richard’s vision, firstly in convincing us,
as a Club of the importance of the Program and  community oriented work for only what it costs.
throughout District 9790 and especially in the  For example, carrying Information Centre mem-
school communities.
                                                bers to tourism operators in the area on orienta-
The member to receive the honour of Paul Harris tion exercises no charge for his time.
Fellow Sapphire, was WAYNE O’NEILL.

Wayne received a PHF Sapphire Pin to his Paul             As sergeant at
Harris Fellow, in recognition of the continuing           arms he entertains
contribution he makes to the success of the RC            club members
of Preston Fundraising Program – CIRCUS
                                                          while relieving us of
QUIRKUS – (and previously through the FILM
FESTIVAL). Wayne’s commitment to this won-                all our small
derfully successful way of raising an enormous            change, ensuring,
amount of money for our Club to distribute to a           in large part, we
number of Charities, both community and Rotary,
                                                          have sufficient
has been, and still is fantastic.
                                                          funds to support
At the Club meeting last week representatives of          the Rotary Founda-
a number of organisations were thrilled to re-            tion through the
ceive a cheque each – and we heard of the won-
                                                          purchase of a Paul
derful work being done by two of the organisa-
tions - Kind Cuts for Kids and the Children’s First       Harris Fellowship.
Foundation).                                              Peter (and Sue) have been club treasurer this
                                                          year. All in all Peter Humphrey demonstrates
                                                          what Rotary is all about.

 YOUTH EXCHANGE AT DOOKIE                                      Vale Peter Barnett – (PHF)
                                                               Rotary Club of Myrtleford
The recently held Youth Exchange Weekend at
Dookie went particularly well. All 18 current out-
bound students attended, along with their parents        It is with regret and sadness that Peter Barnett
and counsellors. The inbound students, one of            passed away yesterday, September 17th 2008.
whom only arrived in Australia on the Saturday of        He had been in failing health for some consider-
the weekend were also there, along with either           able time.
counsellor or host parent.
                                                     Peter, a charter member of the Rotary Club of
The program was an Orientation Weekend for           Myrtleford and a Paul Harris Fellow was the per-
the outbounds, so speakers and activites were all son tasked with the setting up and development
aimed to this outcome.                               of Rotary Youth Exchange in 1958.
                                                     With his drive and enthusiasm and the assis-
One activity involved the outbounds and in-          tance of others, the program has become one of
bounds grouping in countries of destination or       Rotary's most successful and visible achieve-
origin. This meant the outbounds could discuss       ments.
differences in schooling, daily activites, climate
and appropriate clothing with the inbound student The Rotary Club of Myrtleford had hoped that Pe-
of their country.                                    ter would have been well enough to have partici-
                                                     pated in the 50th Anniversary of Youth Exchange
Whilst in these groups, a small fun competition      at the Youth Exchange Chairs’ Conference in
was held.                                            Wangaratta in October this year. And in particu-
                                                     lar the evening in Myrtleford where he lived and
Please find attached a photo of the winning team where Youth Exchange as we know it today all
- Scandanavia - in the countries competition at      began. The many former exchange students
Dookie on the weekend of 9th and 10th August. and Rotarians who are attending this conference
The team won for Gail Law - the Inbound Co-          will be saddened by his passing.
ordinator for Scandinavia - the beaut Seabed
World Lamp - which she told her husband John
was a fully set up fish tank worth $1950. (She       Pictured is Peter Barnett with a 50 year member-
'forgot' to include the decimal point in the price   ship award certificate
tag). The girls received a left-over blue T shirt
from the Rock to Reef trip held earlier in the year.

The team consisted of Gail, Maria (Inbound Swe-
den), Charlotte (Inbound Sweden), Brooke
(Outbound Denmark), Caitlin (Outbound Den-
mark), and Rachael (Outbound Sweden). There
were also some assorted parents and counsel-
lors who also helped in the competition.


