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The University of Cape Town gratefully acknowledges the sustained contributions of the following partners. Their support has
made possible curriculum, staff and student transformation, improved student access to tertiary education, programmes that
promote social engagement and community upliftment, as well as increased research capacity.

Alumni, Staff, Students and Leadership of UCT                   Estate Late George Strates
The A and M Pevsner Charitable Trust                            Estate Late Hajee Sulaiman ShahMahomed
Abe Bailey Trust                                                Estate Late Pauline de la Motte Hall
Mr Bruce Trevor Ackerman                                        Estate Late Edward Carter
The Ackerman Family Educational Trust                           Estate Late Peter Christopher Theron
The Andrew W Mellon Foundation                                  Estate Late Leah Levy
The Atlantic Philanthropies                                     Estate Late RM Moss
Albert Wessels Trust                                            Estate Late Sarah Turoff
Allan Cormack Book Fund                                         Fetzer Institute
Allan Gray Orbis Foundation                                     The Ford Foundation
Andreas and Susan Struengmann Foundation                        Foschini Retail Group (Pty) Ltd
Andrew Alexander Scholarship in Historical Studies/             The Frank G Connock Trust
Alexander Family                                                The Frank Robb Charitable Trust
Anglo Gold Ashanti Ltd                                          Frank G Connock Trust
Attorneys Fidelity Fund                                         Dr Ernest Fullagar
BM Raff Will Trust                                              Garden Cities Inc
Prof Klaus Jürgen Bathe                                         The Gertrude Haas Performing Arts Scholarship Fund
The Beit Trust                                                  Ginsburg Asset Consulting (Pty) Ltd
Ben & Shirley Rabinowitz Foundation                             Golda Selzer Memorial Fund
Boehringer Ingelheim (Pty) Ltd                                  Goldman Sachs Charitable Fund
Mr Michael Brownstone                                           GlaxoSmithKline plc
CHK Charities Ltd                                               Mr John Malcolm Graham
The Calleva Foundation                                          Mr John Grieves
Cancer Research Trust                                           Guy Elliott Medical Research Trust
Cape Bridge Trust Company                                       HCI Foundation
Cape Gate (Pty) Ltd                                             Hasso Plattner Foerderstiftung
Carnegie Corporation of New York                                The Harry Crossley Foundation
Catherine Bailey Law Bursary/ Bailey Family and Friends         Heneck Family Foundation
The Chris Barnard Trust Fund                                    The Hermann Ohlthaver Trust
The Claude Leon Foundation                                      Hope for Depression Research Foundation
Circle Capital Ventures                                         Horace Alfred Taylor Will Trust
Citigroup Foundation                                            Hospital Welfare and Muslim Educational Movement
Miss Vivien Cohen                                               IBM
The DG Murray Trust                                             International Bar Association Educational Trust
Dalib Investments (Pty) Ltd                                     Italian Institute of Culture
The David and Elaine Potter Charitable Foundation               JP Morgan Chase South African Trust Foundation
Derek Raphael Bursary                                           JRS Biodiversity Foundation
De Beers Fund Educational Trust                                 James Sivewright Scratchley Will Trust
Dieter Bock Bursary Programme                                   Joan St Leger Lindbergh Charitable Trust
Discovery Foundation                                            John and Margaret Overbeek Trust
The Donald Gordon Foundation                                    Johnson Matthey plc
The Dora and William Oscar Heyne Charitable Trust               The John Ellerman Foundation
The Doris Crossley Foundation                                   The Justin and Elsa Schaffer Family UCT Scholarship Trust
Dow Southern Africa Pty Ltd                                     Karl Storz GmbH & Co KG
Dr RO Dudley Educational Memorial Fund / Drs Shafiek Parker      Kate Jagoe-Davies Memorial Bursary Fund
and Bruce Adams                                                 Mr William Kentridge
Mr Sakhi Dumakude                                               The Khotso Trust
Dr Stanley Batchelor Bursary Trust                              Mr Rob Knutzen
Dutkiewicz Family                                               The Kresge Foundation
EJ Lombardi Trust                                               Leah Gamsa Sixpence Award/Gamsa & Alexander Family
Eduloan                                                         The Leanore Zara Kaplan Will Trust
Edward and Dorothy Cadbury Trust                                The Leverhulme Trust
Dr Colin Eglin                                                  Lily & Ernst Hausmann Research Trust
Elizabeth Clough Music Trust                                    The Link-SA Trust
The ELMA Foundation                                             The Little Tew Charitable Trust
Eranda Foundation                                               Lorenzo and Stella Chiappini Charitable and Cultural Trust
Ernest Oppenheimer Memorial Trust                               Mr Vincent Mai

    Mr Nene Mathebula                                                     The Rolf-Stephan Nussbaum Foundation
    The Mauerberger Foundation Fund                                       Rosalie van der Gucht Will Trust
    Mary Slack & Daughters Foundation                                     Rustenburg Platinum Mines Ltd
    Mazars Moores Rowland Corporates Finance                              Ruth and Anita Wise Charitable and Educational Trust
    The Maurice Hatter Foundation                                         SANLAM
    Dr Jan Minners                                                        Mr Duncan Saville
    Medtronic Foundation                                                  Mohammed Bin Sayed
    Mrs Irene Menell                                                      Mr Ian Scott
    The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation                                 Servier Laboratories SA Pty Ltd
    Minerals Education Trust Fund                                         The Shuttleworth Foundation
    Mr Mutle Mogase                                                       Sigrid Rausing Trust
    The Myra Chapman Educational Trust                                    Mr James Simmons
    National Arts Council of South Africa                                 Southern African Music Rights Organisation Ltd
    National Bioproducts Institute                                        South African Norway Tertiary Development Programme
    The Nellie Atkinson Trust                                             The Starr Foundation/The late Mr Ernest and Brendalyn Stempel
    Nestlé Nutrition Institute Africa                                     StatPro South Africa (Pty) Ltd
    National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund                              Stavro Tsatsos Trust
    New Settlers Foundation                                               The Stella & Paul Loewenstein Educational and Charitable Trust
    Novo Nordisk (Pty) Ltd                                                The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust
    The Nuffield Foundation                                                Stevenson Family’s Charitable Trust
    The Old Mutual Foundation                                             Stuart and Anita Saunders Bursary
    The Ove Arup Foundation                                               The Susman Charitable Foundation
    PA Don Scholarship Trust                                              Swiss – South African Co-operation Initiative
    Mrs Pamela Golding                                                    Thabo Mbeki Educational Trust
    Dr Peter Packer                                                       Tullow Oil
    Pearson Plc                                                           The Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research Inc
    Percy Fox Foundation                                                  Western Platinum Ltd
    Peregrine Bursary Fund / Phelps Family and Friends                    The Wheatfield Estate Foundation Trust
    The Petroleum Oil and Gas Corporation of SA                           The Wilfred Cooper Trust
    Picasso Headline                                                      Wilfred Orr Trust
    PM Anderson Educational Trust                                         The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
    Polaris Foundation                                                    The William and Yvonne Jacobson Digital Africana Program
    Professional Provident Society                                        The Wolfson Foundation
    Mr Harold Pupkewitz                                                   Unifolb Global
    Raith Foundation/Owen Family                                          Unilever South Africa Home and Personal Care (Pty) Ltd
    The Raymond Ackerman Foundation                                       United Negro College Fund Inc
    Richard Spiegel Scholarship in Economic Studies                       University of Cape Town Association of Black Alumni
    Rio Tinto plc                                                         Upstream Training Trust
    Prof Mary Robertson                                                   Vodacom (Pty) Ltd
    The Rockefeller Foundation                                            Xstrata SA Pty Ltd
    Roche Products (Pty) Ltd - Diagnostics                                The Yvonne Parfitt Trust / Dinah Stell and Family
    Rockefeller Brothers Fund                                             Mr Sandile Zungu

                      Thank you for helping UCT to pursue its vision of being a world class, research-led African university

                 (CEREMONY 2)

                                            ORDER OF PROCEEDINGS

                                                          Academic Procession.
                              (The congregation is requested to stand as the procession enters the hall and
                                         is invited to participate in the singing of Gaudeamus)

                                          The Vice-Chancellor will constitute the congregation.

                                                          The National Anthem.

                             The University Statement of Dedication will be read by a member of the SRC.

                                                              Musical item.

                                      Welcome by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor D Visser.

    The Orator will invite the President of Convocation to present the President of Convocation’s Medal for 2010 to Anne Templeton.

                        Professor Visser will present Hanna-Andrea Röther for the Social Responsiveness Award.

              The honorary graduands will be presented to the Vice-Chancellor by the University orator, Professor A Lewis.

                     Professor Visser will invite High Commissioner Navanethem Pillay to address the congregation.

                                             Address by Commissioner Navanethem Pillay.

