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Holy Trinity August News Letter


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									                                           Holy Trinity
                                         August News Letter
                                                              July 2009
                             From your Rector
I write this reflection on one of the more pleasant winter afternoons. What a lovely season in
Hillcrest. Thinking back to the time we arrived, it seems as if we had more sun shining days these
past weeks than we had in summer when we arrived.
This month I thought that we consider a somewhat more sombre topic,
Funeral versus Memorial services. We have had numerous requests for Memorial Services as an
alternative to Funeral Services. One of the reasons advanced for such requests is that family
members find it difficult to be present with the coffin in church. As Anglicans we are not permitted to do this.
Memorial services are encouraged in those instances where a person died in another province or country and is buried
there, affording the friends in their home town the opportunity of bidding farewell to the deceased. The General
Rubrics (rules) pertaining to funeral and memorial services read:

                       “A Memorial Service is not an alternative to the Funeral Service. It is an additional service
                      which may be used in the home or in church. It may precede the Interment of Ashes.” (APB)
As a Church we believe there is a distinct difference between a Funeral and Memorial Service. At the Funeral Service
we reverently commit the body of the deceased to God, whereas at a Memorial Service we recall the memory of the
deceased person. As you can appreciate, the focus at these respective services is very different.
Christians believe that all life begins and ends with God. In Genesis 1 we read that God created human beings in God’s
image and breathed God’s breathe into them. The prophet Jeremiah wrote that before he was formed, whilst still in
his mother’s womb God called him. Our existence, from the moment of conception begins with God. Our bodies are
therefore sacred from that moment on. St John tells us that God dignified the human body by making it his dwelling in
Jesus, the Word made flesh. St Paul writes that our bodies are the temple of God, the Holy Spirit. It is not just a basic
tenet of our faith but has also been the practice of the Christian Church since its inception. The Church regards the
human body as a precious gift from cradle to grave. Thus, even in death, the body should be acknowledged and
treated with respect for having been the temporary home of the treasure of the life God gives us. Therefore at a
funeral the body is commended reverently back to God.
Another important aspect for having a public funeral is that it affords the community and friends of the deceased the
opportunity to share in our grief. From time immemorial funerals afforded family, friends and the community the
opportunity to grieve the death of a person. The funeral service thus provides the opportunity for all who knew the
deceased to say their farewell.
I want to encourage us all to consider a funeral service in the event of death because as a Parish we too want to be
part of the ceremony of giving thanks to our God for your life and contribution to the world and the Church. Please
inform us and your immediate families of your decision and if you have not already done so, we would like to
encourage you please to complete the ‘Arrangements for my Funeral’ form, which is available from Enid. I pray and
trust that this very scant view of the Church’s position will help us.
With every blessing
Your priest and friend
                                            Parish Ministry Groups

This section of our magazine will provide information on the existing parish ministry groups and some of the planned
activities for the immediate future.

The Evening Women’s Guild (EWG) was established to give working women an opportunity to participate in the life of
the church. The group meets on the last Tuesday of every month from 19h00 to 22h00. Members of the guild, which
                                                presently numbers 21, take turns to host the meeting in their homes.

                                                     The hostess for the evening plans each meeting that will consist of
                                                     listening to guest speakers involved in a variety of services within
                                                     the community. The meeting          normally concludes with the
                                                     discussion of the group’s business matters.

                                                     The group participate in various activities to support the work of
                                                     poor relief. Amongst other things it includes an annual fund raiser
                                                     on Shrove Tuesday, collecting and distributing necessities to
                                                     projects within the surrounding vicinity.

The next project for the group is a musical evening with John and Jonathan Didlick entitled “That’s Life”. It will take
place in the parish hall on the 3rd of October at 19h00. The cost is R60 per person, patrons are to bring a picnic supper. A
cash bar will be available. Dress code is black and white. For more information contact Lynette Reynolds on 031 716

                                               The Sunday School
The Sunday school has become a hive of activity for young busy bodies. They have followed similar themes to that of
                       the main Sunday themes in worship. This past month the Sunday school was taught about the
                       armour of God as a protector against sin as the armour of a soldier protects him from injury.
                       Based on St Paul’s teaching of the armour of God, the Sunday school made the various pieces
                       of armour from tin foil.

