Photosensitive Fiber

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					                                                                                           Product Factnote

                                                                                           Photosensitive Fiber

 Photosensitive Fiber
  Simplified Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG)                                                     Photosensitive Fibers
  fabrication for telecoms and sensor
  components                                                                               Boron Co-doped PS-
  FBG technology is incredibly versatile, enabling a broad-range                           Series:
  of light-manipulating components to be created within the core
  of the fiber itself. It quickly established itself as a key enabler in                             High reflectivity gratings
  the dense division wavelength (DWDM) ‘revolution’ that is                                           without hydrogen-loading
  delivering a capability for almost unlimited bandwidth and later                                   Reduced grating
                                                                                                      manufacturing time and
  found new niches in both channel multiplexing and sensor                                            cost
  element formation in fiber sensors.                                                                Mode-matched to standard
                                                                                                      telecoms fibers for low
  Fibercore Limited offers two different types of photosensitive                                      splice-loss
  fiber, both intrinsically photosensitive and both designed to                                      Ideal for discreet FBG
  simplify the process of grating production – the boron co-doped                                     components
  PS-series for discreet components and the high germania
  SM1500 series for distributed sensors and splice-free sensor                             High Germania SM –
  Boron co-doped fiber for discreet component
  FBG fabrication                                                                                    High reflectivity gratings
                                                                                                      with / without hydrogen
  Fibercore PS-series fiber has a high-germania and boron co-                                         loading
  doped core composition that enables high-reflectivity gratings to                                  Exceptional resistance to
  be written without the need to hydrogen-load. Mode field                                            bend-induced loss
  diameters (MFDs) have also been engineered so that gratings                                        Low 1550 nm attenuation
                                                                                                      for distributed sensors or
  may be spliced into standard telecommunications or pigtailing                                       splice-free sensor elements
  fibers with minimal excess loss.
                                                                                                     Proof-tests up to 3% (300
  The removal of the need to saturate the fiber with hydrogen                                         kpsi) for high reliability
  greatly streamlines and simplifies the grating fabrication                                         Optional single-layer
  process. Fibers may be used ‘straight from the shelf’ and                                           coating for through-coating
  deliver a strong and consistent degree of photosensitivity
                                                                                                     Ideal for distributed and
  indefinitely – enhancing production-line safety and saving you                                      coiled sensors
  both time and money.
  Two PS-Variants – for 1310/1550 nm
  Components and 980 nm EDFA Pump-lockers
  PS1250/1500 has been designed to match the characteristics
  of typical, dual-wavelength telecommunications fibers, making it
  ideal for the fabrication of add-drop multiplexers or EDFA gain-
  flattening filters (GFFs). The second variant, PS980 has been
  designed to be used to pigtail 980 nm EDFA pump diodes,
  enabling a wavelength-stablizing (or ‘pump-locking’) grating to
  be written directly into the pigtail.

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                                                                                                                  Product Factnote

                                                                                                                  Photosensitive Fiber

  High germania SM-series fibers for distributed
  sensing and splice-free sensor elements
  The presence of boron in PS-series fibers aids the grating
  inscription process and also enables the fiber mode field
  diameter to be matched closely to that of a conventional,
  telecoms-type fiber. However, boron has an intense absorption
  bands in the near infra-red that increases the fundamental
  attenuation at 1550 nm to a level that typically makes it
  unsuitable for use in lengths of more than a few metres.
  For the fabrication of quasi-distributed sensors, in which
  gratings are written at intervals along a continuous length of
  fiber, Fibercore offers three, high germania fibers –
  SM1500(4.2/125), SM1500(4.2/80) and SM1500(4.2/50). These
  fibers have cores with more than 5X the germania content of a
  telecoms fiber, enabling gratings to be written with or without
  hydrogen loading, but lack the boron necessary to mode-match.
  Typical values of attenuation at 1550 nm are around 1.5 dB/km,
  enabling long sensor runs and the combination of exceptional
  resistance to bend-induced loss optional, ‘low-profile’ 80 µm or
  50 m glass diameters and increased proof-test levels makes
  these fibers ideal for high-reliability, coiled and/or tightly-
  packaged applications, including fiber hydrophones.
                                                                                                                                           Typical Grating
   FBG Inscription in Boron Co-doped PS-Series                                                                                             Characteristics
   The special core-composition of PS-series fibers enables rapid grating
                                                                                                                                                 Wavelength (nm)
   fabrication, without the need to hydrogen-load.
                                                                                                                                          1549         1550          1551
                                                                                                                     Transmission (dB)

     Reflected power (%)



                            40                                                                                                           -40


                                                                                                                       Transmission spectrum
                                                                                                                   15mm long grating (248 nm source,
                                 0      20           40        60          80      100     120
                                                                                                                       0.5J/cm2/pulse at 20Hz)
                                                          Time (seconds)

   Writing Conditions: KrF excimer laser at 248 nm, 20Hz pulsed output
   over 100 seconds (2000 pulses)
   Grating Characteristics: 3mm long, Bragg wavelength of 1544 nm.

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                                                                                                     Product Factnote

                                                                                                     Photosensitive Fiber

  Specifications                                                                                                        PS-Series Boron-
  Boron Co-Doped PS-Series Fiber                                                                                      Induced Absorption

                                      PS980                    PS1250/1500                                                   250

                                                                                                       Attenuation (dB/km)
   Design Wavelength op (nm)          980                                                                                   200
   Cut-off Wavelength (nm)          850 - 950                    1100 – 1260                                                 150
   Numerical Aperture                              0.12 – 0.14
                                                                                                                             100      120dB/km @1550nm
   MFD (µm) @ op nominal                6                        8.1 – 9.6
   Attenuation (dB/km) @ op        20 (typical)               120 ( typical)                                                 50

   PMD (ps/m)                            -                    < 0.002 (typical)                                                0
   Fiber Diameter (µm)                              125 ± 1                                                                    1530         1580          1630
   Coating Diameter (µm)                           245 ± 5%                                                                           Wavelength (nm)
   Coating Type                                 Dual Acrylate
                                                                                                               Typical attenuation spectrum of
   Proof Test                                   1% (100 kpsi)                                                  PS fiber in C-band and L-band

  High Germania SM1500-Series Fiber

                                    SM1500(4.2/125)            SM1500(4.2/80)     SM1500(4.2/50)

 Design Wavelength op (nm)                                           1550

 Cut-off Wavelength (nm)                                          1350 – 1500
 Numerical Aperture                                                0.29 – 0.31
 MFD (µm) @ m nominal                                           4.2

 Attenuation (dB/km) @ m                                        < 2.0

 Fiber Diameter (µm)                    125 ± 1                     80 ± 1              50 ± 1
 Core Cladding Concentricity (m)                                    < 0.75
 Coating Diameter (µm)                  245 ± 5                     170 ± 5             110 ± 5
 Coating Type                       Dual Acrylate (Single to Special Order)        Single Acrylate
 Proof Test                                           1%, 2% or 3% (c 100 – 300 kpsi)

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