The graduands and diplomates will be presented to the Vice-Chancellor by the Deans of the Faculties of Health Sciences, Science and Law.

                                The Vice-Chancellor will congratulate the new graduates and diplomates.

                         Professor Visser will make closing announcements and invite the congregation to stand.

                                           The Vice-Chancellor will dissolve the congregation.

                             The procession, including the new graduates and diplomates will leave the hall.
                         (The congregation is requested to remain standing until the procession has left the hall)

                     The music for the recessional march has been composed by Professor Peter Klatzow who retires
                                      at the end of 2010 from the South African College of Music.

             The President of Convocation’s Medal is awarded annually by the President of Convocation
                        to a past student who has made a remarkable contribution to society.

                                                   Anne Templeton

    (Maxine) Anne Templeton (nee Kipps) graduated BSocSc in 1965, and MSocSc in 1966.

    Annie Templeton and her husband Peter were the prime founders of the Catholic Welfare Bureau (CWB) in
    1970. In the course of time, as self-reliance emerged as a goal, it became Catholic Welfare and Development
    (CWD) and continues today under that title. Owen, Cardinal McCann had invited the Templetons to lead it,
    to respond to the plight of the poor and hungry, the dispossessed and the discarded, the victims of violence, the
    downtrodden, of all communities in the greater Western Province, to begin with the resources of the Catholic
    community, but to serve people of every faith, and of every colour and culture, on the single criterion of need.

    Who was served, and what special needs drew its focus over the years?

    Some CWD annual reports of the 1980s note the following: soup kitchens in formal and informal settlements
    suffering from poverty, food parcels for African old-age pensioners during apartheid’s heyday, knitting and
    weaving projects for the unemployed leading to forms of self-employment. One finds evidence of pre-schools
    and early learning centres in poor communities, old-age homes for social pensioners but with the dignity of self-
    governance and shared affordable costs, credit unions to avoid the pitfalls of debt and hire-purchase, farming in
    the city – producing vegetables on self-help plots in urban environments - low-cost self-built housing methods,
    community workers and social workers.

    The year 1990-91 reports expansions of those previous activities, but includes housing for AIDS victims and
    education for AIDS prevention (years ahead of the AIDS issue’s later prominence), counselling services,
    nutrition projects, help for abused women, and community centres, land and housing issues, rural development,
    office-skills training, mentoring, bursaries for disadvantaged students. By the mid-1990’s we see refugee
    centres, caring networks, containers for Africa – bringing adapted containers as first sites for crèches, kitchens
    and community centres - and later Jobstart and Worklink to address employment needs.

    Annie and her husband retired from CWD in early 1997.

    This 1997 departure was no ordinary retirement. Having left CWD in its fully operational mode, they took on
    the farm Goedgedacht in the Malmesbury area with wider social objectives. This farm project has become a
    centre for rural development in the Malmesbury area, a crèche, a place of quiet and respite, a site of debate.

    The consuming dream of Goedgedacht is a self-sustaining farm with three types of service: a venue that
    enables open and creative tackling of the contentious issues of community, justice and politics; a site of rural
    development; and a place at which persons of different faiths may encounter one another and discover the
    contrasting deepest values that imbue their common pilgrimage through the human condition. An olive grove
    has been established at Goedgedacht. The trees endure and once mature provide olive crops that can fund good
    wages, bad times and good works.

    In short Annie Templeton has embraced and epitomised a transcendent social responsibility that is an example
    to us all. She is an alumna who has made a contribution to the common good.

                       SOCIAL RESPONSIVENESS AWARD
             The Social Responsiveness Award provides an institutional signal to members of the
                  University that social responsiveness is an important institutional priority.

                                          Dr Hanna Andrea Röther
       Principal Research Officer, in the Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health Research

Dr Röther’s work on the consequences of the use of street pesticides for pest control in South Africa’s
peri-urban areas on children’s health and health policy is not only pioneering a new area in the field of public
health but is also influencing state and international policy. Through her research on household pesticide use she
has not only brought to light the illegal use of agricultural pesticides (not intended for household consumption)
to tackle poverty-related pest infestations, but she has also used her data to engage with key government
and non governmental institutions about possible solutions to the use of illegal and highly toxic pesticides
among the urban poor in Cape Town. In designing the research agenda she has developed innovative research
methods. During all stages of the project she has fostered a participatory research approach. A community NGO
co-initiated the project and participated in the research design. A Child Pesticide Policy reference group with
representatives of the community, child health practitioners, from the three tiers of government was established
prior to commencement and meets regularly to discuss findings, problems and intervention at every stage of the
research. This innovative approach is evidence of shared planning and decision-making practice.

This work has produced a wide range and different kinds of scholarly outputs and risk communication tools
to disseminate knowledge to a broad range of stakeholders – academics, government officials and community
members. Locally, a point chart and algorithm was developed for identifying poisoning by ‘street pesticides’
for clinicians in health facilities. Various risk communication tools developed by the project are now being
implemented in Cape Town’s peri-urban centres (e.g., stickers on the hazards of street pesticides) and are
under negotiation for national distribution through Pick n Pay stores (e.g., pamphlets providing pesticide-risk
information to consumers). A pamphlet in three languages to raise awareness of pesticide hazards was adopted
by local stakeholders for wider dissemination. Development of a wall chart on prevention of child pesticide
poisoning was inserted into a local newspaper. Nationally, production of a Guideline for Preventing Child
Pesticide Poisonings in SA has been distributed to all Environmental Health Professionals; a new notification
form to improve the national notification system for pesticide poisoning has been implemented by the National
Department of Health; and there have been presentations to a national conference organised by the Departments
of Health and Environmental Affairs and Tourism and to local conferences.

Dr Röther is drawing on her work to develop a new research-led curriculum for a post-graduate diploma and
MPhil in pesticide risk management. The students for this programme are predominately pesticide regulators
from South Africa and other parts of Africa and the programme’s focus is on equipping under-resourced officials
to reduce risks from pesticide use, particularly for vulnerable populations.

The project provides a learning experience for undergraduate, honours and master’s degree students in the
Health Sciences Faculty and in Anthropology. Students conducted community-based household surveys,
collected narratives from families/carers of poisoned children, conducted hospital record reviews, participated
in field observations, interviewed informal sellers of pesticides and worked alongside community fieldworkers.
The project has provided a base for students across disciplines to learn together, to present their findings to
policy stakeholders and to participate in practitioner training.

                                      HONORARY DEGREES

                                                  Navanethem Pillay
                                                 LLD (honoris causa)

    Among Judge Navi Pillay’s many achievements is having made profound jurisprudential change by her
    judgment in the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda establishing rape as a war crime. This came on top
    of a long and distinguished career.

    Navi Pillay graduated from the University of Natal with a BA in 1963 and a LLB in 1965. In 1982 she obtained
    a Master of Law and in 1988 a Doctor of Juridical Science from Harvard University. She was admitted as an
    attorney in 1967 and, during 28 years of practice, defended many anti-apartheid activists and trade unionists.
    Among her precedent-setting achievements were judgments exposing the use of torture in the apartheid state,
    the debilitating effects of solitary confinement and the winning of the right for Robben Island prisoners to have
    access to legal representation.

    In 1995 she was elected by the United Nations General Assembly as judge of the International Criminal
    Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), and in 1999 elected as its President. Under her leadership the ICTR set significant
    international criminal law precedent, including: the first conviction on the crime of genocide; the first ever
    conviction by an international court of a head of state on genocide and crimes against humanity; the conviction
    of elements of the media on incitement to genocide; and the groundbreaking redefinition of rape as an act of

    Judge Pillay was the only South African elected as one of the 18 judges of the newly-created International
    Criminal Court in 2003. Judge Pillay’s commitment to human rights and to women’s issues extends beyond her
    work on the bench and she holds leadership positions in a number of civic organisations. In 2008 she became
    the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, an office she regards as “the voice of the victim

                                                   Lynda Chalker
                                                 LLD (honoris causa)

    Lynda Chalker is a public figure recognised for making major contributions to development and medicine in
    Africa. She was a British Conservative politician serving as Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom
    from 1974 to 1992, became a life peer as Baroness Chalker in 1992, and held ministerial and cabinet office in
    successive UK governments.

    As a Trustee of the University of Cape Town Trust in the United Kingdom she has been very supportive of the
    University of Cape Town over many years. She was responsible for ensuring that large sums of money were
    directed to the University of Cape Town for needy black students through the British Ambassador (later the High
    Commissioner) when she was Minister for Overseas Development at the Foreign Office from 1989 to 1997.

    She founded the Chalker Foundation for Africa which supports medical knowledge and training in Africa.
    She is chairman of the board of Medicines for Malaria Venture; the founder and chairman of Africa Matters
    Limited; and a founder board member of the Nelson Mandela Legacy Trust. Her support for development
    initiatives in Africa is widely recognised by African leaders who laud her as “Mama Africa”.