   Inter District Conference Visit
                                                            Rotary clip-on number
PDG Clive Walker and Rae attended the District
5100 Conference in Pendleton, Oregon, USA re-
                                                                plate frames
                                                    The Rotary Club of Ivanhoe has introduced an
This was the home District of the GSE team to
                                                    attractive clip-on number plate frame to increase
visit our District in Clive’s year as DG.
                                                    Rotary’s visibility in District 9790 and to raise
They met up with GSE Team Leader, Rotarian
                                                    funds in support of PolioPlus.
Ric Bombaci and Jon Sperl at the Conference.
                                                    The number plate frame includes Rotary’s key
                                                    membership recruitment message ‘Rotary – Hu-
Ric was awarded the District “You have made a
                                                    manity In Motion’. It also provides a web link:
difference” award at the Conference for among
                                           In effect the
several things, travelling to El Salvador on a work
                                                    frame works as a mobile Rotary billboard. Price
party. He is currently trekking the Rocky Moun-
                                                    is $20 per frame.
tains to raise funds for Polio Plus.
                                                  As a club incentive $5 will be rebated to the Ro-
Clive and Rae also visited Nelson, British Colum-
                                                  tarian’s club for every clip-on frame sold. The
bia, Canada and stayed with Lorne and Dorothy
                                                  frame attaches easily to your vehicle’s rear num-
Westnedge, friends from a Friendship Exchange
                                                  ber plate for maximum visibility. It is available in
to our District in 2005.
                                                  two sizes: standard (37.2 cm x 13.2 cm) and
                                                  slim-line (37.2 cm x 10.0 cm).
Pictured are Clive and Rae with Ric Bombaci.
                                                      A down-loadable order form is available on http://
With Clive and Rae at Nelson, members of the
Friendship Exchange, Harold & Willa Horsfall,
                                                      frames.asp or contact Colin Hay on 0439 826
Sheila & Bob Hart and Lorne & Dorothy West-
                                                      252M or 03 9499 3725 or email him on
nedge and the Aussie mascot.
                                             Or send a completed
                                                      order form to RC of Ivanhoe PO Box 1091 Ivan-
                                                      hoe 3079.

                                                      Rotarians Katy Richmond and Jerome Winston
                                                      at the RC of Greensborough meeting on 10 September 2008.

                                                                You’ve Got Buckley’s…
                                                          There have been 302 previous attempts to estab-
                                                          lish a new brewery in Victoria. Buckley’s beer
                                                          was named after William Buckley, the famous
                                                          escaped convict who lived with the Wathaurung
                            Rotary Club of                Tribe in the Bellarine Peninsular of Port Phillip
                             Craigieburn                  Bay from 1803 to 1835 (without a beer!). His sur-
                                                          vival led to the ironic expression “You’ve got
There are many types of rafts, but the most im-           Buckley’s (chance)”and was one of the earliest
portant of all is the ROMAC Life Raft                     examples of reconciliation.

Changing and sav-                                         Once you’ve tried our traditionally brewed, non-
ing underprivileged                                       filtered, full flavoured ales and lagers from our
children’s lives is                                       SOLAR POWERED brewery it will be…..
important, and
that’s exactly what                                                        “Buckley’s, or none!”
Rotary Oceania
Medical Aid for
Children (ROMAC)
does. To help this                                        Yarra Flats Brewery
Australia and New Zealand wide Rotary humani-             T/A Buckleys Beers
tarian project raise much needed funds, the Ro-           30 Hunter Road
tary Club of Craigieburn is building the ROMAC            Healesville, VIC 3777
Life Raft. Your company can benefit from the
publicity this impressive undertaking will realize
during 2009’s Australia Day weekend.

Over the 2009 Australia Day weekend the Rotary
Club of Craigieburn will be organizing a weekend
                                                             Produced by John O’Callaghan, a member of the
of family entertainment on board the Raft for the
                                                                        Rotary Club of Eltham.
enjoyment of the towns and the families camping
along the banks of our mighty Murray River, plus
riverside sausage sizzles and Beer Raffles. The
Raft will be surrounded by signage that could
contain your company’s message and logo for
everyone to see. Signs are available for as little
as $100. You could also donate or sponsor a
slab of beer for the popular Beer Raffles, and
should you donate five or more slabs we’ll even
name that specific raffle after your establishment,
place your company’s name on our Sponsor
Board plus present you with a Rotary Certificate
of Appreciation that you can proudly hang for all           2009 RI Convention in Birmingham,
to see! Now that’s good publicity. But most im-
portant of all the funds raised will be donated to                 England, 21-24 June
change and save the lives of ROMAC’s children.
                                                           Be a part of history and celebrate the 100th
More Information:                                          Rotary convention, which will take place in
                                                               Birmingham, the heart of England!
Rotary Club of Craigieburn,
Greg Gallone, tel 0419 576 058

      Final Update on 2007-08
  Bionic Ear Fundraising Program                                 Register your interest in the Charity
Hi All                                                          Golf Day - 21st October 2008, Kingston

Just wanted to let you all know, that the final figure
raised for the year stands at $ 34,423.03, which, as of
today, is still increasing due to some late donations.
On behalf of the Institute and myself, thank you, once
again, for your generous support of this program.