                          Another lesson focused on God’s provision of manna for the Israelites, who fled from Egypt.
                          Pieces of torn paper were spread across the floor to illustrate how this manna fell from
                          Heaven, the Children thoroughly enjoyed collecting the pieces of paper.

In dealing with vegetation, the Sunday school children taught Nicole a thing or two about photosynthesis.

The children seem to be having great fun in the Sunday school and we want to encourage parents to bring their children
more regularly as we continue to build this important ministry.

                                           The In Touch Update
                                     The 21st Century Parent – Rob Parsons
The 21st Century Parenting course by Rob Parsons hosted by the church has been a resounding
success thus far. An average of 20 parents have been attending the weekly course on a Tuesday
evening. The feed back from the participants so far has been positive. Everyone seems to have learnt
something from the presentation or the discussion which took place afterwards. The participants feel
that the relevant parenting challenges are been addressed. The course continues to run until the 22nd
September. As each topic stands alone, we encourage those that have not yet attended to join us on a
Tuesday at 17h45.
                          August Environmental Awareness Month

Nette Miller, the Parish Environmental Awareness Group Convenor, was pleased with the response to the
worship focus on the environment this month. The Committee was hard at work this month in raising our
awareness, challenging us and producing weekly conservation tips and organising a clean up around the
Hillcrest Post Office area. The response to the appeals and interest in the displays was phenomenal. The
group encouraged parishioners to bring all their empty cans for recycling and thus far 25kgs of cans have
been dropped off at the church. Many showed an interest in the invasive alien plant display and
acknowledged that they did not realise which were actually the undesirable ones. Many commented and
showed surprise at how pretty an indigenous cut flower arrangement can be. The clean up at the post office
was well supported by both young and older members of the congregation and it proved a great success in
building fellowship.

                                      Snippets of News
                                             Sean Semple
Bishop Rubin selected Sean Semple as a candidate for the Holy Office of a Deacon. The ordination will take
place at the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Pietermaritzburg. Please pray for Sean, Catherine, Kyle and Lex.

This month we sadly bid farewell to two of our longstanding parishioners, Paul Reinecke and Colleen
Woodhouse. We also conducted the funeral services of Audrey Ford, Margaret Sanders and Neville Steere,
family or friends of our parishioners.

                                           As I Grow
                          Understand that I am growing and changing very fast
                        It must be difficult to keep pace with me, but please try.
                     Listen to me and give me brief, clear answers to my questions
                            Then I will keep sharing my thoughts and feelings
                                     Reward me for telling the truth.
                                   Then I am not frightened into lying.
                   Tell me when you make mistakes and what you learned from them
                         Then I can accept that I am OK, even when I blunder.
                             Pay attention to me, and spend time with me.
                        Then I can believe that I am important and worthwhile.
                                    Do the things you want me to do
                                   Then I have a good positive model.
                                         Trust and respect me.
                                   Even though I am smaller than you.
                                 I have feelings and needs just like you.
                                     Compliment and appreciate me.
                       Then I’ll feel good, and I’ll want to continue to please you.
                      Help me explore my unique interests, talents and potential.
                       In order for me to be happy, I need to be me, and not you
                                    or someone you want me to be.
                           Be an individual and create your own happiness.
                        Then you can teach me the same, and I can live a happy.
                                     successful and fulfilling life.
                                Thank you for hearing me, I love you!

                                            On the Lighter Side

                                           Actual Parish Notices
The fasting and Prayer Conference includes meals.

Eight new choir robes are currently needed due to the addition of several new members and to the
     deterioration of some older ones!

Potluck supper Sunday at 5.00pm - prayer and medication will follow.

Ladies, don’t forget the rummage sale. It’s a chance to get rid of those things not worth keeping around the
     house. Bring your husbands.
                                                Quick Quiz
                                     1. Which Bible Character has no parents?
                                     2. Why didn’t they play cards on the Ark?
                                   3. Who is the greatest babysitter in the Bible?

                                                Answers to Quiz
                                              1. Joshua, son of Nun
                                    2. Because Noah was standing on the deck.
                                    3. David. He rocked Goliath to a very deep

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