I solemnly pledge to serve humanity

My most important considerations will be the health of patients and the
health of their communities

I will not permit considerations of age, gender, race, religion, ethnic origin,
sexual orientation, disease, disability or any other factor to adversely affect the
care I give to patients

I will uphold human rights and civil liberties to advance health, even
under threat

I will engage patients and colleagues as partners in healthcare

I will practise my profession with conscience and dignity

I will respect the confidentiality of patients, present or past, living or

I will value research and will be guided in its conduct by the highest
ethical standards

I commit myself to lifelong learning

I make these promises solemnly, freely and upon my honour.

           NAMES OF GRADUANDS/                    2. FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCE                     POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN
               DIPLOMATES                                                                          HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGY
                                                 Dean: Professor M E Jacobs                             MANAGEMENT

     An asterisk * denotes that the degree or    Before presenting the graduands, the           *(With distinction) Martha Louisa Sophia
     diploma will be awarded in the absence of   Dean will invite all graduating students            Burger
     the candidate.                              in the Faculty to stand to make the            *Samwel Hhayuma
                                                 Faculty Declaration. All members of the        *Ampofo Twumasi Korsah
                                                 congregation who treat or will be treating
                                                 patients are invited to join in affirming or
              1. FACULTY OF LAW                  re-affirming their commitment to ethical
                                                 patient care.                                     POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN
     Dean: Professor P J Schwikkard                                                             INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH ETHICS

                                                     POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN                    *Leonie Coetzee
      POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN LAW                     COMMUNITY EYE HEALTH                      *(With distinction) Simeon Evan Henry
     In Biotechnology, Ethics & Law:             *Mabuchi Alex David Chirambo                   *Mary Kasule
       Luvuyo Khoza                              *Paulo Estevao Hansine                         *Abel Shawa
                                                   Fatma Juma Omar                              *Leanne Mary Sykes
                                                 *Susan Shonhiwa
     In Employment Law:                            Ester Francis Van Ster
       Tashia Jithoo                             * Mehari Zerom
       Andrew van Diemen                                                                             POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA
                                                                                                          IN NURSING

     In Environmental Law:                           POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN                     Barbara Florence Almacin
       Noelene Marie Le Cordier                         HEALTH ECONOMICS                         Ellen Antonie
     *Anneliis Lett                                                                              (With distinction) Elizabeth Ayebare
                                                 *Nikash Bagirathi                               Chantel Walters Bantom
                                                  Judith Melinda Daire                           Ronell Marlene Bruiners
     In Labour Law:                              *Mary Anne Groepe                               Anastasia Esmerelda Cornelius
       Andile Templeton Lubelwana                *Anton Heyman                                   Kajel David
                                                 *Belinda Jacobs                                 Zamephi Theodora Doncabe
                                                 *Taskeen Khan                                   Crystal Gail Jepson
     In Shipping Law:                            *Chantal Christabel Lourenco                    Diana Kafotokoza
       Alireza Fili                               Peter Lesiba Mabitsela                         Elestina Kayange
       Wayne Delgun Steel                        *Nicole Lara Miller                             Nonzameko Catherine Lindi
                                                 *Carol Ann Patricia Mohamed                     Mustafaa Maarman
                                                  Bharathan Natarajan                            Pumla Vivian Magida
     In Tax Law:                                 *Gaudence Kiraranganya Ndikumana                Miseka Makhiwane
       Enock Rutendo Chivaura                                                                    Mary Cecilene Mentoor
     *Nonjabulo Tibuyile Dlamini                                                                 Nomalizo Eunice Molaoloa
       Monkgahli Seshele Mogudi                                                                  Lucia Ndlovu
       Ntwanano Sally Nukeri                         POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN                     (With distinction) Tiyamike Narley
                                                       HEALTH MANAGEMENT                             Nkhoma
                                                                                                 (With distinction) Tennille Ann
                                                  Modiane Lennie Molefe                              Peregrino
                                                 *Dhamaravelli Moodley                           Alida Catherine Portland
                                                                                                 Leticia Felicity Radloff
                                                                                                 Selloane Hilda Raseboka
                                                                                                 Joan Edith Sebastian
                                                                                                 (With distinction) Wendy Ingrid Skeat
                                                                                                 Wendy Hilda Smith
                                                                                                 Tagodien Sonday
                                                                                                 Lydia Vero Ssenyonga
                                                                                                 Sanel Viljoen
                                                                                                 Melony Petro Williams

   POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN                      3. FACULTY OF SCIENCE                  Zynique Schoeman (with distinction in
     OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH                                                                   Computer Science and the degree
                                          Dean: Professor K Driver                         with distinction)
*Corne de Jager                                                                        Christopher Thabiso Schollar
*Hilko Walter Johannsmeier                                                             Leo Jonathan Schoots (with distinction
*Hangwani Joyce Malaka                    DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE                    in Computer Science and English
*Busuku Morgan Mkhatshwa                                                                   and the degree with distinction)
*Gert Albertus Saunderson                 In Information Technology:                   Brian Simbarashe Sebastian
*Nobuntu Songca                             Patrick William Adams                      Nidheesh Sharma (with distinction in
*(With distinction) Andrew Vernon Young     Brett Ausmeier                                 Computer Science and the degree
                                            Matthew Charles Black                          with distinction)
                                            Paul Brittan                              *Wenrui Shen
                                            Thomas James Campbell                      Anitha Allison Sila
   POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN                  Hlulani Patrick Chauke                     Christopher Robin Snyders
     PAEDIATRIC RADIOLOGY                 *Jaco Colyn                                  Zwivhuya Tshitovha (with distinction in
                                          *Mark Danoher (with distinction in               Computer Science and Mathematics
 Jaishree Naidoo                                Mathematics and the degree with            and the degree with distinction)
                                                distinction)                           Robin James Tyler
                                            Azhar Desai (with distinction in           Joshua Johan Van Eck (with distinction
                                                Computer Science and Mathematics           in Computer Science and the degree
   POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN                      and the degree with distinction)           with distinction)
      PALLIATIVE MEDICINE                   Sandile Sidney Diniso                      Alexander Van Olst
                                          *Jonathan Harold Dowling                     Rizmari Versfeld (with distinction in
*Mohamed Rafiq Abbas                      *Rainer Dreyer (with distinction in              Computer Science and the degree
*Lerato Bodigelo                                Computer Science)                          with distinction)
*Theresa Joy Carroll                        Upendo Andrew Fatukubonye                  Chido Warambwa
*Alexandra Jacqueline Daniels               Stephen Clarke Finniss                     Lawrence Douglas Webley (with
*Karlien du Plessis                       *Alexander John Forbes                           distinction in Computer Science)
*(With distinction) Louisa Ferreira       *Neil Robin Goldberg (with distinction in   *Joshua David Yudaken (with distinction
*Nomfundo Pearl Gwavu                           Computer Science and Mathematics           in Computer Science)
*Hilton Richard Horsley                         and the degree with distinction)
 Joy Hunter                                 Michael Thomas Golden (with
*Tumelo Betty Leeuw                             distinction in Computer Science)
 Clarence Mazangwandile Mini                Quintin Cornelius Henning                         4. FACULTY OF LAW
*Violet Dineo Francinah Motiang             Zameer Hoosain
*Pearl Patience Msimang                     Dalton Jarryd Jacobs                      Dean: Professor P J Schwikkard
*William Musoke                           *Victor Radoslavov Kirov
*(With distinction) Henri Neethling         Matthew David Krog (with distinction in
*Baudoin Monique Delmence Niland                Computer Science)                      DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF LAWS
*Anna Mary Nyakabau                         Flora Kundaeli
*Maritha Rossouw                            Chien-yu Kuo                               Ilhaam Abdullah
*Paul Roux                                  Buhle Luthuli                              Glenn Simon Bandah
*(With distinction) Suzanne Eva             Zafika Zakithi Manzi                       Claire Francis Berry
      Schneider                             Adrian Maritz                              Susanna Winifred Bliss
*Angeline Natasha Schrikker                 Nkosinathi Masuku                          Amy Catherine Blumenthal
*Mary Mildred Simmons                       Sanelisiwe Mfana                           Sharon Leigh Bowen-Davies
 Jillian Frances Te Water Naude             Justin-Abraham Frederick Mopp              Zolani Prince Buba
*Elza Maretha Van Heerden                   Rickert Lambert Mulder (with               Rui De Almeida Carvalho
*Hannalie Wessels                                distinction in Computer Science)      Hannah Jessica Claassens
                                            Tanaka Reginald Mutakwa                    Sean Douglas Cornell
                                            Shepherd Melusi Ndlovu                     Lauren Cowley
                                            Rudzani Kennedy Nemusombori               *Quentin Ian Donaldson
                                            Nokuthaba Ngwenya                          Tumisang Dow
                                          *Zithobile Nondaba                           David Francois Du Plessis
                                            Laetitia Nsamba Nsumpi                     Dean Warren Ehrlich
                                          *Brian Lindikaya Ntshinga                    Rosalind Anne Elphick
                                            Shelley-Ann Petzer (with distinction in    Kerry Fenner
                                                Computer Science)                      Candice Gallagher
                                            Lara Rose Pietersen                        Kirstin Elizabeth Gilmour
                                            Jacques Bernard Questiaux                  Simone Diana Gregor
                                            Jaleel Sayed                               Jessica Leigh Griffiths