Rob and I were invited to a luncheon at the Institute,
organised for us in appreciation of the work which we
(YOU) put in to raise these funds. I was presented
with a certificate of appreciation by Director, Profes-
sor Rob Shepherd for which I was very grateful. Their
support of Rob and I was fantastic.
Lynne Lloyd

              Group Study Exchange                              ary and February 2009 under the leadership of Row-
                                                                ena Mann, RC of Benalla, but more of that later.
 Our team to District 5610 left Tullamarine on 1st
 September all eager and excited about their big ad-            Don Hamilton
 venture, and on the 1st September they arrived in              Chairman
 Sioux Falls exhausted, but still excited.                      GSE 2008-2009

 Since then they have travelled across four states                    A Family Affair in Beechworth
 (Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and South Dakota), pre-
 sented at the District 5610 District Conference, and           The Rotary Club of Beechworth had a special PHF
 at many clubs as well. They have all had their voca-           presentation at its Changeover Dinner on 24 June.
 tional needs met and have met many hospitable and
 welcoming American families. However there seems               It was special because it came as a complete sur-
 so be a common thread running through many of the              prise to the recipient, PP Steven Mason. Unbe-
 reports coming home, and that concerns food.                   knowns to Steven, his four children, sister, brother-
 There's too much of it! The team are in very real              in-law and brother entered the venue when he was
 danger of outgrowing their uniforms before the Ex-             called forward for the presentation. It was special
 change finishes! As I write this they only have a little       because his father, PP Charles Mason, a Paul Harris
 over a week to go, and when you read this they will            Fellow of 22 years made the presentation; and it was
 have returned; hopefully still able to fit in to their         also special because his mother Val was present
 clothes.                                                       wearing the Paul Harris Fellow medallion that she
                                                                received earlier last year.
 Of course, that will be too late for you to welcome
 them back after their trip, but you will be able to see Ten of Beechworth Rotary Club's present member-
 them at our Conference, and if you would like to        ship of 23 are Paul Harris Fellows".
 have them speak at your club so you can learn first
 hand about their travels, all you need to do is contact
 the team leader, Alan Garside on
 <> or the undersigned
 on <>.

 Their reports and some photos of their trip can be
 seen on the Website at <http://>

 It's now full speed ahead for the team which will be
 exchanging with District 1700 in France over Janu-
            Love That Jazz                               tors include the Thredbo Legends of Jazz, Noosa
                                                         Jazz Festival and Jazz Adelaide.
The Rotary Club of Yea are holding a “Jazz Pic-
                                                   The historic large country garden of ‘Green
nic” in the stunning gardens of ‘Green Meadows’,
                                                   Meadows’ will provide a stunning setting for a
122 Killingworth Road, Yea (just on the edge of
                                                   pleasant Sunday afternoon of Jazz. The garden
Yea township) on Sunday 26th October. Gates
                                                   was originally owned by Captain Charles and
open at 12 noon for the Jazz experience of a life-
                                                   Mme Lempriere, who was the younger sister of
                                                   Dame Nellie Melba. Green Meadows was pur-
                                                   chased in 1987 by Ro and Lyle Dayman who ex-
One of Australia’s best known and loved Jazz
                                                   tensively renovated and expanded the garden to
bands, The Society Syncopators, are the head-
                                                   become one of Victoria’s most well known gar-
line band providing three hours of great jazz and
                                                   dens. Statuary, water features, rose walks and
showmanship. Guest jazz vocalist Yvette Jo-
                                                   arbours, a sunken, walled ‘concert theatre’ and
hansson will also be a highlight of the afternoon,
                                                   much more will delight. The garden is no longer
as well as other supporting artists.
                                                   open to the public but present owners Rob Hallas
                                                   and Carmel O’Hehir have generously offered the
The Society Syncopators were formed in 1984 by
                                                   garden to Yea Roatary for this very special event.
ex-leader of New Harlem, Chris Ludowyk, and
handpicked from the cream of Melbourne Jazz.
                                                   Bring along a picnic, a rug or chair, and enjoy a
An extremely versatile group, well known for their
                                                   fabulous afternoon of Jazz in a beautiful setting.
showmanship as well as their music, they cover a
                                                   Yea Rotary members will have wine, coffee and
wide range of styles and material. Their reper-
                                                   afternoon teas on sale. Tickets are $20 per adult
toire stems from the roots of traditional jazz but
                                                   and $15 seniors/students and can be purchased
they can and do play anything from classic jazz
                                                   by enclosing cheque payable to Rotary Club of
through to pre-rock rhythm and blues which ap-
                                                   Yea, RMB 6585, Yea. 3717. Enquiries to Elaine
peals to a much broader audience that ‘straight’
                                                   White 5780 1274.
jazz. Upcoming events for the Society Syncopa-