       Margaretha Herfurth                        5. FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCE               In Infectious Diseases and Immunology:
       Victoria Jane Herholdt                                                                  Felix Sizwe Dube
       Timothy Fish Hodgson                      Dean: Professor M E Jacobs                    Shavon Kumar
       Casey Jane Hofmeyr                                                                    *(First class) Agnes Malobela
       Drew Field Hofmeyr                                                                      (First class) Kristy-Maree Offerman
       Fabian Thulani Jauch                      DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE               * Hilaria Tangi Hilingane Shiinda
       Avika Kalideen                                IN MEDICINE (HONOURS)
     * Khiyara Fatima Krige
       Sheldon Hunt Laing (cum laude)            In Applied Anatomy:                         In Medical Biochemistry:
       David Roger Luyt                            (First class) Natalie Rosella Boonzaier     (First class) Melanie Claire Hay
       Mandipa Goitsemang Machacha               *(First class) Kerri Ann Van Der Berg       *Aqeela Imamdin
       Mish-Al Magiet                                                                        *Boris Vejen Krivochiev
       Nomxolisi Daphne Mahlangeni                                                             (First class) Dunja Mrdjen
       Aalia Manie                               In Bioinformatics:                          *Andani Errol Mulelu
       Nabeelah Martin                             Simon Nkululeko Spoor                       Ellen Ngarande
       Tumelo Minah Matlwa                                                                     Vuyolwethu Penelope Siyo
       Bronwyn Elizabeth Ann Mcgregor                                                        *Laryn Wessels
       Tarisai Simona Mchuchu                    In Biological Anthropology:                   Khethelo Richman Xulu
       Luke Raymond McMichael                      (First class) Petra Maass
       Cuan Neill Mills                            Hayley Jade Shargey
       Noni Munge                                                                            In Nutrition and Dietetics:
       Gareth Louis Munnick                                                                    Karen Ammann
     * Raakesh Narshai                            In Cell Biology:                             Aneshree Arumugam
       Phathisile Paula Ncube                     Yoonus Abrahams                              Catherine Ellen Clark
       Antoinette Abuakwah Ofosu-Kwakye           Jennifer Mary Auret                        *Susan Claire Cooley Maree
       Ariana Rameen Omar                         (First class) Mohammed Mubeen              *Bridget Jeanne Hill
       Rezen Chiedza Papaya                           Goolam                                 *Megan Louise Houghton
       Itai Valerie Pasi                                                                       Nicole Catherine Miller
       Nicholas Martin Pemberton                                                               Alexandra Royal
       Chabo Peo                                 In Exercise Science:                          Ashleigh Smith
       Ashley Patrick Pillay (magna cum laude)     (First class) Jennifer Wendy Curry        *(First class) Megan Leanne Stone
     * Brett Pollack                             *Melissa de Lange                             Mignon Van Der Merwe
       Christine Karin Reddell                   *Kelly Lauren Leach                         *Stefan Jacobus Van Der Merwe
       Peter Sevenoaks Rogers                    *Jessica Kate Phillips                        Lindsay Kim Van Velden
       Amy Jane Sandys
       Alfred Jeremy Selman
       John Ahmed Seth                           In Exercise Science (Biokinetics):          In Physiology:
     * Lawrence Metumo Tanga Shilongo              Nadira Chikte                               Zulfah Albertyn
       Iain Matthys Shipley                        Maegan Beth Coppin                        *Nokuthula Makena
       Mangosuthu Gugulethu Siso                   (First class) David John Hume             *(First class) Stephanie Rose Preyer
       Nomxolisi Saneliso Siyakatshana           *(First class) Nicola Johnston              *Alwyn Smith
       Eitan Meir Stern                            Nicole Marnewick
     *Angela Gail Stevens                          Ziyaad-Ahmad Parker
       Romy Tao Strauss                            (First class) Maryse Pretorius
       Margaret Elizabeth Joan Stride              Udhir Ramnath
       Michael Mark Suttner                        Mogamat Qrasim Samaai
       Katherine Amy Swart                         (First class) Sita Smit
       Wendy Varaidzo Tembedza                     Simone Annabella Tomaz
       Catharine Lisa Thorpe (magna
            cum laude)
       Claire Nicole Tuch                        In Human Genetics:
       Andre Van Heerden                           (First class) Megan Bowles
     *Richard Nicholas Vincent                     (First class) Alice Louise Foxon
       Frederick Webb                            *(First class) Grant Kenneth Godsmark
       Nicholas Andrew Webb                        Robyn Angelique Humphreys
       Matthew Edward Wilson                       (First class) Luke Anthony Kannemeyer
       Alan John Wright (cum laude)                Mpho Ditsepu Madiba
                                                   Stephni Venter

      6. FACULTY OF SCIENCE                 7. FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCE                     DEGREE OF MASTER OF
Dean: Professor K Driver                   Dean: Professor M E Jacobs
                                                                                      In Cardiology:
                                                                                      *Ashley Chin
     DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF                        DEGREE OF MASTER OF
       SCIENCE (HONOURS)                               MEDICINE
                                                                                      In Occupational Health:
In Computer Science:                       In Clinical Pharmacology:                    (With distinction) Anita van der Walt
  Zaheer Abrahams                            Phumla Zuleika Sinxadi
  (First class) Scott James Badenhorst
  (First class) Pierre Hein Benz                                                      In Paediatric Infectious Diseases:
  (First class) Tatenda Masendeke          In Emergency Medicine:                       David Paul Moore
      Chipeperekwa                         *Kirsten Lesley Cohen
  (First class) Justin Crause
  Luc Albert De Decker                                                                In Paediatric Nephrology:
  Michael Dube                             In Neurosurgery:                           *Isaac Ocheke
  (First class) Andrew Peter Flower          Llewellyn Cavill Padayachy
  Veenesh Jeena
  Christopher Jolly                                                                   In Paediatric Neurology:
  (First class) Peter Karl Andrew Juritz   In Obstetrics and Gynaecology:             *(With distinction in the dissertation)
*(First class) Christopher Basil Laidler     Claitos Chidakwa                              Pauline Wangechi Samia
  Kui Liu                                    Viju Varghese Thomas
  (First class) Takudzwa Michael Mabande
  (First class) Yue Mao                                                               In Palliative Medicine:
  Ngoni Munyaradzi                         In Orthopaedic Surgery:                      Christina Edwin
  Russel Philander                           Jean-Pierre du Plessis                   * Stephanie Rene Krause
  Gary Resnick                               Benjamin Rupert Garrett                  * Barbara Matthews
  (First class) Nina Schiff                  Frederik Marthinus Louw
  (First class) Albertus Jacobus Van Der
      Merwe                                                                           In Reproductive Medicine:
                                           In Otorhinolaryngology:                      Sascha Selig Edelstein
                                           *Oskar Edkins
In Information Technology:
*Keiran Solomon Dennie                                                                In Sports Medicine:
  Alexander Kivaisi                        In Paediatrics:                            *Siddieq Allie
  Mushashu Mwansa Lumpa                      David Martin Le Roux                       Nicolas Charle Theron
*Waged Nasser
  Daniel Kyle Kyle Wood
                                           In Public Health Medicine:                 In Sports Physiotherapy:
                                             (With distinction in the dissertation)   *Ronel Spijkerman
                                                Mary-Ann Davies

In Computer Science:                       In Surgery:
  (With distinction) Anton Andre Eicher    *Abraham Justinus Brink
  Fabian Mark Jacobs
* Johannes Jansen van Vuuren
  Lekometsa Jeremiah Mokhesi               In Urology:
  Calvin Kudzai Pedzai                     *(With distinction in the dissertation)
                                                Prenevin Govender
In Information Technology:                 *Lisa-Ann Kaestner
* Matthew Glen Evans
  Blessing Siwela
* Rudolf van den Berg

            DEGREE OF MASTER OF                  In Medical Virology:                               8. FACULTY OF LAW
               PUBLIC HEALTH                       Nai-Chung Hu
                                                   Mankgopo Magdeline Kgatle               Dean: Professor P J Schwikkard
     *(With distinction) Sarah Hamilton Crede
      Ellen Nnini Mokalake
      Lionel Edmund Naidoo                       In Medicine:
                                                   (With distinction) Maryam Fish             DEGREE OF MASTER OF LAWS
                                                   (With distinction) Laura Mary Lenders
     In Epidemiology:                              Anna Cecilia Mahne                      *Jan Baumann
       Mayuri Rajani                                                                        (With distinction) Anita Ruth Cooke

                                                 In Physiology:
     In Health Economics:                          Jennifer Hsin-Wen Hsieh                 In Criminal Justice:
       Kine Willette Bibi Diop                      Fleur Louise Warton                    *(With distinction) Esther Gumboh
     *Teresa Anne Guthrie                                                                  *Gisele Uwimana
     *Alexander Suuk Laar
     *(With distinction in the dissertation)
          Espen Movik                                   DEGREE OF MASTER OF                In Commercial Law:
     *Felix Mwenge                                       SCIENCE IN NURSING                *Omowunmi Adetoun Adedurotimi
       Charles Ifeanyichukwu Okwundu                                                       *Gavin William Brown
                                                  Susarah Groenewald-Neethling             *Fadzai Christine Chakauya
                                                  Faiza Kajee Adams                        *Zainab Chanzi
                                                  Johann Marthinus Olivier                 *Rurangirwa Dieudonne
            DEGREE OF MASTER OF                                                            *Katja Fritzsche
            SCIENCE IN MEDICINE                                                            *Godfrey Kamukunde
                                                                                           *Tatjana Klaus
     In Anatomy:                                 DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE IN            *Laurent Mbonigaba
       Kundisai Adelaide Dembetembe                 OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY                   *Ronald Musoni
                                                                                           *Julien Ngabonziza
                                                  Matumo Catherine Ramafikeng              *Medard Ngunga
     In Biomedical Engineering:                                                            *Christine Nyiranshimiyimana
     *Bhavin Patel                                                                           Jeanne Gerrida Pauw
     *Dean Leslie Hodgskiss                                                                *Ally Possi
                                                      DEGREE OF MASTER OF                  *Gedeon Rukundo
                                                    SCIENCE IN PHYSIOTHERAPY               *Balthazar Johann Strunz
     In Cell Biology:                                                                        Jeannine Lynne Van De Rheede
       (With distinction) Emma Lewis Bone         Wilhelmien Geldenhuys

                                                                                           In Environmental Law:
     In Clinical Science and Immunology:                                                   *Marguerite Eliza Bond-smith
       (With distinction) Dinko Andrija Basich   DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE IN            *Johannes Döveling
     *Tamaryn Jane Cashmore                       SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGY                  Dustin Bradford Jooste
       Frederick Dube                                                                      *(With distinction)Nicole Loser
     * Lerisa Govender                            Indira Erawathi Navsaria                 *Abeeda Mugjenkar
                                                                                           *Carrie Lyn Tacon
                                                                                           *Marthán Theart
     In Human Genetics:                                                                      Monica Tweedy
       Fiona Eugenie Kebirungi Baine
       Alina Izabela Esterhuizen
       (With distinction) Christel Allison                                                 In Human Rights Law:
           Nossek                                                                          *Tipei Wadzanai Chiseya
                                                                                             Melody Rumbidzai Kozah
                                                                                             Lufuluabo Jean Luc Tshiamala
     In Haematology:                                                                       * Vladimir Ilich Valdes Garcia
       Samuel Ayaba Njikan

     In Medical Biochemistry:
     *Raydean Donovan Pietersen

In Information Communication                   DEGREE OF DOCTOR                        *Martha Magdalena Kleyn
Technology Law:                                  OF PHILOSOPHY                         Thesis Title: Intellectual property strategy
*Mercy Ezekiel Mrutu                                                                   – a comparative business perspective
                                     In Private Law:                                   considering China, Japan, USA and
                                     Andrew James Hutchison                            certain European jurisdictions
In Intellectual Property Law:        Thesis Title: Fundamental change of
*Jeremy Nicholas Speres              circumstances in Contract Law                     Madelein Kleyn has a BSc (Eng) in
                                                                                       Chemical Engineering from the University
                                     Andrew Hutchison matriculated at                  of Potchefstroom, a BProc and LLB from
In International Law:                Diocesan College, Rondebosch, in 1998             UNISA, and an LLM (Tax) from the
                                                                                       University of Johannesburg (previously
*Tamuka Huston Muzondo               and registered at UCT the following year
                                                                                       RAU). She is a qualified patent attorney
  Tapiwa Shana Nkhoma                to study a BA degree. He completed his
                                                                                       and an admitted attorney. She has been
*(With distinction) Lina Rolffs      LLB and LLM degrees soon thereafter,              studying at UCT, in the Department of
  Mandi Rossouw                      also at UCT. In 2005 and 2006 he worked           Private Law, Intellectual Property Law
                                     as a tutor in the UCT Law Faculty. He             Research Unit, since 2007 whilst working
                                     became a lecturer in the Commercial Law           full time as in-house corporate lawyer for
In Labour Law:                       Department in January 2007, a position            Sasol Limited in Rosebank until Dec 2009
  Hendrik Edwin Brand                which he still holds.                             and for Oro Agri (Pty) Ltd since 1 January
* Mashele Johannes Rapatsa                      Andrew Hutchison’s PhD thesis          2010.
* Ferdinand Marcel Temba             addresses a major problem in contract law,                   Madelein Kleyn’s PhD thesis
                                     namely how to regulate the effects of a           examines the intellectual property law
                                                                                       regimes, with a focus on patent and
                                     fundamental change of circumstances on a
                                                                                       technology of China, Japan, USA and
In Public Law:                       contract. He argues that as the basis on which
                                                                                       Europe to compare the effectiveness of
*Jessica Robin Bizony                a party had contracted has fallen away, it is     current intellectual property enforcement
                                     not fair to continue to hold it to its promise.   mechanisms with a view of enabling
                                     Indeed this would place the burdens of a          multinational corporations to plan their
In Shipping Law:                     fortuitous event on one party alone. This         value management strategy anticipating
*Sven Hendrik Clodius                problem has a rich history in moral as well       the changes in the competitive landscape,
  Jonathan Jacobus Daniels           as legal philosophy and was dealt with in         including global matters that threaten
  (With distinction) James Richard   medieval law by a device known as the             intellectual property value, and develop
     Lomberg                         clausula rebus sic stantibus. Comparative         more fundamental IP strategies that
 (With distinction) Chukwuechefu     study is also enlightening on this topic          effectively allow them to deal with root
                                                                                       problems causing IP erosion. This will
     Okwudiri Ukattah                – most Western countries, of both the
                                                                                       result in a business approach to sustain the
                                     common law and civil law worlds contain
                                                                                       long term values of its IP assets. Companies
                                     some form of rules to regulate this process.      need to evaluate how IP transfer will affect
                                     By contrast, if a change in circumstances         their overall businesses, including scenario
                                     does not result in impossibility of               planning and assessment of potential IP
       DEGREE OF MASTER OF           performance, South African law does not           vulnerabilities and changes to the dynamics
           PHILOSOPHY                address it. This is contrary to the notion of     of the current IP environment.
                                     fairness in contracting, which has recently                  Her research has shown that
In Criminal Justice:                 gained more prominence in our law.                western businesses tend to follow a
  Fatemah Asharia                    With the advances in this field in the new        fundamental IP strategy shift from merely
                                     constitutional dispensation, it is possible       protecting IP through legal means, to
                                                                                       holistically cultivating and preserving
                                     for fairness as an aspect of public policy to
                                                                                       value (i.e. resisting IP value erosion)
In Commercial Law:                   serve as an underlying basis to address this
                                                                                       through higher-level business strategies.
  Michael James Arnot                problem. Onto this peg, a new common law          The approach proposes moving IP activities
*(With distinction) Ann Crotty       residual rule should be grafted. This should      away from being a primarily legal function
                                     be based on leading international practice,       to becoming a strategic imperative for the
                                     as reflected in the Unidroit Principles of        core operations of our enterprise and a core
In Tax Law:                          International Commercial Contracts, the           responsibility for, in particular, business
  Darron Garth West                  Principles of European Contract Law and           management in China. Business models
                                     the European Draft Common Frame of                vary, depending on the industry, but in
                                     Reference.                                        the main technology chain out-licensing,
                                                                                       outright sale of IP and combined models
                                                                                       of license and manufacturing are applied.
                                     Supervisor: A/Professor AJ Barnard-
                                                                                       In most instances businesses believe that
                                     Naudé (Private Law)
                                                                                       it is essential to have locally (in-China)
                                     Co-supervisor: Professor T Naudé                  employed management as this assists with
                                     (Private Law)                                     cultural assimilation.