 40 years of Caring for our Community                                •     Drinks & Savouries on Arrival
                                                              •       Two Course Meal & Drinks at Bar Prices
 The Directors of Shepparton Villages and the                     •      Guest Speaker: Mr Ross McPherson
                                                                    •      Entertainment: Rick Brun Duo
                Members of the
                                                                       •     Dress Code: Lounge Suit
         Rotary Club of Shepparton
                                                                               Tickets $50
           Cordially invite you to a
                 to celebrate                            RSVP Friday 30th September 2008 to
       40 Years of Shepparton Villages
         ‘Caring for our Community’                      Lyndel or Christine
             and 60 Years of the                         03 5832 0855       or Fax: 03 5832 0845
          Rotary Club of Shepparton                      Email:
        ‘Making Dreams Come True’                        or
   On Friday 24th October 2008, at 7.00pm      
                    at the
 Eastbank Centre Welsford Street, Shepparton
   Cycle to Geelong Conference                     The next meeting is planned for Sunday 21st
                                                   September at 2.00 pm at the home of Max Rich-
Cycling Rotarians will be interested to know that ards 58 Benson Street, Benalla.
plans are well underway for District 9790’s inau-
gural Cycle to Conference.                         A contact list is being built up. If any Rotarian cy-
                                                   clist wishes to register an interest, please contact
A group of Rotarians who cycle met with DG Pe- either organiser below.
ter Gilbert in Benalla following the District Com-
mittee meetings on 20th July and the following                      PP Graham Brown
matters were decided upon:                               02 6032 7345
The cycle would be a 6 day supported ride from                        AG Leah Ross
              st               th                         03 5831 1076
Saturday 21 to Thursday 26 March. The route
would link the venue of last year’s Conference at
Shepparton with the present year’s Conference
venue at Geelong and include parts of the Great
Ocean Road. A short last leg on the Thursday
would enable cyclists to join in with the planned
recreational ride around Geelong being organ-
ised by Conference.
                                                                         "Old to New".
Distances will be up to 100 km a day and there
would be no ‘rest days’ as riders will be having        Motor bike show and swap meet.
back-up vehicles. Overnight stops will be at ho-
tels / motels but costs will be kept down as much                            Trade shows.
as possible.

The ride is to involve Rotarians, partners and
                                                               Alexandra Secondary College.
adult friends with an emphasis on fellowship as
well as riding. It was decided not to include Youth
Exchange students at this stage.
                                                          Sunday March 15th 2009
                                                                                  Gate open 9am
                                                                             Admission Adults $10.00
In keeping with DG Peter’s goals we are support-                                  Children $2.00
                                                                                Trade shows free.
ing Polio Plus as our charity. Each rider will be                Display bikes welcome and must stay until
asked to raise a minimum of $250. At Confer-                                Food available on grounds.
ence, representative riders in gear can present a         Alexandra has many alternatives for accommodation for those
cheque on stage.                                        to stay over night, Hotels, Caravan Parks and a Motel, as well as
                                                                                    many B&Bs.
Tasks adopted by attendees at our initial meeting Please ring visitor Information centre for a list of
included mapping of route and checking out ac-           accommodation 03 5772 1100
commodation, discerning risk assessment and                     For information ring
writing up an event management plan, enlisting       Neil on 03 5772 2805 or 0407 515 102
support vehicles and volunteers, obtaining cy-
cling tops and locating cycle trailers.           Rotary Club of Belvoir Wodonga Moves
One related matter discussed concerned the
launching of the ARHRF Ride Round Oz. This            Commencing 1 October, 2008 the R C of Belvoir-
will also be on Saturday 21st March, but in Mel-      Wodonga Inc. will be meeting at the Cafe Grove,
bourne. It was thought that some Rotarian cy-         High St, Wodonga.
clists from District 9790 who were unavailable to
join us on the Ride to Conference could repre-        Meeting times remain the same ie: Wednesdays
sent our District at the launch.                      6.00pm for 6.30pm.