                                                                                       Supervisor: Professor J Kinderlerer
                                                                                       (Private Law)

     Grace Muvangua                                        9. FACULTY OF SCIENCE                     10. FACULTY OF HEALTH SCIENCE
     Thesis Title: African humanism and
     capabilities freedom: the South African        Dean: Professor K Driver                         Dean: Professor M E Jacobs
     socio-economic reality (re)-considered

     Nyoko Muvangua was born and raised in                 DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF                                DEGREE OF DOCTOR
     Namibia. She obtained her BA in Economics                 PHILOSOPHY                                       OF PHILOSOPHY
     from Smith College (Massachusetts, USA)
     in 2004, before coming to UCT to pursue        In Computer Science:                             In Biomedical Engineering:
     a degree in law. She was awarded the LLB       James Robert Timothy Lane                        Ryan Lester Benjamin
     degree in 2007 and commenced research          Thesis Title: Layered surface visualization      Thesis Title: Non-maximum entropy
     towards a doctoral degree in 2008.             through animated particles                       polymer elasticity, viscoelasticity, and the
                In her PhD thesis, Nyoko                                                             lattice Boltzmann method
     Muvangua sets out to dispel some of            James Lane has a BSc (Hons) and an MSc
     the misconceptions and pessimism               both with distinction from the University        Ryan Benjamin completed a BSc in
     about African philosophy as articulated        of Pretoria. For the latter degree he            Mechanical Engineering in 1997. He
     by Africans. However, she does not             was awarded the University of Pretoria           registered as an MBChB student in 1999,
     participate in debates about African           Chancellor’s bronze medal. He also spent         graduated in 2005, and is now a registrar
     modes of self-mastery, but commences           time as a research assistant at the Fraunhofer   in chemical pathology. His doctoral studies
     her project from the premise that modern       Institute in Germany. His research interests     have been pursued while simultaneously a
     social and economic systems in South           include scientific visualization, virtual        medical student and registrar.
     Africa ignore real individuals in their        reality, 3D computer graphics and artificial                 Ryan Benjamin’s PhD thesis
     attention to an abstract scientific reality.   intelligence as applied to optimization.         extends the existing statistical mechanics
     She therefore advocates for an alternative                James Lane’s PhD thesis               of polymers from the equilibrium theory
     and non-scientific approach to the idea        investigates the visualization of multiple       to the non-equilibrium theory of polymer
     of development, and argues that such an        layered surfaces using animated opaque           elasticity, which is shown to correspond to
     approach is rooted in African humanism.        markings. The trajectories of these              a model of viscoelasticity. The approach
     Nyoko Muvangua’s PhD thesis includes           markings across the surfaces allow a             taken is that of developing models for
     an extensive review of the main thinkers       viewer to assemble an integrated mental          elasticity and viscoelasticity using a
     of African humanism from the 1960s to the      image of otherwise partially obscured            bottom-up approach, in which the starting
     present, as well as the uBuntu jurisprudence   features. In addition his work extends           point is a mesoscopic description of the
     of the South African courts, but mainly of     computational models of human perception         material. Mathematical modelling at this
     the Constitutional Court. Building a bridge    from single surfaces to the multi-layered        level takes place within the framework of
     across cultures, Nyoko Muvangua examines       case and he validates his visualization          statistical mechanics. A lattice Boltzmann
     all of Amartya Sen’s latest work, including    technique through a number of perceptual         equation is derived for the key equations
     his magnum opus, The Idea of Justice, in       experiments. This work has implications          governing polymer interaction, and
     order to defend her primary thesis, which      for scientific visualization in domains such     macroscopically measuable quantities
     is that African humanism can supplement        as oceanography and medicine in that it          are recovered. These are in turn used to
     Sen’s theory of development, as the former     provides an aid to understanding complex         recover the equations of viscoelasticity.
     has always put great emphasis on the notion    relationships between interacting surfaces.      Material constants are identified through
     of development as capabilities of freedom                                                       a set of experiments. Further experiments
     that Sen advocates for.                        Supervisor: A/Professor J Gain                   show excellent agreement with predictions
                                                    (Computer Science)                               of stress relaxation and other viscoelastic
     Supervisor: Professor D Cornell                                                                 features.
     (Department of Political Science,
     Rutgers University, USA)                                                                        Supervisor: Professor BD Reddy
                                                                                                     (Mechanical Engineering)

In Cell Biology:                                In Chemical Pathology:                          In Clinical Science & Immunology:
*Bryony Dawn Dobson                             *Vuyo Bhongolethu Mavumengwana                  Tiroyaone Masego Brombacher
Thesis Title: Analysis of the expression        Thesis Title: Mycothiol disulfide reductase     Thesis Title: The role of Interleukin-4
pattern and functional role of Nogo-A           as a drug target                                receptor alpha on smooth muscle cells
and its receptor during optic nerve                                                             during helminth infection
regeneration in the lizard Gallotia galloti     Vuyo Mavumengwana obtained a BSc and
                                                BSc (Hons) in Chemistry and Biochemistry        Tiroyaone Brombacher obtained a BSc in
Bryony Dobson obtained a BSc (Hons) in          from the Medical University of Southern         Psychology from the Ashland University
Cell Biology from the Faculty of Health         Africa (MEDUNSA), and an MSc in                 and an MSc in Behavioral Neuroscience
Sciences at UCT in 2004. In 2006 Bryony         Biochemistry from Rhodes University.            from Texas Christian University, both in
Dobson took up studies towards an MSc                      Vuyo Mavumengwana’s PhD              the United States of America. She has
degree in Cell Biology in the Faculty           thesis is concerned with the design and         been studying at UCT in the Division of
of Health Sciences. Subsequently, she           synthesis of potential subversive substrates    Immunology, Institute of Infectious Disease
upgraded her studies toward a PhD. During       of    the    enzyme       mycothioldisulfide    and Molecular Medicine.
this time she also managed a laboratory         reductase (Mtr) from Mycobacterium                        Tiroyaone Brombacher started
and assisted with teaching of Neuroscience      tuberculosis. Mtr plays an important role       her PhD research at the beginning of 2007
courses in the medical curriculum.              in the Mycobacteria by maintaining high         on a topic combining immunological,
           The presence of the neurite          levels of the reduced form of mycothiol, a      physiological and neurological parameters.
growth inhibitory protein Nogo-A is one         compound which these organisms utilize          For the PhD thesis, Tiroyaone Brombacher
of the factors that prevent functional axon     in their defense against xenobiotics and        needed to establish an in situ contraction
regeneration in the mammalian including         oxidative stress. Subversive substrates         method to measure intestinal contraction
the human CNS after injury. Reptiles,           divert the normal physiological function        during helminth infection. Subsequently,
however, are known to have a remarkable         of the disulfide reductases towards the         she     determined      IL-4/IL-13-induced
capacity for CNS repair. Bryony Dobson’s        production of free radicals toxic to the        hyper-contraction in schistosomiasis and
PhD thesis uses the optic pathway of the        mycobacterial host cells, thus preventing       hookworm infection. From these results
Canary Lizard (Gallotia galloti) as a model     their proliferation. After describing           she concluded that IL-4Rα-responsive
system to establish whether Nogo-A and          various approaches towards recombinant          smooth muscle cells increase intestinal
its receptor (NgR) are present in the CNS       expression of the enzyme Vuyo                   hypercontractility and contribute to
of animals capable of functional axon           Mavumengwana’s PhD thesis documents             resistance during acute N. brasiliensis and
regeneration, and if so, to analyse the         the successful chemical synthesis of a series   S. mansoni infection.
potential function of Nogo-A in the reptile     of molecules conceptualized as subversive
CNS.                                            substrates, by bearing a resemblance to         Supervisor: Professor F Brombacher
           Bryony Dobson’s work revealed,       the normal substrate (mycothioldisulfide),      (Immunology),
unexpectedly, that Nogo-A and NgR are           but having features designed to lead to the     Co-supervisors: A/Professor L Kellaway
not only expressed in a pattern and at levels   production of toxic free radicals. In the       (Human Biology)
in the lizard CNS similar to those seen in      event these molecules turned out to not         Dr W Horsnell (Immunology)
mammals, but are even up-regulated after        have significant activity against Mtr, but
injury. In vivo and in vitro experiments        instead to have excellent inhibitory activity
revealed that lizard axons regenerate readily   against a related enzyme in the mycothiol
in the presence of Nogo-A. Moreover, lizard     biosynthetic pathway, known as MshB.
microglia and macrophages, cells that are       The work has thus added significantly
known to aid the regenerative process, are      to the understanding of the structural
not inhibited in their motility by Nogo-A,      requirements for effective small-molecule
unlike their mammalian counterparts.            substrates or inhibitors of these enzymes.
Bryony Dobson’s studies also point towards
a crucial role of the intrinsic properties of   Supervisor: A/Professor D Steenkamp
the injured neurons, in particular the high     (Chemical Pathology)
levels of the 2nd messenger cAMP and            Co-supervisor: A/Professor DW Gammon
activation of the protein kinase A pathway,     (Chemistry)
in regenerative success in the lizard CNS.