       Join the Vietnamese Community Dinner to support ROMAC.
                                        HAPPY RECEPTIONS
                                         199-203 Union Road
                                          Ascot Vale 3032
                                             9370 2795

                                       Sunday 12th October 2008
                                         6.30 PM – 10.30 PM

 Lead by Thu Lam, and with the generous support of Mr and Mrs Chang of Happy Receptions, the
                Vietnamese Community is running a dinner to support ROMAC.

 ROMAC is a part of Rotary and brings in children from our region for life saving or dignity restoring

                                     Meet Kim and hear her story.

                          Tickets.   Margret Longden 5/ 333 Beach Road
                                         Black Rock 3193
                                               0418 365 477

        Vale—Angus McDonald                            official documents from time to time.

                                                  Gus was a great advocate for the Bowelscan pro-
It is with regret that we report the passing of one
of our long serving members of 35 years, Angus    gramme and has been involved as the co-
(Gus) McDonald on Saturday 20th September.        ordinator for our Club for 10 years, in the last
                                                  three years our local programme has identified
Gus ran a small Dry Cleaning business in Sey-     eighteen positives and we acknowledge that Gus
mour for many years and has been very active in had a hand in saving the lives of these people.
the local community through his involvement with                                        th
Rotary, the Chamber of Commerce, and the local Gus was farewelled on Thursday 25 with Rotar-
Hospital and football club.                       ian’s forming a guard of honour and a proces-
                                                  sion led by a lone piper. We will miss him and we
Gus was a Justice of the Peace and Bail Justice send our deepest sympathy to his wife Bev and
and was often called on at any time of the day or their five children. Our Family of Rotary chairman
night to assist the local police and was a great  will ensure contact and assistance is maintained.
help to young people in trouble. The general pub-
lic also sought his services for witnessing various
          New Members – September                          Paul Harris Fellows – September
             Name                        Club                    Name                       Club
  Gordon Shaw                 Albury Hume               Richard Gozdzik           Preston

  John McDonald               Albury Hume               Wayne O’Neil (Sapphire)   Preston

  Jeff Tickell                Albury Hume               Rowena Mann               Benalla

  Cheryl Balaam               Bellbridge Lake Hume
                                                             LONG STANDING MEMBERS
  Peter Carr                  Heidelberg
  Hans Heshusius              Heidelberg                Bruce Wilson— Albury Rotary Club since
  (Returned Member)                                     January 20th 1967. In addition, for all those
  Ken Larkin                  Pascoe Vale               years he has been a 100% member
  Andrew Lelliott (Returned   Shepparton South
  Member)                                               Rotary Club of Sunbury
  Alf Gloster                 Sunbury
                                                        PDG Mani Seneviratne 16 years 1 month
  Andrew McDonald             Wangaratta
                                                        PDG Terry Grant     16 years 1 month
  Robert Grullis              Yarrawonga Mulwala
  Ken Foletta                 Yea                       Both have been 100% since 1993.

                                                        Rotary Club of Rutherglen
     Deceased Members – September
                                                        John Rees PHF—John joined Rotary in
                                                        1966/7 at Narranderah. He has been a mem-
             Name                        Club
                                                        ber of Irymple, South Wagga Wagga, Griffith
  Don Haberecht PDG           Corryong                  and Rutherglen. He has had 100% atten-
  Maurice Denson PDG          Cobram                    dance since June 1979--a period of 29 years.
                                                        A super effort
  Angus McDonald              Seymour
                                                        Rotary Club of Beechworth

                                                        100% continuous attendance , Immediate
                                                        Past President, George Turnbull who has
                                                        maintained his 100% record for the en-
                                                        tire duration of his Rotary service - 26 years.