Supervisor: Dr D Lang (Human Biology)

     *Ann Kerrigan                                    required for ischemic postconditioning-         Alfred Bere
     Thesis Title: The functional                     induced cardioprotection.. Interestingly,       Thesis Title: Comparison of HIV-1 specific
     characterisation of murine CLEC-2 and            the protective effect of TNF is mediated        T cell immunity in the female genital tract
     analysis of the expression of its ligand,        via the activation of both TNF receptor 2       and blood of HIV-infected women: impact
     podoplanin, on macrophages                       and STAT3. The data from Lydia Lacerda’s        of in vitro T cell expansion on HIV-specific
                                                      PhD thesis may lead to the development          T cell specificity, maturational status and
     Ann Kerrigan has a BA from the University        of novel therapies against ischaemic heart      functional complexity
     of Dublin, Trinity College in Ireland. She       disease.
     has been studying towards her PhD degree                                                         Alfred Bere completed his BSc (Hons)
     at UCT, in the Division of Immunology,           Supervisor: Professor S Lecour                  degree (Biochemistry) at the University of
     since 2006.                                      (Medicine)
                                                                                                      Zimbabwe in 2004. In 2005, he joined the
                 Anne Kerrigan’s PhD thesis
                                                                                                      Division of Medical Virology, Department
     focuses on the investigation of the expression
                                                                                                      of Clinical Laboratory Sciences at UCT, as
     and function of a protein called CLEC-2.         Marcia Linda Vivienne Watkins
                                                                                                      an MSc student. He upgraded from an MSc
     She discovered that CLEC-2 is an activatory      Thesis Title: Cellular immunity of naïve
                                                                                                      to a PhD in 2008.
     receptor that is expressed on neutrophils.       and BCG vaccinated neonates
                                                                                                                 Alfred Bere’s PhD thesis
     She also identified and characterised for
     the first time the expression of the CLEC-2      Marcia Watkins was born in 1957 and             describes the following namely, (i) the
     ligand, podoplanin, on various macrophage        obtained her MSc (Med) from UCT.                feasibility of T cell expansion to improve
     populations. In 2008 she was awarded a           Tuberculosis (TB) is caused by the bacteria     yields of genital tract T cells recoverable
     prestigious UCT Research Associateship.          Mycobacterium tuberculosis and is the           from cervical cytobrush samples during HIV
                                                      leading cause of death from a curable           infection; and (ii) the role of HIV-specific T
     Supervisor: Professor GD Brown                   infectious disease, killing approximately       cell immunity and HIV clinical status (CD4
     (Immunology)                                     5000 people globally every day. Despite         counts and plasma viral load) in blood in
                                                      routine BCG vaccination soon after birth,       determining the function and specificity of
                                                      TB remains epidemic in South Africa. This       T cells present in the female genital tract. He
     In Medicine:                                     is because the vaccine provides protection      shows that highly functional T cells in the
     Lydia Lacerda                                    against the more serious forms of TB            genital tract are present predominantly in
     Thesis Title: Role of tumour necrosis            infection in young children, but not against    HIV-infected women with high blood CD4
     factor alpha (TNFα) in ischaemic and             pulmonary TB. The immune response of            counts and low plasma viral load and that
     pharmacological postconditioning                 the newborn infant and how it may affect        HIV-specific profiles were quite broadly
                                                      responses to vaccination with BCG is as         shared between the genital tract and blood.
     Born in Nairobi, Lydia Lacerda joined the        yet not fully understood.                       Studies of mucosal T cell responses are
     Hatter Institute, UCT in 2000 as a research                 In Marcia Watkins’ PhD thesis        technically challenging and Alfred Bere’s
     assistant. In 2004, she decided to continue      she studies the immune response of the          findings have importantly contributed to
     her studies towards an MSc (Med) obtained        naïve neonate prior to BCG vaccination
                                                                                                      the development of assays to investigate
     with distinction in 2005, and to study           or Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.
                                                                                                      these responses.
     towards her PhD.                                 This response was then compared to the
                Lydia Lacerda’s PhD thesis            response in infants post-BCG vaccination.
                                                                                                      Supervisor: Dr J Passmore (Medical
     examines the role of the inflammatory            Her studies showed that immunity in naïve
     cytokine tumor necrosisfactor alpha              infants to mycobacterial antigen involves
     (TNF) in cardioprotection. Ischaemic             only the innate immune system which is
     postconditioning (IPostC), whereby brief         intact and functional. A better understanding
                                                                                                      Joanna Catherine Evans
     episodes of ischaemia/reperfusion are            of the contribution of the innate immune
                                                                                                      Thesis Title: Investigation of the
     applied at the onset of reperfusion, is          response to protective immunity against
                                                                                                      genetic basis of antibiotic resistance in
     a powerful tool that activates intrinsic         TB would help in the design of better
                                                                                                      Mycobacterium tuberculosis
     prosurvival signalling cascades to limit         vaccination strategies.
     reperfusion injury. IPostC is thought to
                                                                                                      After completing her BSc and travelling
     protect via activation of the Reperfusion        Supervisor: Professor G Kaplan
                                                                                                      abroad, Joanna Evans returned to UCT to
     Injury Salvage Kinases (RISK) pathway            (University of Medicine and Dentistry
                                                                                                      complete her BSc (Hons) and MSc in the
     with kinases such as Akt and erk. In her         New Jersey, USA) In Medical
                                                                                                      Department of Medical Microbiology.
     thesis, Lydia Lacerda examines the role          Microbiology:
                                                                                                                 Joanna Evans’ PhD investigates
     of an alternative prosurvival pathway that
                                                                                                      the progressive accumulation of resistance
     involves the activation of the cytokine TNF
                                                                                                      in Mycobacterium tuberculosis to various
     in both ischaemic and pharmacological
                                                                                                      antibiotics used to treat patients with TB.
     postconditioning. Using TNF, TNF receptor
                                                                                                      Resistance to these antibiotics results in
     1, TNF receptor 2 or cardiomyocyte signal
                                                                                                      multidrug and ultimately lethal extensively
     transducer and activator of transcription
                                                                                                      drug resistant strains that circulate in our
     3 (STAT3) deficient mice and an
                                                                                                      communities. Joanna Evans shows that
     isolated mouse heart system, her work
                                                                                                      the mutation associated with resistance to
     demonstrates that activation of TNF is

rifampicin, a drug used in the initial stages   concludes with a discussion of the cytokine     In Pharmacology:
of treatment, effects differential gene         response to 29 novel hypoxia inducible          Paula Ezinne Melariri
expression. This altered gene expression        antigens of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.         Thesis Title: The therapeutic effectiveness
enhances the sequential acquisition of                                                          of some local Nigerian plants used in the
further antibiotic resistance, resulting in     Supervisor: Honorary Professor RJ               treatment of malaria
rapid progression from resistance to one        Wilkinson (Medical Microbiology)
drug, to MDR-TB. Characterisation of            Co-supervisor: Dr KA Wilkinson (Medical         Paula Melariri was born in 1974 in Nigeria.
mutations associated with drug resistance       Microbiology)                                   She obtained her BSc in 1997 from Abia
has a direct clinical benefit. Rapid                                                            State University and her MSc from the
diagnostic tests based on detection of these                                                    University of Nigeria in 2003. She started
mutations may be used for screening of          In Medical Virology:                            her professional career in 2006 when she
resistance in isolates from TB patients.        Pamela Phumelele Gumbi                          was appointed as lecturer in the Department
Currently, standard drug susceptibility         Thesis Title: HIV pathogenesis in the           of Zoology at Abia State University. She
testing takes up to six weeks, whereas rapid    female genital tract during chronic HIV         commenced her PhD in the Division of
molecular assays may provide interpretable      infection: the impact of inflammation, T        Pharmacology at UCT in 2007.
results within hours. Joanna Evans both         cell memory differentiation status and                     Reliance on medicinal plants
designed and evaluated a number of assays       homeostatic cytokines on mucosal T cell         for the treatment of malaria is widespread
that greatly reduces time to diagnosis of       immunity                                        throughout Africa. Paula Melariri’s PhD
first-line and second-line resistance in                                                        thesis describes the investigation of
M. tuberculosis. Early detection of drug        Pamela Gumbi completed her MSc                  the antimalarial activity in a number of
resistance enables appropriate antibiotic       (Biochemistry) at the University of Kwa-        Nigerian medicinal plants which are used
treatment of TB patients, which will            Zulu Natal in 2004. In 2005, she was            by healers in combination in the treatment
help curb the spread of drug resistant M.       employed as a Senior Research Officer in the    of malaria and febrile illnesses. A number
tuberculosis.                                   Division of Medical Virology, Department        of extracts of the plants were tested in
                                                of Clinical Laboratory Sciences at UCT,         the laboratory against both chloroquine
Supervisor: Dr H Segal (Medical                 and registered for her PhD in 2008.             sensitive and resistant strains of the malaria
Microbiology)                                              Pamela Gumbi’s PhD thesis            parasite, Plasmodium falciparum. The
                                                describes the role of inflammation in the       most active of these extracts was subjected
                                                female genital tract in promoting release       to fractionation and two compounds with
*Hannah Priyadarshini Gideon                    of infectious HIV by recruiting susceptible     antimalarial activity were purified and
Thesis Title: Studies on in vitro reactivity    target cells for ongoing HIV replication.       identified. Surprisingly, the activity of
to antigens of Mycobacterium tuberculosis       Since the female genital tract is the primary   the extract was greater than either of the
                                                site of female to male HIV transmission,        purified compounds. Oral administration
Hannah Gideon obtained her BSc and MSc          this represents an important facilitating       of the compounds to mice infected with
degrees in Medical Microbiology, both           force in HIV spread between individuals.        P. berghei showed significant antimalarial
from Indian universities. In 2004, Hannah       She also found HIV-specific cervical CD8        activity but failed to cure the animals
Gideon worked as a trainee and then             T cells that secreted anti-viral cytokines      and rapid recrudescence was observed
Associate Research Officer at the world-        were not able to control release of HIV in      post treatment. A bioavailability study
renowned Christian Medical College in           the genital tract. Her findings indicate that   suggested that the results were due to poor
Vellore.                                        inflammation in the female genital tract        oral bioavailability and rapid elimination or
           Hannah Gideon’s PhD thesis           may play an important role in mucosal HIV       metabolism of the compounds. Evaluation
constitutes an investigation of novel           pathogenesis.                                   of the elimination rate of the compounds
antigens that are recognised by T cells                                                         from plasma using the intravenous data
from persons infected with Mycobacterium        Supervisor: Dr J Passmore (Medical              showed a fast elimination with a half life of
tuberculosis. She shows that a species-         Virology)                                       approximately 1hour. Crude extracts of two
specific peptide of Mycobacterium                                                               plants, when administered singly to mice
tuberculosis that is included in a commonly                                                     showed significant inhibition of parasite
used diagnostic test (QuantiFERON Gold                                                          growth. A combination of these two extracts
in tube) is not that dominantly recognised                                                      cured mice infected with P. berghei. The
amongst persons of Xhosa ethnicity with                                                         result suggests that compounds within
obvious implications for the relevance of                                                       the extracts are acting synergistically and
this test. A massive evaluation of this test                                                    supports the use of these two plants in
to detect prevalent tuberculosis amongst                                                        combination by traditional healers in the
HIV infected persons indicates that test                                                        treatment of malaria.
performance is poor. She found that an
antigen absent from most commonly used                                                          Supervisor: A/Professor P Smith
vaccine strains (including those used in                                                        (Medicine)
South Africa) is a major target of memory                                                       Co-supervisor: Dr B Campbell (Medicine)
T cells. The implications for the strain of
BCG when vaccinating South Africans
are evident. Hannah Gideon’s PhD thesis

     In Psychiatry:                                   In Surgery:
     Loraine Joy Townsend                             Rory Frederick Rickard
     Thesis Title: Risky sexual behaviour             Thesis Title: Arterial microanastomosis
     among men: HIV surveillance and risk             with size mismatch. A trial of two
     reduction among men who have multiple,           techniques.
     female sexual partners
                                                      Rory Rickard obtained his basic medical
     Loraine Townsend has a BA from the               degrees from the Queen’s University of
     University of South Africa, a BSocSc             Belfast. He is a Fellow of the Royal College
     (Hons) and an MA from UCT. She is                of Surgeons of Edinburgh, and a UK
     employed by the Medical Research                 Intercollegiate Fellow in Plastic Surgery.
     Council and has supervised and conducted         He has been conducting research in the
     a number of research studies while writing       Surgical Research Department at UCT, and
     her PhD thesis.                                  subsequently at the University of Glasgow,
                Loraine Townsend’s PhD thesis         since 2003. He practices as a consultant
     develops an effective method of second           plastic surgeon in the UK where his main
     generation HIV surveillance among                clinical interests lie in microvascular
     heterosexual adult men who have multiple,        composite tissue transplantation for the
     concurrent female sexual partners and            reconstruction of tissue defects arising
     who reside in peri-urban, informal settings      from soft tissue cancer and from trauma.
     in South Africa. Using data from three                      Rory Rickard’s PhD thesis
     biological and behavioural surveillance          examines two techniques of anastomosing
     studies and a qualitative study, she found       (suturing together) small (0,5 - 1mm
     that men who have multiple sexual partners       diameter) arteries where a small-to-large
     engage in a variety of high, HIV-related         size discrepancy exists. These techniques
     risk behaviours placing themselves and           were the oblique section of the smaller
     their partners at increased risk of infection.   upstream artery, and invaginating the
     These behaviours include inconsistent            smaller upstream artery inside the larger.
     condom use, problem alcohol consumption,         Through the use of in silico modeling
     sexual relationships characterized by            of haemodynamics, and in vivo and ex
     exchange and intimate partner violence.          vivo studies of anastomotic patency, flow,
     This evidence and the paucity of HIV             resistance and healing, he concludes that
     prevention interventions for this neglected      there is no difference in patency, but that
     group of high-risk heterosexual men              the technique of invagination is faster and
     found from a systematic review of HIV            easier to perform. He finds no evidence of
     interventions, suggests that concerted           a difference in flow or resistance through
     efforts need to be made to target prevention     the two techniques in the short term, but
     strategies specifically for men who have         some evidence of higher flow through the
     multiple sexual partners.                        invagination technique in the longer term.
                                                      Through semi-quantitative histological
     Supervisor: Dr C Mathews (Medical                assessment he shows that the invagination
     Research Council)                                technique induces less necrosis and
                                                      inflammation of the vessel wall, whilst
                                                      intimal hyperplasia is seen in both methods
                                                      to a similar extent.

                                                      Supervisor: Professor D Hudson (Plastic,
                                                      Reconstructive and Maxillo-facial

                            MISSION STATEMENT

UCT aspires to become a premier academic meeting point between South Africa, the rest of Africa and the world.
Taking advantage of expanding global networks and our distinct vantage point in Africa, we are committed, through innovative
research and scholarship, to grapple with the key issues of our natural and social worlds. We aim to produce graduates
whose qualifications are internationally recognised and locally applicable, underpinned by values of engaged citizenship and
social justice. UCT will promote diversity and transformation within our institution and beyond, including growing the next
generation of academics.

Foundation statement underpinning the mission statement

Our research-led identity is shaped by a commitment to:
•   academic freedom as the prerequisite to fostering intellectual debate and free injury;
•   ensuring that research informs all our activities including teaching, learning and service to the community;
•   advancing and disseminating knowledge that addresses the key challenges facing society – South African,
    continental and global;
•   protecting “curiosity driven” research;
•   nurturing and valuing creativity in the sciences and arts including the performing and creative arts;
•   stimulating international linkages of researchers and research groupings.

We strive to provide a superior quality educational experience for undergraduate
and postgraduate students through:
•   providing an intellectually and socially stimulating environment;
•   inspired and dedicated teaching and learning;
•   exposure to the excitement of creating new knowledge;
•   stimulating the love of life-long learning;
•   the cultivation of competencies for global citizenship;
•   supporting programmes that stimulate the social consciousness of students;
•   offering access to courses outside the conventional curricula;
•   attracting a culturally and internationally diverse community of scholars;
•   guaranteeing internationally competitive qualifications;
•   offering a rich array of social, cultural, sporting and leadership opportunities;
•   providing an enabling physical and operational environment.

In advancing UCT as an Afropolitan university, we will:
•    expand our expertise on Africa and offer it to the world;
•    extend our networks on the continent, along with our global connections and partnerships;
•    promote student and staff exchanges and collaborative research and postgraduate programmes;
•    engage critically with Africa’s intellectuals and world views in teaching and research;
•    contribute to strengthening higher education on our continent.

We strive to provide an environment for our diverse student and staff community that:
•   promotes a more equitable and non-racial society;
•   supports redress in regard to past injustices;
•   is affirming and inclusive of all staff and students and promotes diversity in demographics, skills and backgrounds;
•   offers individual development opportunities to all staff;
•   is welcoming as a meeting space for scholars from Africa and around the world.

     Don Derrington Simpson, BBusSc MBA
     John Ross, BA MA PhD Western Ontario PhD Cape Town

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