                                                        Rotary Club of Belvior Wodonga

                                                        1. Uninterupted attendance from induction to
                                                        present day is Rtn PP Reg Matthews at 30yrs
                                                        2. Uninterupted attendance streak is Rtn PP
                                                        Colin Coyle at 31years

    DISTRICT 9790                                                 Rotary Club of
                                                        The meeting scheduled for Wednesday 19th
       GEELONG                                          November will be held with the Local Cham-
                                                         ber of Commerce at the Bistro, Greensbor-
March 27th to March 29th                                ough Hotel commencing 07:00am and finish-
         2009                                                          ing 08:30am

DUCKS IN HEAVEN !!!                                                       OBSESSIVE / COMPULSIVE

Three women die together in an accident and go to Heaven.                 A London medical research group advertised for participants in a
When they get there, St. Peter says, ‘We only have one rule here          study of obsessive-compulsive disorder.
in Heaven: Don't step on the ducks!'                                      They were looking for therapy clients who had been diagnosed
                                                                          with this disorder.
So they enter Heaven, and sure enough, there are ducks all over
the place. It is almost impossible not to step on a duck, and al-         The response was gratifying; they got 3,879 responses one hour
though they try their best to avoid them, the first woman acciden-        after the ad came out.
tally steps on one.
                                                                          All from the same person.!"
Along comes St. Peter with the ugliest man she ever saw. St.
Peter chains them together and says, 'Your punishment for step-           WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT BEER
ping on a duck is to spend eternity chained to this ugly man!'
                                                                   A handful of 7 year old children were asked "What they thought of
The next day, the second woman steps accidentally on a duck        beer". Some interesting responses, but the last one is especially
and along comes St. Peter, who doesn't miss a thing. With him is touching.
another extremely ugly man. He chains them together with the
same admonishment as for the first woman.                          "I think beer must be good. My dad says the more beer he drinks
                                                                   the rettier my mom gets." --Tim, 7 years old
The third woman has observed all this and, not wanting to be
chained for all eternity to an ugly man, is very, VERY careful     "Beer makes my dad sleepy and we get to watch what we want
where she steps. She manages to go months without stepping         on television when he is asleep, so beer is nice. "
on any ducks, but one day St.Peter comes up to her with the most --Mellanie, 7 years old
handsome man she has ever laid eyes on .... very tall, long eye-
lashes, muscular.                                                  "My Mom and Dad both like beer. My Mom gets funny when she
                                                                   drinks it and takes her top off at parties, but Dad doesn't think this
St. Peter chains them together without saying a word. The happy is very funny." --Grady, 7 years old
woman says, 'I wonder what I did to deserve being chained to you
for all of eternity?' The guy says, 'I don't know about you, but I "My Mom and Dad talk funny when they drink beer and the more
stepped on a duck.                                                 they drink the more they give kisses to each other, which is a
                                                                   good thing." --Toby, 7 years old
                                                                   "My Dad gets funny on beer. He is funny. He also wets his pants
We went to breakfast at a restaurant where the "seniors' special" sometimes, so he shouldn't have too much.
was two eggs, bacon, hash browns & toast for $1.99.                --Sarah, 7 years old
"Sounds good," my wife said. "But I don't want the eggs."
"Then, I'll have to charge you two dollars & forty-nine cents be-  "My Dad loves beer. The more he drinks, the better he dances.
cause you're ordering a la carte," the waitress warned her.        One time he danced right into the pool." --Lilly, 7
"You mean I'd have to pay for not taking the eggs?" my wife
asked incredulously.                                               "I don't like beer very much. Every time Dad drinks it, he burns
"Yes!!" stated the waitress.                                       the sausages on the barbecue and they taste disgusting." --
"I'll take the special then." my wife said.                        Ethan, 7 years old
"How do you want your eggs?" the waitress asked.
"Raw and in the shell," my wife replied.                           "I give Dad's beer to the dog and he goes to sleep."
She took the two eggs home.                                        --Shirley, 7 years old

IRISH BANK ROBBER                                                    "My Mom drinks beer and she says silly things and picks on my
                                                                     father. Whenever she drinks beer she yells at Dad and tells him to
Paddy decided to rob a bank. He got all the gear together - stock- go bury his bone down the street again, but that doesn't make any
ing mask, sawn-off shotgun, getaway car and so on - but he real- sense."
ised his accent would mark him out as Irish, so he took elocution --Jack, 7 years old
lessons for almost a year until he could finally pass as an English-
man.                                                                 HYPOCRITE
On the day of the robbery, he donned his mask, rushed into the            "My boyfriend is such a cheat and a liar!" Sue shouted.
bank and said, "I say there, I'm terribly sorry but this is a robbery.    "I’ve been going with the guy for nearly a year now and not
Be a good chap and fill this sack with lots of lovely lolly."
                                                                          once did he mention that he’s married."
The cashier said, "you're Irish aren't you?"
Paddy was astonished. "How the divil did ye figure dat out?" he           "Oh, that’s terrible," her friend said. "Yeah. What a hypo-
asked.                                                                    crite!
                                                                          I’d probably never have found out. I heard purely by
The cashier replied, "it was easy, you've sawn the wrong end off          chance when it was mentioned the other day by my hus-
your shotgun                                                              band."

Rotary Club            As at 31/07/08   As at 30/08/09    Gain / Loss   No of mtgs   % month   Position
Albury                       37               37               0            4         70.00      36
Albury Hume                  28               29               1            4         88.00       4
Albury North                 52               53               1            4         75.51      25
Albury West                  50               50               0            4         77.60      20
Alexandra                    43               43               0            4         77.00      22
Appin Park                   30               30               0            4         67.50      43
Beechworth                   20               21               1            4         86.40       6
Bellbridge Lake Hume         11               12               1            4         82.70      11
Belvoir Wodonga              38               38               0            4         66.13      46
Benalla                      81               79              -2            4         69.58      39
Bright                       30               30               0            4         74.81      27
Broadmeadows                 22               22               0            4         65.90      48
Bundoora                     12               12               0            4         86.70       5
Cobram                       33               33               0            4         77.25      21
Coburg                       23               23               0            4         60.87      52
Corowa                       26               26               0            ?           ?        60
Corryong                     18               16              -2            4         75.40      26
Craigieburn                  20               20               0            4         55.00      56
Deniliquin                   28               28               0            4         64.00      50
Diamond Creek                28               28               0            4         68.75      41
East Shepparton              22               22               0            4         68.00      42
Eltham                       49               48              -1            4         66.86      45
Euroa                        46               48               2            4         72.25      31
Finley                       26               26               0            ?           ?        59
Greensborough                39               39               0            4         55.76      54
Heidelberg                   43               43               0            4         55.09      55
Holbrook                     28               28               0            4         80.00      14
Ivanhoe                      13               13               0            4         84.00       9
Kyabram                      34               35               1            4         73.10      30
Lavington                    12               12               0            4         95.83       1
Mansfield                    38               39               1            4         77.80      19
Mooroopna                    35               35               0            ?           ?        58
Moreland                      9                9               0            4         50.00      57
Mount Beauty                 23               23               0            4         65.00      49
Myrtleford                   22               22               0            4         81.30      12
Nathalia                     18               18               0            4         80.56      13
Numurkah                     23               23               0            4         74.66      28
Pascoe Vale                  33               34               1            4         90.22       2
Preston                      38               39               1            4         73.60      29
Reservoir                    10               10               0            4         80.00      15
Riddells Creek               17               17               0            4         80.00      16
Romsey Lancefield            13               13               0            4         70.00      35
Rosanna                      27               27               0            4         70.83      33
Rutherglen                   32               29              -3            4         75.75      24
Seymour                      27               28               1            4         80.00      17
Shepparton                   53               53               0            4         66.00      47
Shepparton Central           39               39               0            4         69.90      37
Shepparton South             43               42              -1            4         86.30       7
Southern Mitchell            21               21               0            4         70.23      34
Strathmore                   29               29               0            4         88.80       3
Sunbury                      38               39               1            4         69.75      38
Tallangatta                  20               20               0            4         84.40       8
Tatura                       34               34               0            4         58.10      53
Tocumwal                      8                8               0            4         76.78      23
Wangaratta                   27               27               0            4         69.44      40
Whittlesea                   18               18               0            4         63.00      51
Wodonga                      35               36               1            4         82.70      10
Wodonga West                 35               34              -1            4         66.90      44
Yarrawonga Mulwala           39               40               1            4         71.20      32
Yea                          42               43               1            4         78.00      18

           60              1788             1793              5                       73.53